[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, werewolves, HEA]
Omega wolf Cameron Martin has finally been given the one thing he wants most. His mate, a dragon shifter, is finally going to give the both of them a chance they deserve at having a relationship.
Cameron can't be happier to finally be allowed into his mate's life, but a new problem arises when, during their first time having sex, Iver accidentally poisons Cameron with his dragon power. Cameron is all right, but now Iver believes he's not safe to be around his mate.
But Cameron won't take this lying down. Iver Mitchell is his mate, and Cameron intends on making a pest of himself to prove it. He won't back down and he won't run away, not like before. And no matter what the risk, he wants to be there, and kiss Iver as much as possible, until Iver relearns how to control the gift he uses to protect the clan, and everyone in it.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Werewolves Like It Hot (MM)
14 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Cameron and Iver's story could have been so much better, in my opinion. I think the author dragged it on too long in these last several books, and by the time I was getting to read their tale, I was sort of tired of them.
The poison thing was pretty cool, however.
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

"Poor omega wolf Cameron has been waiting for his stubborn mate to give him the time of day for a long, long time. Several volumes of this series have passed, and I was very happy to see that this book is finally going to give him his story. Only, of course, it isn’t as easy as it seems, and Cameron's suffering is far from over. Iver, the dragon warrior Cameron has been pining for, is having problems and I really liked how they were almost psychosomatically linked to his internal issues with having a werewolf mate. Cameron finally stood up for himself at the end of the last book. It only goes to show my new theory about omegas is right: they are exactly like cats. Don't laugh—I know it sounds sort of ridiculous, but hear me out. Even though Cameron is an omega wolf, supposedly submissive, he only does as he is told as long as he wants to obey. When the situation (like Iver rejecting him) doesn’t fit his plans, he will do exactly what he wants. Doesn’t that sound just like a cat's behavior to you? Well, it does to me, and I greatly enjoyed it. Now that Cameron has Iver ready to become intimate, he is not going to let the minor issue of potentially getting poisoned again stand between them. For Cameron, it is full steam ahead, and Iver is going to see the light whether he wants to or not. It took Iver a while to get over his issues with werewolves, having been raised to hate them and having seen them commit many cruel acts. And now that he has finally decided to admit he has feelings for Cameron, he loses control over his dragon abilities and starts to secrete poison every time he gets excited or nervous around Cameron. Being the responsible dragon warrior he his, he decides to give up. Imagine his surprise when Cameron won’t let him. Iver has a lot to learn about partnership, and not making decisions unilaterally is his biggest lesson. Growing used to the fact Cameron thinks he is right about them belonging together is another, and that one made me smile. If you like the ‘Of Dragons and Wolves’ series with its stories about interspecies mating bonds, if you think a rejected omega and a dragon lacking trust in wolves can learn to accept each other, and if you’re looking for a hot read with main characters who need to figure out how to stop one from inadvertently killing the other in the throes of passion, then you will probably enjoy this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Don’t die. Don’t die. Don’t die.

Even now Iver kept his mouth shut. It was hard since he was running out of breath with the panic that surged through him, but he had to do it. He felt the poison still festering in his mouth, and he didn’t dare exhale any of it over Cameron’s body, just in case the man got more of it and it prevented him from ever waking up again.

When he got closer to Zelda’s clinic, he couldn’t keep his mouth shut anymore as he burst through the door.

“Where is Zelda?” he roared.

There weren’t many people inside of the clinic, considering it was on top of a mountain that only a couple hundred dragons and a few dozen werewolves lived on. The few people there were probably waiting to be seen to get something for their colds that wouldn’t leave or the small injuries they’d sustained working in the kitchen.

The cooks and the children were usually the ones in here, unless there was a battle. Then it was all of the dragon warriors.

There was a single woman behind the desk. It wasn’t the sort of thing that had glass in front of it to protect her from the public, like what the humans usually had, so she was able to rush to him fairly quickly.

“Don’t get too close to me,” Iver snapped, arching his head back a little, as if that would help. He was still doing his best to not breathe over Cameron’s body, but he wasn’t sure how well he was doing.

Everyone in the clinic knew that Iver’s power was poison. He wouldn’t need to explain himself to this nurse for her to obey.

She nodded but came closer anyway and had a look down at Cameron, who still wasn’t blinking or doing anything.

She flashed a light in his eyes and seemed to be satisfied with what she saw. Then she took one look at both Cameron and Iver, as if finally noticing their nudity, and spoke up. “He breathed in your poison?”

“Yes. I need to see Zelda. I want her healing powers on him now.”

Not that he didn’t think the nurse in front of him was capable or anything, but Zelda’s dragon power was healing. That, plus the fact that she was a capable healer, made her in charge of this clinic at all times.

“Right, follow me,” said the nurse, who moved to a door near to her desk. Iver followed close behind, his eyes snapping down to Cameron’s every two seconds to see for himself if there was a change in him.


They made it to one of the back room, where the oxygen tanks and the IV hooks were.

The nurse stopped in her tracks, and she seemed to be completely without words as nothing but a squeak left her when they came across Zelda.

Who had Stacy sitting up on one of the examination beds.

She wasn’t examining the woman as a patient, however.

Iver didn’t have time for this.

“Zelda, I need you right now,” he said.

Zelda and Stacy yanked away from each other, hands and mouths separating. Stacy let out a squeak of surprise as she started buttoning her shirt.

Zelda’s hands went up to smooth the hairs that had come loose from her blond braid, but then she looked at Iver and saw Cameron, and she stopped.

She instantly got professional. He liked that about her.

“What happened?”

“I kissed him, and some of my poison got inside of him. I also scratched him with my claws. I don’t know if he was poisoned like that either, though.”

