Good Kitten (MMF)

Stocoma City 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,117
3 Ratings (5.0)
[Ménage and More: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, shape-shifters, werewolves, HEA]
To prevent open war between the two ruling crime families in Stocoma City, lioness shifter Ragan Vivaldi is placed in charge of security at her brother’s wedding. Seeking some stress relief from her duties, Ragan visits the local BDSM club. The last thing she expects to find are her two mates. With so much at stake, Ragan can’t afford to play submissive cat to two dominant wolves, but Ragan is sick of being the good girl. She agrees to do one scene with Rafe and Scott, provided they forget the night ever happened.
Duty demands Rafe Moon and Scott Haven, dominant werewolves and lovers, to keep the peace, but all bets are off when they find out Ragan is their missing third. Ragan’s defiant, stubborn, and scared of her attraction, but Rafe and Scott intend to make her their kitten, regardless of the consequences.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Good Kitten (MMF)
3 Ratings (5.0)

Good Kitten (MMF)

Stocoma City 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,117
3 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Tonight never happened,” she said firmly.

Ragan didn’t miss the flicker of pain in Scott’s eyes. Her insides churned. She found herself gripping at Carter’s biceps hard, but he’d been with her long enough. He only stroked her back in reassurance, giving her the strength to continue.

A lot of club members often mistook Carter for her Dom, and they hadn’t bothered correcting the rumor. Carter was more her mentor and occasional playmate than anything else. He liked tying her up. She liked being tied up by his expert hands. Nothing more. After his wife and sub died, Carter had trouble committing, and Ragan knew with her outside life, finding a Dom was impossible.

“Is that what you really want?” Scott asked, voice hoarse.

“It’s the best solution for all of us.” Ragan let out a breath, then Rafe tipped her chin, making her look at him.

“Go ahead, kitten. Say that to my face. Lie to me again. I dare you.”

Ragan’s tongue froze. God. Lying and words always came easy to her. After seeing her younger sister Charity, then now her brother, mated to a Scavos wolf, she was tired. Hell, Ragan was exhausted from always defending Charity and Ren, and being dutiful to her insane family. Being the fucking good girl.

She dropped her eyes. Ragan could practically hear her pulse, beating like a thousand wings in her throat. “I can’t.”

Scott let out a surprised breath. Rafe took her response as an invitation and trailed one callused finger against the line of her throat—the place where a collar could be buckled shut. She shivered. Knew Rafe’s lips had lifted slightly to a cruel grin.

“Very good, kitten. It appears you aren’t unteachable after all, although we do need to discuss your behavior. What do you think, Scott?” Rafe asked.

“I completely agree, Rafe.” The absolute confidence in Scott’s voice made Ragan reassess the two men again.

Both Scott and Rafe wouldn’t be considered traditional fairy tale handsome. They were huge, rough, and made of muscle and hard angles, but that was where the similarities ended. Rafe Moon had Hispanic features, with golden skin, a luxurious mane of thick black hair she’d like to run her hands through, but his eyes were a drowning shade of blue. Scott meanwhile, had short dark auburn hair and amused gray-green eyes.

“Ragan, don’t make a reckless decision you’ll regret later on,” Carter reminded her. Ragan felt guilty for momentarily forgetting she sat on his lap. She couldn’t remember the last time any Dom had this effect on her—the ability to make her forget everything else, but them, the authority and presence they commanded.

Rafe snorted. “She can make her own decisions, Carter. For fuck’s sake, she’s Ragan Vivaldi.”

Her stomach knotted. She stiffened. Rafe’s reminder of her role in the daylight world didn’t help. Ragan knew she had a reputation. If circumstances had been different and they met her in the middle of a turf war, what would happen? They certainly wouldn’t be calling her kitten.

“Rafe, bad choice of words,” Scott said. Ragan didn’t like the way he seemed to be able to easily read her reactions. Dangerous.

She sighed. “What do you want?”

“We aren’t blackmailing you, sweetheart. You can still walk away if you want. Nothing has to change. Tomorrow when we see each other and assume our roles we can forget tonight happened,” Scott said.

Rafe made a rumbling protesting sound in his throat, but didn’t argue. Again, Ragan heard the same reluctance, the same pain in Scott’s voice. Her rejection had power to hurt him, and she didn’t like that.

Ragan tried again. “I’m not asking as Ragan Vivaldi. Why don’t you tell me about your desires, Sirs?”

Both men exchanged a shared look, and must have come to a decision because when they looked back at her, their dark gaze burned right through her, the silent message there clear. “Come play with us in the dark, and we assure you we won’t disappoint.” She felt a shudder pass down her spine, and they hadn’t even touched her.

