The Seduction of Elian Varona (MF)

The Seduction 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 56,611
2 Ratings (3.5)

[Siren Allure: Erotic May-December Romance, public exhibition, HEA]

Sometimes, two souls happen upon one another as if it was always meant to be, but what happens when the fantasy you’ve held your entire life suddenly pales in comparison to your reality?

Elian Varona finds himself in that position the moment he meets Tabitha. Neither of them expects their one night of flirtation to go any further. Now they realize what started that night won’t be easily extinguished, and Elian is soon torn between the future he had planned and the present he can’t ignore.

Tabitha Geary has never done anything in her life remotely wild or spontaneous, not until the night she meets Elian. Her one random act soon has her entire life spinning in ways she never saw coming, but at the end of the day, what she wants most of all can’t be hers. How will she ever be able to return to the life she knew, now that she’s experienced Elian Varona?

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Seduction of Elian Varona (MF)
2 Ratings (3.5)

The Seduction of Elian Varona (MF)

The Seduction 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 56,611
2 Ratings (3.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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5 ANGELS: "Tabitha Geary came to Florida to help her uncle manage his hotel while he's in ill health. While taking a shuttle from a nearby attraction back to the hotel, she meets the shuttle driver and is startled by the instant attraction she has for him. Completely unlike her usual behavior, she finds herself acquiescing to his invitation to spend more time together. Elian Varona is the owner of a transportation service. He doesn't normally drive, but when an employee calls in sick, he takes over a route. From the moment he spies Tabitha sitting on a bench, peacefully reading a book, he's intrigued by her. Then she steps aboard his bus and he's eager to learn more. Soon, the two are ensconced in passion. He keeps telling himself it can't last longer than a few short nights. After all, he's moving out of state to see if the rekindled connection with his high school sweetheart will finally result in the happiness he's wanted with her. But there's something about Tabitha that has poleaxed him. Tabitha, for her part, sees in Elian something beautiful. She knows there can be nothing more than a couple of bliss-filled nights. So she takes what she can have and hopes she'll be able to move on once he's gone. I loved this story. It can be read out of order as the previous characters are so peripheral if mentioned at all. However, I always advocate reading series stories in order. Elian was deliciously masculine albeit thoroughly flawed man with all his relationship drama and past baggage. His meeting Tabitha just stopped him in his tracks. There were times in the story however that he really annoyed me. On the one hand, he was passionate and dominant with Tabby, but then when it really counted, he couldn't find it in himself to man up. Tabitha had her own past issues, but was thankfully coming into her own. She knew what she wanted in life and wouldn't accept anything less. In short, she was a heroine to root for. I was aroused by their passion and cried during their pain...then shrieked at the quirky twists of fate. Let me say it again: I LOVED this story. However, if I had to point out any negative aspects of this story I'd have to say the editing. It didn't appear that the folks at Siren even glanced at this story. Some of the errors were so glaring as to distract and detract from the story. For instance, instead of what was probably "condoms and scented oils", the reader was treated to "condiments and scented oils". Really? C'mon, Siren, these editing issues are becoming way too commonplace." -- Bella, Fallen Angel Reviews

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She smiled and opened her mouth, allowing him to feed her. The lime flavors burst open on her tongue, and then she picked up her mug and swallowed a sip of the warm, creamy chocolate.

“Oh my God!” She covered her mouth with her hand, realizing she’d spoken with her mouth full. “That is so good.”

She returned to chewing and swallowing and loved that he’d brought her a new experience. She touched his free hand as he took a sip from his own mug.

“It’s been a very long time since I’ve had any new experiences. Even if I never see you again after tonight, I want you to know how much I’ve loved this whole night. It’s reminded me of what it feels like to be alive. I think I forgot.”

She was shocked as the realization dawned on her.

She’d been a mom for twenty-one years, taking care of her kids, her family commitments, PTA and boy scouts, the community watch, and Collin’s business dinners. She’d been the perfect wife and mother, and though she loved her children and loved being their mom, somewhere along the line, she lost herself, and until that very moment, she hadn’t realized it.

