The Demon Who Fed on a Shark (MM)

Mate or Meal 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 38,832
35 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy/Paranormal Romance, M/M, demons, shape-shifters, HEA]

Darling or dinner? For incubus Alexis, shark-shifter Morgan is both, and so much more. But when Alexis is severely disfigured, Morgan also becomes a dream beyond his reach. After all, Alexis is a sex demon. The only thing he has to offer is his beauty, and with that gone, so is Morgan’s incentive to stay by his side.

Morgan knows how hard it was for Alexis to surpass the trauma of his scarring. His love for Alexis goes beyond appearances. Torn between his natural instinct to claim his mate and the desire to protect fragile Alexis, he refuses to leave the incubus.

But there are still those who don’t agree with the coupling between a shifter and a magical creature, and Alexis still has many secrets to reveal. Can Morgan convince Alexis of his own worth, or will they be parted by their own fears and the machinations of others?

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Demon Who Fed on a Shark (MM)
35 Ratings (4.7)

The Demon Who Fed on a Shark (MM)

Mate or Meal 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 38,832
35 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Fell in love with this series from book 1 and have never been disappointed. Love this author and her endless creativity is awe-inspiring. I hope there are many more pairings in the future.
great series
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "THE DEMON WHO FED ON A SHARK is an excellent addition to the Mate or Meal series and introduces another paranormal element into the world building. The romance is emotional and sexual and will have readers like me sighing. Morgan is a shark shifter who begins a sexual relationship with the sex demon Alexis. The two share an intense sexual connection but then Alexis is injured in a terrible accident leaving the beautiful man scarred. Alexis thinks he has nothing to offer Morgan now that he's disfigured so he pushes Morgan away by using his incubus powers against Morgan's family. Now it's up to Morgan to convince Alexis he's worth fighting for. I make no qualms about being a Mate or Meal series fan. I didn't love book six, the one right before THE DEMON WHO FED ON A SHARK so I was worried that this book may be lacking the emotional intimacy in the same way. However, I can honestly say this is my second favorite book out of the series precisely because the emotional intimacy matches the deep sexual intimacy. I really liked how the author made the romantic tension be how these two very different characters could make a relationship work. This allowed me as a reader to see their emotional vulnerability and how they learn to care for each other outside the bedroom. Romance readers in general will like this story but MM romance fans will adore this finely crafted romance which balances the emotional and erotic so well. I've always liked the shifter world the author has created in this series and in this book she's introduced magical creatures, like Alexis. For me this prevents the world building from getting stale and I think other series fans will also like this addition. This isn't to say the old favorites aren't here, as Morgan's family and friends play such a big role in this story, so it's really the best of old and new. The mythos of the incubus is slightly mysterious as well and it plays into how Alexis shows Morgan how much he values and loves him--again, very well developed. I've also come to appreciate how not everything in this series is easy for the leads. Alexis and Morgan have to fight the world, and sometimes their families, to be together and this can sometimes be messy to read. As a romance fan, I'm more familiar with the families and friends falling in line but the author resists wrapping this portion of the story up in a neat bow. I enjoyed this complexity and think it was both understandable and heart-wrenching. This is all just another reason why I enjoyed Alexis and Morgan's story so well. THE DEMON WHO FED ON A SHARK is a must read for series fan but it will likely convert new MM readers into series fans with its strong romance and tight world building. Can't wait for book eight!" -- J9, The Romance Reviews

4 CUPS: "For an incubus their physical beauty and attraction are necessary for survival. Unfortunately, he has been taught this is the sum of his value. Abandoned by his family as something to hide and scared of being a burden, Alexis tries to push his mate away. From the very moment Morgan met Alexis he knew this was the man for him. A botched claiming and fear makes Alexis run from Morgan but one should know to never run from a predator because they always catch their prey. An explosion brings Alexis’ very existence into question and if he is unable to adjust to his new life and accept the love before him he may as well lie down and die. Nature has another plan; Alexis and Morgan better get on board or it may mean the death of another. The Demon Who Fed A Shark is a wonderful edition to the Mate or Meal series. Scarlet Hyacinth expertly pares a shark with an incubus and somehow makes the reader believe anything is possible with love. The characters embroiled in their lives seem to suffer right along with the characters even if at first they appear sinister. The good, the bad, and the ugly are not so easy to identify." -- Delane, Coffee Time Romance & More

