Collared by Wolves (MFMMM)

The Haunt of the Wolves 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,084
8 Ratings (4.4)

[Ménage and More: Erotic Paranormal Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M, werewolves, sex in shifted form involving only secondary characters, consensual BDSM, spanking, light flogging, sex toys, HFN]

Natasha Talbot, an ordinary human wanting more out of life, ventures into a forest where a club is holding submissive trials, not knowing this is where werewolves practice BDSM. While at the club Natasha is fought over by two lots of men. Griff Seamer is an alpha werewolf with a reputation for being a rogue. He doesn’t hesitate taking on Ford Chaplin, Max Holman, and Callum Lane, three beta wolves who formed a pack as a way of getting the submissive women at the club who normally prefer the alpha men. During the fight Natasha becomes aware of their shifter natures and runs away. But is she more frightened by the BDSM or their animal aspects? Determined to try again, she returns a few nights later, but when she is kidnapped by a pack who like the darker side of BDSM her four men realize they have to work together to rescue her.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Collared by Wolves (MFMMM)
8 Ratings (4.4)

Collared by Wolves (MFMMM)

The Haunt of the Wolves 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,084
8 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Wonderful and awesome book. Loved it.
This is a well written book with lots of action and suspense. I really enjoyed reading about Natasha, Griff, Ford, Max, and Callum. I would definitely recommend this book. I will definitely be reading more by Jennifer.
Angie K



A girl stood in the doorway. A human girl. Griff turned to look at her and saw her face was transfixed by the sight of the naked couple rolling around on the floor.

He took advantage of her distraction to study her, noting that she was reasonably pretty, if red-faced at this moment, as the couple pulled apart, swearing volubly, and the girl became aware of their private parts in their full glory. He smiled wryly as she clearly attempted to halt her shock from showing, but not achieving it.

It was illegal for sex acts to be performed in public, but this club, commonly known as “The Haunt,” managed to stay secret from the human authorities, partly because of the mysterious Shroud. No one knew where it came from other than it had been spoken about for generations. But also, due to the remote location in a forest a long way from human habitation, not even near any werewolf homes, it had been possible to stay secret. He chuckled to himself. “Deer Park” was a misnomer as there weren’t any deer there, not where wolves lived.

This venue was necessary as it was the only place he knew of where werewolves like him could act out their darker BDSM needs, ones that were frowned on even within the wolf community. Of course, they could go to a human club offering this lifestyle in a town or city, but none of them could turn into their animal selves there.

Shaking his head, he chuckled at the image of human Doms peeing in their pants at the sight of a werewolf sub turning wolf as he whipped her. And, in any case, wolf BDSM sometimes differed from that practiced by humans, being more violent, more exposed. One big difference was that sex in public was not only allowed here, but expected. If someone wanted to be private, they went to their own homes.

He could never understand why the clubs he visited in the city had “private” rooms. If one was into the lifestyle, that indicated a certain degree of exhibitionism, surely. It was only laws, human ones, which forced people with his type of sexual inclination to consummate their acts behind closed doors. Thankfully he wasn’t human.

Narrowing his eyes, Griff studied the girl more closely now that her shock was dissipating. At first she looked like she was going to turn tail and run out of there. In fact, the few humans that had ventured over the threshold had done just that, and she was obviously human. Apart from the warning of the Shroud, he could smell her from here. Like wolves, he could smell another animal a mile away, and she had an almost alien scent. It was amazing to him that humans didn’t have stronger olfactory senses or they would have realized centuries ago that werewolves really existed. He may be part human, but Griff was very much aware that all werewolves had a unique scent like every other animal.

Looking at the girl, he deemed that she was average height and figure for a human. Lupine women were generally taller and leaner than their human counterparts. But what stood out was her glorious red hair, dark red, not the pale, wishy-washy blonde red that he personally disliked. It fell over her shoulders, gently curling at the ends.

His cock surged up in desire. “Down boy,” he growled softly. There was no way he was getting involved with a human. In fact, most wolves stayed clear of the human species. Apart from the threat of exposure, it was too much trouble as couplings of this nature generally split up, the human being unable to accept the animal side of a werewolf’s nature. Not that these sorts of relationships happened very often. The Shroud made sure of that.

The girl still hesitated in the doorway. He could tell from her expression that she was undecided about entering. Not surprisingly considering the hostile vibes that were being emitted from around the room in her direction. He was stunned when she steeled herself and came forward. Admittedly she walked slowly, but she did step into the lion’s den, or more appropriately, the wolves’. Griff mentally sent a nod of applause in her direction. It took guts to come into a venue like this, even more so if one was a different species. Not that she knew that.

He watched curiously as she glanced around. He wondered if she was looking for someone specifically but decided probably not when the first person she approached gave her the cold shoulder turning his back on her. Her shock was evident, and she vacillated, looking down at something she held. Griff shifted on his feet to see what it was and noted it seemed to be a piece of paper. Lifting her head, she tried another person. He didn’t reject her, just glared at her, and Griff saw her step back. Her expression was getting anxious.


Griff saw her looking in his direction. Breaking eye contact, he leaned his head back to tip some more of his vodka down his throat hoping to show his disinterest.

It didn’t work. She walked up to him.


