[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Kadan Thorne hungers for the gorgeous omega wolf, Ethan Vank, who was recently sold to his pack alpha as a new recruit. But Ethan is sick and vulnerable, and when the alpha in charge is unable to watch over him, others attempt to claim Ethan against his will.
Kadan will not allow that, and he claims Ethan for his own and nurses him back to health. He knows the smaller man is his mate, and that he's been abused. He just has to show Ethan that he is not like the others, and that he can be trusted.
When Ethan is attacked again, Kadan has no choice but to unleash the beast inside of him, the thing he can barely control in order to save Ethan once and for all, and then he must quickly tame that same monster before it can turn its angry eyes onto the only man Kadan ever allowed himself to love.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Big, Bad Wolf (MM)
11 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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"This seventh story in the series focuses on two more of the abducted and mistreated omegas. Mostly it is about Ethan, but his close friend Anthony also has a part in the proceedings. They are trying to defend themselves against the brutal alphas, but even two omegas are not a match for their abductor, another wolf with mysterious powers. And they're not even safe in their new pack, not until Kadan enters the scene. This story is sure to appeal to those who like a knight in shining armor, or, ahem, werewolf fur, coming to the rescue of those who cannot defend themselves. Ethan has already suffered more than any sentient being should be made to suffer, and when he finally escapes his most recent abductor, who took him from Rowan's pack, by being sold to yet another pack, he still isn't safe. I loved him for trying to stand up for himself, for attempting to help his friend Anthony, and for wanting to fight even when he knew it would be pretty pointless. His initial distrust of Kagan was totally understandable, but thank the gods the man turns out to be Ethan's mate, or Ethan might have never opened up! Kadan has an issue with controlling his wolf. I'm not sure where it came from, except his father was way worse than him and ended up killing Kadan's mother. Kadan now lives in constant fear he is going to do the same thing to Ethan, except the man refuses to believes that and stays at his side anyway. Kadan does everything in his power to protect Ethan and is bowled over the omega loves even though he fails a couple of times. It was great to see Kadan learn to accept that love. If you like stories with a stronger male coming in to save and protect a smaller male from his abusers, if you like reading about men who need to learn to trust each other despite difficult circumstances, and if you're looking for a story with some very hot and loving action between the sheets, then you will probably like this novella. " -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Ethan Vank groaned and shifted, but everything on his body hurt like hell.
“It’s been two days already, and this worthless omega still won’t wake up,” said a gruff voice that he didn’t recognize in the least.
How hard had he been hit in the head by that wolf shifter? Maybe this was just a nightmare. Maybe he was hallucinating again.
Ethan had never learned the name of the wolf shifter who had kidnapped him and Anthony, but the man had been powerful and vicious. Somehow, he could make Ethan and Anthony see and hear things that weren’t there. It was like being in a constant nightmare. Sometimes Ethan would even think that he’d escaped and made it all the way back to his pack before he was brought out of the vision, just to realize he was being punished for not cooperating like the shifter wanted him to.
“He’s getting better, please, he’ll be fine.”
That was Anthony’s voice. Ethan tried to open his eyes, but the light in the room stabbed at them like he’d just poured vinegar onto them or something, and he quickly hissed and shut them again.
“See? He’s waking up now!”
The sound of flesh smacking against flesh, and Anthony’s cry of pain, was what forced Ethan to open his eyes again, regardless of any discomfort that he might be feeling.
What he saw stunned him. He was not in the crappy little den that the wolf shifter had made for him and Anthony to curl up in, and he definitely was not back with his pack.
It looked like he was in a shack, and currently, some unknown alpha was beating on Anthony in the corner.
Ethan knew a display of dominance when he saw it. He’d been on the receiving end of those enough in his time, but for some reason, despite the stupidity of it, he had to act.
He wanted to jump up and leap to his friend’s defense, but the most he was capable of was sluggishly getting to his knees from the torn mattress he was on, crawling over the damp floor, and grabbing on to the alpha’s shoulder.
