Acquired in Time (MMMM)

Marked 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 37,608
32 Ratings (4.4)

[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/M, shape-shifters, consensual BDSM, HEA]

Cian Augustin is a gamma for Alpha Mustang's wolf pack. Fate gave him three beautiful mates, but the old pack law had allowed him to claim only two of them. The third, a human, was off-limits. Now that the ban is lifted, he doubts second chances and new laws will be enough to bring Jeremiah Likos home. Kane and Abel, Cian's two submissives, are not so easily dissuaded from following their hearts. They're determined to do what their Master will not—bring their mate home and complete the family. However, Jeremiah is wary to trust Cian again, and he's not sure if his feelings for Kane and Abel are real enough to make everything all right.

When Jeremiah's ex-boyfriend steps back into the picture, the wolves will have to fight for their right to be with their mate and carve out a place of happiness for their new family.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Acquired in Time (MMMM)
32 Ratings (4.4)

Acquired in Time (MMMM)

Marked 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 37,608
32 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Sloan Winters
Not as good as book 1 or 3, but a decent read.
I loved this book more than the first. Mixed two of my favorite things, tattoos and wolves. Can't wait for the next book. Keep them coming.
Professional Reviews

"The ripple effect of change continues in the second Marked book Acquired in Time. A stoic gamma takes the high road while his sneaky and sweet submissive shifter mates do what must be done. Emotional entanglements, tense situations and hot, sexy mates blend together for a rich, meaty love story. Acquired in Time features more heart and soul than the average series. Find a cozy spot and enjoy." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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Please don’t let them see me. Jeremiah ducked under the display counter, picking up some fallen T-shirts and taking his time folding them before he stood again. The last thing he wanted was for his former Master’s two live-in lovers to see him working here. Though he hadn’t been super close to Kane and Abel when he’d been with Cian, they’d had a few moments of definite tension between them that he would’ve been a fool to dismiss as something less than what they were. He’d felt drawn to the pair as much as he’d been drawn to Cian the first night at Riders.

What a fucking month this has been. He’d finally managed to break it off with his Super Dom ex-boyfriend Charles a few weeks ago and had just gotten the cast of his arm where Charles had tried to “convince” him not to leave earlier this week. Now his ex-lover’s—he couldn’t even consider Cian as an ex-boyfriend—submissives had waltzed into his shop, bringing with them all sorts of feelings that he would rather not experience right this second. He was done with the lifestyle and done with Dominant men who claimed to want to take care of him. It was all a crock of shit.

“Hi, Jeremiah. Long time no see.”

Every muscle in his body tensed at the sound of that voice. He turned his head to look behind him. Sure enough, there was Abel standing there in his designer jeans and a T-shirt that boasted the name of his boutique shop “Copacetic” across the chest in shimmering letters. He was just as handsome as he remembered, and Jeremiah didn’t try to resist the little bit of resentment that went through him as his eyes caught on the silver chain with a key dangling at Abel’s sternum. He’d had a collar just like it once.

“Abel,” he said, trying to go for civil. He didn’t quite manage it. He sighed. It wasn’t Abel’s fault that he was one of the lucky ones that Cian had deemed acceptable to include as part of his family. Jeremiah had really believed that one day Cian would bring him home and make him a part of that. He’d been wrong, and it wasn’t Abel’s fault that he had been a fool. “How’s it going, man?”

Abel gave him a brittle smile. “It’s going well at home. We have few complaints, though the ones we do have are rather heavy things.” He paused, his eyes going up and down Jeremiah’s thin frame. He felt it all the way to his toes. Damn. When had Cian’s submissives gotten so bold? “You look good. A few more meals would make you look great. Will you have lunch with Kane and me? We’re in town today.”

No. No. No. Don’t offer that. Not so casually. His heart constricted, and his eyes fell to the mountain of unfolded shirts he needed to fix. “I work until closing,” he hedged.

“That’s all right. We wouldn’t be opposed to a late dinner. The shop closes at nine, correct? We can swing by and pick you up at nine thirty easily enough.”

Why wasn’t he letting this go? It wasn’t fair. Nothing about Cian and the world he offered was fair. “I, uh, I don’t think that it’s a good idea, Abel. Cian and I…we ended a long time ago, and I just got out of another relationship, and I don’t see what the point of eating with you guys—”

“Jeremiah,” Abel interrupted, his face hardening with resolve. “I’m going to be frank with you. We missed you. Have missed you since you broke it off from Master, and we always felt your absence in our family. No one misses you more than Cian does, and now that he can come after you, he doesn’t because he fears your rejection. We weren’t allowed to get close to you, and it was something we always regretted. I’m not asking you to jump into a relationship. I’m asking you to have supper with us.”

Jeremiah’s eyes widened with each sentence that was spoken. His stomach rolled over and over in his gut, unwilling and unable to process what Abel was saying. Had they really always felt like that? He banished the hope that threatened to bloom in the middle of his chest. No way. He’d sworn off the lifestyle and Cian and all things to do with his family. That included Kane and Abel. “I’m not into the lifestyle anymore.” He threw it out there as a barrier between them.

Abel’s lips twitched as if he wanted to smile. “Well, good thing I didn’t want to bend you over and spank you at dinner then.” The image went immediately to his cock, and it started to swell. Fuck! It had been an image he’d not been able to get out of his head since he’d first started seeing Cian. He’d fantasized about one big session where Cian would order the two of them to use his ass for their pleasure before the Master had stepped in and finished him off.

