Mia Bella Anna (MF)

Sweet Lovers 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,244
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA]
Anna Bryant is a beautiful and talented woman who is completely focused on building her interior design company.
Sexy nightclub owner and personal trainer, Cole Turner, owns Twilight Enterprises with his brother. They hired Anna Bryant Designs to design their first club and are ready for her to start the next one.
But that’s not all he’s ready for. Cole wants Anna, despite complications which can arise when mixing business with pleasure. Anna is hesitant at first, but moves forward on her own terms. They enjoy experiencing each other and their relationship develops quickly—perhaps a bit too fast for comfort.
When police move in to investigate Twilight Enterprises, Cole and Anna’s professional and personal affairs pull her and her business under the microscope as well, possibly jeopardizing all she has worked for.
Will Cole be cleared and get Anna back? Can Anna put their hardships aside to realize they are meant to be together?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Mia Bella Anna (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Mia Bella Anna (MF)

Sweet Lovers 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,244
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Becca nodded, agreeing with her boss and friend. “The swatches are in the bookcase, second shelf.”

“Right where they are supposed to be.” She smiled at her friend. “What would I do without you?”

“Not sure,” she teased. “You probably wouldn’t have this hotel contract.”

“I wouldn’t be able to handle it on my own, that’s for damn sure. You are amazing. Have I told you that lately?”

“Yes, but you can tell me again,” Becca snickered with a smile.

“We should probably think about hiring someone else to help out around the office.”

Both phone lines started ringing at the same time causing the women to give each other overwhelmed looks.

“And when would we have to time to look for someone?” Becca questioned.

“Point taken. I’ll get one line.”

Becca nodded and ran back to her desk to answer the other one.

Anna grabbed the swatches and finally answered the call on the fourth ring. “Anna Bryant Designs. Anna speaking.” She was scrambling through swatches and barely paying attention to the call.

“When does my favorite interior designer have time for dinner?” a man asked.

Anna stopped what she was doing for a moment to focus on the call. “I’m sorry. Who am I speaking to?” Anna was in full blown work mode. Dinner proposals were the last thing she had time for.

“Cole Turner,” he chuckled. “I guess I didn’t leave a big enough impression on you.”

Anna sat down in her office chair and sighed. “I’m sorry, Cole. Things are crazy busy. I should have recognized your voice. It’s been a while. How have you been?”

“Apology accepted. I am doing well. Business is great, and it sounds like it is going well for you too.”

“It is. Becca and I really need to find a bigger office space and more help. However, that will take some time, and there are only so many hours in the day.”

“Very true, but you sound overworked.”

Although it was the truth, Anna really couldn’t complain much. She had high goals set for her business. Despite the stress, things were progressing nicely. “We are working on an enormous contract for an elite hotel.”

“That is wonderful! Congratulations, Anna!”

“Thank you,” she responded gratefully. She was very proud of the large hotel they had gotten but was already starting to worry about why Cole was calling. He had contracted her to design each of his clubs. She assumed he was calling because he was ready to start the next one. “So what can I help you with Cole?”

“I want to take you out to dinner, so we can start talking about plans for the next club. How does next Friday sound? I will be back in town by then.”

Anna sighed and her shoulders tensed even more than they had been over the past few weeks. How the hell was she going to manage all of this and be out of town?

“I am actually going to be in New York City for my brother’s best friend’s wedding next weekend. Can we make it the following week?”

“I’ll come with you.”

“What?” Anna asked shocked by his self-invite.

“I’ll come with you to New York City. We can chat on the plane and do some research at some of the clubs while we are there.”

“Cole, this is a family event. My brother and his family will be there and so will my parents. I have known Mike, the groom, since we were little.”

“Perfect. I can’t wait to meet everyone. Email me your flight itinerary, and I will book mine. I will have a car pick you up and take you to the airport. See you then, Anna.” Cole hung up the phone.

“What the fuck just happened?” Anna muttered and set the phone down on the receiver.

Becca popped back into the doorway of her office. “Are you talking to yourself again?” She laughed.

“Yes. I do that more when I am stressed, don’t I?”

“Yes, you do. So who was on the phone?”

“Cole Turner.”

“Oh, the sexy club owner.” Becca waggled her eyebrows.

Anna glared at her. “He invited himself to Mike and Catherine’s wedding.”

“What?” Becca asked with wide eyes.

“Yes, he did.” Anna shook her head in disbelief.

“That man either has a set of balls on him or he has it bad for you. Although…it wouldn’t be so bad if it was both.” Becca winked at her.