The man looked over at him, as though stunned that someone had touched him at all.
“Let him go,” Ethan said.
The alpha backhanded him for that one, which he should have known was coming, considering what he’d just tried to do. He landed on his back, and he must’ve knocked into something because there was a crash beside him as well.
The alpha was immediately on top of Ethan, and there was a large and meaty hand on his throat next. It was not quite choking him, but it definitely didn’t feel good having it there either. “You want to tell me what to do now, you little bitch?” he spat, and Ethan was starting to wish that he’d just curled up and pretended he hadn’t woken up at all when the alpha began punishing him.
Ethan did what he always did whenever there was an alpha who was getting to be too rough with him. He closed off his mind and went somewhere else.
It was a neat trick he’d learned before Rowan and Alistair had come along, and he’d hoped he would never have to do this again, but here he was now.
Ethan could still feel the punches to his face to some degree. It wasn’t like he was having some kind of out-of-body experience, but it was so much better when he closed off his mind.
Still, he should have known this was going to happen. Ethan and Anthony were no longer under Rowan’s protection, not since they had been taken by that strange wolf shifter. Either the man had sold them, or this was his pack, and the alphas here were mean, just like Ethan’s old pack, before Rowan.
There was a sudden bite to his throat, and then the dirty clothes that Ethan was wearing were being yanked off of him.
“You want to know what we do to omegas who don’t know their place?” asked the alpha above him. His voice was almost far away, but his message was loud and clear.
Oh God. Ethan tried to sink deeper into the blank space inside of his mind. He really didn’t want to be aware if this was going to happen to him.
No matter how much he tried, he couldn’t completely get inside of that dark, safe place in his mind. He couldn’t entirely shut everything out, and all Ethan could focus on was the sound of Anthony quietly crying in the corner.
Then, a cold sensation overcame Ethan’s naked body, and for a terrifying second, he thought it was happening, that the alpha above him was claiming him as a sex slave.
“What the fucking hell are you doing?” yelled another man, someone new who hadn’t been there two minutes ago.
Ethan chanced opening his eyes again, coming out of the haze he’d put himself into for protection, and he sighed with relief to realize that he wasn’t being raped.
The other alpha, who was taller and had more muscle than Ethan’s would-be rapist, was staring down at the man like he was a worm on the floor.
The other alpha sneered at him, and it was an ugly look on his face. “Fuck you, Kadan! I was here first!”
They were going to fight over who had sex with him? Great. That was just fucking perfect, but then Kadan looked over his shoulder and down at Ethan, and Ethan’s heart stopped in his chest.
Kadan had to be the single most handsome man Ethan had ever laid eyes on. That was an incredibly stupid thing to be thinking about in his current condition, but the thought still went through his foggy brain, and his blood immediately warmed up in his veins.
The man had nice brown hair that was short, but just long enough to be spiked, and the softest brown eyes that Ethan had ever seen in his life. The man had a nice set of muscles on him as well, without looking overly bulky.
Kadan turned to look back down at the other alpha. “He’s mine now. They both are. Get the fuck out of here.”


Feeling like he was on a sugar high, Ethan wormed his way down Kadan’s chest and legs, pulling the thin blanket with him and exposing his mate’s morning wood.
It was thick enough that Ethan’s fingers didn’t touch when he curled them around the root of the shaft, and he shivered a bit at the sight of it.
He could hardly believe that it had been inside of him last night. Ethan and Kadan had been so rushed in most of their lovemaking, that Ethan didn’t even have the chance to really look at it and observe it, but he supposed most people wouldn’t spend time just staring at their lovers’ cocks.
He decided to give this a try before Kadan woke up and caught Ethan doing just that.
Ethan wet his lips nervously, held his breath, and then bent in and put his lips around the head of Kadan’s large dick.
The man shivered and sighed, but he didn’t seem to wake up.
