[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, sex toys, HEA]
Stephan Greenberg is out on patrol when he comes across four luna werewolves, one of which is his mate. He gleefully takes them back to his alpha to be integrated into the pack, but he does not know that his mate is a spy for a rival pack.
Dylan Adams always wanted a pack of his own, but if it means saving his father’s life, he is willing to find out everything he can and hand that information over to the enemy. 
Now, with the other wolves he came with breathing down his neck, he has to find a way to protect his mate from the coming attack, and keep his father from being killed at the same time. But not everything goes as planned, and soon Dylan realizes that he might not only lose the last of his family, but also the love of his life.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
My Mate the Traitor (MM)
14 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I was not expecting the author ( in the middle of the book) to veer into a very interesting new plot point. I'm not saying what it is, but to be honest, the appearance of Leon and Elias made this story so much better than it would have been.

Not that I didn't like these main characters - I did.....but, I've been waiting for something new to happen!
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

"This ninth book of the series deals with the issue of loyalty, and how far someone will go to protect their family, how they can be forced to do something they would normally never even consider. Dylan is in an awful situation, blackmailed into becoming a spy for Lawrence, the despicable alpha of one of the luna werewolves' rival packs. Since Dylan has no clue how to trust, having been hunted with his father as his only surviving family member for many years, he doesn’t even think of asking his new mate's pack for help. This is a pretty big issue to stand between Dylan and Stephan and I couldn’t wait to see how they'd go about resolving it. Dylan has had a tough life. As a luna omega, he's been hunted from a young age, and is used to rejection. All he wants is his own pack, somewhere to belong and maybe even a mate. Instead, he and his father are captured by the lunatics in Lawrence's pack and forced to become spies for them. Sent to Roarke's pack to discover their weaknesses so that Lawrence can finally destroy them, he already feels bad about spying on them. But when he discovers Stephan is his mate, and the other members of the pack are really nice, he is even more conflicted. Not that he thinks he has a choice. I really felt for him as he was torn between the two alternatives, but when reality catches up with him and Stephan rejects him like he does, I couldn’t believe it. Stephan is truly happy to have found his mate but has no clue what's going on behind the scenes. He happily introduces Dylan to everyone, claims him, and thinks they can now live happily ever after. Nothing could be further from the truth, and the betrayal from Dylan hits him hard. SO hard, in fact, that he loses sight of reality and goes off into a rage followed by an emotional funk. He doesn’t even see how much his mate hurts because of his reaction, nor is he able to consider the reality of Dylan being blackmailed. I wanted to yell at Stephan so he'd get it, maybe shake him a little so he could see Dylan's side of things. Now, on top of all of this maneuvering against Lawrence's pack, there's a pretty big plot twist in the overall story at the end. It puts the series into an entirely new light, and promises major excitement. It has put this series from a fairly simple, if very entertaining, "straightforward werewolf tale" into the realms of… I cannot say yet because it would spoil the effect of the revelation when it comes. But it definitely has me on the edge of my seat for the next few installments! If you like shifter stories where loyalties seem to be clear but turn out to be very different, if you enjoy reading about mates who seem to be doing extremely well together, yet you can see the writing on the wall for a major revelation that has the potential to tear them apart, and if you're looking for a book with lots of hot action between the sheets, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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People could get seriously hurt. People will die. Do you all really want that on your heads?”

No one wanted that, but Dylan had his father to think about. Lawrence had threatened to rip his throat out if Dylan didn’t produce results, and Marshall and Peter had their relatives as well.

They’d all been traveling alone at some point of another. Dylan with his father, and Marshall and Peter with their families. Dylan hadn’t even known there were packs in this area, but apparently Marshall and Peter had heard of a pack of luna werewolves.

It sounded too good to be true. Dylan had never been with a pack before. There had been his father and his bearer, both of whom were luna werewolves, but that hardly made a pack, and his bearer was dead now. Dylan was lucky as all hell that his father had survived being torn apart from his mate like that.

His father was all he had left in the world. He didn’t want to lose him to some psycho, and if doing this was the only way to get him away from that other pack, to prevent him from being put in a ring and forced to fight until he died, then Dylan was going to do it.

Fuck. Why did his mate have to be from this pack?

Maybe that was why he was kissing the man so desperately. Apologizing with his mouth before he even did anything wrong.