"The explosion and subsequent fire which proved incubi Alexis Whitaker innocent of killing a shifter almost took his life. Suffering from severe burns that cover half his face, neck and shoulder it’s his youth as a magical being that prevents him from fully healing. Only time will tell if the scars disappear as he matures. Always used to relying on the breathtaking looks his sex demon parents bequeathed him, Alexis is no longer sure that shark shifter Morgan Pierce-Cunningham will want him now that he’s disfigured. Alexis is certain that his feelings for the shark are true, but does Morgan only feel the pull of his magic as opposed to any real and honest desire? Morgan professes to truly care for the incubi, but trust is a fragile thing for Alexis to hold on to. Only time will tell. The quest for true love rather than simple lust is at the heart of The Demon who Fed on a Shark. Issues of trust, forgiveness, and redemption are all examined here with miscommunication the biggest crime in Alexis and Morgan’s relationship. When their love proves true The Demon who Fed on a Shark shines with joy. A twist or two along the way adds further depth to this sexy, sweet romance." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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Story excerpt


The first thing Alexis saw when he opened his eyes was white. A white ceiling. In Alexis’s mind, that always translated into hospital. God, he hated hospitals. What had happened? He couldn’t remember.

He experimentally tried to get up, groaning when pain exploded on the right side of his body. A gentle hand steadied him. “Shh. Don’t move. You’ll hurt yourself.”

It was Morgan’s voice, Morgan’s sweet, soft tone, the one that awoke secret desires inside Alexis. Morgan was the only lover who meant more than food to Alexis. The shark might not even realize it, but Alexis had known from the very moment they’d met how important Morgan would be for him.

He forced himself to turn toward Morgan, and for the first time, Alexis realized he couldn’t see with his right eye. It seemed to be covered with a bandage of sorts. On instinct, he reached for it, but Morgan pushed his palm away. “I know you’re uncomfortable, but the doctor will remove it once you’re better.”

Flashes of memories began to return to him. Alexis, his friend Angel, and the principal of their school, Sara Huitzilin, had been kidnapped by a skin-walker who’d intended to tear apart the incipient bond between shape-shifters and magical creatures. First, the skin-walker tried to pin the murder of a cheetah-shifter, Leiland Travers, on Alexis, and then he’d abducted him, Angel, and Sara. Alexis had managed to knock out their kidnapper, but the skin-walker had planted a powerful bomb.

The last thing Alexis remembered was the blast, then pain, so much pain. He gasped as he realized what the bandages on his face meant. “A mirror. Give me a mirror.”

Morgan squeezed his hand in a vain attempt for comfort. “Calm down, baby. Breathe.”

But Alexis couldn’t breathe. He needed to see himself, to see his own face, to confirm what, in his heart, he already knew was true. “Give me a damn mirror,” he shouted at his lover.

Morgan didn’t move, so Alexis began to remove the wires that monitored his vitals. Almost immediately, nurses burst into the room, alarmed by the flatline on the monitors.

Alexis ignored them, intent on his goal. He might have done something stupid if his lover hadn’t suddenly said, “Alexis, stop. Stop right now.”

It was very rare for Morgan to use that voice on him outside the bedroom. Alexis froze, his body responding to Morgan’s tone. “Look at me,” Morgan ordered.

Alexis obeyed, breathing hard with the effort it took not to cower in front of Morgan’s penetrating gaze. “I’ll show you, as long as you promise to be calm,” the shark said.

“I’m not sure if it’s wise,” a nurse piped up. It only increased Alexis’s anxiety, and he trembled, now more than ever needing to know.