“Um, excuse me, s–sir. Can you tell me where I am supposed to go?” Her voice was surprisingly deep—and husky. She sounded almost wolf-like. His cock throbbed in his tight jeans at the alluring sound, and he had to alter his stance to relieve some of the ache. He tried to concentrate on what she had said instead.

Go? What did she mean?

He must have been showing his confusion on his face because she thrust her piece of paper toward him. Frowning, he reluctantly took possession of it, scanning it quickly, wanting to get rid of her despite his arousal.

“Submissive Trials,” it said.

What on earth?

It wasn’t the suggestion that submissive trials would take place in this venue. In fact, they often did as wolves as much as humans had their Masters, Doms, subs, and switches, but how on earth had she got a copy of the notice?

He rested an elbow on the bar as he glanced at her face again. Her green eyes showed her earnestness. He smiled as a wicked thought came over him, and he couldn’t resist the temptation to set the cat among the pigeons. Talk about throwing the poor girl to the wolves. Oh, he was going to enjoy this.




Max stroked her back and she shivered in response, really enjoying the touch of his hand. He kissed her cheek gently. “The rim of your ass has a lot of nerve endings, so, yes, it can hurt if someone doesn’t prepare you fully, but it’s absolutely blissful when they do.”

She was quiet for a moment, thinking it through, and felt she should try it, at least once, for them. Then a thought came out of her mouth before she could hold it back. “But what about Callum?”

The man in question laughed and knelt at her side, taking her chin gently in his fingers. “You will suck me. Okay?”

Ducking her gaze downward, she saw his thick cock pointing horizontally toward her and flushed. “Oh. Yes.”

Max wasn’t happy though, and he swatted her backside. “Are you saying yes to anal sex, Natasha? It’s important to be clear on this.”

Anal sex. God, that sounds so clinical. But he needed to know she was fine. The question was, though, was she? She took a deep breath, and closing her eyes, she let the sensations wash over her. The feel of Ford deep inside her. The feel of Callum holding her face, his thumb rubbing her lips, dipping into her mouth, preparing her for his cock. The feel of Max caressing her puckered hole, gently, so gently, so softly that her memory of pain dissipated until she could only feel tingling, wanting.

Opening her eyes, she smiled at them, turning her head to catch the gaze of each man to show her acceptance. “Yes, I’m ready.”

“In that case, little one, bend forward.”

As she did as Max requested, Ford’s hands gripped her upper arms. He grinned at her as she came down toward him. It was a face of someone she knew she could always trust. Callum provided the strength, Max the empathy, but Ford was the bedrock of the trio.

“Hey, don’t go too far down.” Callum laughed as she turned her head and swiped a tongue at his cock, proving she could still get at him from this angle. “Excellent!”

It was her turn to giggle as she teased him, not taking him fully into her mouth until, with a growl, he took her head firmly and pressed himself against her lips. She was glad he had hold of her because she couldn’t move an arm to guide him within her mouth from her angle on Ford’s body. When Max moved in to lick her back hole, she started and Callum’s cock dropped away from her. Three sets of hands came up to settle her.

Ford chuckled. “He needs to do that. We don’t have any lube here.”


As she relaxed back into her previous position and took Callum in her mouth again, she felt someone, Max she guessed, finger her clit, still sensitive from her previous orgasm.

Callum made a noise, and she glanced up as best she could trying to see his face. “Max, if you do that to her again, I’m going to come instantly. Her mouth tightened around me.”

Natasha started to pull back, afraid she’d done something wrong.

Hands held her head in place. “No, no. Don’t move.” Callum laughed. “It was great, but just be ready for my seed if it happens again.”

“Christ, Cal. You are such a lightweight,” joshed Ford, and Callum made a raspberry back at him. Their light banter eased Natasha. She hadn’t been aware of this part of their nature, the teasing, that she supposed came with being so close, but she liked it, a lot.

It certainly took her mind off what Max was doing as he rubbed the juices he had gathered from her pussy around her rim. She could feel him using the thumbs of both hands to gently prize open her rear hole before inserting a finger. It felt okay.

“Good girl. That’s it. Now another finger. You see. Keep relaxed and it’s fine.”

It really was, and she could see what he meant about nerve endings. She felt a tingling at first then a shooting sensation rushing to her clit. She instinctively pushed back, letting go of Callum’s cock as she groaned. “Oooh!”

They all laughed.

“I think we’re ready now.” Ford directed them as Max eased his cock into her ass, slowly, very slowly.

She started to tense as it felt very tight, but in that moment Ford cupped her head and brought her lips down to his, thrusting his tongue inside her. An electric shock went through her as their tongues met and tangled with each other. It was so delicious she forgot about Max until Ford let go of her, and she looked down into his laughing eyes.

“He’s in.”

Trying to look behind her, she queried with incredulity, “He is?” She was aware of Ford’s hard cock inside her. “But what about you?”

“Just because I’m on the bottom doesn’t mean I am not controlling this.” His fingers gripped her hips tightly as he lifted his butt upward pushing himself further in her pussy.

She felt the two cocks within her rubbing against each other and she swallowed nervously. It was all so erotic. Duh! That’s exactly what it is and just what I wanted. Natasha turned her head to Callum who was waiting patiently for her and took him in her mouth again.

Max thrust against her gently, causing her clit to rub against Ford’s hard body, pushing her mouth further onto Callum’s cock. And then again, getting faster. Lightning shot through her body, coalescing in her pussy that throbbed. This was something she surely could get used to, fast!



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