Hawaiian Triple Heat (MFM)

Dr. Love Shark 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 85,068
6 Ratings (4.2)

[Ménage and More: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light Consensual BDSM, sex toys, HEA for MF]

Stranded in Hawaii, travel agent Rae Hooper falls into the arms of Mateo Mann, AKA Dr. Love Shark, and his best friend, Dr. Piers Kaaumoana. Mateo is an infamous sex therapist who teaches people how to make the most out of the five senses, but he refuses to give his heart. Piers is Rae’s modeling partner who touches more than her emotions when they perform in front of an invisible audience while Mateo speaks, his sexy voice igniting her desires. It’s an impossible ménage where friends become foes and love becomes heartache. When their love triangle is revealed to the masses, Rae’s life is in ruins and there’s nowhere to run. Can her heart survive the heated passions of Mateo’s untamed, wild desires and Piers’s offer of love? Will the two men resolve their issues or part ways for good? Hawaiian Triple Heat—where sex crosses the line into love and hearts seek completion.

Note: There is NO sexual relationship/touching between the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Hawaiian Triple Heat (MFM)
6 Ratings (4.2)

Hawaiian Triple Heat (MFM)

Dr. Love Shark 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 85,068
6 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Franny Armstrong
I enjoyed the book and liked the characters. I think Bobbi Brattz has a fun, fresh style and would read more of her works.
this book had it all for me: a hard to get female, dominate male, a sexy doctor, menage. Whew! What a rush, I hope there is more in this series.
Barefoot Okie

Story Excerpt


The soft carpet muffled his footsteps as he walked over to the bed. She’d left the light on and fallen asleep still clothed, facing to the side on her belly. Her soft lips were parted slightly, the strain in them that had been visible earlier gone. Dark lashes brushed like delicate feathers over the top of her cheeks where makeup residue was smudged a little. She’d probably regret that come morning. Women hated waking up looking all mussed, yet on her, he found it sexy.

Wavy golden locks cascaded across the bedspread like a silken blanket. Mateo picked up a strand in his fingers and felt it then leaned in closer to smell the elusive scent. Ah…pineapple. He loved the smell of pineapple. She’d probably used one of the fruit-scented shampoos that were made on the island.

Curious, he brushed a stray strand out of her face and stopped cold when her eyes flashed open and she screamed like the dogs of hell were at her heels. Rae scrambled back on the bed then slipped off the side, landing in a heap on her ass before jumping to her feet.

“Whoa!” he cried. “Relax. I only came to see if you were okay. I’m sorry I scared you.”

“Where the hell am I?”

The expression of fear on her face nearly undid him.

“You don’t know?” Confused, he tilted his head and watched her, wondering if she’d hit her head. He reached out to check her for injuries but stopped when she backed into the wall and knocked a painting off it.

Her eyes followed it then widened. The art piece depicted a naked man, his fingers threaded through a woman’s hair, holding her head in front of his groin while his was thrown back in the throes of ecstasy. Shooting her gaze back to meet Mateo’s, she moaned like a wounded creature caught in a trap.

“It’s not what you think!” he said, holding his hands out in a sign of peace.

“It’s exactly what it looks like—pornography!” she cried, her hand going to her throat as though expecting him to pounce on her at any moment.

“Look, Ms. Hooper, there’s a perfectly good explanation to all this. I’m a doctor and—”

“Yeah, Doctor Pervert, the shark doctor who has a million women at his beck and call, sinking his teeth into each one, sometimes dozens at a time.”

He couldn’t help but laugh at the exaggeration, finding her sarcasm funny. It was definitely the wrong thing to do. She shoved him, racing for the door as he fell back on the bed. With another chuckle, he followed her, catching up just as she left the building.

When he caught her around the waist, she screamed. Not wanting the guests to become alarmed, he put a hand over her mouth and carried her struggling body back inside, kicking the door shut behind him. Before letting her go, he took her back to the bedroom and dropped onto the bed with her.

Eyes widening as he loomed over her, she renewed her fight, her fist almost catching him on the jaw.

To keep them both safe from harm, he took her wrists in one hand, held them above her head, and kept his other hand on her mouth to stop her screams.

“Enough!” he shouted.

Terror turned her eyes a deeper green, her body stilling as she stared up at him.

Rolling his eyes, Mateo said sarcastically, “I’m not here to harm you. For crying out loud, I have about three hundred people asleep not two hundred yards from my door. I’m only trying to stop you from waking them all up! Now, I’m going to release your mouth. Please, promise me you won’t keep on screaming?”

After a long moment where he could practically feel the wheels in her mind rolling, he watched her reluctantly nod and let her mouth go. She didn’t wait a second before she opened her mouth to scream again, so he did the only thing he could since she’d grabbed his wrist…He kissed her.

Passion ignited between them, shocking him. Still she fought though, squirming beneath him as his hardening groin pressed into her belly. Her breasts pumped up and down against his hard chest as she panted, unable to breathe when his lips left no room to run. He sensed the moment she fell into the passion of his heated onslaught and melted against him.

When she released his wrist, her arm slipped up around his neck, and he knew she had fallen under his spell. Pleased at her response, yet disappointed at the same time, he lifted his head, staring down at her. He watched as she slowly came to her senses, knowing the moment she realized that he was the one kissing her.

“Oh!” she cried, trying to shove him off her.

With a chuckle, he murmured, “Just like the rest of them. You’re easy pickings, Ms. Hooper.”

