Big and Small (MM)

Supernatural Royalty 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 43,090
4 Ratings (3.8)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, gods, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
Tristan O’Dagdan is legal by human standards but still growing into his demi-god self. He sees his older cousins finding soul mates and really wants what they have-- the happily ever after romance. He wants it so badly that he makes a deal with a demon. Now his powers are gone, and he is being sold to the highest bidder. All his dreams of a happily ever after are shattered.
Alaric is beaten and left for dead. A rich kid who has more heart than Alaric has muscles, and he has a lot of them, finds him and helps him recover. Tristan is gorgeous, compassionate, and charming. Alaric falls hard and fast. When they accidentally complete the mating ritual for giants, they piss off a lot of people, primarily a demon who has it out for the both of them.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Big and Small (MM)
4 Ratings (3.8)

Big and Small (MM)

Supernatural Royalty 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 43,090
4 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Come here.” Alaric’s arms were extended, and Tristan crawled to him.

“Why do you make me feel safe? I don’t know anything about you.” Tristan rested his head on Alaric’s shoulder while Alaric resumed fingering his hair.

“I think we were supposed to meet, Tristan. Think about it. I showed up in your life right when you wanted a soul mate. I think it was supposed to be me all along.”

“That would make sense as to why I want to be with you so badly, even though you’re almost a stranger.”

Long, quiet minutes passed, and Alaric continued to hold Tristan. “I’m a giant, Tristan.”

Tristan’s head popped up from Alaric’s shoulder. “You remembered or did you just guess?”

“No, I remembered. I’m most definitely a giant. That’s why I am getting bigger as I heal. It’s also why you feel safe with me. We’re guardians and protectors of the mythical world. Also, watch.”

Tristan followed Alaric’s gaze to his limp feet. Alaric wiggled the toes on both his feet. “That’s wonderful.”

Tristan threw his arms around Alaric’s neck and kissed him. Tristan’s eyes popped open, and he pulled back, embarrassed by his exuberance. Alaric’s lips were spread in a warm smile, and his eyes were still closed. “Don’t stop,” he whispered.

Tristan leaned forward and with the tip of his tongue traced Alaric’s full bottom lip. When he pulled away, Alaric whined and grabbed Tristan’s ribs. Tristan chuckled at Alaric’s response and leaned in with the intent to tease him some more, but when his lips touched Alaric’s he forgot about anything but making love to his mouth.

Tristan pushed at Alaric’s chest forcing him back onto the pillows. “Skin. I want skin.” Tristan skimmed his hands up Alaric’s stomach and over his chest, pushing his shirt as he went. “Take it off.”

Tristan jumped from Alaric’s body and sprinted to the door. He locked the handle and turned to Alaric who was propped up on his elbows. Tristan pulled his shirt over his head and strode across the room. Confidence and self-assuredness exuded from him. At that moment, he felt every bit the demigod that he formerly was. The power of his endowed gifts felt alive again as he climbed onto the bed toward the man who wanted him for no reason other than he was Tristan.

Tristan placed a leg on either side of Alaric’s body and laid openmouthed kisses on Alaric’s stomach and chest. As he moved up Alaric’s body, he lingered on his kisses, dragging his tongue on the skin and sucking up small pink patches. Alaric wound his fingers in Tristan’s curls and pulled gently while pleas and whimpers escaped his mouth. “Come up here.”

Tristan smiled against Alaric’s chest and let his nose ghost up Alaric’s throat until he was breathing on the skin just below his ear. “You wanted me?”

“Stop teasing me.”

“But I thought teasing was all part of the foreplay.” Alaric groaned, and Tristan smiled as he watched him pull in deep breaths. Being with Alaric was easy and comfortable, and Tristan felt invigorated the more time he spent with him.

“Not when I want you so badly. Please don’t tease me.”

Tristan drew Alaric’s earlobe into his mouth and nibbled on it. “What do you want, Alaric? What do you need?”

Strong arms wrapped around Tristan and pulled him squarely on top of Alaric. “I don’t need anything else as long as I have you.”

Alaric rolled them so that his larger body pressed Tristan into the mattress. Alaric pushed up on his arms and looked down at Tristan. Tristan’s hair was spread on the pillow, loose curls cropped close floated around his head in a halo of chestnut.

“Alaric, I don’t know how to ask for what I want from you.”

“Then perhaps you should just say it.”

“I don’t want my first time to be with some stranger that bought me.”

Alaric gently cradled Tristan’s face. His thumb swiped across Tristan’s cheek. “I’m sorry, Tristan.”

“If I ask you to make love to me, I feel like it would cheapen it. But I don’t want to have my virginity bought.”

“What if we just make out and see where it leads? If it leads to us having sex, then we will. Okay?”

Tristan nodded, a weak smile on his face. He looked down Alaric’s form. “How are your legs?”

“Much stronger.” To prove his point Alaric pulled his legs up so he was on all fours above Tristan. “There is something magical about you that heals me. Each time you’re with me, I get stronger. Why is that?”

