[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Interracial Paranormal Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, werewolves, public exhibition, light bondage, spanking, HEA]

Maya Switt meets sexy rodeo cowboys. She senses they’re special. Taking a risk, she tracks them down, determined to see just how special they are.

Werewolf brothers Jamie, Case, and Ham Hunter are set to win a few events. But once they meet petite and super sexy Maya, all bets are off. The four of them get up close and personal to celebrate Jamie’s win, but the celebration is cut short when they’re attacked by shifter hunters.

Escaping the shifter hunters out to skin her men proves difficult when not one, but two groups of killers track them down. When they capture her men, she’s their only hope of survival.

Will she track them down in time? Or will the killers find her and kill them all? If they survive, will she become their mate and a werewolf?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.

Wolf Tracks (MFMM)
9 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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4.5 STARS: "Move over Zena, there is a new Warrior Princess in town and her name is Maya Swift. When Maya goes to the Passion Rodeo to see Jamie Hunter compete and to meet his brothers, Ham and Case, she was expecting a fun time not to end the day being kidnapped and running for her life with three men she just met…even if they do make her body sizzle and her heart shout for joy. With shifter hunters on their tail and out for blood, Maya needs to make some tough choices. Go with the brothers, leave everything and everyone she holds dear behind and hope they feel the same about her. The Hunter brothers stopped in Passion, Colorado to compete in the rodeo before moving back to their home town of Forever, Texas. They had given up on ever finding their true mate. With homesickness calling them home they are shocked to find their mate by chance in the small town. Not nearly as shocked as to find hunters closing in on them. They take Maya and run hoping to get back to Forever, TX before getting caught. Then they are surrounded and everything is on the line. Not only for their hearts, but their very lives. Jane Jamison has given us suspense and action galore in her latest book in the Men of Passion, Colorado series. As always her characters are bold, more than a little brash and self-confident. Her males are gorgeous alpha type males who live with integrity and conviction. They are protective and loyal. They are everything most of us look for in a man, but few will ever be lucky enough to find. Even though this is the sixth in a series, it can easily read as a standalone novel. There are mention of characters from previous books, they do not detract from the story. Rather it is as though you are stopping by to say hello to an old friend. There also has been a mention of a town called Forever, Texas in the last two books. If you have not head Ms. Jamison's Werewolves of Forever, Texas then you have a treat in store for yourself when you begin reading it. A mention was also made in the last two books of “Hidden” to be found somewhere in Montana. I understand that the author will be setting a new series there. I look forward to reading more about this magical place for supernaturals of all kinds. Pick up a copy of Wolf Tracks today and enjoy!" -- Delanna, Night Owl Erotica

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Maya found it difficult to look either Ham or Case in the face, so she fixed her attention on the arena. As luck would have it, the bull-riding event had started. She leaned forward, resting her forearms on top of her knees, and concentrated on watching the chute where the first rider and bull were getting ready. The rider, wearing a helmet much like a football helmet, positioned himself as his spotters made certain that nothing would go wrong before the gate opened.

“What’s with the helmet, Case?”

“It’s becoming more customary for riders to wear protection.”

“Makes sense to me.”

“Maybe, but it’s up to the riders to decide. No one mandates that they wear one.”

“Why not? I’d think the people who run the rodeo would require riders to wear a helmet to keep them safe from major head injury.”

Case took off his hat and shaped the brim. “Nobody makes a helmet that’s specifically made for riding bulls, so the rodeo sponsors can’t require something that might turn out to be a liability. Until they come up with a helmet made for these events, they’re on their own.”

With a nod, the rider signaled for them to turn the bull loose.

The light-brown bull barreled out of the gate. He twisted and turned, trying to throw the rider, but the cowboy held on. Five seconds later, the rider flew off the back of the bull but still managed to land on his feet. He took off running for the fence as the bull whirled around and stormed toward him. The cowboy jumped to safety a second before the animal thrust his horns upward, narrowly missing the man’s buttocks.

“Five seconds isn’t too bad.” Although she’d gone to rodeos as a child, she couldn’t recall all the details of how the riders were scored. “Or is it?”