“Get off me, you pervert! You…you…shark! You disgust me!” Her cheeks held a becoming blush as she tried unsuccessfully to dislodge him from on top of her.

“No, I think I prefer staying right where I am. With you wiggling so hard in such obvious desire for me, I find myself hesitant to leave.”

Anger sparked in her eyes as they narrowed.

“Just because I have no money or clothes or anything else to allow me to leave doesn’t give you free rights to rape me!”

“Rape? I think not. In fact, I’m willing to bet that within two days you’ll be falling at my feet just like every other woman in the world.”


Adult Excerpt


“There isn’t an ounce of ice in your body. Can you feel the heat of him as he fills you? He’s excited to be within you. Your muscles are clenching around him, sucking the energy away. Imagine one of us in his place. Our cocks are real, hot, vibrating with life. Let us take you away, Ku’uipo.”

Once again, Mateo’s sultry tones stirred her until she felt his essence in her mind. The words and tone brought on another climax almost without the help of the Rabbit. Piers trailed kisses down her neck and shoulder until he reached her breasts. She went wild with desire.

“Oh, God! Please, I can’t take much more.”

Instantly, Mateo turned the Rabbit on low yet left it inside her. He picked up the butt plug and turned it on. Smaller than the dildo, it did its own dance of lust.

“Turn over, Rae.”

“I don’t…I’m not sure, Mateo.”

Cupping her cheeks, Piers kissed her again. “Trust us, sweetheart. It will be so good. Just relax until it’s inserted all the way.”

The confidence in both men’s eyes helped her make her decision. Though her pussy still quivered in reaction, the Rabbit keeping the feeling alive, she was curious to know more. As soon as she began to turn on the bed, the Rabbit brought more spasms from within. She screamed into the pillow as another climax rocked her.

With both men running sensual, soothing fingers over her body, she finally calmed down enough to let them continue. Mateo had turned the butt plug off while Piers spread her cheeks for him.

“This is going to lubricate you so we can insert it without hurting you, Kalei. Remember to relax your anus muscles as much as possible.”

She felt something warm on her ass and immediately clenched her cheeks, turning her head to watch them.

“Relax. We’ve got you.”

The assuring tone of Piers’s voice gave her the courage to do what they wanted. At first as Mateo gently pushed the implement into her, she gasped, prepared to pull away, but Piers’s hand on her back kept her still.

“Lie down now. I’m going to push it a little bit at a time.”

Panic set in. Rae gasped for breath. “Mateo, I…”

“It’s okay, Ku’uipo. He won’t hurt you, I swear.”

With hands clenched, Rae fought to loosen her muscles and let it slide in. It was tight at first, but soon went all the way.

“Are you okay?” Mateo asked gently, kissing her bottom.

“Yes. I’m fine.”

“All right. We’re going to start it up.”

As soon as the butt plug began to vibrate, she shouted and tried to sit up, the strangeness within her ass frightening. Piers lay down beside her and kissed her brow.

“We’ll leave it on low for now, along with the Rabbit, and you can practice on me for a while.”

With a gasp, she dropped her sweaty brow on the pillow and shuddered. She felt an ache building within her that she didn’t understand as yet, her long moan muffled as pleasure shook her.

“Up on your knees, honey,” Mateo said.

When she was out of the way, Piers moved into her place with his back to the headboard. He’d removed his shorts, and his cock stood proud and tall, throbbing beneath her gaze.

Startled, she looked up at him and saw a question in his eyes. She’d had to give Lance blow jobs, which had made her gag, but this was different. She wanted to touch Piers, to taste him.

“You only do what you feel comfortable doing, Kalei,” Mateo murmured from behind her.

She felt his heat as he leaned over her back, his naked flesh against hers. Piers pulled her closer, kissing her with wild abandon. Unable to help herself, she returned the favor as Mateo teased her back with his own lips and teeth.

“Feel how you tremble, Kalei. Your entire body is ready for us to love you. Taste Ipo, taste his essence.”

At Mateo’s whispered command, she slid down Piers’s body, her sensitive breasts brushing against his hard-on. He groaned when she stopped there as Mateo pressed them together against the swollen cock.

“Oh, how good that feels,” she cried, shifting her hips until the dildo and plug rubbed together. The mixture of senses turned her on so much she could barely breathe.

“I’m going to enter you from behind, Rae, while you take Piers into your mouth. Are you ready?”

Sobbing, she cried out, “Yes! Please, Mateo.”

The Rabbit was gone, and in its place she felt him, hot, throbbing, and hard as steel.

“Take him, Rae. Lick and kiss, then take him into your throat. If you relax the muscles, you won’t gag.” Piers’s voice was barely a squeak as she licked the tip of him, tasting his cum.

“You taste good, Ipo. You smell even better.” When her lips closed over the head of him, he groaned, his thighs taut beneath her palms. She had no problem taking all of him even though his cock was thick and longer than Lance’s.

As soon as she had a rhythm going, Mateo thrust forward and embedded his cock deep within her channel. She moaned around Piers, her body humming with a riot of feelings.

Clenching his fingers in her hair, Piers shuddered and gasped as she sucked and laved him, Mateo moving in time with her.

Suddenly he turned the butt plug on, and she lost control, her pussy contracting and squeezing him hard. Piers shot into her mouth, deep down her throat as she bucked and quivered until it passed. When she’d captured every drop, she released Piers and fell forward. He cradled her head against his belly as Mateo continued his sweet assault.

“God, oh, God, oh, God. Help me, Mateo!” she screamed.

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