[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Fantasy Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, demons, HEA]
Cole has spent a year fleeing two sexy Vaxi warriors, Venn and Avron. A Kulle demon, he knows his fate is sealed to be some duo’s breeding mate. He wants to keep his independence and not live a life of domestic servitude at their beck and call. The two studs have a compulsion to procreate, part of their DNA, but meeting Cole changes everything—they want his heart as well.
Caught, Cole realizes that freedom is a minefield of uncertainty and his own compulsion, when he finally gets to know the two brawny soldiers, is to get laid just as soon as he can. Conflicted, he trusts his heart and sets off with them across the galaxy into the unknown battlefield of Lixxus, a planet under siege, leading to tragic consequences. Will Venn and Avron still want Cole after he becomes damaged goods?
Note: This book contains double anal penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Keeping Kulle (MMM)
15 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I loved this book i was hooked from page 1 until the end the characters were believable and the pace was fast and furious and the plot was very good i was sorry when the book ended




Cole’s human side softened some of the more reptilian characteristics of his father’s kind. Avron thought he was simply stunning. All that black hair, those deep green eyes, and the lithely supple body.

They were now away from the space port of Arroon, heading into deep space. They had a couple of things to take care of before they headed home, and then they could take care of Cole the way they craved.

Avron hadn’t even considered what love was all about until he met Venn. The pair of them had been fighting back to back against a horde of insectoids known as Kakamam. The feared Kakamam outnumbered the small fighting force of Vaxi warriors, and Avron had arrived as backup. One look from a pair of glittering blue eyes, and he’d been smitten. Two weeks later, the battle with the Kakamam over and done, they’d cemented that instant connection with a passionate union that still resonated with Avron even now. They’d been insatiable, fucking for hours, then simply snuggling close and enjoying the quiet aftermath as they talked.

As Avron watched, Cole’s eyes flickered then opened.

He gave a start of surprise, as though startled at where he was, and then that deep green gaze flew to meet Avron’s curious brown one.

“Hungry?” Avron asked simply, holding out his hand for Cole to take.

Avron heard the change in Venn’s breathing, and knew he was awake. The big man remained prone, not moving as Cole glanced at his two lovers then back at Avron’s hand.

“The old guy needs his beauty sleep.” Avron grinned, chuckling as Venn let out a soft snort and opened one blue eye. Glaring balefully at Avron, he pressed a kiss against Cole’s shoulder then stroked a large hand over his hip.

“Go, little one. You must keep your strength up. I will rest a while longer then join you later.” Venn smiled at Cole wickedly. “You’ve led us a good chase, and us old guys need to rest.” He winked as Cole gave a startled laugh then crawled from beneath Venn’s sexy body to leave the snug warmth of their bed.

“Don’t eat all the supplies in one go, Avron. I’d hate to have to box your ears if you decided to eat all my favorite cereal,” Venn warned drowsily then cuddled down under the covers. His eyes remained closed, but he smiled in a way that had Avron wincing.

“I have a big appetite,” he whispered to Cole, guiding the smaller man to the bathing chamber. “I inadvertently ate some cereal of his twenty years ago. He has a long memory.” He rolled his eyes, and Cole laughed at the look then sighed in relief as he stepped into a shower cubicle and felt the hot water pulse over him.

“I love your skin,” Avron declared, standing just outside.

Cole glanced at the bigger man, looking a little surprised that Avron hadn’t joined him in the shower. He’d been expecting Avron to be all over him after last night.

“I won’t crowd you,” Avron said, answering the unspoken question. “I’d love to share a shower with you, but it has to be your choice. I don’t want you to regret being with us or feeling like we’re rushing you into something you’re not sure of.”

Cole gave a chuckle, raising one brow.

“So you don’t think yesterday’s seduction was rushed?”

He sent another look at Avron, looking slightly shame-faced.

“I’ve wanted you both since that first moment,” Cole admitted, turning his body so he faced Avron. “I’ve known about my fathers’ abilities since I was born. I’ve known that Kulle demons can procreate with many different species and those unions are not often kind to my people.”

His green eyes looked sad, and Avron stepped closer, cupping Cole’s damp cheek gently.

“I know that some species consider Kulle demons little more than sex slaves. They treat them worse than they would livestock on a farm.” Avron felt angry at such treatment. Kulle demons were strong and feisty and had a reputation for being fierce in battle. Too often that fight was beaten out of them when they were required to service a species that needed a vessel for their offspring.

“Isn’t your reason the same?” Cole asked, almost bitterly. “Don’t you want me as a vessel for your offspring? Without that compulsion to breed, you wouldn’t even be here with me at all.” He turned away, leaving Avron speechless and troubled.

