Strangers with Benefits (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 96,100
1 Ratings (3.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Interracial Rubenesque Romance, HEA]
After a theft at the neighborhood laundromat left Sidonie Clark without her phone and cash, she had little expectation of aid from the police. But the chance encounter that night was the beginning of ten orgasmic weeks in the arms of Officer Den McTavish, the gorgeous man in blue that answered the call to duty.
Sidonie assumed his kindness was based on his sense of honor and nothing else.
She couldn't have been more wrong.
Den never expected that Sidonie was single,  there was no way a woman that smart and sexy was alone. Once he finds out that she is not only single, but attracted to him, he wasn't going to let anything get in his way, even if the opposition came from her.
It only takes a single night of passion for the pair to come to an agreement on a short term liason.
What would it take for them to become more than Strangers with Benefits?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Strangers with Benefits (MF)
1 Ratings (3.0)

Strangers with Benefits (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 96,100
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Your place or mine?” he asked.

Sidonie licked her lower lip and realized she had lost whatever remained of her lipstick when she tasted nothing but skin.

“Thanks for that.”


“Getting rid of that lipstick. Saves me the trouble of doing it for myself.”

Sidonie’s breath hitched and her knees were weak.

McTavish grabbed her by the hand and tugged her weak spine away from the unforgiving machine.

“I’m off the table. You can have it,” he said to Patrick, who only raised a brow and scooped the quarters up.

She was behind McTavish and she couldn’t see much, but with the view the back side of him offered, there wasn’t anything else worth looking at.

When she looked around, she realized he had brought her outside, where the music was muted and she could hear every breath either of them took.

And there were far too many.

She panted and his nostrils flared.

“I brought you out here since you have a tendency to drift off.” He grinned. “You don’t get to deflect this time, so I’ll ask you again and I expect an answer. Even if it’s to tell me to go to hell.” McTavish gripped her around the waist with both hands and pulled her hips into his. “Your. Place. Or. Mine?” Each word carried the weight of an anvil, he spoke so deliberately.


“You want me to decide for you, Ms. Clark?”

The minute she spoke, he undulated his hips into hers and she couldn’t help mimicking his movement.

“What if I don’t want to go anywhere with you?” She knew the statement sounded coy, but he was so aggressive that she wanted to knock him down a peg or two.

“I would believe that, except for one thing.”


“You wouldn’t have bothered correcting me, if you hadn’t already imagined me in your bed.”

“I’ve never—”

He cut her clean off at the pass. “First time for everything.”

She nodded. He had control over everything and she would make at least one choice in all of this. “Mine.” It was clean at least. Not to mention, she hadn’t broken in her new bed, in well… ever. She may as well get a notch on her bedpost as she assumed McTavish had quite a few on his. “I need another drink.”

She backed up, only this time she was cornered by a shrubbery.

“I like my women sober enough to say yes and mean it.” He cocked an eyebrow.

“It would take a hell of a lot more than two drinks and a beer to put me under the table.”

He seemed to be amused slightly by her statement. “Well, you don’t seem so steady on your feet right about now.”

“That’s your fault.” She snapped back and regretted the statement immediately as he grinned.

“My fault huh? If this is all it takes to get you hot and bothered, I am going to have a good time with you tonight.”

She hoped so, because she was so rusty the only knowledge that she felt sure of was that tab A went into slot B.

“Did you leave your bar tab open?”

“Uh, no. I have my card.”

“Then let’s go.” He pulled his keys from the back pocket.

“But we just got here!” Sidonie sidled away from him and tried to make sense of the lust that camouflaged her good sense.

“I got what I came for.” He looked at her expectantly, as if he dared her to say she needed something more from tonight.

But he was right. She was about to get what she came for, and then some.


“Uh, I rode with someone.”

“And? I drove someone.”

“Shouldn’t we…” She had little desire to ride back in the packed vehicle she had arrived in, but it seemed wrong as heck to ditch her friends for a night with a stud.

“You’re not going to make this an easy getaway, are you?”

“You’re not making any of this easy, either.”

He wouldn’t let her go, and her girlfriends tittered as she made her excuses.

“Call me.” Mimi winked.

Patrick didn’t seem surprised when McTavish asked him to drop Theo off. “Hey, Patrick?”


“Drop Theo’s drunk ass off, will ya?”

“Sure,” Patrick said, but his expression said a hell of a lot more.

When she stepped up into the heavy duty truck cab, McTavish asked her, “Where to?”

