Her Guys (MFM)

Blessed 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 41,220
5 Ratings (4.4)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, witches, light bondage, HEA]

Someone is watching her. Untrained enchantress Katarina Russalino’s dream has come true. She’s left her mask behind and is now free to pursue the men she loves, Gaven Walker and Lunn Renolds. For years they’ve made lusty fire sing through her veins and love consume her heart. Will a stalker kill her dreams of love and ravenous desire? Lunn wants nothing more than Katarina cuffed and moaning between him and Gaven. Unfortunately, Gaven doesn’t trust in happily ever after for fighting men like him, but Lunn is determined to show him they can have a passionate, love-filled future with Katarina. Their protective sides rise up when Gaven and Lunn find out someone is after their violet-eyed woman. With the help of a good witch and a sarcastic cat, they may be able to save her and bind her to them for life.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Her Guys (MFM)
5 Ratings (4.4)

Her Guys (MFM)

Blessed 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 41,220
5 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



Violet eyes. He loved violet eyes. They were so beautiful. He didn’t care if they were contacts. Those exquisite eyes darted to Lunn then quickly lowered. Her gaze came back to him, and she nodded as if acknowledging his presence. He grinned and nodded back. A blush bloomed across her cheeks. He watched as she moved to take a seat two tables away from them. His cock stirred as he watched her settle in and cross her legs.

Lunn nudged his arm again. “Looks like you are about to find out a lot about her.”

“Looks like it. Good thing I don’t need another waitress or bartender. I never have sex with my employees. She seems to be shy. Did you see how she could only hold my gaze for a short amount of time and yours she couldn’t even hold?” He was surprised at how much she intrigued him. Usually shy girls didn’t do anything for him. He liked his women wild and proud of it.

“Oh yeah, I saw it. She has submissive tendencies for sure. Something about her makes the dominant in me stand up and take note of her. That hasn’t happened in quite a while. Maybe it’s her eyes or the way her dark hair is wound up in a tight bun just begging to be taken down. The animal in me is screaming to get her naked and tied up.” Lunn’s tone lowered as he watched her.

“If she’s into it maybe we could talk her into spending a night or two in our arms.” He settled deeper in his chair and watched her. Something about her made him consider more than two nights of hot sex. She called to him on a deeper level.

Warning bells rang all the way up his spine. A shiver followed the scary sensation. Maybe having sex with her is a bad idea. Men like him couldn’t trust women to stay with them for very long.

She bit her lip with small white teeth, and his cock sprang to half mast and demanded he at least take her out on one date.

Lunn was quick to respond. “I’m down with that. The things we could do to her.” Lunn shifted in his chair. “Damn, she’s got me hard, and we haven’t even tasted or played with her yet.”

Gaven nodded his head. He could relate to Lunn easily. They both seemed to be thrown by her. With their agreement settled, they both sat back and watched her.

The dark-haired beauty sat gracefully in her chair. Her long skirt flowed down her legs and pooled on the floor. Bracelets circled her wrists, making her arms look very feminine and delicate. Her hand filled out the application with even, bold strokes. Mmm, he had something else that could use a bold stroke. Maybe she wasn’t that shy after all. He sure as hell hoped not.

He took his eyes off her for a moment when a baby—correction, twin babies—started screaming. A family at the table across from the beauty looked like they were about to leave when their other child, a little boy who looked like he was almost three, spilled a whole cup of milk all down the front of his clothes. The dad jumped up and herded the little guy out the door after telling his wife he’d be back in a minute.

Probably going out to their vehicle to change the boy. Spoiled milk sure did stink.

“I wish someone would shut that baby up,” said a grouchy voice from three tables over.

He glanced at the grumpy old man who had made that statement and frowned. Some people didn’t seem to have a sympathetic bone in their bodies. Gaven was just about to get up and help the now-blushing mom, who was trying to calm both babies, when he noticed the beauty get up and move over to the woman.

His heart lurched when she smiled at the woman and said something he couldn’t hear over the hollering, beet-red infants, the TVs, and the music that played softly in the background. He would have loved to calm the babies and turn the TVs and music off so he could hear every word she had to say.

“Maybe she’s not as shy as we thought,” Lunn said, echoing his thoughts as he watched her, too.

Gaven observed the scene. She reached out and took a baby from the woman, leaving her free to pick up the other crying baby. The beauty snuggled the infant close and rocked her body side to side as she patted the little one’s back. Within seconds, all the crying stopped. Kimmie, one of his waitresses, walked up, and the beauty took control, telling Kimmie exactly what to do. She never even stopped rocking or patting the baby. While Kimmie grabbed a rag and cleaned up a car seat that had been splashed by the spilt milk, the women talked until the dad came back.

“Thank goodness you don’t need a new waitress. I want her bad. She’s awesome.” Lunn never took his heated gaze off the beauty. “You know, she seems familiar for some reason.”

“Yeah, she does. We haven’t met, though. I would remember her for sure.” He tapped his finger on his lips and tried to figure out why she looked familiar.

They both watched as she handed the baby to its dad and said something to the family before smiling and walking back to her table. She didn’t even look around. She just went back to the task of filling out the application. Once she was done, he watched her leave the table and approach him.