Zelda nodded, and she pulled a penlight from her pocket and did the same thing the nurse had. “Put him on that bed,” she said, pointing to one of the many empty and clean hospital beds before turning back to Stacy.

The poor woman’s face was red when Zelda spoke to her. “You can go now.”

Stacy nodded, and she quickly fled from the room.

At least Iver wasn’t the only one who was having his sex ruined.

The second he put Cameron on the bed, he was pushed back impatiently by Zelda and her assistant. He watched as Zelda quickly hooked up a plastic bag of clear liquid to the hook on the metal pole beside the bed, and then she put something quickly and efficiently into Cameron’s wrist before plugging the tube connecting to the IV into it.

Iver knew how this worked. There wasn’t exactly a pill Zelda could give to Cameron. Flushing out the poison would be the only way, though he was pleased to see that when she was done with the fluids, her hands came down onto Cameron’s chest, barely touching him there, but then her palms and fingers started to glow.

That would speed things up nicely.

“How long ago was he poisoned?” Zelda asked, looking up at Iver, flickering a look over his body, and lifting one blond brow over his nudity.

Dragons and werewolves weren’t exactly sticklers for nudity. It was needed in order to shift, but the fact that he still had a condom attached to his cock was probably enough to lift a brow over. He quickly removed the damned thing, feeling his face heat as though there was lava inches from his face or something, as he found a small trash bin and tossed the damned thing away.

“I take it this happened while you were having sex?”

The good and bad thing about Zelda was that she was too professional about everything. Nothing seemed to embarrass her.


“Has that ever happened before? Poisoning another sexual partner?”

He glared at her. She glared back at him, only with a hint of “you’re an idiot” in her eyes. “On accident, of course.”




“Pleasure” was too small a word to describe the amazing, buzzing sensations that were shooting rockets and fireworks all throughout Cameron’s body, making his toes curl, making embarrassing noises fly from his throat.

This was better than pleasure. This was better than anything he’d ever had in his life before he was finally experiencing it with Iver.

He looked down into the man’s face. Iver’s blue eyes were darker than usual, his nose flaring like he was a racehorse, still running to the finish line.

In a way, he kind of was. They both were.

“You like that?” Iver asked. “You like fucking yourself on my cock?”

“Yeah,” Cameron said, nodding quickly, as if Iver could somehow doubt that Cameron didn’t like this. As if. His thighs were getting the best workout of their existence, and he was starting to cramp up a little, but there was no way he was going to stop. It felt too damned good.

“Oh fuck, Jesus, Iver,” Cameron said, throwing his head back as he tried to pump his hips faster.

Iver’s grip on his hips stopped him from moving too fast. The man wasn’t even touching Cameron’s penis, which was a shame because his cock could really use the attention right about now.

“Iver!” Cameron yelled, but not because of the amazing pleasure, though it was super amazing. He yelled more in frustration, angry that the dragon shifter beneath him was going to stop him from coming when he was so damned close the feeling had a lock on his muscles.

Iver’s eyes changed. The blue color stayed the same, but the black pupils changed into diamond slits, like a snake’s eyes.

Cameron managed a smile. “Sometimes I expect you to have a forked tongue when you look at me like that.”

 Iver shook his head, but his eyes never left Cameron’s. “Nope, none of that,” he said.

Cameron used the distraction against the man and canted his hips forward. Goddamn, that felt really good. “That’s too bad. I bet it would be pretty fun.”

Iver grinned at him, and then a damned miracle happened. Iver brought his hand down and curled his fingers around Cameron’s rock-hard dick.

Cameron shivered right before he tensed up, a hiss leaving his throat, even though he wasn’t the dragon.

He wanted to speak, wanted to moan and say all kinds of nonsense just as a way to get some of the energy inside of him out of him, but he couldn’t seem to do it. He could only clench his teeth as Iver leaned in and kissed his throat then his chest, and then Iver brought his head down enough to kiss and bite on Cameron’s nipple.

Fuck, if he was dreaming this, he would cry when he woke up. If Iver sent him away again, he wasn’t going to survive it.

Iver paused for a second and a half, and Cameron worried that the man had somehow heard the things that had gone through Cameron’s mind. Was that even a possibility? Could dragons do that?

They were mated, but this was the first time that Iver was claiming him, so even if it was possible, it wasn’t likely, and Iver’s power wasn’t mind reading either.

Iver’s fist around Cameron’s cock tightened enough that it was kind of painful, but that pain quickly left as Iver adjusted his grip, and his hand on Cameron’s hip became a little more gentle, silently giving permission to speed up.

That was exactly the thing that Cameron did. He pushed himself up and down, faster and harder, so that Iver’s bed actually shifted and squeaked beneath them.

Cameron moaned harder, as his orgasm was right there, so close now that, even if Iver forced him to stop, it wouldn’t matter. He would still come. Iver cursed some more, not very pretty words leaving his mouth, but he couldn’t help himself. His hands slid from Iver’s shoulders to his shaved head and then back again, touching the man everywhere as the rod inside of him touched him so well. His cock hit Cameron’s prostate every time.

Iver made a sound that was somewhere between a moan and a groan. His eyes were squeezed tightly shut, and he clamped down on his mouth, biting his lips shut as he forced himself to breathe through his nose.

Cameron didn’t understand that, but he decided that he would let himself care about the orgasm faces Iver made when they were both done what they were doing here.

Cameron moved up and down, back and forth, ridiculously fast, his hand coming down over top of Iver’s to squeeze his cock even tighter, and then he groaned as he came all over Iver’s hand and chest. His hole tightened around his mate’s shaft, and he didn’t stop.

Iver couldn’t seem to contain himself. He opened his mouth and threw his head back in a moan that made Cameron shiver. His dragon claws came out as he gripped Cameron’s hips and back.

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