[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, werewolves, public exhibition, light consensual BDSM, spanking, whipping, sex toys, HEA]

Caitlyn Miller, a waitress at the popular cowboy bar Saddles, is sure that the lycan way of life is right for her. She’s going on the hunt to find the three shifters who will love her for the rest of her life.

Werewolves Max, Shawn, and Eddie Evans dream of breaking from the cruel Gaston pack to find The Hidden, a mystical sanctuary for supernaturals hidden within the mountains of Montana. Having lost their first mate, they’re set on living the rest of their lives as confirmed bachelors, but they never expect to get blindsided by the fiery and determined Caitlyn.

But the pack isn’t letting go, and the ruthless alpha wants Caitlyn for his own. Can they break free of the pack and save Caitlyn? Or will they deny the love they share and leave without her?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.

Wolf Hunt (MFMM)
10 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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4.5 STARS: "Caitlyn Miller played a big role as a supporting character in "Wolf Call". She showed herself to be a strong and independent woman fiercely loyal to her friends. I was happy to find that she was getting her own story in "Wolf Hunt". I found Caitlyn to have the heart of a warrior deserving of a future with a love or loves just as brave, strong and loyal as she. This is something she found with Eddie, Shawn and Max Evans. She is already familiar with shifters and ménage relationships having watched her friends find happiness in their own ménage couplings. The Evans men are more than human, they are werewolves. As for Max, Shawn and Eddie they want to break away from the oppressive Gaston Pack of Denver. The pack is known for its iron handed alpha with a cruel streak a mile wide. They dream of locating the mythical place called Hidden. It’s said to be close to a Utopia where shifters can live in peace and safety. It’s to be found somewhere in Montana. They lost their first mate sometime before and expected to live out their lives single. But then they are bowled over by a feisty brunette dancer from the cowboy bar over in Passion, Colorado. Having known love and the pain of losing that love are they willing to take a leap of faith on a second chance at the elusive happiness? She is their destined mate. They will need courage when their Alpha, Snake Gaston, not only refuses to let them leave the pack, but decides he wants Caitlyn for himself whether they and Caitlyn are agreeable or not. Don’t miss this latest shift ménage by Jane Jamison. Readers will be pulled into the town and the relationship. Join the men and women of Men of Passion, Colorado and get swept away into another must read series." -- Delanna, Night Owl Erotica

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Caitlyn could read between Heather’s words. “So you think I should give this up?”

“You just got out of a relationship, so why hurry back into one?”

She scoffed. “If you can call what Mitch and I had a relationship. It wasn’t much of one, that’s for sure.”

“Plus, you’ve never even met Max’s brothers.”

Heather had a point. “True enough, but I have this gut feeling that I’m going to like them as much as I do Max.”

“You’re going to like them as much as you do Max? Max, the man you’ve known for less than twenty-four hours? The man you’ve interacted with for all of ten minutes?”

“Why are you fighting me on this? I told you. I felt the incredible sensation that you’ve described. He’s—they’re—the ones for me. I just know it.”

She caught Heather’s raised eyebrow and held up a hand to stop her from speaking. “Yes, I know I’ve said things like that before, but this was different. I’ve never experienced anything like it. It was stronger, more sexually primal while being almost spiritual. And it wasn’t only an impression. There was an actual physical connection. Like we had a rope tied between us, and every time we looked at each other, the slack in the rope got less and less. Isn’t that how you felt?”

The meaningful glances between the others answered her question. “You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Then why can’t you believe I felt it, too?”

“Caitlyn, if you’re sure…”

Brandon pushed away from Heather. “Don’t go there, babe. That’s not what this is. The Evans brothers already found their mate.”

“So it never happens twice?” Heather swiveled around as Brandon went to the counter to pour himself another cup of coffee.

“Hey, remember me? I’m the one you’re talking about, so start filling me in. Is what I felt the same thing or not? Could I be their second intended mate?”

Rick and DJ had remained silent until now. Rick shook his head, siding with Brandon. “No, it can’t be. I’ve never heard of any werewolf finding a second fated mate.”

“So whenever a mate dies, the werewolf, or werewolves in this case, are shit out of luck? They’re doomed to live the rest of their lives without love?”

“Like Rick said. The special bond, that connection, doesn’t happen twice. They can mate again if they want, but not because of the bond. They won’t have that immediate need for each other that we’re talking about.”

“What you’re saying is that I imagined everything. That the most I can hope for is second best. A consolation mate since they lost their real mate. Is that right?”

The brothers’ silence was her answer. Heather shrugged her shoulders and trailed her fingertip around the rim of her cup. “I’m certainly not the expert in these things.”

“Go on. Spit it out. Do you think I’m imagining this?”

Heather’s intense perusal lasted longer than was comfortable. “No, I don’t. Maybe you’re the exception to the rule.”

“Babe, don’t tell her that. You’re getting her hopes up for nothing.”

“Let me be the one to decide that, Brandon.”

Did she have a chance? “No matter what you think, tell me what else you know about them. So they lost their mate. Then what?”

“Like we said, that was three years ago. I haven’t heard much about their present situation.” Brandon came back to stand next to Heather and skimmed his hand along her hair in a gesture that was filled with adoration. “They’re not alphas in the Gaston pack. That’s Snake and his brothers, with Snake being the real leader and his brothers backing him up. In any case, from what I hear, he rules with an iron fist and doesn’t take kindly to anyone challenging his rule or leaving the group.”

“Okay. So how do I see Max again and meet his brothers? I don’t remember ever seeing them at Saddles before.”

“Beats the hell out of me.” DJ pushed back his chair and stood. “Unless you want to grow some fur and hang out with them.”

“Shut up.” Heather’s tone surprised everyone. “Don’t even think about it, Caitlyn. That pack is bad news.”

