Unexpected Pleasures (MMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,094
6 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, HEA]
After catching his partner with another man, Marcus Cahn leaves his Florida home for Virginia to find solace at his sister Eve’s. As he attempts to put his life together, Marcus finds himself accepting a date from the dark and sexy Rob Rodriguez—who, Marcus discovers, already has a boyfriend in the blond and beautiful Paul Keller.
Is Rob a player? A cheat? And does Paul know about his partner’s antics? But Marcus discovers something unexpected: the two men are looking for a third in their committed relationship.
As Marcus entertains the idea, he asks himself if he is able to risk a relationship with one man, let alone two, as his last left him devastated.
In this story of love, acceptance, family, and healing, three men embark on a path of discovery that changes their lives forever.
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Unexpected Pleasures (MMM)
6 Ratings (4.3)

Unexpected Pleasures (MMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,094
6 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This was a short quick read that I liked. When Marcus Cahn catches his live in boyfriend Alan in bed with another man he leaves and goes to Virginia too his sister's house to start his life over again. At the gym he meets Rob Rodriquez one of the owner's of the gym they are both instantly attracted to each other. Turns out Rob is in a relationship with Paul the other owner of the gym and they are looking for a third. All of the character's in this book are hot and sexy. Although the other did give a little backstory on these three I felt that the book could have used more. I also liked Marcus sister Eve she wanted her brother to be happy when Marcus was having trouble with the idea of being with two men at once and when after he left in the middle of getting his groove back she decided that she needed to play matchmaker. The book also didn't give enough of them together. The sex scenes were ok but I wanted more. This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling. I am looking forward to reading more of this author.
This story went from heartbreaking to heartwarming to hot . There was also great humor at times and a strong and unjudging relationship between brother and sister. Rob, Paul and Marcus were a great tirade who, luckily, found chemistry, friendship and love together.
Marcus's sister Eve is wonderful as well.
All around a fantastic story. I did however wish someone had popped Alan right in the kisser, but it wasn't my story to tell. Loved it. Highly recommend it.




Rob Rodriguez watched the man from yesterday at the pool approach the reception desk. He had just a few minutes to spare before teaching a spinning class. Of course, if he was late due to introducing himself to the guy constantly on his mind since yesterday, he was sure to be forgiven. Today, Pool Guy looked different, had a spring in his step that wasn’t there before. However, trying to simultaneously hide and walk with a substantial boner would make anyone walk funny.

Yep, he’d noticed. And Rob wanted to see it again.

After the man scanned his membership card, Rob couldn’t help but spy at the screen. He read the name and also noticed his hair appeared a shade or two lighter. It suited him.

This was the perfect chance for an introduction. Rob extended his hand over the reception desk. “You’re new here. I’m one of the owners, Rob Rodriguez.”

When the man, who appeared several years younger than Rob, took his hand, he noticed the coloring of his smooth cheeks. Rob’s breath caught in his chest for only an instant, the silky warmth of his palm intoxicating. That single solitary connection made him hard.

“You’re the guy I saw swimming yesterday.” Pool Guy’s smile made Rob even harder. “I’m Marcus Cahn.” Rob noticed the lean muscles in his neck slide up and down when Marcus swallowed. “And you’re right. I am new here. Joined last week.”

Rob wanted to yank him across the desk and smash his mouth to his. He lived the fantasy for a few seconds longer before releasing his firm grip. “Allow me to personally welcome you, Marcus. If there’s anything you need, please don’t hesitate letting me know.” His attempt at keeping his voice professional failed. He couldn’t help it. Marcus made his mind and body react in ways that seemed inappropriate for 8:00 AM.

“So far everything’s great. Clean, friendly, great hours. No complaints from me.”

Marcus got just that much cuter. Like most people, Rob appreciated the praise for a place he put his blood, sweat, and tears into. The recreation center was the baby he’d never had.

When Marcus turned to walk away, Rob said, “I’m teaching spinning in the small gym right now. Why don’t you come join me? It’s a great workout.”

“I don’t know if I’m up for that yet,” Marcus admitted. “I’m trying to get back into shape, but I’m afraid spinning might be out of my league, at least for a few weeks until I get my endurance back.”

“Nonsense,” Rob replied. “And from where I’m standing you look great. C’mon, give it a try.” He winked. “I promise I won’t beat your ass too badly.” Yet.

Rob noticed Marcus swallow again, but this time it appeared as if he was having some trouble doing it. He suppressed a chuckle.

“C’mon,” Rob said teasingly. “You know you want to.”


* * * *


He wanted to do more with Rob than jump on a stationary metal contraption and sweat his balls off in the middle of a cramped gymnasium, but against his better judgment, Marcus had caught himself nodding yes.

He blamed the almost black eyes that made him blush, and those sparkling white teeth surrounding by full, juicy lips. Above all, he blamed the way Rob said his name.


As he mounted the stationary bike, he replayed that sexy baritone over in his head. His heart was already pumping and he was feeling a little breathless and lightheaded, and he hadn’t started to peddle yet.

After feasting his eyes on Rob’s sweaty, awe inspiring instruction, the forty-five minute class was finished, and although his thighs burned and ass pulsed, Marcus was surprised he didn’t feel as exhausted as he thought he’d be. He was in better shape than he anticipated.

As he dismounted the cycle, Rob yelled out to him. “Catch!”

He caught a small towel Rob had tossed. Lord knew he needed it. Wiping his face, he prayed he looked better than what he imagined. When he was finished, he draped the towel onto the bike’s handlebars and blindly finger-combed his hair into some sort of style.

