Second Chance at Forever (MM)

The Reilly Coven 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,228
9 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, HEA]
In 1918, Oakley Reilly was helping out at a clinic in Northern Spain. One day after resting his weary head he discovered a man on the brink of death. He tried everything he could to save the young man from suffering the same fate so many others before him had. But there was nothing he could do for the young man fated by blood to be Oakley’s mate. 
Jack Hayes heard what his mate said to him, what he confessed as pain wracked his body in what he knew was death. But when he did die something else happened entirely. 
Oakley lived a life after that so full of pain, but in his dreams his mate would beg him to live, if just for another day. He reluctantly agreed every time for every day following that dreadful day. 
Can the two men, one dead, and one somewhat alive, ever have a second chance at forever?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Second Chance at Forever (MM)
9 Ratings (4.0)

Second Chance at Forever (MM)

The Reilly Coven 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,228
9 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




When Oakley woke up he realised it was nighttime. The small window near the roof showed a sky that was pitch-black in colour. He had slept almost an entire day yet he felt worse. He had to get back out to the sick people. They needed his help and Oakley needed to help them. It was ingrained in his blood.

Picking himself up, he walked to the room where the sick were lying. As he got into the room he noticed his colleagues were all surrounding one bed, the one up the far corner. Running over, Oakley knew they needed his help. The only time everyone gathered around one bed was when one of the ill was thrashing around, or dying. He saw Esther running around like a woman on a mission and it was clear as anything that this person was dying.

As he reached the bed Oakley smelled something among the scent of death. It was wild and reminded Oakley of passion. He got a good look at the man who was struggling to breathe and suddenly Oakley himself was struggling to breathe. The man lying on the small cot was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Long dirty-blond hair lay all around his perfect face, damp with sweat. His obviously once strong, capable body struggled to breathe, his chest rising and falling quickly but his face was a mixture of blue and gray. The illness and lack of breath evident all around him but still for some reason this man called to Oakley.

He had heard of the legends of a person destined to be his for all eternity and he was positive this man was that person for him, but here he was dying of influenza. Oakley knew what to do. He had to save his mate and nurse him back to health. The only problem was they hadn’t managed to save a single person yet so how was he supposed to do it for this man?

He had to try though.

Oakley worked for what felt like hours. Rubbing lotions into his skin, herbal remedies that were said to calm a person and help fight the illness wracking his body apart. He laid wet, cool cloths over his forehead to try and relax him. The man sweat so damn much that Oakley was afraid the heat he could feel coming from the man’s body would kill him before Oakley discovered the man’s name.

Eventually the man calmed down and he felt significantly cooler than a few minutes ago. Then the most extraordinary thing happened. He was holding onto the callused hand, rubbing his fingers over the back of it, whispering words of future love and care to the man he hoped desperately would fight through this. The man opened his eyes and looked straight at him.

Those gorgeous silver eyes stared at him and Oakley knew the man felt their connection. He looked at Oakley as if he had heard everything Oakley had said, which was a lot. He had told the man how he was a vampire who came from America and that this man was his soul mate. Fate wouldn’t be so cruel as to give him a fated-by-blood mate as the man lay on his death bed, would she?

“What’s y–your name?” he stammered out, afraid of the imminent future that his mate could be taken from him.

“Jack, Jack H–Hayes,” Jack said as he coughed up blood. That wasn’t a good sign and Oakley immediately helped swill out the man’s mouth with some water. He had to do something but didn’t know what that something was.

“I’m going to save you, Jack, and you and I will live a long life together. Happy and free and so in love you will never want for anything. I promise you this, my mate,” Oakley vowed. He wanted Jack to know exactly how he felt.

“You can’t s–save me. I–I am dying, we both know this. I feel myself going, the darkness c–closing around me. It won’t be long now.” Then Jack started coughing again. He rolled to his side, blood spilling out of his mouth as he heaved more and more. It seemed Jack still struggled for breath as his skin took on a pasty white pallor. It looked sickly and like death itself and Oakley was beside himself.

“I will save you, my mate, and we will be together,” Oakley tried again but his throat grew constricted and tears starting flowing freely from his eyes as his mate lay there in pain. There was nothing Oakley could do. He hated it.

“Wha–what’s your name?” Jack tried asking and eventually got it out. Oakley smiled sadly at what his mind refused to believe. He didn’t want a good-bye.

“Oakley Reilly,” he answered. He couldn’t deny this man.

“I’m so sorry, Oakley.” Jack started coughing and Oakley noticed tears were streaming down the man’s face as he lay there. Oakley brought their foreheads together as he squeezed his eyes closed. This couldn’t be it. It just couldn’t be.

“For what, my love?” Oakley cried as he held on to his mate around his shoulders. He had to be strong for his mate but he just wanted to be selfish and save the man, take him for himself forever.

“I’m sorry for leaving you so soon after we found each other. Please know you are everything to me, everything I have ever wanted.”

“No, don’t you say good-bye, this is not good-bye,” he ordered.

