The Shark Who Rode a Seahorse (MM)

Mate or Meal 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 42,473
48 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, light consensual BDSM, spanking, sex toys]

Sushi or soul mate? What a ridiculous question. There is no doubt in shark-shifter Byron’s mind that what he feels for seahorse Skylar is genuine. But Byron is well aware of the difference between them. He is a monster, and that puts sweet-natured Skylar out of his reach. In his fear of hurting Skylar, he pushes the seahorse away. But when Skylar is attacked, Byron knows he cannot stay away from Skylar anymore.

Skylar has always been searching for his soul mate, that special person he would share his life and innocence with. When he meets Byron, he instantly feels the bond between them. In Byron’s power and forcefulness, he finds an anchor. But even as they attempt to build a life together, there are still many challenges ahead. When Skylar unexpectedly becomes pregnant, Byron will have to learn to deal with fatherhood and protect his new family from an unexpected threat.

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Shark Who Rode a Seahorse (MM)
48 Ratings (4.6)

The Shark Who Rode a Seahorse (MM)

Mate or Meal 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 42,473
48 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
If I tough the first books in this series was great I was in for treat with this one.I found my self crying and praying and hopping things turned out well for all the characters in this wonderful story ,in the end love truly conquers all
great series
Professional Reviews

4 NYMPHS: "Shark-shifter Byron Cunningham realizes his feelings for seahorse-shifter Skylar Pierce are the real thing but knows they’re too different to be together. He’s a huge monster that everyone’s afraid of, while Skylar’s small and sweet…so Byron pushes him away. Days later at a party, Skylar’s attacked and almost raped by a wolf and Byron knows it’s not possible to stay away any longer. Skylar has been looking for his soul mate for as long as he can remember and when he meets Byron feels an instant bond. As they try to make a life together, they’re faced with many new challenges, including an unexpected pregnancy. Being a father isn’t something Byron ever expected but he’s ready to defend his family from any and all threats. The Shark Who Rode a Seahorse in release five in Scarlet Hyacinth’s Mate or Meal series. As with the others, the characters and friendships overlap, so the books should be read in order. This one might be my favorite. It’s very well written and integrates BDSM elements into the story nicely. From their first meeting, I knew Skylar and Byron would make a great couple and Ms. Hyacinth proved me right. She’s created two characters with vastly different life experiences and personalities, and initially it doesn’t look good for them. Here’s where some of the twists and turns start, putting Skylar in danger and setting off all of Byron’s protective instincts. But it does get them together. Along the way numerous returning secondary characters make an appearance, Skylar’s unexpected pregnancy throws a wrench in things and family trouble arrives. The surprises just keep coming, along with more danger…but it all flows nicely, speeding along as the story races to the end. One of the twists endangers all the shifters and I’m assuming we’ll see the effects of its resolution in the next release. Be aware that the epilogue jumps ten years, propelling the series into the future and getting it ready for the next release, The Gazelle Who Caught a Lion. It features Angel and Clark, who were introduced as the adopted children of Brody and Carson from The Lamb Who Cried Wolf." -- Dragon Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

"Several months ago Skylar Pierce, a seahorse shifter met the man of his dreams, a shark shifter Byron Cunningham under less than desirable circumstances. Regardless of what brought them together Skylar has yearned to be held by the gorgeous hunk. Unfortunately it seems that Byron doesn’t share his feelings because even now in a packed ballroom the shark doesn’t want anything to do with the seahorse. Turning down Skylar is the hardest thing Byron’s ever done, but he feels it’s for the best. There’s no way the delicate shifter could handle him in bed or deal with Byron’s darker tastes in bed play. It’s better to let Skylar go on with his life and forget about him. It takes a vicious threat to Skylar before Byron is willing to relent and believe that the seahorse wants him no matter what. Neither can guess at the triumphs and tragedies they will face in the near future and beyond. They believe their love will keep them strong. Only time will tell if that is enough. The mighty do fall when a shark of epic proportions falls for a tiny seahorse in The Shark Who Rode a Seahorse. This tale proves that a lot of courage and true love can come in a very small package. Skylar and Byron’s romance is juicy and hot, the plotline has tantalizing twists and turns, as well as an ending that packs a huge surprise. The Mate or Meal series continues to offer fresh stories while keeping a strong continuity with previous books too. The Shark Who Rode a Seahorse is the wildest fun yet." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

4 STARS: "THE SHARK WHO RODE A SEAHORSE is the perfect culmination to the MM Meal or Mate series with a wonderful romance and outstanding plot. As a series fan, I've been awaiting this story and it didn't disappoint. Skylar is a seahorse shifter with a crush on Byron, a shark shifter. Byron is equally attracted to Skylar but he doesn't think innocent Skylar can handle either Byron's sexual desires or his physical strength. When Skylar is attacked, Bryon finds Skylar needs his protection and love. But then the shifter world is suddenly changed, threatening the existence of every shifter, including Bryon and Skylar. Skylar and Byron were characters introduced earlier in the series and I've been anxiously awaiting their story--and I wasn't disappointed! Byron was always the mysterious shark shifter with unique powers and I love that readers get full answers in this story. I sympathized with Byron whose physical appearance made him doubt his ability to attract Skylar. Skylar's innocent shyness prevented him from going after Byron and I adore that this story brings these two men together. Their romance is certainly erotic but it's also deeply tender and this combination made Byron and Skylar my favorite couple of this series. Just because I'm a series fan doesn't mean newcomers will be lost in this story. Sure, I think the enjoyment would be enhanced if the previous four books were read but it would be an enjoyable stand-alone read too. The shifter rules aren't confusing or all that different from other stories so newcomers won't be lost at all. Any fan of MM romance should read this story. I was pleasantly surprised at the big plot reveal here. I can't say what it is since it's so big and affects all shifters, but it provides great plot tension. It also showcases Byron's strength and allows Byron to show his value to Skylar, though, of course, Skylar already sees Byron's value. This plot is well written, believable and fit the romance perfectly. The strength of this series has always been the inclusion of other characters, including the wonderful children who make couples into families. The couples and their children from the previous books are included in Skylar and Byron's story and that is wonderful but won't overwhelm new readers either. And I simply adore all the children which make up the shifter families. Readers would have to have hearts of stone not to love this community. THE SHARK WHO RODE A SEAHORSE is an outstanding MM romance set in a stellar shifter world. This entire series is a must read in my opinion and this is the best book in this wonderful series." --J9, The Romance Reviews

