The Stocoma City Collection (MM), Volume 1

Stocoma City

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 70,000
3 Ratings (3.0)

[Siren ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, shape-shifters, capture, HEA]

BUTCHER'S BOY: Three crime families of shifters rule Stocoma City in an uneasy alliance. Connor Scavos, The Butcher, is one of the three werewolf alphas in charge of House Scavos. He's always taken care of the family business, but family business has to take a back seat when Connor finds his mate in an illegal flesh auction.

REN'S ACCIDENTAL MATE: For seven years, Ren Vivaldi's been avoiding the family business. He returns to Stocoma City to fulfill his father's dying wish. Ren didn't think being mated and impregnated by the enemy was what his father had in mind, but the primal heat between his lion and Lance Scavos' wolf is too hot to deny.

RIVER'S TORMENT: Dominant lion shifter River Vivaldi found his mate during a gang war. Instead of taking the stripper Ricky home, River abandoned him. Ricky returns ten years later, with River's pup and seeking River's help. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. The sparks between them burn brighter. Can River channel Ricky's hatred into something else?

The Stocoma City Collection (MM), Volume 1
3 Ratings (3.0)

The Stocoma City Collection (MM), Volume 1

Stocoma City

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 70,000
3 Ratings (3.0)
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It wasn’t hard stone and darkness he woke to. The sheets Jace lay on were soft silk, and they smelled expensive. Was this a dream?

Jace peeled open his eyes and found he was indeed lying on his back in a king-sized bed and nestled in black sheets.

Jace expected all the aches and bruises on his body to act up, but further inspection under the sheets told him he’d been cared for. Cared for by whom?

He jolted up, and gawked stupidly the large interior of the lavish bedroom. The floors were richly carpeted, the walls a luscious shade of burgundy. There was an uncomfortable-looking designer leather coach facing the side of the enormous mahogany bed he laid on, a matching wooden console across the bed and an old-fashioned writing desk with a laptop propped on it.

The door to a bathroom lay slightly ajar, and he spied an enviable and luxurious marbled interior and expensive fittings. Even a year’s worth of his wages at the café he worked at before his capture wouldn’t be enough to cover a single piece of furniture in the room.

Holy shit, his mysterious savior was wealthy. Jace was about to pad into the bathroom but there was notable tension by his ankle. Flinging the sheets off him, he was enraged to find a thick rope securing his ankle to one of the bedposts.

“Savior my ass, captor’s more like it. I should’ve bloody known better than to hope.”

Jace tugged at the knots, but they were intricate, tight and secure. Memories of the night before came to him, or was it a few nights before?

His healing and slightly healthy-looking body told him days must’ve passed by. Jace remembered stumbling through the corridors of the auction house and being guided by a crow. A crow who turned out to be a girl who worked for the Scavos family. The betrayal stung, but he should’ve expected it. This was Stocoma City and the first rule every newcomer learned was not to trust anyone.

“Out of the freezer and into the damn frying pan. Great work, Jace old son.”

“Do you always have the habit of talking to yourself, Jace?”

Jace ceased working at the knots around his ankle. The dark-haired man who entered the room was tall, muscled and broad-shouldered. He wore a perfectly tailored suit, but still managed to look uncomfortable in it.

“Who the hell are you?”

“Connor Scavos.”

The Butcher. No kidding. Now Jace was this close, he could associate the man with the violent werewolf at the auction.

Every inch of Connor radiated and screamed “predator.” It was evident in the way he moved and stalked towards the bed. It was there in the way his hungry smoldering blue eyes were narrowed, and the way his lips twitched. He looked at Jace intently, like he was something good to eat.

“Let me go, Mr. Scavos,” Jace demanded.

“Why would I do such a thing, Jace? And please, call me Connor.”

With each stride Connor covered, Jace’s heart thumped painfully against his chest. He was equal parts fearful and excited, and he wasn’t sure why. With the way Connor was looking at him, he should be running for the hills, not thinking about Connor’s lips and body.

Fuck. The man had a smoking body.

“Let me go, please.”

Jace’s eyes drifted to the loose tie around Conner’s neck. The first few buttons of his white shirt was undone, revealing a sinfully delicious line of hard golden flesh.

Despite his menacing aura, he was handsome, in a rugged sort of way. His hair looked like it needed a few inches of cutting to look neat, and his stubble looked like it still a good shaving.

What would it be like, to sink his fingers into Connor’s messy black hair, and press his nose against the rough bristles of his stubble? To have the alpha’s bare, delicious and firm body grinding against him, and his hands firmly gripping Jace’s own slender frame?

Jace could imagine Connor’s cock pressed against his belly, long, hard, beautiful and thick.

Holy shit, his imagination just went on overdrive.

“You don’t seem convinced by your own words, Jace. You sound undecided.”

