Lily's Dream (MF)

Lily's Dream 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,776
1 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, spanking, whipping, figging, sex toys, HEA]

As far back as she can remember, Lily Richards has always had a close relationship with her brother’s friends Derek and Jake. She kept Derek’s secret about his sexual orientation, making them the closest of friends, while secretly she dreamed about having Jake as her own.

Returning home after ten years, Lily is thrilled when she finally gets Jake Mason’s attention. Not wanting his friends to interfere, Jake asks Lily to keep their relationship a secret. Added to the pressure of sneaking around, Lily discovers a kink that just might push Jake away.

With everyone keeping secrets, it’s no wonder that relationships strain under the pressure. Secrets start to unravel. Truths are revealed, jeopardizing lifelong friendships. One major misunderstanding risks not only Jake and Lily’s budding relationship, but the friendship they have all shared since childhood. Can their friendship withstand the truth, or will Jake and Lily’s relationship become nothing more than a broken dream?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Lily's Dream (MF)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Lily's Dream (MF)

Lily's Dream 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,776
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I really enjoyed reading this story. It takes you from Lilys mid teen years through to woman hood and her love for her brothers best friend. Theres no dull moments and the sex scenes grow in intensity as Lily and Jake get into more BDSM. I hope theres another story about Tom and Derek's journey as well.



Jake had been at the house since a few minutes past eight, walking around the outside and taking notes on his clipboard about what needed to be done to the exterior of the house. He’d walked onto the porch, raised his hand to knock on the door, and seen Lily.

She was moving through a series of stances with graceful movements that looked like dancing. Her eyes were closed, and the glimpses he caught of her face when she turned her head made her look serene, almost ethereal. Her body was compact and tight. He watched the flexing and shifting of the muscles on her back and her buttocks. Despite her slim body, the cheeks of her ass were softly rounded, begging for a man’s hand or mouth.

He felt his body harden, something that happened with far too much frequency in her company. He was trying to get himself back under control when she finished her routine and began stretching. Before he could announce himself, she saw him and jumped immediately into a fighting stance.

He was intrigued. She looked like she knew what she was doing. How would a sweet girl like Lily know how to fight?

“Sorry, squirt,” Jake said with a grin as he let himself into the house. He held his clipboard in front of his groin to hide the effect she had on him. He tried to look casual and relaxed, but all his muscles were on alert.

He chucked her on the chin with a fist then raised it and fell back on his heels in a boxing stance. “Ready to go a round, slugger?”

Lily stood up and fisted her hands on her hips. “Do you think I couldn’t take you?”

His mind immediately went into perverted mode. He wanted her to “take” him. He almost said that, but remembered who she was and just patted her on the head. “Sure you can, squirt, sure you can.”

Later he would think it must have been the pat on the head that did it. Before he could brace himself, Lily flipped him over her shoulder, the clipboard flying across the room. She then put one knee on his neck and her other knee on the floor beside his head.

She grinned down at him, her hands on her thighs. He just couldn’t grin back. All he could think about was how close her pussy was to his face. He breathed in deep and scented her. His mouth watered, and his erection got so hard he hurt. When he let out a slow breath, Lily’s body jerked. She got off him quickly, stood up, and crossed her arms. “Don’t underestimate me.”

Jake wanted to get up off the floor, but he knew he couldn’t sit straight up. If he did, he’d bend his cock in half. Instead, he rolled over and pushed himself up to his feet, wincing as the denim pinched at him. He took a deep breath, trying to get himself in control.

Lily was just standing there, arms crossed over her breasts.

He decided to brazen it out and grabbed the clipboard off the couch where it had landed when he went flying. “Okay, you’re a tough cookie,” he said before turning to the kitchen. “Hey, is that coffee I smell?”

“Help yourself,” she said as she followed him into the kitchen. “I could use a cup right now, too.” She sounded completely composed again. He wished he felt that way.

“I wanted to come by and go through the house so we could decide on the order of repairs. I’m surprised you didn’t hear me come up. The stairs on the porch squeak badly.” He was absolutely determined to act like nothing had happened.

Jake began opening cabinets until he found the coffee mugs and grabbed two down. He poured both and turned to give her a cup. She was standing in the entrance to the kitchen, her arms wrapped around her middle. He placed her cup on the table and moved to lean against the counter.

“Do you need cream or sugar?” Lily asked, heading toward the refrigerator to take out a small carton of cream. When she unwound her arms, Jake could see her nipples poking against the sports bra. It was all he could do not to groan.