“I don’t know. Any powers I had were taken. If I were still a demigod, I’d say it’s from my mother. She’s a healer. But let’s not talk about her.” Tristan ghosted his hands up Alaric’s arms, squeezing the muscles as he moved over them. His eyes studied Alaric’s form, and he darted his tongue out to wet his lips.

“You look like you want to eat me.”

“I do. I want everything with you.”

Slowly, Alaric dropped his body closer to Tristan’s. Warm skin flamed as it touched, sparking his lust to life. Alaric dominated Tristan using his larger frame to cover him.




Tristan raised his hands in defense as he backed away. “I couldn’t very well leave you lying around naked, could I?”

“Hmm, that idea has merit though.” Alaric pulled his torn shirt off and threw it at Tristan’s head. Tristan tangled in the long loose cloth, giving Alaric the advantage he needed. Alaric rushed at Tristan and tossed him over his shoulder. “Now I’ll show the merit of being naked.”

Alaric dropped Tristan to the bed. He stepped back and took off his tattered pants and underwear in one motion, letting them drop. He reached toward Tristan. “Now you.” He held his hand out waiting for each piece of clothes.

Tristan handed over his shirt quickly, but when he reached for his pants, he slowed. His earlier fears slammed back into him, and suddenly he didn’t want Alaric to see his thinner frame. He was young enough still as a supernatural that he had no chest hair. He had a few muscles but he never tried to build them up, and he had only just finished what he hoped was his last growth spurt.

“Tristan, I love your body just as it is because it’s yours.” Alaric had not pulled his hand back. He wanted Tristan even though Tristan couldn’t really understand why. He didn’t have the muscles of a giant or the physique of the other demigods. “If you don’t hand over your clothes, I’ll take them.” His brows waggled with his playful threat.

Tristan hesitated. Alaric clambered onto the bed as Tristan scrambled backward. Quickly, he pinned Tristan beneath him. He held Tristan’s hands above his head. “You, Tristan O’Dagdan, are silly. If I didn’t want you, I would never have kissed you days ago. You’re handsome, attractive, and you’re mine. That is all that matters.”

Alaric kissed Tristan and pulled his lower lip in with slow drags. Tristan felt as though he was being consumed, and he relished being Alaric’s meal. He twisted his wrists in the confines of Alaric’s grasp, but Alaric never relinquished. He pulled out of the kiss and stared at Tristan. “I’m never letting you go. Do you understand?”

Tristan nodded. His tongue slipped out to taste the remnants of Alaric’s kiss, and he drew his abused lip into his mouth. His breathing was fast, matching his racing heart. Alaric’s stares felt like a physical caress, each glance of his eyes warmed a part of Tristan’s body. The longer Alaric stared the more Tristan never wanted to be out from under him.

“Gods, I could spend forever with this mouth. Kissing it, watching it, fucking it.” His crass words caused a gasp from Tristan. Tristan had never sucked a cock, but when Alaric mentioned it he knew he wanted to sample Alaric’s meat.

Tristan pulled at Alaric’s hold. “Let me up. I want to taste you.”

“No, I want to feed you.” Tristan’s pupils dilated as desire swamped through his body. He tongue darted out to lick his Cupid’s bow lips before parting in invitation.

Alaric rose up on his knees above Tristan. His cock stood out from his body, and a clear drop fell onto Tristan’s body. Alaric took his free hand and rubbed a finger through the dew. He placed his finger in front of Tristan’s waiting mouth, and Tristan leaned up to suck it down. As the flavor spread across his tongue, Tristan’s eyes rolled back and shut. A wanton moan declared he wanted more.

Tristan sucked on that finger until he knew all of the flavor was gone. While he worked that digit over, Alaric stood above him listening to his slurping and moaning, all the while his thick prick continued to weep pre-cum on Tristan’s belly. Slowly Alaric pulled his finger free from Tristan’s suction. He held his cock out to Tristan’s open mouth. He traced Tristan’s lips with the engorged head smearing pre-cum as he went. When he pulled back, Tristan cleaned his lips and waited for more.

Alaric didn’t disappoint. He pushed past Tristan’s lips and onto his probing tongue. Tristan lapped at the thick cock. He rubbed over the veins and caressed the head’s ridge. He covered each section with a generous amount of spit before hollowing his cheeks to suck more of Alaric’s cock down. With long draws he pulled Alaric into him. Alaric moaned and fell forward to catch himself. Still wanting to hold Tristan’s hands captive, he moved both wrists to one hand and used the other to hold Tristan’s head. Tristan sucked hard and pulled Alaric to the back of his throat and gagged.

Alaric arched his hips back to remove his cock, but Tristan would have none of it. “Feed it to me. I want it down my throat.” Tristan growled out his demand then waited with his mouth open.

Alaric pressed his cock to Tristan’s mouth again, and Tristan began to draw it deep. As Alaric pulled back out, Tristan sucked harder. “Tristan, you don’t have to…” His words were cut short as Tristan drew heavily and swallowed, working him into his throat. Alaric threw back his head and cried out.

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