Return to Norrington Abbey (MFM)

Classics Rekindled 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,559
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Historical Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, bondage, HEA]

Isabella Thorne is an heiress with no desire to marry. Men fall in love with her, but she never gives her heart. When she meets Captain Frederick Tilman at Norrington Abbey, that changes. She's wildly attracted to him, but his blatant sensuality frightens her.

James Morris, her sister-in-law's brother, is quite different from Frederick. He's warm and affectionate but just as attractive. When he orders her to stay away from Frederick, she balks. No man dares to tell her what to do!

Frederick knows Isabella is smitten with James, who says he wants a future with her. For the first time in his life, Frederick wants that, too. But Isabella is torn between them, certain she can never hold two men's hearts. James might stay true, but she's afraid she'll never be enough for Frederick.

Will she surrender her heart at last and perhaps earn both of theirs in return?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Return to Norrington Abbey (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Return to Norrington Abbey (MFM)

Classics Rekindled 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,559
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston

Story Excerpt


“Ah, the prodigal son has returned.”

Her heart skipped as she felt her body tense. That drawl could only belong to one man. Frederick.

She watched as he sauntered into the room, that familiar twist on his beautiful mouth. His dress was impeccable, though as usual he seemed to give not one thought to it. Sable-colored jacket topped snug, buff breeches and shining boots, but his dark hair was tousled. He looked as delectable as he’d ever appeared in his uniform. His new station suited him. He appeared supremely comfortable in his clothes and in his home.

His eyes settled on her, and she couldn’t catch a breath. He dipped his head toward her then faced the other guests. She paid no attention to the stilted conversations, unable to keep her gaze from darting between Frederick and James. They were so very different yet they elicited the same heat within her. For his part James stood at her side, though a bit in front of her. A glance at his face showed his proprietary stance. What cheek!

“General, I am honored that you included the rest of us in your invitation to Henry,” she said.

General Tilman arched a brow, his expression of surprise mirrored on his eldest son’s. Was she not to speak in their company unless addressed first?

“It is my pleasure that you’ve come, Miss Thorne.” He smiled at Frederick. “Isn’t it delightful she is one of the party, Frederick?”

Frederick ran his dark eyes over her, making her feel as though she was stark-naked in front of a room full of people.

“I daresay I could not envision a more delightful guest at the abbey, Father,” he said.

James narrowed his gaze toward Frederick, and she could almost see the animosity between them. The next instant it was gone, but she sensed the residual tension as they were shown to their rooms to ready for dinner.

She dressed with her usual care, though the maid given to her charge seemed to watch her warily when she thought Isabella’s attention elsewhere. Was she used to harsh treatment at the abbey and expecting the like from her? There was no mistress of the grand home, true. Whom did she serve?

The gossip she’d overheard when last here whispered through her mind. Something about the general and Frederick exerting their power as masters over their servants. She would put nothing past the general. That was certain. He was as cold and stern as any man she’d ever encountered despite his apparent acceptance of her in particular. She didn’t doubt he would treat his servants like chattel. Would Frederick take liberties with…No!

Isabella watched the girl more closely as she finished with her hair. Had the maid done the things with Frederick that Isabella had nearly done? She was fresh-faced and pretty. The hair she glimpsed beneath her cap was as blonde as her own, if styled austerely. Her figure within her simple gown was buxom. She was situated at a far-flung estate with only males to serve.

“Miss?” the maid asked, her brows drawn together. “Are you not satisfied?”

Isabella shook her head to clear it. “Quite. Thank you.”

The girl dropped a curtsy and left without another word. Isabella stood and studied her reflection for a long moment. She looked beyond presentable, her bodice dipping low but not too low for a girl of her twenty-one years. She was still a maiden, though barely. Once again that stab of hunger pierced her center. With both Frederick and James here at the abbey she doubted her virginity would persist. Did she even want it to? The thought came unbidden. Was she finally willing to choose a man to be with forever?

“Pity I can choose only one,” she murmured.


Adult Excerpt


Something passed between them, something that caused a tingling all over her body. “What are you two about?”

“James wants you,” Frederick said. “I want you.”

Dread curled in her belly. “Are you going to make me choose? I tell you, attempting to do so is what brought me to this sorry state in the first place.”

James took her hand, sitting beside her. “You don’t have to choose, Isabella.”

Frederick came to sit beside her. Their scents combined, fresh and spicy, to set her senses reeling. Her mouth watered, her breasts swelled, and her pussy flooded with juices.

“I don’t?”

Again they exchanged a look of import.

“Not on our account,” Frederick said.

Before she could convince herself that this was beyond foolishness, she kissed Frederick’s beautiful mouth. He gave her his tongue and she sucked greedily at it as she felt both his and James’s hands on her. James buried his face in her neck, licking and nibbling as she clutched at him. Frederick stroked her breasts, teasing and tweaking her nipples until she let out a low moan.

“Take me,” she sighed.

“Which one of us?” James asked.

“Both of you.”

Frederick placed her down on the bed, a smile on his face. “Ah, that is for another night.”

James said something to Frederick, his words lost to her as she stared at the two of them disrobing. Oh, they were so beautiful. Frederick was built like a statue, all finely honed and lean. James was a bit broader across the shoulders, his chest swirled with black hair. Both were delectable, their strong hands now so skillful on her body. She closed her eyes and just…felt.

“I wanted to eat your pussy last night,” Frederick said, brushing his mouth over her belly. “Tell me you want me to eat your pussy, Isabella. Give me orders like you did last night. I take orders quite well.”

She would not feel shame, not at this moment. “Lick me, Frederick.”

He flicked a tongue over her clit and she felt a rush of pleasure. As he began to eat her, James nibbled on her breast. She grasped his head and held him close, writhing on the counterpane as everything pulled tight within her. Frederick’s gifted tongue and James’s careful attentions sent her soaring to the heavens as she bucked hard beneath them both.

Spreading her legs wide, she came.

“So sweet,” Frederick said, his voice thick. “James, you were right.”

She peeped open one eye to see James nod his agreement. “James, you told him?”

“There aren’t any secrets between us now, are there?” he asked.

She looked at them, both naked as the days they were born and loving her with their hands and mouths. And their very impressive cocks, if she had her way.

“None,” she said.

Frederick gave her pussy another lick, sending a shiver through her, then kissed her belly. “James will fuck you tonight, love.”

She eyed James’s cock, long and thick and so very hard-looking. “Oh, yes.”

Frederick shifted, coming to kneel beside her as James settled between her legs. He watched as James began to enter her, his eyes dark. This was different than last night, as there was no barrier to his penetration. No pain. But it was more than that. James’s taking was just as remarkable as Frederick’s, though made even more so as that man seemed to take pleasure from it as well.

“She’s tight, isn’t she?” Frederick asked.

James squeezed his eyes shut. “And hot. God, she’s so hot.”

Isabella flicked her gaze between the two of them, but soon she was too consumed by what James was doing. He thrust inside of her, faster and faster, until she felt another climax begin from where their bodies touched.

“Come, Isabella,” Frederick rasped.

James grunted his assent and groaned her name. She grabbed onto his arms and wrapped her legs around his waist.

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