Ethan tried to remember what it was that Kadan had done to him the night before, and he attempted to mimic those same actions. He moved up and down, sucking Kadan as deep into Ethan’s throat as he could get his mate to go without choking on him. Eventually he had to come up for air, and when he looked, Kadan still was not awake.
Ethan frowned at that. People were supposed to wake up during a morning blow job. That was what everyone said. This was supposed to be something that was nice and enjoyable.
He just had to try a little harder.
Ethan went in a second time, and this time, he didn’t hold his breath for that long, he focused on breathing through his nose as he moved up and down, and as he licked his tongue around the now wet column of Kadan’s cock, he found that it was much easier for him to stay this way for longer.
Ethan focused on keeping his lips tight, and he sucked the man harder, swirling his tongue and very gently scraping his teeth along the sensitive skin.
Eventually, Kadan sighed and moved. His hand came up to his face to rub at his eyes. “What the—? Oh, baby,” he said softly, and Ethan loved that because he was pretty sure it meant that Kadan knew what was going on before he even looked down.
Then Kadan was looking down at him, and Ethan looked back up, and he winked.
He had no idea what was wrong with him. He’d always been able to joke and pretend confidence in front of other omegas, before he and Anthony had been taken by that strange wolf shifter, that is, but he never actually felt confident before. It was new and exciting, and he loved that he could be this way with his mate.
Kadan’s hand was gentle as he placed it on the back of Ethan’s head, thrusting his pelvis up and down, sliding his cock back and forth between Ethan’s lips, and Ethan moaned, wanting to feel that same sensation in his ass this time.
Still, he kept on going. Kadan seemed to like this, and Ethan certainly enjoyed the experience and the practice. He liked knowing that he was just as capable of making his lover come undone with pleasure.
Ethan only briefly thought about what Kadan had told him the night before, about how he sometimes could not control his inner wolf, but as he looked up at the man, took note of his rising and falling chest, and even the way Kadan gripped his light-brown hair and threw his head back, he didn’t get the sense that there was any danger to be had here.
All he could see was his lover, someone he adored and wanted to please more than anything else in the world.
“E–Ethan,” Kadan moaned, and then his fingers were carding through Ethan’s hair. “I’m coming. Baby, I’m going to come!” he said, and it was already too late because as that last word left his mouth, Kadan’s entire body tensed up, and he threw his head back and moaned out loud as warm cum splashed into Ethan’s mouth.
Ethan didn’t want to choke on it, so he pulled his mouth back only a little, keeping the crown of Kadan’s cock still inside of his mouth so that what came out of his lover could be caught on the tongue and easily swallowed.
Kadan had a very clean taste. Not just that, but it was also sweet to a certain extent. It was like there was fresh cucumber juice on his mouth, with only a hint of sweetness.
Kadan’s natural taste? It tasted very good.
While Ethan sucked every last drop of Kadan’s cum out of him, he made sure to keep both of his hands wrapped around the bottom of Kadan’s shaft. He stroked his lover’s cock, trying to bring more out of him, but then there was just nothing left as Kadan began to slowly sigh and grunt as his pleasure continued to build.
Ethan was hoping to keep his mouth working, so he slid his lips back down the length of Kadan’s dick to make the other man come again, but Kadan’s hands on his shoulders stopped him, and he pulled away.
“Come up here,” Kadan said, crooking his finger at him.
Ethan did as he was told, climbing into Kadan’s lap. “That was very nice,” Kadan said, and he pressed a kiss to his chest, sucking one of his brown nipples into his mouth. “Why did you do that?” he asked.
Ethan shrugged. “I don’t know. I wanted to wake you up and make you feel good.”
“I’m glad you did,” Kadan replied, and then started kissing and licking along the side of Ethan’s throat.
Kadan’s cock was still hard. Ethan could easily feel it between them. Ethan’s dick was standing on end as well. His own heartbeat was pulsing through it, and after tasting Kadan’s cum and listening to the sound of his desperate moans, Ethan didn’t think he was going to be able to leave this bed without having an orgasm.
“I want you inside me again,” Ethan said.

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