“One scene with you. Nothing heavy, and Carter can police to ensure your safety,” Rafe said.

“It’s just one night, heck a few hours. Tomorrow everything goes back to normal,” Scott added.

“Like Cinderella in bondage,” Ragan whispered. “When midnight strikes, the magic is all over.”

Scott and Rafe looked surprised.

“What?” She demanded.

“Nothing, it’s just I can’t imagine you mentioning a fairy tale reference.”

“Growing up competing with my siblings, the only comrade and friend I had was my brother. Raquel Vivaldi never tolerated anything under his roof that could make his children soft or sentimental, but Ren and I sometimes stayed over at the houses of human friends. Father put a stop to it eventually.”

Ragan recalled those memories fondly, but they mingled with the bitter consequences of what happened when one disobeyed their father. Even now, she could hear her brother’s screams, as Raquel used a switch he cut off from the birch tree in the garden. First her, then Ren while the rest of their siblings watched from the sidelines. God, no wonder Ren left home when he turned eighteen, and River and Red turned out so fucked up.


She blinked at Rafe’s firm voice.

“Sorry, did you say something?”

“Where did you go, sweetheart? You went to a faraway place none of us could reach,” Scott said.

A huge mistake, mentioning something personal, Ragan decided. What the hell was wrong with her? Ragan bit her lower lip, suddenly having second thoughts, then glanced back at Carter.

“I can see how much you want this,” Carter murmured. He kissed her brow. “I have your back. In case something goes wrong. I’ll rip these bastards’ throats apart.”

“Nice, man,” Rafe dryly remarked.

“Okay.” Ragan took a deep breath. “One scene.”




Rafe nudged a foot between her knees, opening them wider so they could get a better view. Moisture flooded into her pussy at the simple gesture.

“Clasp your hands behind your neck.”

Ragan’s cheeks flushed slightly, but she obeyed, keeping her gaze lowered.

“Such pretty tits. The right size too, right Scott?” Rafe asked. He fingered the ends of the barbell pierced into her left nipple, before pinching the tip, sending a slight tingle of delicious pain through her. Rafe did the right, until both ends peaked.

“Perfect to hang weights or clip delicate clamps,” Scott agreed.

Every private room in Collision had an assortment of toys hanging on the wall. Scott walked to the selection and picked a pair of nipple clamps strung together on a thin chain. Her breath hitched when he returned and clipped both ends to her sensitive tips.

“Don’t move. Good girl.” Scott caressed her cheek, and then turned to his partner. “Better?”

With her spine still arched, her legs spread open, Ragan felt incredibly exposed. Her hands trembled, she tried to close her legs slightly, but Rafe pressed a foot against her thigh and made a tsk, tsk sound.

“Keep your hands behind your neck. No reason to hide yourself from us, sub.” Rafe gave her a cold disapproving look. “Is this how you behave with other Doms?”

“No, Sir,” Ragan admitted. Some part of her had disobeyed on purpose, she realized. Maybe wanted a reason to be punished and see how far she could push the two men because her body hadn’t reacted to anyone like this in a long time.

Rafe fisted her hair and forced her to look up at him, the pain sending a thrill through her. “You like playing games, sub? Do you know what Scott and I do to disobedient little subs like you?”

She hesitated.

“Answer him, or your punishment will be worse, sub,” Scott said, crossing his arms, gaze severe.

“No, Sir.”

“Then tell me why you tried to hide yourself from us?” Rafe said.

“I don’t know, Sir.”


“I-I,” Ragan halted, unsure if she wanted to admit the real reason.

“Perhaps you’re ashamed we’d find out the truth, that you’re embarrassingly wet for us?” Rafe didn’t give her time to answer. “Stand up and show me your hands.”

She shakily stood, the nipple clamps swaying between her breasts, the slight pain a constant reminder, and extended her hands. A crisscross of pink lines still remained from Carter’s ropes, and her wrists were still attached to the leather-lined cuffs Carter placed there earlier. Scott took a length of chain and clipped the cuffs together, before placing them snugly behind her neck again.

“Perfect. Don’t you dare close your legs,” Rafe reminded her.

Ragan let out a breath when he slipped a hand between her wet pussy lips, and showed her and Scott her cum glistening on his fingers.

“See how wet she is?” Rafe asked Scott.

Scott chuckled, and the deep rumbling sound of his voice made her shudder. “Dirty girl.”