Turned out Stephan was telling the truth when he talked about the rest of his pack coming, and more luna alphas than Dylan had even seen in his entire life showed up, surrounding them all.

Poor Marshall and Peter looked about ready to piss themselves with the fear of being this close to the enemy that they were supposed to get close to just to betray, but the alphas were oddly nice and welcoming.

There was nothing in their eyes or the tones of their voices that made Dylan suspect them of any wrong doing like what he’d felt with Lawrence’s pack, right before the man had shown his true colors and caged them all.

“Hey! We’ve got new blood now!” said one of the alphas, Eric, if Dylan was remembering his name right. The man put his arm around Peter’s shoulders and smiled with genuine happiness. “Welcome to the pack!”

Another shifter, one who didn’t quite smell like a wolf to Dylan, was also welcoming, though he smiled a little less and didn’t appear to have as much energy as Eric did. “How long have you all been traveling? There are rival packs in the area, you know.”

“We do know,” Marshall said, and if Dylan was standing beside the man, he would have slapped him upside the head.

“Have you come across them?” Stephan asked, and the worry in his voice and eyes, those wide green eyes, made Dylan feel so damn guilty.

“We handled it,” he said, looking away from the man.

Stephan wasn’t willing to let it go so easily, however. He grabbed Dylan by the shoulders, and Dylan could feel the fear the man felt for him in his touch, not to mention the fact that the grip of his fingers was tight and painful. “If you came across Lawrence or Bud’s pack then you need to tell us.”

“Get off me,” Dylan said, and he was a little surprised that when he forcefully shrugged Stephan off of him, that the man actually let him go and stepped back.

An alpha wouldn’t have had to do that unless he really wanted to. Stephan was an alpha and Dylan was a weak omega. If anything, Dylan should have been punished for making demands of an alpha like that.

His father had never behaved like that to him, but with the few other alphas he’d met over his life, not to mention the alphas in Lawrence’s pack, well, he’d just assumed that his father was the exception and not the rule.

“I’m sorry,” Stephan said, shocking the hell out of Dylan even more. “I’m just worried about you. Those people are dangerous, and you’re clearly scared. I don’t even know who the hell that other alpha was—”

“What other alpha?” Eric asked, pulling away from Peter, his face taking on a look of complete seriousness.

The man had the scent of another on him, which led Dylan to believe that he was mated and just being friendly with Peter and Marshall, but Peter didn’t seem to realize that as he looked at Eric’s back, a blush on his face.

“There was another alpha here speaking to them when I showed up. He took off, though. Wouldn’t tell me his name.”

“Leon,” Dylan supplied. “And he said he’s going to come back.”

He didn’t know why he said that. If anything, keeping this pack from knowing who Leon was would be the best thing for his mission, but after the wide-eyed, hurt look on Stephan’s face, and the fact that the man had actually apologized to him when he didn’t have to, well, maybe it left Dylan feeling a little generous.

Besides, he had to be truthful about some things if they were going to earn the trust of this pack.

Stephan nodded. “We’ll have to tell Roarke about him then. Until then we should get you all back.”

Stephan held his hand out hopefully to Dylan.

He was just so damned...cute. That was the only word for it. Dylan would never have thought that word would go well when describing an alpha, but that was the way it was. His green eyes were wide, and he looked like Dylan would crack his heart in half if he didn’t take the man’s hand.

Dylan wanted to take his hand. He wanted to feel more of that skin to skin connection he’d felt with the man before. It didn’t matter that Stephan was naked and that they barely knew each other. Dylan was totally alone out here, he hated what he was doing and scared to death that Lawrence would decide to kill his father anyway just for something to do while he waited for Dylan to find out any weaknesses he could about the pack.




“Harder. Yeah, fuck me harder,” Dylan moaned. “Put your fingers deeper.”

Stephan couldn’t resist leaning in and licking up the column of the man’s throat. “I love hearing those filthy words coming out of your mouth. Do you want me to fuck you?”

Dylan gasped and panted from his place on Stephan’s bed. “Y–yeah.”

Just to be a tease, Stephan thrust his fingers even deeper, until they could go in no farther, and he hooked them until he felt that spot against his finger that he’d been searching for.

