Maverick's Mate (MM)

Brac Pack 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 26,250
195 Ratings (4.6)

[#342 Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves]

Maverick Brac has formed a pack of his own, naming them the Brac Pack. With fourteen men under him, they all have one thing in common, the preference for men.

Cecil Walter was living a life no one would wish on their enemy in an abusive relationship with his partner with no way out.

Getting away from pack problems and a migraine, Maverick indulges in his one secret love, Chai tea. While in the coffee shop trying to forget the world outside exists for five minutes, Maverick has found what he never thought to have, his mate, his very human mate. Rescuing Cecil from his abusive boyfriend to finding out who in his pack is trying to take Cecil’s life, Maverick has his work cut out for him, but the largest challenge is getting Cecil to come out of his shell and be the man he once was.


Note: Each book in Lynn Hagen's Brac Pack collection focuses on a different romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, we recommend reading the series in sequential order.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.


Maverick's Mate (MM)
195 Ratings (4.6)

Maverick's Mate (MM)

Brac Pack 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 26,250
195 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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I really like the Brac Pack book 1, but the picture of Maverick and the description in the book didn't match. Is it better to have an interspecies mating but not an interracial one?
Wish the story could have been longer! Still, very good read!
Professional Reviews

5 LIPS: "Maverick's Mate by Lynn Hagen is a great introduction to what promises to be an exciting series. Maverick is tough, strong and has a heart that is pure mush when it comes to his mate. He loves him and will protect him with his entire being. With the responsibility of leading his pack a heavy weight on his shoulders, I found Maverick to be the one most in need of a mate to assuage some of his stress with love. Cecil is loving and caring, the perfect mate for Maverick. He is not strong when we first meet him. Having lived in constant fear of his boyfriend, his trust level is really low. He needs the family and love that Maverick can provide. I also liked being introduced to the rest of the Brac Pack, fifteen men who prefer men. They all have unique personalities that made me look forward to books about them. They are also very sweet to Cecil, helping to draw him out of his shell. I loved this romance. It is the kind I am drawn to, one with shapeshifters and lots of love. I look forward to reading more about this pack in the future." -- Tina, TwoLips Reviews

4 CHERRIES: "In this story we meet Maverick Brac, an alpha werewolf who, due to his sexual orientation has had to leave his home and start his own pack. I felt sad for Maverick, he’s a strong capable man, but he’s extremely lonely. When he discovers his mate, I couldn’t have been more excited to see where the story would lead. For the past two years, Cecil Walker has lived his life in constant fear of his ex-boyfriend. So when he finds out he is the mate to a very large alpha werewolf, to say he’s shocked is an understatement. Cecil is a good person with a big, caring heart and it’s in his nature to give Maverick a chance. The pull of attraction between these two men is undeniable. However, I did found it depressing that Cecil couldn’t catch a break, a lot of bad things happened to this young man throughout the story; it would have broken a lesser person. But it warmed my heart to see him constantly push through all the bad things happening to him and come out the other side a stronger healthier man. He may be small but he has the courage of an alpha. There was a lot of steamy sex going on between the two men in this story. I didn’t feel as if it took away from the story, it only added to the budding relationship developing between Maverick and Cecil. Even with their age difference and completely different backgrounds, these two men love and respect each other and you can see how much they need one another. Overall I really enjoyed "Maverick's Mate". Lynn Hagen created her version of a werewolf world and it was definitely creative. I like how, from the start ,you are made aware that this pack of werewolves are all gay. For me it lets me know there will be future stories related to the Brac Pack and I can’t wait to read them." -- Coreopsis, Whipped Cream Reviews

