Master Eric's Virgin Sub (MF)

Prometheus in Chains 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,888
8 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, brief F/F elements not involving heroine, voyeurism, sex toys, HEA]

Master Eric Ballater, the Dom behind the bar at Prometheus in Chains, a BDSM club, meets Emma Browne, a beautiful blonde virgin waiting for her hero, at a Collaring Ceremony. Curious about the club, she returns for an exploratory visit—and likes what she sees.

She is happy with her new life until someone steals her identity, sending abusive e-mails in her name and spending large amounts on her credit card. Why is it happening to Emma?

Eric, determined to find out, sets a successful trap, snaring the stalker. Thinking all is over, she explores BDSM with Eric, and they fall in love. But Emma is torn between her love for him and the disapproval of her family if they find out about his involvement in BDSM. At the club's anniversary celebrations, the stalker returns and attacks Emma. Can Eric save her and win her heart completely?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Master Eric's Virgin Sub (MF)
8 Ratings (4.0)

Master Eric's Virgin Sub (MF)

Prometheus in Chains 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,888
8 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
Fantastic and so HOT
Barefoot Okie
Very enjoyable reading and although I haven't yet read the first story in this series I was able to get enough from this story to fill in any gaps. The sex between these two is great and the way he protects and defends her when everyone else is ready to persecute poor emma unjustly is great. I look forward to more books from this fairly new aurthor.



The post came early one day before she left home, and she was appalled when she opened her credit card statement. The sum on it was not something she could pay, as it reached four figures, and the list of her spending was all wrong. She phoned the company and complained, and they asked if she had bought those items. She said she had not, and they promised to look into it and would get back to her.

She went to work but did not get much done between the noncooperation of the rest of the staff, and the worry made it a totally wasted day. She needed every minute, as she so wanted to have the new collection ready when Angus came back, to demonstrate that his faith had not been misplaced and she had got the job on her merit, not through nepotism. When she got home one of her neighbours called and said she had parcels for her. Emma could not imagine what as she had ordered nothing, being a little short of cash until she was paid at the end of the month.

She could not believe the huge pile of parcels that was shown to her.

“Somebody’s birthday or a spending spree?” the neighbour asked.

“They aren’t mine. I never ordered any of this!”

But the neighbour looked askance at her and obviously did not believe her. She took the things home and checked them against her credit card. She could see that quite a few of the boxes were from a sex toy company selling online. She had to telephone the card company and explain. They were not overly sympathetic as they seemed to think she’d spent and just forgotten what she had spent. They listed a lot of other purchases, and she was frightened as the sums spent were mounting up and she did not have the money and would not be able to pay. She asked them to put a stop on the card and not let any more money be spent, and they agreed to do that but as the things were ordered with her card and delivered to her address she would have to pay. She could try to send them back for refunds. She managed to return the items, and although she was out a lot of money for postage and would have to pay the interest, at least she was not in debt for the large amount she had first feared.


* * * *


Emma went straight home after she had been to the post office. When she got to the door of her flat, she had the shock of her life. The door had been kicked in. She went to knock on a neighbour’s door.

“Can you come with me? My front door has been kicked in and I do not want to go into the flat alone.”

“Just hang on a minute, love. I will get my son. Do come in and wait.”

Emma had not done more than say ‘good morning’ to her neighbour, but she had always seemed a very friendly, motherly type of woman. She came back, accompanied by a tall, muscular young man, covered in tattoos.

“Don’t worry, if there is anyone still inside, I will deal with him,” the young man said. His name was Eddie, and very quietly and carefully, he entered her flat.

“You just wait there. If there is anyone inside, it will be safer. If there isn’t, then the fewer people who go in the better, in case the police can find forensic evidence.”

A couple of minutes later he was back at the door.

“He, or they, have gone. You come back to our flat and phone the police from there.”

He took her back to his mother, who made Emma sit down and phone the police. They promised to send someone round.

“How about a nice cup of tea, while you wait, love,” she said. Emma was used to the Yorkshire custom of calling everyone ‘love’ by now. When she had first arrived, it was very strange to have bus conductors, taxi-drivers, and the like call her ‘love.’ Now she accepted it and liked it. One thing was certain, if you stood at a bus stop in Yorkshire, people would be friendly and speak to you. It was comforting to be looked after by this motherly woman. She gave Emma a cup of tea and two chocolate digestive biscuits. While Emma nibbled and sipped her tea, the woman introduced herself.

“I am Mrs Smith, you have met Eddie. My man is out at work. He works in the steel industry.”