“No, I drink it black.” His voice was huskier than usual, causing her to look at him more closely. Her gaze travelled down his chest and settled for a moment over the bulge in his jeans. Her face flushed, and her gaze jerked back to his eyes. Lily took a short step back. Then she squared her shoulders and walked toward him.

Jake swallowed hard. The look in her eyes was all hot and knowing female. He’d never expected to see that look on Lily’s face. He didn’t move. For the first time in his life, he didn’t know what to do about a woman.




Lily couldn’t believe her nerve. She knew she was setting herself up for heartbreak.

She had just turned to head to her bedroom when she heard his boots pounding up the stairs. Up to that point, she wasn’t sure he would follow. She vowed that, no matter what happened after tonight, she’d make enough memories to last forever.

As soon as she entered the room, she unzipped the side of her skirt. Looking over her shoulder to be sure he was watching, she pushed it down, bent over, and pulled the skirt from under her. She knew her ass was in the air, and going by Jake’s growl, he liked the view.

She started to straighten.

“No,” Jake said harshly. “Stay there.”

Lily spread her legs to keep her balance and peeked at him through her knees. He was rubbing his cock through his jeans. After a moment, he stepped forward and reached out a shaking hand. He ran a work-roughened hand from the small of her back, over the globes of her ass, and finally down the crack until his fingers touched her pussy.

“Oh, my God,” he said reverently, “You’re so fucking wet.”

He slid his fingers on her, and she pushed back. She felt the denim of his jeans against her leg.

“Jake,” she said hoarsely, “take your clothes off.”

Jake stepped back, and Lily heard the rustle of clothes. The blood was rushing to her head, so she stood up to watch him undress. She turned, and his eyes latched onto her breasts. She knew she wasn’t well endowed, but his hot gaze indicated he didn’t mind. In a moment, he was naked, and her nipples pulled into an immediate pucker. He stepped forward, stroking his cock, his eyes locked on her.

Suddenly nervous, she bent to unzip her boots.

“Leave them on,” he demanded. When he reached her, he picked her up and carried her to the bed. The feeling of his hot, hard body made her breath catch.

After Jake laid her on the bed, he began running his hands from her collarbone to her hip, missing all the important bits.

Lily shifted impatiently. On his next pass, he ran his palm over her breast, his callused hand rasping over her sensitized nipple. He didn’t linger but continued on his journey. His hand slid over the skin of her pubis. Lily spread her legs.

Just when she thought he was never going to get moving, he bent his head and took her nipple into his mouth. The hard suck made her arch her body. Jake answered the demand by running a finger over her slick opening. Before she could process that sensation, he pushed a finger into her.

Lily let out a little scream. Jake slid his finger out of her, and Lily was afraid she’d scared him off, but he just rasped her clit a few times, gathered up more of her body’s moisture, and then pushed two fingers into her.

It was too much, and Lily imploded. She hadn’t even realized she was close. The pleasure and discomfort of his penetration just sent her over the edge. Jake kissed her, forcing her mouth open and thrusting his tongue inside. He pulled his body over hers. Because he was so much taller than she, Lily couldn’t feel his cock resting against her like she’d like. She tried to squirm onto him, but he wouldn’t let her move.

Finally, she reached between their bodies to stroke his cock. He jerked his hips back away from her touch and started kissing his way down her body, pausing to suck on her nipples.

“Jake…” She practically wailed as the feel of his hard nips and sucks on her nipples resonated deep inside her pussy.

“I want you ready,” he said, and resumed his journey. When he reached her legs, he kissed the tops of her thighs above the boots. She had forgotten she still had them on. Jake unzipped the boots, kissing his way down the skin as it was exposed. Finally, he pulled off her sock and drew her big toe into his mouth.

Lily couldn’t believe her toes were an erogenous zone. She felt a gush of moisture dripping down the crack of her ass at the sensation. When he did the same with the other leg, Lily stated thrashing and moaning almost constantly.

Finally, he turned his attention to her pussy. He pushed Lily’s legs back, exposing her to his gaze. Before Lily could get self-conscious about the new position, Jake licked the drip of her arousal from the tiny rosette of her ass, over her opening, and up to her clit.

Lily screeched. She couldn’t help it. Clearly loving her response, Jake did the same thing again, this time pausing to rim her ass and her pussy before biting lightly on her clit.


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