[Ménage and More: Erotic Paranormal Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, time travel, ghosts, HEA for M/F]
Hannah Janes and her cowboy, Bolt Carmody, have been a couple since their teens. When Hannah discovers a ghost in her family’s tapped-out gold mine, she develops a relationship with him. He has a supernatural hold on her that makes her burn for a ménage with him and Bolt.
Bolt, a ranch veterinarian, does not believe in ghosts—or three-way love making. If she fails to convince Bolt the ghost is real and that loving the ghost does not diminish her love for him, she will lose him to voluptuous, Jessica, who ruthlessly pursues Bolt. 
For her own reasons, Bolt’s mother connives with Jessica to ruin Hannah in Bolt’s eyes. It is up to the ghost to travel back to the heydays of the Barbary Coast for evidence to call off the persecution of Hannah.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lover's Gold (MFM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Bolt leaned across Hannah. He extended his fist to Slim. At first, Slim backed away. Then, he laughed and they fist-bumped in mutual congratulations.

 “For a ghost you seem dang real. I never thought I’d enjoy seeing another man touch Hannah, but this was an awakening for me. I can see you have an honest affection for each other and I understand it has some deeper roots than I can fathom.”

“Our feelings for each other go back to another time and to another Hannah who has somehow been reborn in this woman we both love.” Slim closed his eyes and let his head fall onto the pillow.

Hannah kissed his forehead. “Are you all right?”

“Yep, just thinking about some unpleasant duties I have to perform.”

Bolt stood up and pulled on his jeans. “I have to get back to the ranch for a couple more days. My father is gathering some big ranchers tomorrow to introduce me as a prospective vet for their ranches. Now that I’m on my own, I need to develop a clientele from scratch.” He found his shirt and slipped it on. When his head emerged from the collar, he was all smiles and grins. I can’t wait to get back to do this again.”

“Oh, you didn’t tell me you were going back to your dad’s. Which ranchers are coming to talk to you?” Hannah slid off the bed and pulled on her panties and jeans.

“Carl Pierpont, who I’ve done some work for in the past, Russ Farmer, Sal Lake and one or two I’ve never met.”

T-shirt half way over her head with one eye showing, Hannah froze. “Sal Lake? Jessica’s father?”

Slim hopped off the bed and helped Hannah into her shirt. He had his suspicions, but didn’t want Hannah to begin doubting Bolt now. “Makes sense, he’s the closest neighbor to Buck’s ranch and a big influence to the others.”

Hannah giggled when Slim pawed at her breasts after tugging her shirt in place. “Of course, he should be Bolt’s first customer, after his dad. And I’m sure Jessica will put in a good word.” She turned to Bolt. “Have you talked to her since the night in the barn when she gave us a peep show?”

Bolt hesitated just long enough to make Slim nervous. He sent Bolt a telepathic message. “Please don’t tell her about the blow job the other night in your room.”

The time in the barn had been Slim’s fault and he didn’t want to be the cause of a silly spat over Jessica. The only reason Hannah had agreed to a ménage with Bolt and Jessica that night was because Slim had stimulated the thought in Hannah’s brain and body with all the stories he’d told about her great-great-great-grandmother’s predilection for having sex with many men at once.

Hannah’s scheme was to have Bolt experience a three-way so he would have to agree to one with her and Slim at the mine. As she later told Slim, she had since regretted suggesting the three-way with Jessica and had been very relieved when Bolt refused to fuck Jessica or to let her finish ministering orally to his cock, even though he said it had felt amazing having the tongue ring swirl around the head of his dick.

Bolt hemmed a bit before answering Hannah’s question. “Uh, yeah. I saw Jessica last night. She came to the ranch for dinner. Jewel seems to be her good friend now that they’re neighbors.”

Slim let out the breath he’d been holding. Bolt wasn’t stupid and would keep quiet about the blow job he’d enjoyed so much. Hopefully, his guilt would keep him away from the woman.

“Did she get naked and cuddly in the barn again?” Hannah slipped on her half boots.

“No, I went up to my room after dinner. I had some references to check and wanted to avoid small talk.”