He looked at her as if she’d lost her mind, and who knew, maybe she had, but she didn’t care. This moment, this awakening, was exactly what she’d been longing for, only she never even knew it.

“I know. Sounds dumb.” She blushed.

“No, actually, it sounds like exactly what I was thinking.” He stared into her eyes so intensely that she felt him inside her.

He dragged his finger through the whipped cream and held it up to her mouth.

A wicked gleam appeared in his expression almost as a dare.

She took it and slowly slid his finger into her mouth and sucked the cream off before he slowly slid the finger back out.

“Someday, I’m gonna eat key lime pie off your belly.”

Her bravado gone, she choked and laughed nervously.

“I’m dead serious.” He fed her another bite.

She had nothing to say to that in return. On the one hand, she loved the idea, but on the other, she had a very hard time believing she’d ever see him again after this night. Why would she? This night was special, but it was one night.

He continued to hold her hand while they ate, alternating bites of the pie between them, refusing to let her eat on her own. She imagined it probably looked dumb, but something about being taken care of like that fed a need inside her she’d been unaware of up until then.

“Can I ask you something?” She hesitated because it was a very personal question, and she honestly wasn’t even sure she wanted to ask.

“You, preciosa, can ask me anything.” He smiled at her then immediately fed her another bite of pie, disabling her from asking anything.

When she swallowed, she drew a deep breath, stared into his eyes, drawing courage, and asked, “I’ve really had fun tonight, more than I’ve had, maybe ever…swear to me you don’t pick up a different woman every night…and that’s not me being possessive, because honestly, I figure I’ll never see you again after tonight. I just need to know I’m not one in a long line of women.” She shrugged, somewhat embarrassed for asking him. “Does that make sense?”

He kissed the back of her hand and then turned it over and started trailing his finger along her palm.

“I swear to you, Tabitha, that I have never hit on any of the passengers before tonight. In fact, I’ll go you one further and tell you that when it comes to serious relationships, there have been exactly two women in my past, my ex-wife, and my high school sweetheart… well, not sure that’s the right label, but a girl I knew in high school…” It was his turn to shrug. “That’s it.”

She was slightly shocked by that news. A man that looked like he did and was as charming as he was… she would have thought there’d been a long line of women.

“That’s it? Were you married a terribly long time?”

He was a puzzle, and the more time she spent with him, the more time she wanted to spend with him so she could figure out all the pieces.

“That’s it. And only four years.” He rested his chin in his palm.

Having finished the pie, all they had left was a few sips of chocolate. She wasn’t ready for the night to end, even though it was already the small hours of the morning. A group of young men came in and were seated at a long table across from them. They were loud and possibly a little drunk, but as Elian’s hand began moving up her thigh, beneath her skirt, everyone else in the café faded into the background. This time, when he reached her panties, she spread her legs a little wider, welcoming his touch.

“I want you so badly, Tabitha.” His fingers breached the barrier of her panties and slid beneath.

She gasped. It shocked her somewhat that he’d actually done that, and shocked her even more that she liked it. The wickedness of it all aroused her, and she didn’t want him to stop.

“Open your legs wider for me. Hmm?” He stared into her eyes, dead serious, and she obeyed without question, instantly being rewarded for her compliance with his finger sliding inside her pussy.

She moaned and closed her eyes for a moment in an attempt to keep her equilibrium.

“I’m gonna make you come, right here,” he whispered against her ear.




Tabitha pushed aside all her fears, insecurities, and uncertainty and pulled her black tee off over her head. She straddled him, wearing only a turquoise bra, white lace panties, and a white skirt that was way shorter than a woman her age probably should have been wearing, but ever since she met Elian, she’d been feeling younger and younger.

“Fuck me, Elian.” Tired of waiting and stressing over this moment, she laid it all on the line.

He spoke to her in Spanish and fisted his hands in her hair, pulling her down to his kiss.

“I’m tied to things.” He looked at her apologetically then looked at his tubes and monitors and started pulling things off.

“No no no no!” She stopped him by placing her hand over his, and she smiled seductively down at him. “I’ll be gentle.”