“It’s better than the uncertainty,” he whispered.

Morgan helped him free himself from the wires and took him in his arms. He carried Alexis to the adjoining bathroom. Finally, he placed Alexis down in front of the mirror. For a few moments, Alexis just stared. He couldn’t quite process what had happened to him. In fact, he couldn’t even see much of the right side of his face.

A bandage completely covered it, going from his eye, over his neck, and disappearing under his hospital robe. Alexis released a small laugh. He hadn’t even needed to look at himself in the mirror. He could tell how scarred he was simply by looking at his body.

With trembling hands, he reached for the bandage, deciding to pull it off. Again, Morgan stopped him. “Don’t. You’re going to hurt yourself.”

“I have to see. Please, Morgan,” Alexis begged.

“You will, but not now.” Morgan turned him away from the mirror and kissed his uninjured cheek. “You’re beautiful, baby. You always will be. I know it hurts, but we have the best doctors here, and what we don’t have, we’ll bring in. They’ll take care of you.”

Alexis wished he could believe that, but he knew it wasn’t true. Incubi weren’t like other paranormal creatures. Their abilities to seduce were the only ones which appeared from an early age. The others developed in time, if they developed at all, and were only as strong as the emotions the incubus fed from.

It was not common knowledge that incubi mated for life. They lived a loose lifestyle up until they found the person meant for them, but after that, they would never, ever betray their mate. Of course, actually locating the man or woman in question was troublesome, and in fact, very few incubi had the luck to manage it. Alexis’s own parents never did and contented themselves with a fake family life. Of course, it led to Alexis having a high number of siblings, who were more often than not very affectionate to Alexis. But Alexis had a feeling that once they saw him now, they wouldn’t be so supportive.

Alexis had been convinced that, in Morgan, he’d found his mate. But now, the hope for a future together was gone. Incubus healing powers only appeared after they fully matured. Alexis had years before that happened, and he couldn’t honestly expect Morgan to wait for him. Even if Morgan did decide to do it, by then, his scars could very easily be branded into his flesh and unable to be removed, not even by incubus magic.

“Okay,” he whispered. “Whatever you say, Morgan.”

Morgan took him into his arms and carried him back into the room. The nurses were gone, thank goodness, so Alexis and Morgan were alone. Morgan placed Alexis on the bed and caressed his uninjured cheek. “Go to sleep, baby. Things will look better soon. You’ll see.”

Alexis closed his eyes and struggled to obey. He must have been more exhausted than he thought because sooner than he expected, slumber took hold of him and he surrendered to dreams of fire and pain.


Adult excerpt


Greedy, desperate, Alexis wrapped his arms around Morgan’s neck, trying to rub against Morgan for at least some measure of relief. All his barriers fell when he was around this man, but he didn’t care. He just wanted Morgan to fuck him.

Morgan must have felt the same need. He tore their mouths apart and actually ripped his own pants off. Alexis barely managed to suppress a gasp. It seemed gossipmongers were right about one thing with regard to the Cunninghams.

Morgan exposed two hard cocks to Alexis’s astonished gaze, and Alexis licked his lips. He wanted to taste them, to have them in his mouth and in his ass. He wanted Morgan to use those thick pricks and pound him into the mattress. His anus clenched in anticipation as he imagined how it would feel.

“Still haven’t changed your mind?” Morgan asked in a low, husky tone.

“Are you trying to scare me?” Alexis shot back. He arched a brow. “You can tell me right off the bat if you don’t want me here. I have other things to do.”

He didn’t actually mean those words, of course, and Morgan must have realized it. The shark laughed and grasped Alexis’s hand, bringing it to his two cocks. “I do believe this proves just how much I do want you here.”

Alexis noticed with a great deal of awe that his fist couldn’t even grasp the whole of Morgan’s genitals. How would he ever take them inside his body? Well, if anyone could, it was an incubus, and it must be doable since Morgan’s parents obviously made it work. But he would not think about that right now. His focus was Morgan.