Marcus walked up as the rest of the class filed out the door. “You did a great job. I was watching you.”

Marcus felt a frisson of excitement course over his body with Rob’s admission. “I hope you enjoy the Niagara of sweat pouring off my body.” He swiped his forehead with the back of his right hand. “I forgot what a great workout spinning is. I have to do this more often.”

“I hope you do.” Rob just stood there.




And if he didn’t quit looking so damn fine, Marcus was going to throw himself into his arms, pretending to faint. But, Rob did appear to have the strength to catch him.

Rob stepped an inch close. Then another. “I was wondering what you were doing tonight?”




Paul held a paintbrush in his right hand and with his left he tucked his hair, in need of a cut, behind his ear. Small spots of paint dotted the bridge of his nose. Even looking like this Rob thought Paul was the sexiest man alive. “I like where this is going. What’s his name?”

“Marcus Cahn.”

Paul released a low whistle and his left brow arched. “Sounds nice. Great name.”

“I thought so, too.”

“What about him?” Paul’s eyes were locked on Rob’s, giving his lover his full attention. “Are you saying he might be—”

“Possibly. I saw a look in his eyes, which tells me there’s potential.”

“You have good instincts. I trust you.”

“Good,” Rob said. “I’m glad you feel that way, because I have a date tonight. We’re meeting downtown at Paradise Dragon.”

A look swept over Paul’s refined features making him appear worried or concerned. “Do you think we’re ready for this?”

“The other day you said that you were, and I agreed.”

Paul jerked his head as if jarring him out of a thought. “We did, and I hate to vacillate, but the last guy didn’t work out so well and I’m still a bit cautious.”

Rob wanted to forget the guy who pretended to be someone he wasn’t, the couple falling prey to a handsome face, smooth body, and the gift for telling tales. Thankfully, after he moved in and things started to go missing, Rob and Paul realized that the man they were having a relationship with only wanted to use them for a place to stay and financial gain, so they quickly booted him out before he could do any more damage. Rob had to admit that getting played so damn badly stung like hell, but he didn’t want that one bad experience to ruin their need for another in their relationship. Their love for each other was unwavering and they wanted to share that love with a special someone who was worthy. Clearly, this guy wasn’t the one.

“We were wrong about him,” Rob said through a deep breath.

“My fault,” Paul said. “I thought he was a different person.”

Rob stepped in and took Paul into his arms, unconcerned if his favorite gym shirt got ruined with paint. “Don’t be an idiot. There is no fault and blame between us. Leave that for other couples.” Rob kissed Paul tenderly on the cheek. “We learned a lesson—a difficult one—but my gut says that Marcus is a man we can trust. It’s still early, and he might want nothing to do with us after this date, but if everything lines up right this could work out.”

This time Paul kissed Rob on the cheek. He trailed toward Rob’s mouth, peppering delicate kisses along the way. Rob involuntarily closed his eyes, relishing in Paul’s endless love for him after their lips made contact. They stayed that way for a while as the late afternoon sun spilled onto their bodies through the only window in the bathroom, warming their already heated muscles. He inhaled again, taking in Paul’s earthy scent mixed with fresh paint fumes. He wasn’t sure which made him more lightheaded, but he didn’t care. All Rob knew was, he needed to make love to his lover, urgently.

Rob took the paintbrush from Paul’s hand and tossed it to the floor covered in a canvas tarp. “This can wait for later. I can’t.”

Paul’s strong hands raced over Rob’s back, and in an instant his shirt was off and balled in a corner. Rob stripped Paul of his sweaty t-shirt, throwing it out of the way. He wanted his lover naked and couldn’t care less if his clothes ended up in the open paint can less than a foot away. Both stripped naked now, Rob fell to his knees to take Paul’s erect cock into his mouth. He paused briefly to admire his golden, curling hair that surrounded the base of his generous shaft that continued down to blanket his tight, swollen sack. Paul’s cock was the most beautiful thing Rob had ever had the pleasure of seeing, and the pleasure didn’t stop there. Sucking, stroking, and slurping, Rob took every gorgeous inch of his lover’s dick.

The bulbous head slammed against the back of his throat and the taste of pre-cum exploded across his tongue. Paul started to gyrate and make love to Rob’s mouth as Rob slurped hungrily. He hummed his approval as Rob used every muscle in his mouth to milk the pulsing cock. The shaft was hot against his lips and the hardness was unmatched to any cock Rob had ever serviced before. Paul’s cock was the perfect fit in more ways than one, and Rob owned it one hundred percent. He took satisfaction in knowing this.

“Jesus, babe.” Paul’s voice was heavy with sex. “I needed this more than you could imagine.”

Rob knew that Paul was working overtime lately, and giving his lover special attention was something he was happy doing. He continued sucking Paul until the familiar groan Rob knew so well signaled that his partner was ready to cum. Only seconds ticked by before Paul unloaded deep within Rob’s throat, filling him with hot and juicy sweetness. Rob drank every last drop of Paul’s precious gift until Paul’s juice ran no more.

Taking in a ragged breath, Paul said, “That’s the best damn blowjob you’ve ever given me.”

Stealing one final lick across his partner’s meaty cockhead, Rob looked into the steel blue eyes that always seemed to hold him entranced. “You always say that.”

“And I always mean it.”

Paul helped Rob from his knees and then took him in his muscular arms, intense energy pulsing between them. Paul kissed Rob hard and heavy on the mouth before saying, “Now it’s your turn. I want you to fuck me so hard that I forget my name.”

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