“Let’s do this again, sub. I’m giving you another chance to admit your mistake. Did you hide yourself because you were embarrassed?” Rafe aimed his steel blue gaze at her again, his wet fingers, still coated with her cum, hovered inches from her face.

Ragan leaned forward, despite her bound hands and the clamps, and her tongue darted out to lick at his fingers and taste herself on him. Her arousal.

“Fuck,” Scott muttered under his breath.

Rafe stared at her tongue for a few seconds, watching her licking at his fingers. “You want the truth, Sir? I’m not embarrassed, or shy. I did it on purpose.”

God. She longed for him to touch her again. To feel the rough texture of his large hands—Focus, damn it. As a sub, Ragan had always been on exemplary behavior. Just what was it about Scott and Rafe that transformed her into this wanton, disobedient creature?

He pulled his fingers away, and for a moment she thought she finally pissed him off. Instead, he took her bound hands and placed them in front of her, then clasped the back of her neck. Rafe towered over her by a head, but he lowered his head and to her shock, began to trace and nibble on her bottom lip. She felt Scott behind him, firmly molding himself against her back. The thought of the two men, still dressed, while she lay naked between them, was an erotic one.

Scott’s hands wrapped around her body, hands greedily touching her flesh while Rafe continued, prodding her bottom lip with his tongue. She opened her lips for him, and drowned in the overwhelming heat and force of him as he pushed his tongue in. He gripped her hard, until the clamped tits pressed against the hard expanse of his chest. Ragan moaned when he released her lips, and she became aware of his erection pressing against her, and Scott’s against the curve of her buttocks.

“Turn, sub, so Scott can savor the combined taste of you and me in your mouth.” Rafe gently spun her, so she now faced Scott.

Scott didn’t waste time. He plundered her mouth, his kiss rougher, harder, dispensing with ceremony. Behind her, Rafe slipped a hand down the curve of her ass. Rafe thumbed the puckered hole of her ass teasingly, before beginning to find her wet pussy lips.

Scott released her lips for a second. “This is what is going to happen, little sub. For being disobedient, Rafe is going to push you to the edge, but you don’t have our permission to come. Once he’s worked your body, we’re going to drape you over the couch, and you’re going to take twenty blows of the paddle. Understood?”

“Yes, Sir,” Ragan whispered.

Scott took her lips again, while Rafe began to stroke her, back and forth, gaining speed before slowing down again. True to Scott’s word, Rafe stopped when the pressure building inside her hovered to the brim, but not enough to tip her over. Scott released her. Ragan panted, letting out a frustrated sound that made Scott laugh.

He released her clamps, and she gasped at the sudden flood of sensation. Scott teasingly pinched her clit, and she nearly came, but Rafe banded his arm around her waist and squeezed the nape of her neck.

“Remember, sub. You don’t have the permission to come. Now drape yourself on the sofa and offer your ass to us, and remember to spread your legs,” Rafe warned.

Ragan nearly stumbled when he released her, but Scott caught her and led her to the couch. She bent over, arms still bound, the leather cool against her forehead. Ragan tensed when she felt a hand on her ankle, but someone rubbed at her left ass cheek in reassurance.

“Just cuffs, kitten,” Scott assured her.

Ragan relaxed, and let Rafe finish putting the cuffs on her ankles, then the spreader bar. With her ass exposed to the air and their scrutiny, she felt incredibly exposed and aroused. Worse, her pussy lips felt swollen and needy, her clit missing Rafe’s fingers.

“We’ll do twenty for now. You think you can handle that?” Scott took a seat on the couch and gently rested her forehead on his thigh. She saw he had his zipper down, and his cock curved upward, thick, long, and beautiful. Scott gently tugged her hair, looking at her sternly. “Eyes on me, kitten. Your attention span is horrible.”

She made a protesting sound in her throat.

“You want this?” Scott asked her mildly.

Behind her, she felt Rafe rubbing at her ass cheeks. Rafe gently swatted her with the implement, giving her an idea of what he wanted to use. A paddle, she realized, plastic with holes. It would hurt worse than a wooden one, but she knew it would intensify the experience.

“Yes, Sir,” she mumbled into Scott’s lap.

He lifted her chin. “Rafe didn’t hear you. I want you to tell us how badly you want my cock while accepting Rafe’s punishment.”

Her cheeks heated again. Ragan couldn’t remember the last time any Dom made her blush so many times in a single night. “May I suck your cock, Sir, while Rafe punishes me for my impudence?”

Scott tightened his grip on her hair. Ragan could feel her nipples tightening to points, her cunt incredibly wet and needy. “What do you think, Rafe?”

“Good enough.” Then the paddle whistled through the air.

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