“I am Emma Browne. I work as a designer for an online lingerie company,” Emma said.

“You will be needing someone to mend that there door. Eddie is handy with his hands and can do it for you, if you like.”

Emma accepted with alacrity. She had been wondering how she was going to manage to find a joiner. The doorbell chimed. It was the police.

“Constable Julie Taylor,” the young girl said. Emma thought she could be barely out of school and was relieved to see an older policeman waiting at the door of her flat.

“I am Sergeant Bradley. I shall need you to accompany me into the flat. I need to know what has been taken, madam,” he said.

The flat was a mess. Clothes, papers and books were scattered everywhere. When she checked, all that was missing was her laptop.

“The only thing that has been stolen is my laptop,” she said.

“That’s odd. Why have they made such a mess then? It doesn’t look as if they were searching for anything, more making a mess,” Sergeant Bradley said. The police left, promising to be in touch later. It was plain that they did not hold out much hope of getting the laptop back. Emma was upset. With her laptop stolen, the only copy of her new designs was gone. With all the upset she had forgotten to back them up and leave the copy in the office, as was company policy.




“Up,” he said, so she stood. He indicated she should go over his lap. He had told her that to hesitate to obey him would reflect badly on him, so he was gratified that she did not hesitate or challenge him and quickly got over his lap facedown, getting redder by the minute. He bared her bottom and swatted her half a dozen times. He made sure that although it hurt it was not unbearable, so she did not cry out. Then he inserted a finger in her cunt as deep as he could get it. She was wet and tight, and he felt…

“Excuse us, please,” he said to the others at the table and took her to an armchair in an alcove.

“Just when were you going to tell me that you are a virgin?” he asked in annoyance.

“I forgot about it. It did not seem important to me as I had no idea we would go so far tonight. Then when we began it was the last thing on my mind, Master Eric.”

He could well believe that.

“Your first time with any man should be memorable, and I do not want to take you in the club in front of everyone. There is time enough for that when you are no longer a virgin.”

The thought must have made her wet, and she began to shake with the excitement.

“And I will decide what is and what is not relevant. You tell me everything. Got it? Any more surprises?”

“No, Master Eric.”

He proceeded to insert fingers gently into her cunt and curled them as he fucked them in and out. She began to pant and writhe in his grasp, and he held her still with one large hand as he fucked her with his fingers. He would stretch her at every opportunity to get her ready for his cock, which was not small. He did not want to hurt her.

He pushed her back over his arm and kissed her. First he licked along the seam of her lips and nibbled her bottom lip as she moaned and panted. He let his tongue gently follow the seam of her lips, and then he dipped in and sucked her bottom lip into his mouth. She moaned, and he let go of her lip and explored her mouth with his tongue then began stabbing in and out in time with the fingers he was using in her cunt. She was hot and wet, and she trembled and shook as he pressed her clit between thumb and forefinger and growled.

“Come now!” And come she did. He watched her response to wave after wave of mind-bending pleasure sweeping over her and carrying away her will and wits. Her face reflected her feelings. His tongue played with hers, and his fingers never let up their fucking and stroking. She came again, and as he left her mouth free she screamed his name as he had thought she would. He had loved the sounds she made, the moans, pants, and humming noise deep in her throat as he fucked her with his fingers and as she came writhing and screaming in his arms for the second time. He thought that his cock would explode. He thought of Angus and could see that the kilt would have its advantages at such a time. Certainly his cock and balls would not have felt as if they were in a vice. He shifted to get more comfortable, and then he collected the blanket that was over the chair arm and wrapped it around his kitten. She murmured her thanks and curled into him, one hand clutching his leather jerkin and wriggling to get herself comfortable. Unfortunately her wriggling on his cock was not conducive to his comfort. He would have to do something about that and pretty soon.

She responded to the way he cared for her afterward, and he remembered how envious she had looked on seeing the Domme care for her sub. It was her turn to be wrapped in a blanket and praised and petted. She must have felt his unease as he shifted and the length and solid hardness of his cock was really painfully constricted as it was by his leathers. After taking several drinks from the bottle of cold water he gave her, she asked tentatively, “May I not touch you and try to give you pleasure similar to what you have just given me, Master Eric?”

He smiled, even though it was a strained smile, and he was pleased that she had learned enough now to ask before touching him and he replied in the affirmative. She got down on her knees before him and gently unzipped his leathers, taking care not to catch the skin. He wore tight, white, knitted cotton boxers, and after she struggled to free him, he had to lift up his hips to help her.



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