Case shook his head. “Eight’s better, of course, but you need to understand that there’s two judges on either side that rank both the rider’s and the bull’s performances.”

“Why the bull’s?”

Ham inched closer, snaring her between the two hunks. Oh, how I’d love to be the meat to their bread. She clasped her hands and forced herself to listen to Case’s explanation.

“Here’s the thing. Say you’ve got a really good rider, but he gets on a bull that doesn’t do much bucking. It doesn’t take a great rider to stay on an animal that’s not trying hard as hell to get him off his back. So let’s say the guy hangs on for the solid eight seconds. Should he get a better score than another rider who stays on a really wild bull ride for only six seconds?”

“I see your point. So if a cowboy gets a good ride from a bull and stays on for the whole eight seconds, then he gets a really good score. Am I getting it?”

“Yeah. The two judges give a score to both rider and bull then average them for the final score. Best ride plus best rider gets the best score. And the best score at the end wins.”

She nodded then thought of another situation. “What if the bull doesn’t even get out of the chute?”

Ham chuckled. “It’s rare, but it does happen. If that’s the case, then the rider gets to ride a different bull.”

“And what happens to the bull?” She frowned when neither man answered.

“That depends on who owns the bull.”

She didn’t miss the look Case gave Ham before he continued. “Which means what?”

“Well, some people think a bull’s pretty worthless if he doesn’t buck.” Ham rested his hands on the seat and leaned back. His arms flexed, making his muscles even bigger. “They could do most anything they want with him.”

She drew in a slow breath. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying? Would they put the poor animal down?”

A surly man seated behind them answered. “Darlin’, where do you think steaks come from? A steak tree?”

She scowled as the men around her, with the exception of Ham and Case, guffawed. “And what? You came from an a-hole tree?”

Oh, crap. Did I just say that?

Case and Ham were on their feet as the man leapt to his. She stood up, too, but she was surrounded by a mountain of male flesh with Case’s body blocking her from seeing anything other than his back.

“Sit back down, Harvey. You deserved what you got.” Ham put his hands on her shoulders then stood on her seat to tower even higher above her.

Was that a snarl? She tried to ease around Case to see if a dog was nearby, but he moved in front of her, shielding her from whatever the man was doing.

“Ease up, man. You don’t want to start anything with the Hunter brothers.” The man who’d spoken crossed his arms and glared at her. “Harvey didn’t mean anything, miss.”

Guilt swamped her. She’d never considered the chance that her off-handed remark might cause an actual fight. Although she still couldn’t see him, she called out anyway, “Harvey, I’m sorry I said that. I was upset thinking about the poor bull.”

A growl had her twisting around to find the dog. Where the hell was it? Yet, again, she couldn’t find it.

“Fine. I reckon I shouldn’t have said what I did,” answered an unseen Harvey.

Ham dropped off the seat. “Then we’ll call this a truce. Everyone get back in your seats. Jamie’s up.”

She let Ham help her sit down again and watched as Jamie lowered himself on top of the bull in the chute.

“Why isn’t he wearing a helmet?”

Ham bumped his shoulder against hers. “That’s not his style. But don’t worry. He’s known for his hard head.”

Jamie wrapped his hand around the rope, tugged his cowboy hat lower, then gave a curt nod to the men around him. The gate swung open and the bull charged out.

Jamie’s left arm was in the air as the bull spun around once, then twice again. It bucked, lifting up on its front legs, then kicked out with its hind legs. Jamie’s body surged back then forward as he hung on.

She held her breath as the seconds ticked by and Jamie held on. The bull, enraged and doing everything it could to get the man off its back, twisted and turned, bucked and kicked, then spun around, making several revolutions. And still Jamie held on. As the horn blared, signaling the end of the eight seconds, he jumped off the bull.

He cleared the animal, but he wasn’t fast enough getting away. As Jamie’s feet hit the ground, the bull roared and struck out again, connecting with Jamie’s neck.




They moved closer, making her even more nervous. But it was a good kind of nervous. The kind of nervousness she hadn’t felt in a long time, if ever.