Was she ready to go that far? “I don’t know if I’m prepared to go all wolf yet. That’s not a requirement to mating, is it?”

“No. But most mates do change. Eventually.” Heather ignored Brandon’s growl.

“Then maybe I can convince them to leave the pack. Maybe they’re waiting on a good reason to split away.”

“You’re getting way ahead of yourself.” Heather shook her head vehemently. “Slow the hell down and think about this. And don’t go anywhere near the Gaston pack.”

“Then what do I do?” She slumped in her chair. “Aside from hoping he comes back to the club.”

“Let’s give that a shot first. If he doesn’t, that should tell you something.”

She wasn’t sure she wanted to hear what Heather meant, but she had no choice. “Yeah? What?”

Heather’s gaze bore into hers. “If you’re really connected, you’ll see him again. Fate won’t keep you two apart.”

“So if he doesn’t come back in, I really was imagining it. Is that what you mean?” She dropped her gaze to her lap. Even as she said the words, her heart struggled to refuse them.

“I’m afraid so.”

“Damn. I was afraid you’d say that.”

“Let him, let them, find you.”

She jerked her attention back to Rick. “Why? Why can’t I go to them?” Standing, she made her decision. “Is there anything in these so-called rules about finding your mate that says the woman can’t find them?”

Rick frowned, obviously searching his memory.

“Not that I know of.” DJ grinned at her. “If anyone could break the rules, it’d be you.”




“Are you afraid?”

He was pleased when she shook her head. “No.”

“Then you aren’t afraid of werewolves?”

She was afraid. He could smell the fear through her passion. But her passion won out.


He put two fingers under her chin and made her look into his eyes, eyes he knew were filled with amber as the thread of uncontrollable yearning spun a web inside him. “You should be.”

He’d expected to see alarm or even false bravado, but he hadn’t expected to see curiosity. She surprised him, and he liked it.


“Why should you be afraid of a werewolf?” He chuckled. “I would’ve thought anyone would know the answer to that.”

“I know you won’t hurt me.”

He gave her a smile that was both an endearment and a warning. “Are you sure about that?”

She nodded. “I am.”

“Then why are you trembling?”

“I’m cold.”

“Sugar, you are anything but cold.” He brought a finger to her mouth and traced it over her lips. She parted them as if in invitation. An invitation he vowed to accept.

“You’re a brave woman.”

“Not really.” Her eyes flashed with pride. “But I know what I want and when I want it.”

She’s brave and bold. “And did you want this with my brother?” Would she answer the way he hoped she would? But then, he wasn’t sure which way that was.


“Why not?”

“We met at Saddles.”

“So?” He placed a chaste kiss on the corner of her mouth, but as soon as he did, he wanted a kiss that was anything but chaste.

“Because he left.”

He forced himself to lean back to study her. So she would’ve lain with his brother if he’d stayed? Why hadn’t his brother taken her? Since Cassandra’s passing, none of them had fucked a woman, but he couldn’t imagine his brother withstanding her charms. Yet an even more important question raced through his mind. Why hadn’t Max mentioned her?

He touched the hollow of her neck and felt her heartbeat. Sliding his palm down, he rested it in between her breasts. The rise and fall of her chest was too much to ignore, and he took it as a sign to move his hand over to cup her breast. She held her breath for a moment then let it out in a shaky sigh.

“You should know one thing about werewolves.”

She didn’t answer. Instead, she waited, her gaze locked to his.

“You can never be sure about anything with a werewolf.”

Grabbing her, he lifted her off her feet and slammed his mouth against hers, muffling her yelp. He enclosed her in his arms then cupped her butt as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Her pussy, wet and hot, pushed against his hard cock, and he growled his yearning.

His wolf roared to life, snarling at him to sink his fangs into her neck. Struggling against that urge, he sucked her tongue inside and wrestled it with his. His heart pumped harder, faster as the animal inside clawed at him to get free.

No woman had made him feel like this since their first mate, Cassandra. Even as he fondled her, rubbing his thumb over her taut nipple and sliding his fingers into the crack between her butt cheeks, his mind shouted that what he was feeling couldn’t be real. The bond that brought a mate to her werewolves could only happen once, and he’d already had that.

But then what was he feeling? He couldn’t force the sensation away, and he didn’t want to. After years of keeping his emotions locked behind a wall of pain, of memories of Cassandra, could he suddenly find himself ready to open the gate to someone else? His body rejoiced, thrilling with excitement at the discovery, and yet, uncertain. What would happen if he let go?

Caitlyn was something extraordinary. His mind and his body told him as much. But how could it be? He’d loved Cassandra with all that he was and everything he had. Did he dare love that intensely again? Was it even possible?

He pushed away his thoughts and let his body take over. Otherwise, he’d get overwhelmed with the sensation of her next to him and his mind fighting to understand.

For now, he’d just let it be.

He sank to the ground, taking her with him and putting her on her back. Pulling away, he checked her and saw her half-lidded eyes. She was ready for the taking, and all he had to do was spread her legs and shove his cock deep inside her pussy.

Sliding his hand down, he found her hotter than he’d have thought possible. Her patch of curly hair was the softness that led to the heat. Parting her, he found her bundle of nerves and massaged it. She arched, offering her breasts to him, and he took the gift as he swept his tongue over her nipple.

The sun beat down on his back, but its burn was nothing compared to the fire in her. She pushed her pelvis upward, urging him to do what he wanted. Her skin was soft under his touch, her lips full and ripe as she parted them and threw back her head.

If he could have, he would’ve taken longer, given more to her before taking what he so desperately needed. But it had been too long and he couldn’t hold back.

Gritting his teeth to keep from letting his fangs come out and sinking them into her neck, he did the only thing he could do. He positioned his cock at her entrance and thrust inside her.


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