Moments in the Life

Mojocastle Press

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 56,503
0 Ratings (0.0)

The day before a group of friends leave for vacation, they each experienced a moment that could change their life.

As Gregory reflects on his life, will he learn what it means to live in the moment?

After countless times of forgiving Grant, Troy decides it is time to leave him. Troy's only problem, besides their financial business ventures, is his love for Grant.

The day before they leave for vacation, Aaron proposes to Ethan. As they reflect on how they met, is it possible to fall in love at first sight?

Joshua and Lucas have been involved for the past nine months. Can a relationship that is built on sex be saved?

Moments in the Life
0 Ratings (0.0)

Moments in the Life

Mojocastle Press

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 56,503
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Vanessa Hawthorne

I arrived at work around nine o'clock. I checked my messages, to see if there were any last-minute emergencies I needed to take care of before I left the office for the next two weeks. While I was going through the final file on my desk, the phone rang. I was expecting Aaron to call, so I answered it on the first ring. "Grant speaking."
"Grant, this is Jessica, we need to talk."
"I don't have time now. I'm leaving in a few minutes for vacation."
"This is urgent." "What is it this time, Jessica? Does Kirkland need diapers? Do you need me to watch him while you're gone to your yoga class?"
"Grant, we need to talk to your bitch." Here she goes again.
"I told you I will talk with him in due time."
"No time like the present," she snapped.
"Jessica, I got to go. I'll be back a week from Monday, and I promise we will sit down and discuss how to tell Troy."
"I could be dead by then."
"Stop being so dramatic. I will call you when I get back. Bye," I replied and hung up the phone. As soon as I hung up, it rang again. This time I let my secretary answer.
"Grant, Aaron is on the line for you," Martha yelled into my office.
"Thank you, Martha." I picked up the phone. "Hey, wassup, Aaron?"
"Nothing much. I'll be ready about eleven thirty. My car is parked in the garage."
"All right. I'll see you at eleven thirty. Peace."
"Peace." I looked at the clock on the phone. It was ten forty-five. Jessica's phone call broke my concentration. I decided to clear my desk and go pick up Aaron.
On my way out of the office, I stopped by Troy's office. He was on the phone. I waved bye to him and walked out of the building.

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