His heart beat heavily in his chest. Something inside him whispered that she was special. That thought should have been spookier than it was, but he didn’t have time to try and decipher it right now.

The scent of fresh flowers swirled around him the minute she stopped in front of his table. His cock stirred, and his nostrils flared appreciatively. She smiled, and his heart thudded harder. Once again, he was glad he didn’t need a waitress.

Her eyes darted to Lunn then settled on him. “Hello, Mr. Walker. I’m Katarina. I heard you were looking for a manager. I recently received my degree in hospitality and would like to be considered for the position.”




Lunn loved the way she was bravely going after what she wanted. He could tell she was nervous, but that wasn’t stopping her. They were some of the luckiest men alive. The sight of her spread out and bent over the esse bondage chaise rekindled his need to bind a woman and pleasure her. The feeling had been fading for a while. No woman had sparked it for at least a year. Katarina, on the other hand, more than brought it back to life.

The chaise was made of dense foam and had six cuffs and twenty-eight loops to lock a person down in lots of positions. The mini scoop foam cushion could be placed in different positions to make the bound prey more comfortable.

Gaven folded his arms over his chest and leaned against the doorframe. He knew this was Lunn’s show for now.

He looked past Katarina’s shoulder and said, “I see you were curious about the esse chaise. That’s good because you’ve earned some time on it. Snooping is a bad habit that must be broken.”

She shivered, and he guessed her panties were already wet. “Strip and bend over the chaise just like you were a minute ago,” Lunn ordered. He was happy to see desire and a slight look of embarrassment flash in her expressive eyes. With trembling hands, she removed her clothes. Fuck, she was fine.

If he was right, she was innocent in the art of bondage. That innocence would freak Gaven out. He’d need her and Gaven to be burning up with lust before the sex began. This had been coming for years, and he wasn’t about to let anything stop them now.

Gaven groaned when Katarina stood before them in her naked beauty. Her lush curves had both of their cocks tenting their jeans. He longed to spread her legs and plunge into her hot body.

“Assume the position,” he commanded, needing to keep the passionate situation under control.

Pink raced up her chest and darkened her cheeks, but she didn’t protest. Once she was bent over the curved, soft surface, he walked up behind her and tapped her foot. She moved it outward, but not far enough. He tapped it again. This time she moved it into the perfect position. He slid his hands down her back and grinned when she trembled. His hands squeezed her rounded globes, and she released a light moan. Oh yeah, she was good with this.

Kneeling, he blew a breath across her moist, womanly flesh. She squirmed, and he slapped her ass. “Stay still, kitten.” She harrumphed but stilled all body movement. “You’re doing good, little kitten.” He kissed the pink spot on her ass where he’d slapped her then slid his hands down her right leg and cuffed it to the chaise. He nodded to Gaven, and he cuffed her left ankle to the other side.

Both men stepped back to admire her. The pretty pink lips between her legs were spread wide. Moisture glistened on her delicate flesh. Her arousal scented the air. His cock begged to be freed.

“You look beautiful, babe.” Gaven’s voice was husky with desire.

“She sure does,” Lunn concurred.

“This isn’t so bad,” she said.

“It shouldn’t be. I like my prey bound, but not in pain. That’s not to say I won’t sexually frustrate you. You deserve it for snooping.” On that note he looked at Gaven and started undressing. Gaven followed suit.

Retrieving a bottle of oil, Lunn slicked his hands up then passed the bottle to Gaven, who quickly oiled his own hands.

“I’ll rub her right side. You work on her left side.”

“Got it.”

Kneeling beside her, they started at her calves and worked their way up to her inner thighs. They stroked and massaged her silky flesh until she sank deeper into the esse chaise and moaned breathily. Moving up, they grazed her pretty pussy as they massaged the lower section of her soft butt. She started squirming and tried to rise up. Lunn firmly placed a hand between her shoulder blades and pressed her down while Gaven took over kneading her rounded cheeks.

“Stay put. If you try that again I’ll cuff your wrists as well.”

“I just…”

“Just what?” Lunn asked as he ran his hands down her back and spread her ass cheeks wide.

A shudder shook her body. “I need you both.”

“You’ll have us when we think you’re ready.” Lunn shook his hands making her skin shake. He knew the vibrations that were running through her pelvis were pushing her closer to the edge of ecstasy.

Gaven sniffed her pussy and then leaned forward and licked her pink flesh. A low moan escaped her full lips. Lunn pictured his cock sliding between her moist, plump lips. A bead of pre-cum eased from his cock.

They caressed and licked her until she cried out in frustration, “Okay, I can’t take any more teasing.”

Lunn ran his thumb over her clit and stroked it until she started trembling, and her muscles tightened. When he pulled back in the last second, she cried out, “I’m sorry for snooping.”

“That’s what I’ve been waiting for, kitten.” He looked at Gaven. “Keep her hot while I get the condoms.”

Gaven got comfortable between her legs and started licking her pussy. The man’s tongue circled her clit, and swiped her swollen lips before delving into her tiny pink hole.


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