“Come on, Morgan,” he purred. “Fuck me.”

Morgan reached for the nightstand and, after a few seconds of rummaging, returned with his prize, a bottle of lube. He dropped it on the bed and eyed Alexis. Alexis suppressed the urge to fidget. There was a dark light in Morgan’s eyes. Alexis felt as if he were prey and Morgan the predator, ready to devour him any moment now. He couldn’t wait.

Perhaps because of that all-consuming passion, Alexis was surprised when Morgan slowly pushed him down on the bed. He didn’t rush. Instead, he peppered Alexis’s face with kisses, butterfly-light caresses that both teased and humbled Alexis. He lingered over Alexis’s ear, nibbling the lobe and exploring the shell with his tongue. His hands didn’t stay idle, mapping a trail of fire over Alexis’s skin. Morgan’s fingers stopped over Alexis’s nipples and tweaked the small buds. Every tiny sensation seemed like a note in a symphony meant to seduce and drive Alexis crazy with lust. And as Morgan’s tongue traveled lower down, sinful images invaded Alexis’s brain, that of Morgan’s gorgeous lips wrapped around his prick, sucking him deep.

As if guessing his thoughts, Morgan continued his journey down Alexis’s body. He abandoned Alexis’s nipples, focusing on his navel and abs instead. He thrust his tongue inside the tiny hole in an imitation of the act Alexis most hungered for. Alexis writhed under the touch. His navel had always been an erogenous zone for him, and Morgan had apparently discovered it.

“God, Morgan,” he cried out. “Please.”

Morgan didn’t answer, but Alexis could feel the other man’s satisfaction irradiating from him. He lifted his mouth from Alexis’s abdomen and gave Alexis a look that held so much heat Alexis could have melted right then and there. “Your wish is my command.”

It was the only warning Alexis got before his new lover took his cock in his mouth. Wet heat surrounded Alexis’s prick, better than anything Alexis had ever experienced. He distantly heard his own voice blabbering incoherent pleas, begging for more. His incubus senses reached out to the pleasure Morgan selflessly offered, feeding off of it. Alexis couldn’t get enough. He couldn’t have stopped himself if he tried. He started thrusting into Morgan’s mouth, fucking the other man’s face.

If Morgan was surprised, he didn’t show it. Instead, he received everything Alexis offered and silently demanded more. His hand caressed Alexis’s hip in wordless reassurance, telling Alexis it was okay to let go. Over and over, Morgan sucked him deep, and Alexis could feel the genuine pleasure coming from the other man. He knew Morgan was getting off giving him this blow job, and it made the entire thing even better.

And then Morgan took Alexis’s cock into his throat and swallowed around the head. Alexis couldn’t hold himself back anymore. Crying out his lover’s name, he came, sending his seed down his lover’s throat.

Morgan swallowed every drop of his offering and, when Alexis was spent, gave the sensitive shaft a few more licks for good measure. Alexis melted into the mattress, feeling boneless after the mind-numbing climax. He just needed a few moments to catch his breath, and then he’d give Morgan the same pleasure he’d received.

But Morgan obviously had other plans. He retrieved the tube of lubricant he’d earlier abandoned and opened it. As Morgan poured a generous amount of liquid on his fingers and slicked up his cock, Alexis’s libido instantly reignited. His cock went rock hard again, and for once, Alexis was thankful for his incubus abilities.

He lifted his legs, bending himself nearly in half and exposing his hole to Morgan’s gaze. Morgan’s slippery finger rubbed against his hole, and just that simple touch made Alexis shudder in lust and delight.

As gentle as ever, Morgan pushed a finger inside Alexis’s anus. The digit slid in with no resistance. A second followed, and Alexis took it as well, easier than he himself expected. His body was completely relaxed after his orgasm, and his incubus powers seemed to be working at full drive.

Morgan crooked his fingers inside Alexis, and as he did so, he hit Alexis’s prostate. Alexis saw stars. 

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