“No, mi preciosa, I don’t want you to be gentle. I want to fuck you until neither of us can move.” He kissed her and started maneuvering the blankets, pulling them from between their bodies.

“Then I want to fuck you again.” He brought his tone down to a sexy growl that made her grow wet and her nipples harden.

She helped him get the annoying fabric out of the way and moved enough so he could free himself from the pajama bottoms he wore. She stared at his cock. He wasn’t circumcised. It threw her for a moment. She looked up at him, realizing her freaking out over his cock was not the message she wanted to send him.

“Sorry, I’ve never…I’ve only been with…you aren’t circumcised.” She blushed red hot. She could feel it.

He chuckled and brought her forward to place a kiss on her forehead. “And this is a problem for you, mi preciosa?”

“Not in the slightest.” She grabbed his already-hard cock. “I won’t hurt it will I?”

She felt stupid, but she wasn’t sure what the difference really was.

He tried very hard to hold back the chuckle, but in the end was not successful. He put her hand over his and moved them synchronized to the tip and back to the base.

“It is only a little piece of skin. You can’t hurt it.”

Not being able to hold back, she gripped him hard and followed his guiding. She moved her hand along the shaft, watching as the extra piece of skin moved, baring his head, then slid back into place. He released her and dropped his head back on his pillow, softly moaning as she worked his cock in her hand.

He fisted his hand in her hair and pulled her to him, savagely kissing her while her hand worked his hardened shaft again and again until finally he pulled back, breathless.

“Eyieeee.” He placed his hand over hers, halting her movement. “We have to slow down, mi preciosa. I will come all over your hand.”

She smiled. “That’s not where I want it.”

She half shocked herself. She’d never been so audacious in all her life, but with Elian, she felt like it was okay to simply be herself. Maybe it was because she knew she wouldn’t see him again once he moved to Georgia and she went home to Arizona, but it was an amazing feeling.

“Shit!” He slapped his palm to his forehead.

“What?” She began removing his white tee and ran her hands over his bare, muscled chest.

“I didn’t bring condoms to the hospital.” He looked physically pained.

She smiled. “I did.”

Though it wasn’t on purpose, she’d simply put some in her purse when she got ready for their date, just in case. She climbed off him, reached for her purse, and quickly grabbed two packets from inside, holding them up for his inspection.

“You are my dream come to life.” He held out his hand. “Now come here so I can fuck you, mi amor.”

She climbed back on the bed and straddled him low enough so he could work the latex over his shaft. He ripped open one of the packets, but when he went to sheath himself, she stopped him.

“Let me.” Her heart raced.

She’d never done anything so bold before. With Collin, sex had always been pretty similar, pretty plain, pretty fast. With Craig it had mostly been the impassioned fumbling of youth. With Elian, she wanted to be adventurous, she wanted to explore and maybe even be a little wild, because somehow she knew she’d be safe with him.

She rolled the latex down over his cock, slowly, watching as she covered him.

“You are so damn hot.” Elian grabbed her by the hair and kissed her fiercely.

She adjusted her position so she hovered over him. Though she still wore panties, they were wet, and while he reached beneath her to align his cock with her opening, she pushed the fabric barrier out of the way and slid down his cock slowly, taking in the sensations as he filled and stretched her.

“¡Mi Dios!” He reached for her. Capturing the back of her neck, he pulled her mouth down to his.

Though at the back of her mind she was aware that anyone could walk in the room at any moment, she really didn’t care. Her need had grown so rapidly that it had swallowed her whole. All she cared about was Elian and being with him and how delectably full his cock made her.

She rocked her pelvis back and forth, her pussy moving in long velvet strokes, making him moan. The fire in his eyes burned hot. His fingers dug into her ass. This wasn’t how she expected their first time to be, still mostly clothed and in a public place, but everything about it felt right, perfect.

He thrust up into her, going deep. His hands massaged her breasts. Finally he undid the front clasp on her bra, pushed the fabric aside, and took one of her hard nipples into his mouth. She buried her fingers into his hair, directing his head and pushing him harder against her breast, needing him desperately.


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