Hidden Diamond (MF)

Billionaire Doms Club 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,309
8 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Sensations: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, spanking, belting, sex toys, HEA]
Caitlyn King has worked as Luke Martel’s right hand for a decade. She’s shocked when he announces that the company is being sold. She’s loved him for years and she finally has to accept that he will never see her the same way she sees him. Or does she?
Luke Martel has abandonment issues from childhood, so he never lets a woman get close to him, not even Caitlyn. When she refuses his offer to work for him personally after the sale, he feels betrayed and decides to attend the Black Diamond Club’s annual charity sub auction for some no strings companionship during a month-long visit to Bora Bora. 
Two can look for no strings companionship, so Caitlyn signs up for the auction, too. Shocked when he sees Caitlyn on the auction block, Luke outbids his competitors without thinking about what this means. 
Will his impulsive purchase give them both what they are looking for?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Hidden Diamond (MF)
8 Ratings (4.5)

Hidden Diamond (MF)

Billionaire Doms Club 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,309
8 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Love this book. It is the perfect beginning to an awesome series! Can't wait for the next one to come out.
The Hidden Diamond is a hidden gem!




Luke Martel, Max Malone, Andrew Cooper, and brothers Dillon and Jacob Harris first met in college. They quickly recognized that they all shared some common traits. Besides all coming from humble backgrounds, all were highly intelligent and driven to succeed. It wasn’t until Nathan West, the owner of the Black Diamond Club, took a liking to the five young men and gave them part-time jobs that they realized that they also shared a love of BDSM.

It was there they discovered they became friends. The Club, or the BDC as it was also known, became a refuge. Besides working and playing at the BDC, they spent hours in the lounge talking about the future and it was there they got the idea to form their own technology company after graduation.

It was all idle talk at first, but then they graduated from college and none of them were happy. Then the talk became planning. They worked out their business plan, developed their product ideas. They just needed a kick in the pants to quit their jobs and start making their dreams come true. That came from Nathan West, the owner of the BDC, who also became their first investor. He believed in them and, even more important than the money, he gave them the encouragement they needed to quit their jobs and pursue their dreams.

It was Jake’s idea to name their company BDC Technologies, in honor and gratitude to Nathan and they’d all unanimously agreed with his suggestion..

“But in ten years, BDC will stand for Billionaire Dom’s Club as well!” Luke declared. They all laughed and toasted, but it was not an idle boast.

It took closer to eleven, but the Billionaire Doms Club became a reality when BDC Technologies was purchased by a large conglomerate. Now they had more money than they’d dreamed about. The only thing missing was love.


* * * *


Caitlyn King set up the boardroom for the owners’ meeting that had been called on short notice. It wasn’t just any boardroom. It was the personal boardroom of the CEO of BDC Technologies and it held a dozen people comfortably. It was all dark mahogany and sleek lines. One wall was glass from floor to ceiling, with views of Lake Michigan and Navy Pier.

The company had moved from the suburbs to the forty-seventh floor of the Casazza building almost four years ago and she never got tired of the view. After seven years of slogging away in a converted warehouse, they had finally been able to afford an impressive address for the executive offices. Luke Martel, the CEO and one of the founders, had brought Caitlyn with him. Her official title was Vice President and Executive Assistant to the CEO and she handled much of the day-to-day operations of the company, leaving Luke free to make deals and grow the company.

He’d done a phenomenal job so far. Ten years ago he and four college friends had started the company with nothing but a dream. Today, they employed over 200 people and had manufacturing operations in the western suburbs as well as offshore.

BDC Technologies was now one of the biggest privately held technology companies in all of the United States, if not the world, with sales of over one billion dollars annually. Caitlyn had started with the company right out of high school almost a decade ago when the company was a mere six months old and there were only three employees besides the five founders.

At the time, she couldn’t afford college. She couldn’t even afford junior college. She’d needed to make a living but didn’t have much in the way of skills or experience. Luke had needed help, badly. He was doing fourteen-hour days and he needed someone hardworking and cheap to help with some of the more mundane tasks so he could concentrate on product development and sales.

It had been an amazing ten years to the day since she had started. When he’d recognized her intelligence and potential, and when the company started making money, he’d insisted she go to college part-time. Now Caitlyn not only had her degree, but she’d also received her MBA. The sky was the limit, but she couldn’t bear to leave Luke’s side.