“I hope we find each other again someday. Know I will be back for you. Someday we will have everything we have ever wanted, but for now I am so so tired. I–I’m in so much pain. I lov…”

Oakley cried out as Jack went slack in his arms. Those silver eyes stared fixedly into his face, full of water but they were void of life. Oakley screamed out his pain as his one chance at true love was taken so cruelly away from him.

In that moment Oakley wasn’t thinking straight. He picked up his mate’s lifeless body and ran. He ran as far as he could before crying out his anger and heartbreak at the cold night sky, his mate lying limply in his arms. In that moment Oakley felt a large piece of himself die, a piece that he feared would never return.




Oakley then began kissing and licking his mate’s neck and jawline, working his way up to kiss both now rosy red cheeks on his face before kissing each eyelid delicately. His mate deserved to be pampered like a king and Oakley was sure as hell the vampire for the job.

He moved his hands through the long, dirty-blond locks of his mate’s hair. They were so soft and spread out around the pillow Jack now laid his head on. The scent of their combined erections only seemed to make the air hotter in their bedroom as Oakley spotted the bite mark from where he had fed from his mate earlier in the day.

Jack had made him seal the wound but not heal it entirely so everyone who saw it would know that he was claimed by him. Oakley was more than willing to agree to that as the thought of many seeing his mark upon his mate’s flawless skin set every protective instinct he possessed into gear. He didn’t want anyone to mess with what was his, else Oakley would go all caveman on their ass.

Once Oakley satisfied his craving of seeing that supple neck hold his mark he began travelling down his mate’s body, enjoying the feel under his hands and the taste of his mate’s sweat that now lingered lovingly across his skin. The small beads of salty sweetness only reminded Oakley of what his mate may taste like further down. Would it be just as good? Oakley feared it would so much better.

Then a perfectly sculptured pectoral muscle came into view with a round brown nipple on it. He couldn’t resist as he suckled that flesh into his mouth. He felt his mate’s back arching up off the bed so sucking more of his mate’s flesh into his mouth was exactly what Oakley needed. He craved the knowledge that he drove Jack wild with passion before he claimed him in every way imaginable.

He sucked, licked, nibbled, and even scored his fangs along his mate’s chest as he made his way to the other nipple. Something primal inside of Oakley roared in pleasure at seeing the slight red marks his fangs had made on Jack’s body. It was sexy as hell and ramped up Oakley’s desire even more.

Settling himself into the space between his mate’s legs, Oakley looked into his mate’s gorgeous silver eyes as he made his way lower on his mate’s body. The pleasure he saw there heightened his own and pre-cum dribbled from the slit in his cock onto the mattress below them.

By now the heat in the room reached a fever pitch, only escalating more so when Jack’s hard, throbbing cock hit his chin as he made his way down the planes of his mate’s six-pack abs. Simply stunning. Oakley was so far gone that he knew if he touched his mate’s cock their pleasure would be over before it even began. Oakley so didn’t want that for their first time together. He wanted to draw it out and make their pleasure last as long as possible, before doing it all over again.

Jack groaned loudly as Oakley completely bypassed the man’s cock and began working his lips up and down his mate’s legs. He placed small, delicate kisses along the skin, delving his tongue into the space behind his mate’s knees. When he felt Jack jerk he looked up in an almost sinister surprise as he found a hot spot on his mate’s body. That knowledge would be his forever.

Eventually even the pleasurable sexual torture he was administering to them both became too much for Oakley and he had to get inside his mate pronto.

Turning Jack over in one swift move he began to eat his mate’s ass out. He didn’t have any lube, considering he hadn’t had sex since he met his mate ninety-six years ago, not even having the urge to masturbate he hadn’t needed lube. Saliva would have to do for today.

As Oakley licked and spat on his mate’s sensitive hole he began working his tongue deep inside the crevice. He wanted to taste his mate there and even more so stretch him out. This killed two birds with one stone and made Oakley one very happy but impatient man. He needed to be inside his mate more than anything.

“Okay, I’m ready, fuck me, my mate,” Jack begged. As Oakley looked up into his mate’s eyes, he noticed they were unstable and glassy looking. They were so full of lust that Oakley feared his mate didn’t even see him. So he flipped the man over. When he took his mate he wanted his mate to know exactly who was taking Jack Hayes and who would always be there for him. He wanted to see the array of emotions cross his mate’s face before they both erupted together. And damn this internal monologue he had going on was making him worse.

“Who is giving your body so much pleasure, baby?” Oakley demanded as he leaned over his mate, their cocks lining up together and seeming happy to have their own little happy dance together.

“You are!” Jack screamed but that wasn’t good enough. He wanted his mate to watch him as he pushed his cock straight into his mate.

“Open your eyes and tell me, sweetness,” he said with his voice dropping several notes. He almost didn’t know it was his own at one point but wanted to know the answer all the same. Jack opened his eyes and as they focused on Oakley, he noticed there were tears in his eyes. They appeared to be happy tears if the huge smile on his mate’s face was anything to go by.

“You, my mate. God, Oakley, just take me already. Make me yours forever!” Jack shouted to the ceiling and Oakley was happy at that. Very happy indeed. He lined up his cock and in one swift motion pushed all the way into his mate.

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