Cowboy Needed (MM)

Recovery 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,764
29 Ratings (4.1)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Cowboy Romance, M/M]

After a memorable meeting with a bull, Zack Warren ends up recuperating on Four Winds, the ranch that belongs to Brett Miller. After years spent following the rodeo, he is surprised to find out he likes ranch life and even more that he likes the attractive, openly gay ranch owner.

Brett can deal with being attracted to Zack—that is, if Zack wasn't attracted to him in return. A bar fight Zack is involved in causes a rift between them, which leads to a dare that ends in hot sex and more questions for both of them.

Then someone tries to kill Brett. They quickly learn who, and Zack starts to relax—until the night the killer comes back to finish the job.

Note: This book contains forced seduction.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Cowboy Needed (MM)
29 Ratings (4.1)

Cowboy Needed (MM)

Recovery 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,764
29 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I loved the plot for the book. However, it was very annoying to read at times with all the "we will", "can not", etc. I enjoy proper grammar, but when in quotes it should sound like real life people talking.



The sound of a car engine jerked Zack out of his musings. He started, and both he and the guys turned to look in the direction the sound was coming from.

A fire-engine red truck, bearing the Four Winds insignia on the driver’s door, trudged its way toward them.

Zack couldn’t help but smile. Four Winds had its share of pickup trucks. They were used by all the ranch hands. Only one truck had this eye-catching, glaring red color. It was impossible to miss, which was a good thing, since this was the one vehicle that their boss used exclusively.

“Thought he was going to town today,” Jim commented over his shoulder.

“He was,” Zack answered, not taking his gaze off the approaching car.

The vehicle came to a halt barely ten feet away from them. Its engine was abruptly cut off. Zack leaned on his shovel, the rest of the guys chorusing their greetings.

Nodding at them in answer, Brett slid out of driver’s seat, stopped to look at the sky, grimaced, and bent to pick up his hat from the inside.

Nice butt, Zack thought absently, his gaze coming to rest at Brett’s backside. He started, realizing who he was thinking of. Zack shook his head, unnerved by his reaction. What was wrong with him? He knew Brett was gay, or at least bi. Brett had never made that a secret, which, Zack acknowledged, couldn’t have been easy considering where they were living. On the other hand, Brett must have been really circumspect in his dealings, and the fact that he was one of the richest men in the area must have helped. Brett’s sexual orientation didn’t bother Zack, but that was definitely not where his own tastes lay. Still, something had stirred inside him when Brett moved. That was strange. He had no business at all ogling Brett. He frowned, trying to remember when the last time he got laid had been. It must have been a couple weeks before he had gotten hurt, which would mean more than eight months ago. He almost laughed at himself. No wonder he was reacting to Brett. He definitely needed some.

And, Zack added to himself, he is an attractive man. Zack stared at the other man as Brett approached them, his gaze lingering on the sun-kissed skin and long legs encased in jeans and black boots. If he swung that way, he would definitely be tempted.

“Hey,” he said in an amiable tone, coming to stand next to Brett. “Thought you were going to town today.”

Brett shrugged. “I was. I’m going back. I just wanted to see how you guys are doing.”

For some reason, his words made Zack spark with indignation. What, Brett didn’t think they could do their job without supervision?

Brett moved past him, and the guys dispersed to make way for their boss.

“It seems to be moving along nicely.”

Jim stepped closer to him. “We should be done with this by the time the new posts arrive.”

“Mmm.” Brett was staring at the ground, a faraway look in his eyes. Zack could imagine him fitting what he saw into what he had planned out.

Zack had to wipe his face again, blinking sweat from his eyes. The temperature must have risen another notch while they were here, he thought darkly, and tried to focus on what Brett and Jim were talking about. He started, realizing Brett was frowning at him.

“What?” he asked irritably.

“You are not wearing a shirt,” was Brett’s answer.

Zack raised one eyebrow. “It was hot.”

“I know. Put it on.”

Some devil prodded Zack to grin. He waggled his eyebrows suggestively. “What, the sight of my naked chest has you distracted?”

Brett’s jaw tensed. Fire flashed in his eyes, but he got himself under control quickly.

“You are not my type. Why, were you offering?”

“No!” The words were out of Zack’s mouth before he had had time to think. He winced at the way it sounded. Brett gave him a tight, unfriendly smile. He started back toward his car. “Suit yourself, then. Just don’t come whining when you get sunburned. I need to get back. Jim, I want to see you later.”

With a curt nod to the rest of the guys, he climbed back into his truck and drove off.

“I think you pissed him off,” Sean commented, breaking the uncomfortable silence.

“Something like that,” Jim muttered, low enough only for Zack to hear. He gave his friend a reproachful glance.

“What?” Zack mouthed at him.

Out loud, Jim said, “Come on. We need to finish this, or Brett will be mad with all of us.”




Zack may have not been sure if this was what he wanted, but his body knew. It went pliant in Brett’s arms, the earlier tension forgotten. He moaned into Brett’s mouth. The kiss was as intoxicating as the first time. It made him rub eagerly against Brett’s thigh, Brett’s obvious erection pressing into his belly.