It wasn’t just loyalty. She’d never have gone so far so fast in another company, with another CEO, but that wasn’t why she stayed. She’d fallen in love with him almost at first sight. She’d worked late nights and weekends and given up her holidays to stand beside him and help fulfil his dream. She’d made crappy money for the first few years, living first on her big sister’s couch and then moving into a small studio apartment. But in the last couple of years, he’d more than made up for those lean times salary and bonus-wise, and she owned a condo downtown just a short walk from the office.

What hadn’t changed, though, was the way he treated her. She was a valued employee. Sometimes she was sure that he considered her a friend. But he never saw her as a woman. And he sure as hell didn’t know that she’d loved him almost from the first day she’d started to work for him.




Luke hurried back to the master bedroom. He’d taken a quick shower in the second bathroom. This was one hell of a suite they’d booked. He saw that the bathroom door was still closed and he could hear the shower running.

He liked the thought of her primping for him. He sat back in the lounge chair, naked and hard, as he waited for Caitlyn.

The door opened. He didn’t see her at first, but then he lowered his gaze. She was on her hands and knees, crawling. His cock gave a painful jerk as he watched her tits swaying, her nipples tight.


The word blasted through his mind so loudly that he wondered if he might have spoken out loud. He gripped his cock tightly as she crawled toward the bed. She glanced at him and he nodded. She stood and crawled up onto the bed. He watched as she positioned herself right in the center of the bed, her legs spread, knees bent just as he’d instructed.

“Grab the rails of the headboard and don’t let go or you’ll be punished.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Were you asked a question, Caitlyn?”

“No, Sir.”

“That’s one punishment you’ve earned.”

He watched as she struggled not to reply, her desire to be polite at war with her desire to obey. He waited until she lay back on the bed. He could see her pussy lips glistening with her moisture. His cock quivered almost like it had a mind of its own and all it wanted was to be inside her.

He snorted and saw her twitch at the sound. He was clearly losing his mind. He stood and walked toward the bed.

“No coming without permission. You feel the need to come, you tell me. Either I’ll give permission or I won’t. Come without permission and you’ll earn another punishment. Understand, Cait?”

“Yes, Sir. May I ask you a question, Sir?”

“Go ahead.”

“If I tell you I’m coming and you deny permission, will you back off and let me regain control?”

“Maybe, maybe not. It’ll be my choice and you’ll have to deal. Now be silent again or I’ll gag you.”

He walked up to the foot of the bed. Her ass was positioned a good three feet from the end of the bed so she could hold onto the headboard. He moved until he was standing beside the bed.

“Let go of the headboard and link your hands behind your neck and do not move them.”

He waited until she complied. Then he picked up one of the pillows and moved back around to the foot of the bed. He placed the pillow on the ground. He leaned forward and grabbed her thighs. Then he pulled her down the bed until her ass was right at the edge. He knelt on the pillow, threw her legs over his shoulders and used his hands to spread her labia wider.

For a second, he just looked. She was so damned beautiful everywhere. He’d dreamed of this moment for years and had never imagined it would happen. Smiling, he leaned forward and, starting at her puckered rosette, he licked up the length of her slit. He went up the right side of her pussy opening, up along the inside of her right labia, carefully avoiding her clit. She whimpered and abruptly went silent as if she had been gagged. Then he repeated the motion on the left side. She whimpered louder. He decided he liked the sound.

“Cait, you have permission to make sounds as long as you don’t say any recognizable words. In fact, I think I’ll enjoy hearing your sounds of pleasure. And, when I punish you, I’ll enjoy your sounds of pain. Just keep your hips still if you don’t want me to stop what I’m doing to blister your ass. I already owe you one punishment which you will receive later. Don’t make it two.”

He paused, but she remained silent. Good. She was learning.

He could taste her cream and it was more delicious than he could have imagined. He repeated the process on the right and left sides and was rewarded by a louder whimper. He cock throbbed. He wanted inside her so damned badly, but that wasn’t happening just yet. He knew the moment he felt her warm moist pussy squeezing his dick, he’d blow and he wasn’t going to have her memory of the first time he’d fucked her be of him lasting two, three strokes tops before he got off and left her hanging.

He was going to see how far he could push her to the edge and then he’d make her come over and over and over before he finally plunged inside her. He looked at her glistening pussy and licked again. Really, he could do this all day.

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