Dylan’s back arched, and he moaned out loud, so loud that he had to shoot his hands to his mouth just to keep quiet, and that barely contained the noise at all as he was suddenly coming hard all over his flat stomach.

Stephan couldn’t resist leaning in to lick up the warm cum that his mate had just released. He moaned as he did so, feeling energy and strength rushing through him as he took more of his mate inside of himself.

He didn’t clean up Dylan entirely, though. No. He wanted some of that to stay there on his pale stomach and dry up. He wanted Dylan to be reminded of this moment later on, hours after they were both done.

Fuck. They had a time limit. Stephan almost forgot about that.

“Holy fuck,” Dylan panted. “I–I can’t believe it happened again.”

“And it’s going to happen at least one more time now,” Stephan promised him, and he slid down just a little bit farther, still holding Dylan by the base of his cock, he pointed it towards his mouth and pressed his lips around it.

Dylan was instantly hard again as Stephan sank his mouth down around the length of the man’s dick. This was something he always liked doing with his partners. He knew he wasn’t the best in the world at it by any stretch of the imagination, but he knew his partners enjoyed it, and Stephan liked being able to give back, as it were.

“Yeah, oh yeah,” Dylan moaned, twisting his head from side to side.

Stephan used the distraction to grab the plug and the lube. Dylan didn’t even notice that Stephan’s hands weren’t on him as he coated the plug with the lube, but he definitely noticed when Stephan pressed it against Dylan’s stretched hole.

He jumped a little, but he was quick to relax. Stephan didn’t have to pull his mouth away to tell him to do that.

It was easy enough to push the plug inside of Dylan’s pucker. There was only a mild resistance after he’d already been stretched by Stephan’s fingers, and Dylan released a loud exhale when it was all the way inside of him.

Stephan had to pull his mouth away now, but only to find out how his mate was feeling, and he kept his hand on the man’s cock, still gently stroking him at all times. “How do you feel?” he asked.

“It burns a little,” Dylan said, and he shifted around a bit, trying to get comfortable. “I like it though,” he said, looking down at Stephan’s face.

“You’ve never put anything there at all, have you?” Stephan asked, and he was more and more excited with everything he learned about the man. His dick was heavy and pulsing in tune with his heartbeat, but he managed to ignore it.

The more he held off, the greater the pleasure would be when he was finally balls deep inside of Dylan’s tight asshole.

“No,” Dylan said, shaking his head. Stephan could hear the way his heartbeat was picking up. It got to be faster and louder as the seconds ticked, and Stephan realized that Dylan was still shifting his hips, trying to push the plug deeper inside of himself. “F–feels good,” he said.

“It’s gonna feel better baby, just you wait,” Stephan said.

The only reason why he was using the plug was because he was pretty sure that his fingers alone wouldn’t be enough to stretch the man out for what Stephan was about to do to him. Not if he was being truthful and was actually a virgin.

He bent down and took Dylan’s cock into his mouth again, sucking hard on the shaft and bobbing his head back and forth. He moaned around Dylan’s dick, making little vibrations with his mouth, and absolutely loving the way Dylan was thrusting into his mouth, and down onto the plug.

Stephan wasn’t even inside of him yet, but Dylan was already riding him hard, trying to reach his orgasm so quickly.

The man was close, that was for sure.

“I’m gonna come again. S–Stephan! I’m coming!”

Stephan wanted him to come. Every time he felt Dylan’s cum on him or inside of him, it was like their bond became that much stronger. He wanted that. He wanted to be connected to his mate the way they were supposed to be.

Dylan came down Stephan’s throat with a loud shout. Stephan swallowed all of him down, moaning and coming himself just from knowing that his mate was marking him like this.

Holy fucking hell, that had never happened to him before, but even as his body twitched and spasmed from the pleasure that was shooting through him, his cock didn’t soften between his legs. It was still hard. He was good at staying hard after he came, but this was different. His dick wasn’t about to go down, and he knew that. He was still hard because his dick felt like it hadn’t just had an orgasm ripping through it.

This was way too intense. Two hours wasn’t going to be nearly enough.

Dylan was moaning again on the bed. Stephan could feel the man’s body heat, and every sound he made was like a physical touch to Stephan’s cock.

“You’re so good with your mouth. Swirl your tongue around my cock, yeah.”

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