Jace had seen, been pawed at, and used hard by large abusive men. After freeing himself from his former mate Terry, the last thing he needed was another violent asshole in his life. The rampage at the auction was proof enough Connor was more dangerous than any of the men he’d met.

“Am I your prisoner, Connor?” Jace asked, his voice breaking and faltering.

Just what was it about this man, this strange and powerful wolf?

“After all the trouble I went through, do you think I’m just going to let you go?”




“Please,” Jace added.

Connor let out a frustrated sound, but he got off Jace. His clothes fell off him in a flurry, unveiling a deliciously rock-hard body and an equally steel-hard cock. Every inch of Jace’s cock was paying attention.

His wolf whined inside him. It panted and growled. Like Jace, his wolf hungered and it wanted Connor. Jace never thought he could want anyone so badly in his life and he knew wanting Connor Scavos would bring him nothing but trouble.

Enough thinking. Start doing.

“Just seeing that expression on your face is worth it,” Connor said, climbing back into bed. “For your sake, I’m hoping you don’t have any other excuses.”

“No.” Jace’s mouth was dry.

His skin was pleasantly warm against Jace, and his touches were less restrained and more certain. Connor ravenously locked his lips with Jace. The fierce of his desire slammed into him with sudden violent force, leaving him breathless.

The alpha sucked on his bottom lip tenderly, making him moan. Their tongues tangled and dueled, before Jace surrendered and let Connor thrust his tongue between his lips. It looked like Connor enjoyed what he sampled, because his grip on Jace’s body tightened possessively.

Faint warning bells rang in Jace’s head when he felt Connor’s lengthening canines on the side of his neck. A voice reminded him what such a bite implied, but it no longer seemed significant, especially he felt so damn good. He could feel Connor’s teeth pierce flesh and sink in deep. His body buckled at the slight pain.

“Hush, my little wolf. I’m going to make you feel damn good in a second.”

Jace was barely recovering from the intensity of the somewhat kinky bite when Connor began to pelt his skin with purposeful kisses.

Intent on exploring every scar and story imprinted on the alpha’s body, Jace’s own hands moved down the hard lines of Connor’s body. There were curious nicks here and there. A gunshot wound to his abdomen. The clean scar left behind by a knife. They were marks Jace wanted to further explore later on, to lick and put his mouth into.

His own body no longer felt like it belonged to him. It shuddered and trembled at Connor’s hands and lips, and Jace let himself be swept away by the passion of the moment. By the time Connor’s heated mouth reached his cock, Jace was panting and pleading.

“Please, Connor.”

“What do you want, Jace?”

Connor’s fingers curled around the base of his cock. Amber eyes watched him from below, and the expression on the alpha’s face was surprisingly one of mischief.

“I want you, Connor Scavos. More than anything else in the world.” The admission both shamed and thrilled him.

“Just what I wanted to hear, little wolf.”

Connor flicked the pre-cum on the head of his cock with his fingers and began to spread it across his length, while his other hand applied just the right amount of pressure on his balls.

The alpha’s eyes never strayed from him all the while. They continued watching his expression even as Connor administered lazy licks across his cock head. Jace gasped when Connor finally put his mouth to work.

Most dominant wolves, Jace found, didn’t bother giving their lovers pleasure and it bothered him how much Connor paid attention to him. Seeing the enormous man’s lips around his cock made him emit mewls and whimpers. Desire rammed into him without mercy.

Damn. Connor was skilled.

Jace gripped his thick hair, sighing as Connor began to deep throat him. Connor’s mouth easily covered him inch by inch until he felt his cock hit the back of the alpha’s throat.

“Connor, I—” Jace began.

He was going to reach climax soon but Connor withdrew his mouth from his shaft, and began idly pumping his miserably throbbing cock with his fingers.

“You’re not allowed to come until I tell you to, Jace. Understood?”

“Screw you.” Jace growled in frustration.

A lazy smile only appeared on the alpha’s lips. In one smooth movement, Connor rose and pushed his legs up to his shoulders to expose his asshole. Jace’s face began to burn at the lewd display, but he soon forgot about his embarrassment when Connor ran a thick finger around the thick ring of muscles.

His gaze was inevitably drawn to Connor’s erect and massive length.

“You won’t fit in me.”

“Oh I will because you’re going to take all of me in you, little wolf. Are you saying you still don’t want me in you?”

Connor was teasing him, and Jace knew it. His entire body felt so needy, so hot and so horny he was practically begging Connor to fuck him.

“Don’t make me beg again,” Jace warned weakly.

“I won’t need to, Jace. You’re going to beg and plead me to take you out of your own accord soon enough. Your little wolf’s itching and writhing in you like a bitch in heat.”

In other circumstances, Jace would’ve been offended, but he was beginning to understand Connor meant no offense. It was just the way the crass and rough alpha was.

Connor lubed his fingers and began to apply a generous amount around his opening as well. The sensation of his thick finger nudging inside his slit was enough to make him groan.

The alpha was right. No one was making Jace beg.

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