Her Saviors from Sloth

Wild Angels 6

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 28,286
1 Ratings (3.0)

Patsy Melon takes advantage of a charity motorcycle run to submit a resume to Gaz for a job. Her parents have rejected the values of the national race and she thinks the seven sins are a lie. But Patsy is suffering from every kind of spiritual and sexual sloth.

When the Archangels release their wrath on the non-believers, she has two weeks to either change her values or die.

Trina’s father, Sadalphon Deleron, wants to move closer to his daughter in South Carolina and attends the event. He is a firm believer in the values the nationals were given to live by, and he is smitten with Patsy.

Barachiel Shag is Gaz’s lead foreman and also Sadalphon’s lover. He too finds Patsy attractive and longs to bring a female into their bi-sexual relationship.

Will Patsy let down her guard to accept the two men into her life? Can they save Patsy from her own heart as the archangels play tricks on her to make her into a believer?

That and many other questions shall be asked and possibly answered in this continuing saga of those who have been given the mandate of protecting nature in exchange for the ability to shift into any feline they choose.

Her Saviors from Sloth
1 Ratings (3.0)

Her Saviors from Sloth

Wild Angels 6

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 28,286
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Latrisha Waters

Lilly yawned as she shook Cam and looked at the clock. Her eyes narrowed as she glared at it and grunted. “Wake the hell up. It’s nine, and we’re supposed to be at Gaz’s by ten-thirty.” Reaching back she nudged Raz just to make sure he had heard her.

“I’m working on it,” he mumbled.

Sitting up, she groaned louder. “I really think we played way too hard last night.”

Raz chuckled. “I have to agree, but it felt so good.”

It had been noticeably amazing. Not once in her life had sex been so thrilling or so addicting. She wanted to do it again, and she could barely keep her eyes open. She began to shimmy her way toward the bottom of the bed and Raz grabbed her around the waist, slamming her back to the mattress. He was on top of her a moment later, his hand thrust into her hair as he kissed her ravenously. Her cunt instantly swelled with renewed desire, the internal throb of her muscles making her whimper against his mouth.

Lilly was stunned when he sat back, rolled a condom over his highly aroused cock and sank it home. “Oh, damn, Raz. We’re gonna be late. Uh.” Her nails curled into the mattress as he slowly thrust his hips.

“I. Don’t. Really. Give. A. Shit,” he replied, thrusting his hips to accentuate each word.

She’d never been on an official motorcycle run and really wanted to go. Of course, his words and actions were quite compelling.

Her ass rose to meet him as Cam grumbled and rolled from the mattress. “I’m going to take a shower. Be done when I get out.”

Raz nipped the tip of her nose. “I guess we’ll have to make it a quickie.” He grabbed her thighs, lifting them into the air and resting them on his chest. It moved her cunt and gave him full access with the perfect angle as he began to rock her entire body with his fast, jarring movements. Her pussy squealed with pleasure, the sight of him grinning wickedly making it all the more appealing. Softly biting her calf, he released her legs and began to twist and pull on her nipples. Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined rough sex would be so intoxicating. The night before they had tied her up and ravaged her. They had entered her ass with a slim dildo and it had been wonderful. Now she was only half awake and Raz was fucking her unmercifully and she loved it.

“Oh, fuck, Raz. That feels amazing.”

He chuckled. “It does, doesn’t it? I can’t get enough of you. I even dreamed of having sex with you.”

Capturing her wayward tongue between her teeth, she grinned. “I did, too. This is so bad.”

“Why? I think it’s so good.”

He buried his cock deep within her, then stopped for a moment. Her pussy throbbed around him, calling out to her brain for more movement. She slapped at his arms, gritting her teeth as she glared at him.

“Tell me how you want it.”

“Hard and fast. I want to scream and feel you inside me for the rest of the day.”

Lowering his chin, he glared at her from under lowered eyelids. “I can do it as hard and fast as you want. Remember, you’re going to have your cunt vibrating on the back seat of my hog for the rest of the day.”

He had a point, but as he began to slam into her, she really didn’t care. It was too good to want him to stop. His hips were moving so fast, their flesh grinding together as she whimpered and moaned. “Oh, don’t stop, Raz. Please don’t stop.”

He didn’t. Raz quickened his pace to an almost impossible level until he grunted with his head thrown back in ecstasy. She howled, her cunt flashing and grabbing him until the inner tension made her shiver with delight. Raz pushed her legs to the sides and flopped onto her chest, nipping her nipple before he slid higher to kiss her.

Leaning back with a deep grumble, he said, “I love sex first thing in the morning. It’s the perfect way to start the day. Cam hates it, by the way, so you have me all to yourself.”

“Good to know. Should I plan to be attacked every time I open my eyes?”

“It’s a good possibility. As I said, I can’t get enough of you.”

In all honesty, she couldn’t get enough of him either. She had never felt like this before, and her outlook on the future was suddenly brighter, just for being with him.

He rolled to the side, his impish expression fading as he stroked back a piece of her hair. “So what happens tomorrow or the next day? Am I falling in love with you for nothing?”

“No.” Lilly adamantly shook her head to accent the word. “I’m falling in love with you also. I even hate the idea of having to go home to straighten things out with my job, but I have to go. Anna is smart and she’s had training as a secretary, so it shouldn’t be too hard to teach her my job. Of course there’s a lot involved, and my boss would rather plan picnics and take his grandchildren to the zoo. Once she gets everything under control, she should be fine. I’m hoping I can be back in a few days, but it might be longer.”

“When do you have to leave?”

“A week from today. Anna is going to pick me up on her way back from Florida. We’re going to have to get my things from the RV before she leaves. I need clothing to wear and such.”

He nodded. “Not a problem. I have a jeep in the shed out back.”

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