Made Men 1: Bad Timing (MFM)

Made Men 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,144
36 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/F/M, light spanking, HEA]
Bella finally finds two men she can give her heart, body, and soul to. The problem is bad timing, and if she doesn't follow the rules, her family will suffer. Her cousin got her in a jam, and now she must pay his debt and be the woman of a man capable of killing her family.
Little does she know, her own family has connections, too, and the men she gave her heart to may be her saving grace. One of her eight best friends has secrets revealed that aid in a rescue and, when the events come full circle, it's only the beginning of trouble and romance for her and her eight best friends.
Loving made men may not have been the women’s idea of the type of love they'd find, but they are each unique and have their own secrets and troubled pasts—and perhaps loving made men is more than just their destinies.
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.


Made Men 1: Bad Timing (MFM)
36 Ratings (4.4)

Made Men 1: Bad Timing (MFM)

Made Men 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,144
36 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A promising start to the new series.
I love it when Dixie starts a new series. I can always count of danger, hot hunky men and a beautiful woman. Loved it and am looking forward to the next book!




“Why do we have to be here? They’ve got everything under control,” Mateus asked Major. They stood by the doorway where hundreds of people gathered to check out the new line of clothing just modeled by a set of twenty supermodels.

“He wants us to go to the bar for a drink. It’s good for business. Then we can head out of here and get things ready for the party tomorrow night. The gang is arriving,” Major told Mateus.

“Whatever. Let’s get this shit over with. All that’s around here are bimbos.”

“Hot ones,” Major said and winked.

Mateus gave him a sideways look. Major raised his hands up.

“I know, I know, this is a vacation. I got it. Let’s head over there.”

As they walked through the crowd and got closer to the bar he saw his cousin Rayanna first. She was dressed in a slim-fitting sexy purple dress that dipped very low in the back. She was always sporting the latest fashions and styles, and as she laughed he spotted another woman, petite, brown hair past her shoulders, and the back of her cream colored dress dipped just as low as Rayanna’s, but her ass stuck out, round and firm. She had toned arms and he wanted to see her face. Just then Rayanna saw them and waved them over. The brunette turned around and Mateus felt as if his heart stopped beating.

“Nice,” Major whispered. The woman was a goddess. Her breasts full and her belly flat, and the collar closed around her neck, accentuating her breasts. She locked gazes with them, and Mateus smiled.

Rayanna hugged them both and then introduced them to the woman.

“Mateus, Major, meet my good friend Bella. She works for one of the fashion companies in New York,” she said. Bella smiled, then reached out her hand for them to shake.

Major beat him to it. He closed the space between them and smiled.

“Nice to meet you, Bella,” he said, and then Mateus took her hand.

“Hello,” he said to her.

“Hello to both of you, too.”

“Mateus, Major, there you are. I’d like for you to meet Sheila Fields and Montoya Gazone,” Gunther Shaw interrupted, and then introductions began. Mateus listened as they all talked about the show and the fashions coming up this fall. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of Bella and noticed that she was very professional in her comments throughout the conversation. As the evening progressed, she politely began to ease back toward the bar and glance at her cell phone.

He looked at Major, who appeared to show interest in getting to know Bella more. When Mateus glanced at Rayanna, she shook her head in warning. He squinted at her then eased closer.

“What is that expression for?”

“She’s a friend. I’ve known her for years and she’s very sweet.”

“She looks sweet,” he whispered.

“Mateus, she isn’t some bimbo you can get off on. I mean a very sweet woman, very dedicated to her career and to her family. She’s Italian and has a big family. Lots of cousins.”

“I’m just having a drink with her.”

“I can see she caught Major’s interest, as well. Please, Mateus, she is a friend and not experienced with men like you.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. Besides, I’m looking to relax this week, not engage in anything deep or meaningful.”

“Exactly,” she said to him and then walked away.

He couldn’t help but to feel a little guilty. Rayanna never stopped him or Major from pursuing an interest. If anything, she gave a shrug or ignored it when they set their eyes on a woman, or item for that matter. He didn’t know why he was even interested in getting to know Bella, or even just conversing with her. He was the one that didn’t do relationships. He was the one adamant about making this trip a total vacation, no distractions or anything serious.

He watched at Bella checking out her cell phone and texting. He couldn’t resist, and as he got closer, the enticing smell of her shampoo aroused him. It was their first night here. More than likely nothing would come of this.

“Have somewhere else you’d rather be?” he asked, leaning close to her.

She looked up at him and gave a soft smile.

“No. Why would you ask that?” she asked him.

“You seem as bored as we are,” his brother added, moving in behind her, whispering close to her. Major was as good as Mateus at suddenly appearing and slipping away. She tilted her head that way, and she looked like she felt the same attraction they did. Perhaps this vacation was going to kick start better than he anticipated, and he was the one looking to just relax.

“I’m not bored. How about the two of you, though? You don’t seem like the fashion industry types at all,” she asked, and Mateus ordered another round of drinks and handed her a wine glass.

“Thank you, but I was going to head out soon.”

“Stay a little longer. The night is young, Bella,” Major added.