She gave him her address. In all honesty, she didn’t recall any of the trip.

McTavish leaned over and kissed the corner of her mouth before he pulled the seat belt across her chest. The motion brushed over her swollen breasts and her nipples jabbed into the stiff padding of her bra.

When they parked, she looked up and realized one crucial fact.

She didn’t have any damn condoms.

“Uh…” She looked over at McTavish and when he removed his keys from the ignition, she lost her train of thought.

“Uh, what?” he bit out and she could hear his impatience.

Even that was a turn on.

It took her a moment to recall her quandary. “I don’t have any condoms. Do you?”

He shook his head. “Shit. I’ve only got one in my wallet. Won’t be enough. Buckle back up.”




"This is your last chance.”

The statement was baldly made. “What?”

He turned her to face him, all of her ugly skin sins thrust into the light.

“Do you want to back out? If so, this would be the time to tell me.” He looked as if he assumed she was going to take the cop out he offered.

She didn’t respond with words, but used her fingers to push the denim off of his hips onto the floor. He gave a crooked grin that only served to overfill her already damp panties and she was almost ashamed at the juices that coated her clenched thighs.

Sidonie could feel the slick heat and even smell the tang in the air.

She had never smelled herself before.

When the jeans hit the carpet, he stepped out of the fabric puddle around his feet.

But when she reached for the boxers, he grabbed both of her hands. “Nope. You want to see the rest, you have to give me something.”

Little did he know, for her, being this naked was more than anyone else had the chance to get. Her marriage was filled with nights where her ex fucked her in the dark beneath covers. In all honesty, he had rarely ever seen her fully naked and most of those instances were when they were navigating the shared bathroom on the occasional morning.

When he was around.

She assumed he chose to be deployed as much as he had. Most of the other enlisted had some form of downtime at home with their families. But she was lucky to get a full month once a year.

That thought was enough to make her realize that the last thing that she wanted was a repeat of what she had experienced for her entire life.

“I don’t want to stop. I want you to fuck me until it hurts.”

He didn’t respond, but his nostrils flared and he tossed her. As in, lifted and flung her the same way he would have thrown a crumpled paper into the wastebasket. Sidonie’s arms flailed, tried to find purchase, but she landed on her bed and bounced.

She laughed, but the sound died within seconds as he grabbed her panties and dragged them off of her hips. The removal was seamless, viciously efficient and only served to quicken her insides with rampant need.

He tore a box in half and she watched the torn paper fly in opposite directions. He snatched one off of the strip and he tossed the extras on the floor beside the bed.

Sidonie watched hungrily as he slipped his heavy cock into the latex. He was so much larger than her ex, who was a nice length, but lacked in satisfying girth.

She never felt full, but she bet she would tonight.

When the latex ring met the base of him, she wondered if he would bust the condom as she could trace every vein around his erection through the thin membrane. McTavish’s hand wrapped around the base and clenched tight. She could see the trapped blood darken his erection until the meaty pole was nearly the color of her own skin.

“I want to see your tits.” The words were aggressive and Sidonie wasn’t sure if she liked it or not.

Whether the feminist in her found it offensive or not, her body melted. She didn’t even realize her hands had slipped into the padded cups and tugged her nipples out until she was half exposed.

To hell with half, she was totally exposed as all that remained in the bra was the supple base of her breasts.

“That’s it. Pull those nipples. Show me what it takes to blow your mind.”

Sidonie grinned. “You already have.”

McTavish spread her thighs wide and rubbed his cock over her neatly trimmed sex.

“Tell me what you want.”

“I want you inside me.” Sidonie rolled her nipples roughly, harder than she would have ever imagined to do on her own.

“You can do better than that. I’m a cop, we like details.”

“I want your penis.” Sidonie wanted to slap herself.

You couldn’t do any better than that?

He shook his head and slapped her exposed inner flesh with his erection.

Ooh… my goodness.

His member notched perfectly against her seam. “This is my cock and you want me to fuck your cunt with it.” He grinned. “Say it.” She rubbed hastily against him and he allowed her to. Up to a point, then he gripped her hips and forced her still for the unyielding threat his hard body posed to her willing flesh.

“I want you to cock my cunt!”

“Close enough.” McTavish growled then pressed forward, a torturous centimeter at a time.

“Shit!” He was too big.

What had she gotten herself into?

“Wait for it.” He never stopped his advances into her split slit.

“Too big.”

“You can take it.” She let go of her rock hard, overworked nipples and grabbed his arms.

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