Slim held his breath again. After a second of silence, he relaxed. Thank goodness, Bolt didn’t mention Jessica sneaking up to his bedroom after him. “I’d better lead you two out of here. When can you come back, Bolt?”

“In three or four days, if that’s okay? Weird not to be able to call or text you to see if it’s a good time for me and Hannah to pop in. I guess ghosts can’t use a cell phone.”

“Don’t worry about notifying me. I’ll know when you’re coming and I’ll be here.”




Slim recognized the desperation in Bolt’s manner. He needed comforting as much as Hannah did. Slim removed Hannah from his lap and deposited her on her back amidst the pile of pillows and stuffed animals on her bed.

Bolt removed her sandals and massaged her feet. “Relax, cupcake. Even your toes are tense.” He continued on with her feet while Slim unzipped her shorts.

Hannah raised her hips and Slim peeled down her shorts and panties at the same time. Bolt took them over her feet and tossed them aside as he stood to get out of his jeans.

Slim’s cock was already dripping when he removed his own jeans. This woman was the personification of his own sweet long-gone Hannah. He had longed for her body and her love for so many fruitless, wandering years and, at last, found it with this Hannah.

“Hey, cowboy, c’mon over here.” Hannah sat up to slip off her tee. “You won’t last a second inside me with that bursting rod and I want a longer ride than that.”

Slim stood and moved to the head of the bed. She took his cock in her hand and smeared his juices over the head and down the shaft before placing her lips around it.

The sensation of warmth and tightness made him moan. He closed his eyes with the pure pleasure of her tongue strokes over the seam of his cock Then she concentrated on the head with tiny flicks of her tongue and long sucks down the whole length of him. She released him for a moment and his whole being felt cold and bereft.

“You taste even better as a living being.” Hannah bent to her task again. She sucked him in long pressured strokes of lips and tongue and as much as he wanted it to last forever, he came and came and came. She sucked on him until he was dry and he collapsed across the bed, just missing her tummy, landing instead on top of her legs. When he looked up, Bolt was rock hard watching them.

Bolt stretched out onto the bed and played with Hannah’s nipples. “How do you want this to go, cupcake? You can have whatever you want, whatever way you want it to make up for all my mother put you through for no reason.”

Hannah gazed at Slim. “It may be your last day on earth. You call it, heads or tails?”

“I always liked my Hannah’s ass since we started that way for safety’s sake. In those days we had only rubbers for protection against pregnancy and those not always reliable. Not in Hannah’s mind, anyway. Bolt is going to someday be your husband. He should have exclusive rights to your pussy.”

“Enough talking. Somebody fuck me some way because I’m ready to pop.”

Bolt lifted Hannah and scooted under her. She pressed flat against him as they kissed while Slim massaged her neck and shoulders. She scooted onto her knees and elbows. Bolt raised his head off the pillow to take a nipple into his mouth. He sucked on it as Slim lubricated her rear entrance with his own juices. The sight of the kissing lovers so sandwiched together had made him as horny and hard as he’d been before he’d ejaculated into Hannah’s mouth.

Hannah fingered Bolt’s cock for a moment before impaling herself on it with a sigh. “Ooh, that feels good. You are superhot, my love.” They kissed as Slim gently slid his cock into Hannah’s bottom. She shivered. The three paused for several seconds to let Hannah’s body adjust to having two cocks inside her.

Slim had only gone part way into her ass and waited for her to become used to him. His cock was bigger than it had been as a ghost. A gift from the panel? He didn’t know. He only knew he had to have it up to the hilt and he rammed into her. She tensed.

“No, no, relax. Take all of me. The pain will slowly melt into ecstasy if you don’t fight it.”

“Oh, babe, this is magical. Take us both where we want to go. Fuck us in the slow rhythm you like.” Bolt moaned as he spoke. His eyes were slits of undisguised passion.

Hannah loosened her anus around Slim’s cock and let him shove all the way in. She tightened and released in erratic spurts at first, but with athletic control found a way to raise and lower her body to accommodate both men as she clenched and unclenched her muscles.

Slim kneaded one of her breasts as Bolt sucked on the other. He was in a mist of eroticism such as he never knew existed. He loved this woman and respected the man who would have her for life.

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