“We aren’t fashion industry types. We provide other things for an event like this one,” he told her and took a sip of his Jack and Coke.

“Other things?” she asked.

Major placed his hand on her chair and stroked her shoulder. “Security.”

She swallowed hard and seemed to look at their faces and then their bodies. His dick hardened immediately. Holy shit, who was this woman?




It was getting later and later. Bella stood by the balcony overlooking the beach and water. It was too dark to see the water, but she could hear the waves. There was something so calming about the sound, but being unable to see the water or what lurked below the surface made her feel anxious, scared. Mateus and Major had to take a phone call earlier and left her here to relax and wait for them. Whatever was going on, it was important and had upset them, and not only because the call interrupted their hot and heavy makeout session with her.

“There you are,” Mateus stated, and she glanced over her shoulder to smile at him. His white dress shirt was unbuttoned, revealing all those thick, hard muscles and that sexy, intricate tattoo along his pectoral muscles and shoulder. His goatee and basically bald head made him look lethal. Plus he had that tattoo on his finger and wrist that almost matched the tattoo that was on Major’s entire hand.

“It’s so peaceful, and yet eerie,” she told him and looked back at the water. The fact that he was half dressed made her nervous and anxious. He pressed up against her back and put his hands on the balcony in front of her, caging her in. He was so big, six-foot-three and filled with muscles. She inhaled his cologne and felt his thick, hard erection against her ass.

“Peaceful and eerie? How so?” he asked and began to kiss along her shoulder. She could hear the music still playing on the other side of the house, but on this end it was much quieter.

“Peaceful to hear the water. Eerie not knowing what lays beneath the surface, and what is out there,” she whispered.

“Ahh, I agree. The unknown is always intimidating. Security lies in what is known to be true, to trust, like instincts, and arousal,” he said to her and suckled a sensitive part on her neck while he eased one hand up her arm to her throat. He stroked her softly, putting her both on edge and into lustful thoughts. She eased back and he slid the hand from her throat down her chest to her hips and turned her around. She gasped and he pressed her back against the balcony.

“Tell me you’re staying with us tonight. That you want this. That you want to feel more,” he said to her and looked at her eyes, her lips as he teased her body, stroking her ribs gently. His fingers moved up and grazed her breasts.

She had only one choice here. Only one way to ensure it was her decision to give up her virginity—and not Colosar’s.

“I want to stay. I want to feel more of what you and Major make me feel. I’m just not as experienced as you both seem.”

He smirked and then gripped her hips.

“Our experience will surely bring you great pleasure tonight. Can you let go and give us complete control?” he asked.

She gulped, unsure what this might mean, yet her gut clenched, believing, wanting it to be all good things.

“Answer him,” Major ordered, joining them. His shirt was off, and more tattoos appeared on his chest that were hidden under his shirt. One went from his wrist and hand fully up his arm to his shoulder. The other went over the pectoral muscles of his chest.

“Yes. I’m staying. I give you control,” she said and felt good about it, almost free.

“Come with us now.” Mateus took her hand and led her away from the balcony, up a set of stone stairs to another set of doors. They walked down the hallway and her pussy spasmed, her breasts hardened, and she had no idea what tonight would bring, but she would give her all freely and have them this night as a memory to always look back on and to get her through her living hell.

They entered a whole additional side of the house and brought her to a bedroom with a huge custom bed and another balcony. Before he reached the opened doors he stopped, turning her around to face them.

“Touch me,” Mateus said to her.

She looked him over, memorizing the tattoo along his neck and shoulder. She leaned forward as she slid her palms up both arms and licked his nipple and then kissed along the tattoos.

Hands landed on her hips and she tightened for only a moment before feeling Major’s hands slide up under her dress and to her bare ass and cunt.

He pulled her hips back and she felt his fingers slide into her cunt from behind.

“Oh.” She moaned and Mateus gripped her hair with one hand and lowered her head down. She knew what he wanted. She had given head before to keep guys from wanting sex. It worked for a while, but not long. She undid his pants and pushed them down. He stepped from them and pulled off his shirt as his cock, thick, long, and hard, tapped against his belly. She slid her palm along it while she counterthrust her ass and pussy against Major’s fingers stroking her.

When he added a second digit, she grunted and then slid her mouth over Mateus’s cock and began to suck him slowly. His fingers dug into her hair and then his palm slid down to her breast, pushing the material down and exposing both mounds.

She moaned and rocked.

“Gorgeous. God damn, I can’t wait to fuck this ass. To take you together and possess this sexy body,” Major stated and she came. She felt her pussy erupt and she moaned.

Mateus pulled her off his cock, and she gasped.


“When I come the first time, it’s going to be inside of that pussy.” His tone was firm and concrete as Major pulled his fingers from her cunt and quickly got his pants off.

Mateus gripped her hips and slowly walked her backward. The back of her legs hit the bed and he lifted her up and plopped her down onto the bed with one arm. It was sexy, arousing, and then he wedged a thigh between her legs and cupped her cheeks.

“We’ve got tonight. Let’s make it perfect. Nothing else matters, understood?” 

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