He’d actually met Kane and Abel first on sub night at Riders. His friend had gotten him a membership there as a birthday present, and he’d been stoked to meet and hang out with other people who shared his tastes. He struck up an instant friendship with the pair, and maybe just a sizzle of attraction had risen between them when their Dom showed up. Something about Cian called to him in a way that no other Dominant had before, and Cian had seemed to feel the same way. Kane and Abel had given their blessing, as if they’d known all along how their Master would react and approved, and so they’d agreed to one session. That session had turned into a monthly rendezvous that had ended in Jeremiah breaking the collar that Cian had given him on their fourth meeting and his heart cracking into a million pieces in the process. He hadn’t seen any of them since.

He swallowed. “Abel…”

“It’s just dinner, Jeremiah. I’m not asking for your heart.” No yet. That much went unsaid. His resolve weakened. It was just dinner, and he did want to know how things were going for the threesome.

“Fine.” He shifted from foot to foot. “Be here at nine thirty.”

Abel beamed at him. “We will.”




“He’s on fire, Master,” Abel groaned over his shoulder.

“I can see that. So responsive. My beautiful, wonderful, submissive. I missed this.” Cian’s rumbling voice was filled with a deep-seated need. Jeremiah knew he was in the room, but all he could see was the curtain of Kane’s hair and his soft lips. The little brat kept tweaking his nipples, playing with the pebbled tips over and over with each plunge of his tongue.

“This is better, Master. All of us is better,” Abel said firmly.

“You’re very right, Abel. All of you guys are much better.” The sound of kissing filled the room, and then Kane pushed his back to the mattress and proceeded to kiss his way down his chest. I need this so much. I need them so much. A part of him was terrified that the men he’d chosen to be with weren’t even human, but another part of him was just happy that he was with them and that they wanted him with the same desperate edge that he wanted them.

Kane pulled back, giving him some air, just as his Master’s hands grabbed his ankles and dragged him to the end of the bed. He groaned, missing Kane’s touch.

Cian chuckled and ran a hand down the front of his body, tracing the muscles as his eyes burned Jeremiah alive. “I’ve waited my whole life to be able to be with my mates. You are meant to be mine, Jeremiah.”

The words spoken so seriously, so permanently, drew him out of the world of pleasure, and a trickle of fear broke his lust. “We’re dating remember? I can’t commit yet. Not yet. Please, Cian, give me time.”  

Cian’s lips thinned. “I know. I’m trying. But when we’re here, in my bed, can you forget about all the rules you are imposing and just be with us?”

Jeremiah nodded. He could do that. He was just so afraid to lose himself in his lovers. He knew it would be easy to do. It was easy between them, too easy to fall for them in an irrevocable way. He couldn’t answer Cian with words. So he just threw his arms around Cian’s neck and dragged the man down for a kiss. Their naked bodies touched head to toe, and their tongues danced in a way that allowed Jeremiah to forget their conversation and everything else outside Cian’s bed room. His Master was right. This was so sweet, so right. He shouldn’t waste the time he allowed them.

Their lips melded together again, and for the first time since he’d left Cian, he felt like everything was as it should be. Cian’s hands molded his body, seeming to touch him everywhere. Kane and Abel’s hands joined Cian’s, and Jeremiah could do little but writhe under their combined touch.

“Stay on your knees, Jeremiah. Let me get you ready,” Cian commanded. Abel chose that moment to turn his head and lap at his lips. His mind drifted away and descended down into a lustful place once again.

Abel turned him so that they were face-to-face once again and proceeded to deepen their kiss while Cian’s hand spread Jeremiah’s cheeks and circled his puckered entrance. The slick lube eased the stretch as Cian’s fingers pried him open, readying him for Cian’s use. He didn’t doubt that Cian would be the first to take his ass. As their Master, that was a given. Even if he couldn’t deal with the demands of a Master outside the bedroom, he certainly fell into the role of submissive under Cian’s skilled touch.

“Master, may I suck him?” Kane asked, panting softly. Jeremiah’s cock jerked at those soft words. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d had a blow job.

“Yes, Kane. It’ll help relax him. Abel, you may take Kane when I take our Jeremiah.” Cian directed them like he had been born commanding men for his pleasure. He probably had been. Kane crawled in between the press of bodies and lapped at the head of Jeremiah’s cock. The human moaned at the sensation. Kane took his time teasing the slit, licking and sucking just the head until Jeremiah cried out into Abel’s mouth and dug his fingers into Abel’s broader shoulders. Behind him, Cian stretched him, forcing his passage to accommodate two of Cian’s thick digits as they fucked inside his body in preparation for Cian’s cock. The three-hundred-and-sixty-degree touch was driving him mad.

He whimpered as Cian withdrew his fingers. He needed. Didn’t Cian see that? He needed his touch. He wasn’t left empty long. Kane held his hips steady as Cian spread his cheeks and pressed the head of his cock into his stretched passage. He gasped at the feeling of being filled by his lover for the first time in years. He pressed back, wanting deeper and harder penetration.

“Abel, use Kane. Give our Jeremiah something beautiful to watch as I fuck him.”


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