Anna rolled her eyes. She had thought there was some attraction between her and Cole. She went to his martini bar, The Dirty Olive, a number of times to hang out and see if anything would happen between them but nothing ever came of it. They were business associates which had to be her focus. After a while, she accepted it would be nothing more and was fine with it. Until today, when he came steam rolling back in her life in a way that seemed more than work oriented. “He invited me to dinner to talk about the next club, but I told him I was super busy with the hotel and had to go out of town for the wedding. He invited himself. Can you believe it? Who does that?”

“Well, apparently Cole Turner does.”




The woman was seducing him, and it turned him on. Cole took his hard cock in his hand and began stroking it. Moving his hand up and down, he kept his eyes glued to Anna as she slowly rid of her clothes. After a few minutes, which seemed like an eternity to him, she was standing before him completely naked. She was the most stunning sight in the universe. He wanted to be inside her. His cock twitched for her. He needed to be buried deep inside her.


“Shhh,” she whispered with her finger at her mouth. “I’m taking, Cole,” she reminded him. “I like watching you touch yourself. It makes me wet.” She slid a finger between her legs to feel her arousal and then licked it off her fingers.

“Oh cazzo me.”

She got on the bed and dragged her naked body up his. “I’m in charge, Cole. All. Night. Long.” She stopped by his face, licking his lips, and reached in her nightstand drawer. She took out a silk scarf and pulled his arms above his head. She tightly secured them to her headboard. “I want you to make me scream, Cole.” She moved up his body and positioned her pussy over his mouth. “I want to scream loudly and come hard. I know you can make it happen.”

He looked up at her and nodded as she sat down on him. He devoured her like a famished wild animal. He licked her wet folds, fucked her with his tongue, and played with her clit and her piercing over and over again.

She gripped the headboard tightly. She felt her orgasm building and her body beginning to lose control. The headboard was banging against the wall. He continued lavishing her with his mouth until she was screaming his name, and his face was covered with her cum.

She didn’t waste one moment after the peak of her orgasm. Her insides were still quaking when she moved back down his body. She cupped his face and kissed him. Their tongues played. She enjoyed tasting herself mixed with Cole. She licked his face cleaning the remnants of her cum off of him.

“You are so fucking beautiful, Anna.”

She smiled at him. “I want you inside me with no barrier. I’m on the pill and clean.”

“I’m clean, too. I never had sex without a—”

She sat down on him, taking him in so deep his breath hitched. The feeling of being bare inside her was like nothing he ever felt before. It was so fucking amazing he swore he couldn’t see straight.

She moved up, almost to the point he was out of her, then crashed back down on him. He watched as his cock disappeared inside her each and every time. He loved it, but he wanted to touch her, especially since she was playing with her breasts. He wanted to play with them and touch her all over.

“Untie me, babe. Please.”

“No, not yet.”

“Anna,” he cautioned.

She shook her head and continued riding him. “My night to take,” she reminded him.

Cole pulled on the silk scarf really hard. Sounds of breaking wood filled the room.

Anna stopped moving and glared at him. “You owe me a new headboard.”

He flipped her over to her back and pinned her to the bed.

Anna gasped at the sudden switch.

 “I’ll buy you a few headboards. I have a feeling it won’t be the only one we break.” Anna squirmed a bit under him. “You wanted me to make you scream, Anna. It is much easier and more enjoyable for the both of us if I can touch you the way I know you love to be touched.” Cole pulled her legs over his shoulders nearly lifting her off the bed.

“You didn’t enjoy what I was doing? It sure as hell looked like you did.” Anna wanted Cole to clarify what he said.

He brought her pussy straight to his mouth and licked the entire length.

Anna moaned at the sensation of Cole’s tongue against her swollen sex.

 “I did, every fucking second of it. But I can only take so much, Anna. I want to taste you and touch you. I love the way your skin feels and how you respond to what I do to you - what we do together. It would be my pleasure to make you scream my name all night long. It would be music to my fucking ears. It would make me hard all night long. I love watching you come undone under my touch.”

“Show me,” she challenged him.

Cole never back down from a challenge. He licked, sucked, and fingered her with every ounce of passion. In less than five minutes, she had two orgasms. Barely coming down from the last one, he thrust his cock inside her. He was so turned on by watching her peak, but he wanted to give her more. His thrusts were powerful and fast. He knew she liked it this way. He knew everything about her body. In the short period of time they were intimate, he studied it closely, finding out what she liked and didn’t like. He knew exactly what she liked, and he gave her everything for hours. Orgasm after orgasm shattered her, making her come completely undone at the mercy of his skilled hands, mouth, tongue, and cock. There was not an inch of her body that wasn’t worshipped by him. She felt like a fucking queen, high upon a throne.

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