Case took her drink from her, but she didn’t protest. He put both their beers down then cupped her cheek. “We want to be those wild men. We want you, and we’re going to have you.”

She parted her lips and saw his gaze drop to them. In answer, she peeked her tongue out, playing temptress. Ham made a low noise in his throat and let his hand fall to her butt cheek. He squeezed, and, instead of moving away, she pushed into his hand. The movement also thrust out her chest, and Case was quick to take her breast.

Case brushed his mouth over hers then drew back. She took hold of his shirt and tugged him to her. He kissed her, at first gently then adding pressure until she moaned as he thrust his tongue into her mouth. Ham fondled her ass and put his hand on her other breast.

She should’ve cared that they were standing in a public parking lot, should’ve worried about someone seeing them, but she wasn’t. Instead, her mind went blank except for one thought.

I have to have them. For once, I’m going to let go.

But she wouldn’t take charge. She wanted them to do that.

Case answered her unspoken need by lifting her up and carrying her to the passenger side. Ham opened the door for them as his brother laid her on top of the seat. Case yanked the hem of her T-shirt out of her jeans and pushed the material over her head. His gaze seared her flesh as he skimmed his palm over the swell of her breasts.

“Damn, you take my breath away, woman.”

She figured that was only fair since they’d already done the same to her. Craning her head up, she watched as Ham entered the pickup from the driver’s side. He paused, taking her in, then climbed onto the seat as he undid the huge silver belt buckle and his jeans.

Maya drew in the unmistakable scent of male arousal and licked her lips. She turned back to Case to find him shirtless and unbuckling his belt.

Was she ready to let them take her right there, right then? She wanted to, but common sense had to prevail. She started to sit up. “I’m not sure we should do this.”

Case pushed her back down. “We’re doing this, Maya. Isn’t that what you wanted? Men who would take what they need? Would take what they lust for?”

Her pussy answered for her, clenching with need. “Are you those men?”

Case hooked his hands in her bra and tore it off her. She yelped, surprised, but she couldn’t hide the pleasure it had given her. Grabbing her leg, he tugged off first one boot then the other. He unbuttoned her jeans then slid them and her thong over her hips and down her legs in one swift move.

She lay on her back, her arms at her side, the rise and fall of her chest the only movement she could make. Without a doubt, they were the dominating men she’d longed for.

“Holy shit, but she’s hot as hell.”

Ham rested his palm on the dashboard and took his long, dark cock in his hand. She’d never seen a black man’s dick before. Fascinated, she took in the colors of it, from the black curly hair around the base to the hairless balls. He was at least eight inches of man, and she had to resist a giggle as she wished she had a ruler to measure him. His cock was blacker than his skin with the texture calling attention to the veins running the length of it to the bulbous cap that was, surprisingly, light colored. Pre-cum oozed from the tip as he stroked himself.

Suddenly, her body was yanked the other way as Case pulled her closer. She lifted her head to see his impressive manhood as he held it and rubbed it against her pussy. Her juices glistened on the flesh of his cock, and he took both her breasts in his large hands.

The familiar anguish of embarrassment over the size of her breasts struck her, and she turned her gaze away from his. Would he think them too small? If so, would he mind?

“Maya, look at me.”

She did as Case told her and saw the understanding in his eyes. “You’re perfect the way you are.”

She’d never have believed that a simple statement could affect her so much. Tears welled in her eyes as she relaxed.

“Case couldn’t have said it any better, baby.”

She smiled up at Ham, over her shyness as quickly as it had come, then reached out to cup his balls. “Someone waxes.”

Ham sucked in a breath and pitched his body forward to lean over her and put his cock close to her mouth. “Yeah, I do. Is that good for you?”

“Mmm.” She flicked her tongue over his balls. “Very good.”

Ham stroked her hair then let out a moan when she took him into her mouth. She sucked him in slowly, taking her time to relish his lust-filled expression.

Case’s mouth on her pussy made her bring her teeth down on Ham’s cock. She caught herself in time from inflicting anything more than a quick bite. Ham stiffened and pulled away.

“Damn, woman, I know it’s a lot to take in, but don’t go shortening it.”


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