A palm swept his ass, squeezed it. He shuddered in anticipation. Brett was naked to the waist, and Zack’s hands could wander and explore his gloriously naked skin. Longing rose inside him, desire engulfing him completely. This was what he needed, what he craved.

Refusing to break the kiss, he walked Brett back in the direction of bed. They both went down, heat spilling over Zack’s body. Brett crawled on top of him, pulling his shirt out of his jeans and out of the way, letting skin meet skin. Zack gasped at the touch, his eyelids fluttering closed. Brett’s lips moved, followed the line of his jaw until he nipped gently on Zack’s neck.

Zack missed those lips keenly when Brett retreated. He opened his eyes to meet Brett’s heated stare. His lips were swollen and red. Zack reached to brush his fingers against them. Brett withdrew, twisting his head, causing Zack to stare at him in confusion.

“Fuck. We keep this up, and I’m not sure I’m going to be able to stop later.”

“I know,” Zack whispered, raising his head to claim Brett’s lips again.

Brett’s hand tugged at the buttons of his shirt. He had most of them unbuttoned before Zack stopped him. “Wait.”

“What?” Brett snapped.

Zack let out a long sigh. “Can you…” He hesitated. “Turn the lights off?”

Brett stared at him for a long time. Wordlessly he slid off the bed, crossed over to the door. Zack swallowed. Part of him wanted to get up and leave. The other part, already missing Brett’s weight on him, longed to feel his touch again. He heard a soft click, and the room sank into darkness. The silver light of the moon filtered through the curtains, letting Zack focus on Brett’s shadow. The bed dipped under Brett’s weight, then a long, warm body stretched alongside his, and for a moment, he forgot to breathe. Brett kissed his cheeks, then his lips, making his head spin again. Then the kisses trailed down his neck, Brett opening his shirt even further.

Zack’s breath quickened when Brett, mouth still busy at his collarbone, slid a hand down his body and stopped to pluck at his nipple. An embarrassed hiss left Zack’s lips, shame mixing with desire. His nipples hardened, craving the touch. Brett paused, his fingers idly playing with the sensitive little nubs. Zack swallowed. He wasn’t going to stop Brett. His body liked this. He liked this.

Brett paused, and Zack barely had time to regret the loss. Brett’s dark head moved from his shoulders, and his wet, masterful lips found Zack’s nipple. His cock jerked. Zack groaned, his hands fisting in Brett’s hair involuntary. He stared blindly at the ceiling. His teeth clenched when his jeans were opened and pushed down his legs.

He raised his hips in encouragement, his hand finding Brett’s and pressing it against his now-naked cock.

Brett pulled back. “Don’t.”

Brett gripped both his wrists, positioning them on the pillow on both sides of Zack’s head.

“Keep them there.”

Zack groaned in frustration. “Why?”

“Because,” Brett settled between his legs. “I said so.”

Zack’s thoughts died a quick death when his cock was held up and swallowed. He bucked, arched, thrusting into Brett’s mouth. He growled, his head slamming against the pillow, continuing to pump mindlessly. Brett sucked, his throat working around the inflamed length. Zack growled. His muscles went taut as his balls tightened. He shouted as he spilled into Brett’s mouth. Spent, sweat covering his body, he collapsed back on the bed, breathing heavily.

Brett continued to suck him gently, Zack’s oversensitized dick twitching eagerly. Zack drew in a deep breath.

“You are…good at this,” he said finally.

Brett pulled his mouth off Zack’s cock. “Thanks,” he said dryly. “I do know what it feels like, after all.”

Zack was overwhelmed with the urge to laugh. He rolled over onto his side when Brett nudged him. “You—” He cut himself off when he felt Brett move behind him, his knee pushing Zack’s legs apart.

“What are you…?”

Brett’s lips ghosted over his shoulder as he patted Zack’s ass cheeks. “You can figure it out.”

Zack wanted to panic. But his body, gloriously sated and tucked into Brett’s arms, refused to comply.

“You thought I was going to let you fuck me,” Brett said.

“Well, I…not that I object to the blow job.” Zack tensed when Brett’s fingers touched his hole. They were wet with something.

“I know. It was supposed to relax you. You are nice and loose now.”

“I’m not.” Zack tried to clear his mind. “And you keep lube on your nightstand.”

“I’m a guy, Zack. I use it to jack off.”

A finger slid in. It went in almost without the sting. Zack waited for it to hurt.


“It’s doing its job, however. I have two fingers in, and you haven’t complained once.”

Zack’s eyes widened. His hole was stretched, and he was feeling uncomfortable, but there wasn’t any pain.

“I don’t like it,” he clarified, hoping it would be enough to make Brett back off. He could always…jack him off.


Something inside him was petted and caressed. A bolt of pleasure, so intense it almost bordered on pain, shot through him. His dick twitched, trying valiantly to rise again.


Zack panted. He groaned when the fingers left him, and something wider and hotter replaced them.

“I can’t…” He almost whined as Brett breached him, filling his ass. He tried to twist, but Brett followed him, pushing until he was in.

“You feel like a glove on my cock,” Brett said, strain obvious in his voice. He pulled back and brushed the mysterious little gland inside Zack’s channel again. Zack squeezed his eyes shut. He was definitely becoming hard again.

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