“You’re right,” Avron said , nearly flinching at the pained cry Cole gave in reply. “We have a compulsion, something we can’t control, to find a third for our unit. None of us can change that. It’s part of our physiology, part of our chemical balance. Once we reach a certain age, there is a need to reproduce.” Avron stepped out of the cubicle, eyes downcast. “You were right earlier as well, Cole. We could have anyone we want. There is no preconceived ideal of who that person should be.” He lifted his gaze, that soft caramel deepening to amber. “We chose you because you have a pureness of spirit that shines like a beacon. We chose you because we want to bathe in that beauty, to bathe in that pureness. We are killers, have known no other way of life. After a while, the killing bruises the soul. It leaves us battered and jaded. We chose you because you are everything we are not.”




“I need to taste you,” Venn muttered with a guttural growl. “I need to be inside you,” he added, flipping Cole onto his knees and bending him forward. Moving in behind Cole, he brought up his large hands and parted Cole’s ass cheeks, then  blew gently at the winking hole that was now exposed. “So fucking pretty, little one.” He blew again then swiped delicately with his tongue. Slightly raspy, it had Cole shuddering violently, hands gripping the coverlet as he fought not to come too soon.

Avron turned Cole’s face toward him, stroking a hand down Cole’s sweat-slicked back, steadying him. Another rasp of Venn’s tongue had Cole groaning loudly, thrusting his hips back at Venn desperately. Cole became aware that Avron had repositioned, and his eyes took in the sight of Avron’s spread thighs, the heavy ball sac filled with juicy fluid and the thick cock that swung lazily as it jutted straight out from the man’s sexy body.

, Cole’s fangs descended for the first time, and he groaned again, the stimulation of Venn’s and Avron’s pheromones in such close proximity too much for his libido with the prospect of being claimed by them. Now that he had accepted the inevitable, welcomed it even, his demon side was making its presence known.

Venn began licking in earnest, his tongue swirling around Cole’s hole before delving inside with forceful thrusts, like a mini penis. Cole’s lips curled back in a snarl of lust, his skin now radiant like a glow stick, his eyes glittering like jewels. A finger replaced Venn’s tongue then a second, fucking Cole gently in preparation for the final act.

Cole grunted then nipped his way along Avron’s inner thigh, the light brown hairs tickling his nose as he moved closer to his goal. Avron writhed beneath him as Cole scraped his fangs along the length of his cock then yelped aloud as one fang nipped one long vein that pulsed invitingly. With a guttural snarl, Cole bit hard, his fangs sinking deeply into Avron’s cock. Avron wailed, bucking violently, and then his cock spurted thick ropes of cum in all directions, his chest heaving as Cole drank blood and cum in equal amounts, licking the wound closed once he’d fed.

“Fuck, that was sexy,” Venn grunted, kneeling behind Cole and placing his cock to Cole’s entrance. Licking his fingers, he spat saliva against Cole’s entrance, lubricating his path, then pushed forward, sinking inside in one smooth thrust.

Cole gave a scream of pleasure, swallowing Avron’s cock to the hilt as Venn bottomed out. Sucking hard, Cole brought Avron back to aching hardness, shoving his hips back at Venn, who was beginning to thrust hard.

Over and over, Venn pounded at Cole’s hole, fucking with abandon, hands gripping Cole’s slim hips firmly.

“Fuck me, Cole. Please fuck me,” Avron begged, popping his cock from Cole’s lips and moving onto his stomach. He moved up the bed, fingering his hole as he presented his beautiful ass to Cole.

Cole snarled again, flinging his head back as he slapped the sexy butt cheeks in front of him. Leaning forward, bouncing with each powerful thrust from behind, his forked tongue went in for the kill, sinking deep into Avron’s beautiful hole. Avron screamed, his whole body shaking in reaction, and fisted his cock, jacking off in time to Cole’s stabbing tongue.

“Kneel back, baby,” Venn directed, moving onto his haunches, and pulling Cole back to sit in his lap, impaled deeply. Avron followed, guided by Cole’s hands, groaning as he pushed himself back onto Cole’s thick dick.

“Now for the finale,” Venn muttered, placing Cole’s hands on Avron’s hips then guiding Cole so he draped over Avron’s back, dick parked at Avron’s glistening hole. With a fierce thrust, he had Cole’s cock ramming deep into Avron’s ass, Venn’s ten-incher nailing Cole again and again as he began a hard, driving rhythm.

As Venn thrust forward, Cole moved back with each thrust, feeling Avron shoving back each time he thrust forward. They ramped up the tempo, fucking furiously in a frenzy of tempestuous desire. Venn plastered his body over Cole’s, trapping the man between the two larger bodies, hips snapping continuously. He dragged Cole’s head back, latching onto the man’s succulent mouth greedily. Drinking in Cole’s panting breaths, he felt his balls draw up, ready to explode.

He felt Cole’s fangs, the forked tongue that wrapped around his, and the feel of that tight little ass wrapped around his cock. With a guttural roar, muffled by Cole’s sexy mouth, Venn came. Hot jets of cum came shooting out of his cock, fast and furious, filling Cole’s hole to the brim, over and over, load after load, until Venn’s felt faint headed. Cole reared back, his body tensing, convulsing as he shot his load into Avron’s tight ass. He wailed in an agony of pleasure, fangs biting down into Venn’s tongue then dragging away and sinking deep into Venn’s shoulder.

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