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“Byron, Sir, please!”

Byron tsked, a sound Skylar was beginning to recognize as affectionate disapproval. “Patience, little seahorse. Patience.”

Byron did something behind Skylar, and then, something slick and hard prodded against Skylar’s hole. It was too small and cool to be Byron’s penis—penises—though. Skylar realized it must be some sort of toy which Byron intended to insert inside him.

Skylar immediately panicked. He didn’t want to have his virginity taken by an object. He needed Byron. Nothing and no one else would do.

“Sir, please. I…” He wasn’t sure if they were in an actual scene, but he needed to get his point across. He struggled to remember the word he’d established with Byron and finally said, “Shrimp.”

Instantly, the toy disappeared from between his buttocks. Skylar heard it drop on the mattress, and then Byron pulled Skylar into his lap again.

“What is it, Skylar? What’s wrong?”

“I…I don’t want a toy. I want you. You have to be my first, not some piece of plastic.”

It might have been a strange way of thinking, but to Skylar, it made all the sense in the world. He’d waited so long to find the right man for him, his soul mate, the man who could give him the family he desired so much. Now, he would accept no substitutes.

Byron looked pained. “Oh, sweetheart. I’ll hurt you if I don’t prepare you adequately.”

“I’m not afraid. Please, Byron. I can take you. I know I can.”

Byron took a deep breath then exhaled. “Very well, Skylar. But if we’re going to do this, we’ll do it my way.”

“Yes, Sir,” Skylar readily agreed. He understood the way things worked now, and he knew Byron would give him what he wanted. He just needed to be a little patient.

Instead of the toy, Byron’s fingers returned to Skylar’s body. First one, then two, scissoring gently, stretching him again and, of course, unerringly zeroing in on his prostate. Skylar bit his lip in an attempt to quiet down his impatience.

Byron didn’t push Skylar back down on all fours. Instead, he continued to finger-fuck Skylar like that, still holding Skylar’s gaze. It was almost embarrassing, or it would have been with anyone else except Byron. Skylar trusted the shark with all his secrets, even his oddest and most shameful ones. He hadn’t shared all his peculiarities with Byron yet, but that could wait for a different time.

It occurred to him that if he did have sex with Byron, there might be consequences. A different time, he would have thought it impossible, but recent revelations made him wonder. He considered talking to Byron and telling him the truth. The shark deserved to know what he might be getting himself into.

But the time for talking had come and gone, and Skylar forgot all about words when, at last, Byron removed his fingers from Skylar’s body. Moments later, Byron’s cocks nudged against Skylar’s hole.

“Ready?” Byron asked. When Skylar nodded, Byron continued, “I’ll let you take it in your own rhythm. Don’t worry, I’ll help you. You just focus on telling me if it hurts and when I should stop.”

Skylar assented with a small, breathless, “Yes, Sir.”

Byron took hold of his hips and slowly pressed the heads of his cocks in. Skylar’s eyes widened, the burn in his ass much more intense than anything he’d ever expected or experienced. Intellectually, he’d known it would hurt, but it hadn’t truly processed up until this moment. He now understood why Byron had insisted on using toys first.

But even if it hurt, Skylar didn’t feel the least bit inclined to give up his desire. It was difficult at first, his body unaccustomed to invasion of any type. However, when in Byron’s arms, Skylar felt so very safe, so loved and so protected. Byron’s hands on his hips were so warm, strikingly so, and Skylar fell into a hypnotic-like state. He went completely relaxed, and his flesh yielded to Byron’s penetration.

It should have been next to impossible, but slowly and surely, Byron filled Skylar’s ass. Oh, it still hurt, but the pain began to dissipate until it was gone completely. And then, before Skylar knew it, Byron was fully inside him, his pubic hair tickling Skylar’s buttocks.

They were both breathing hard with effort by now, but God, it was worth it. Byron’s heat inside Skylar made him feel complete, as if, by taking him, the shark had filled a void in Skylar’s very soul. Now more than ever, Skylar became convinced that his choice had been the correct one. There was no other way to explain it. He simply knew it. Byron was his soul mate.

Byron slowly lifted him, and Skylar went with it, the motion making his hard cock rub against Byron’s chest. The shark’s two penises touched every inch of his channel, awakening nerves Skylar hadn’t even known existed. It felt amazing. Skylar didn’t have any terms of comparison since he hadn’t been with anyone else before, but the way the two cocks worked him went beyond anything other people could offer him.

All thought disappeared as Skylar’s instincts awoke inside him. Urged on by Byron, he began to fuck himself on the shark’s cocks. Byron thrust up, and with every move, he hit Skylar’s special spot. Skylar was in heaven, pure, sexual heaven. He clung to Byron’s shoulders, hoping to find an anchor in a world that no longer made sense outside what he felt for this incredible, unique man.

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