"Between spending centuries searching for his mate and being the Alpha to over a dozen strong willed Timber wolf shifters, Maverick Brac deserves to have a secret comfort drink. Needing a break one night Maverick drives to the local coffee house for his favorite Chai tea and catches the delicious scent of his mate on the air. It’s been two years and dozens of promises that he won’t be abusive again, yet Cecil Walter is still stuck in a relationship with Jeremy. Though Cecil recognizes that Jeremy isn’t a good boyfriend by anyone’s definition he can’t seem to break it off. Of course it doesn’t help that Jeremy probably won’t agree to a breakup, more likely than not he’d break Cecil up. The plan Maverick hatches is to slowly introduce his mate to his new life in the pack. That goes to hell very quickly when Cecil’s boyfriend gets violent. There’s no way Maverick can allow that. Cecil appreciates the rescue and the hot hunk who claims to be his mate, but learning that his independent ways are a thing of the past doesn’t go over well. They’ve got fireworks happening in bed and explosions when they disagree. One thing’s for certain, life will never be dull in the Alpha’s house again. The Brac Pack series begins with a decadent bang in Maverick’s Mate. Skillfully blending lusty eroticism and powerful emotions, Maverick’s Mate scores a bull’s eye. Maverick is a raw, stoic Alpha who has devoted his life to his men while Cecil considers his impact in the world nonexistent except for picking the wrong guy. Maverick’s Mate is more than just a sexy mate meets mate tale because of the deeper emotional and social issues explored. Passionate and sensitive, Maverick’s Mate pushes all the right buttons and satisfies on every level." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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Cecil slid down Maverick’s body, landing on his feet. As Maverick began to undress, Cecil stilled his hands. “Don’t move.”  Maverick nodded, curious.

His mate shimmied his T-shirt up to expose one nipple, licking his finger then circling the hardened bud. He gyrated his hips as the T-shirt lowered to cover the brown disc, and then he lifted the opposite side, repeating the action. This time he pulled the shirt up and off, propelling it like helicopter blades in flight. He tossed it at Maverick, hitting him in the face. Maverick stood there with his jaw hanging open, not even noticing the soft object assaulting him.

Cecil flicked his wrist and the top button of his jeans popped open. He pirouetted around, shimming his twin globes in a rapid motion. His hands slowly ran down his legs, allowing his butt to poke out further as he grabbed his ankles, and he shook his hips again.

Maverick was lust-filled. His mate was actually performing for him. He opened his jeans and pulled his cock free, grabbing his steel shaft, slow stroking it as he watched in fascination.

Cecil rocked his hips as he slowly stood, grinning a mischievous smile over his shoulder. Maverick gave him a big goofy smile. He saw Cecil’s hands working in front of him, but he was unable to see exactly what they were doing, Maverick wanted to watch, begging with his eyes for his mate to show him.

Cecil hitched a thumb in the waistband on his right side. Slow as molasses, he revealed one glorious mound and then snatched the fabric up.

Maverick whined.

Cecil repeated the same to the left waistband, this time kneading the exposed flesh. Maverick was leaking pre-come onto the carpet, his bulbous head enlarged and his cock throbbing.

Cecil shimmied his jeans to his knees, bending over and spreading his ass cheeks. Maverick took a step, but Cecil pulled the jeans back in place, waggling his finger to reprimand Maverick for moving.

Maverick stepped back.

Cecil lowered the denim again. He spit on his fingers and began to stretch himself right there in the middle of the room.

Maverick licked his lips and whined louder.

Cecil walked over and grabbed the end of the bed, balancing himself as he fucked his fingers. Maverick fumbled the cock in his hand as Cecil toed his jeans the rest of the way off. His hips rocked as he grabbed his cock, still impaling himself.

Maverick couldn’t take it anymore, he crossed the room and knocked Cecil’s hands away from his erotic play, pushing the smaller man up and onto the bed, spreading his knees, but Cecil rolled away and said, “I want to ride you.”

Maverick’s cock leaked another rope of pre-cum. He flipped onto the bed, spreading himself wide eagle for his mate’s adventure.

Cecil licked his lips, crawling slowly up the apex of Maverick’s legs. Cecil’s tongue trailed up Maverick’s inner thighs with his journey. The tip flicked Maverick’s balls then traced a path, circling under and around, sucking one in at a time. His trail continued to the base of Maverick’s cock, flicking it like a snake’s tongue. Cecil pushed Maverick’s thighs further apart, latching onto the base with a powerful suction, drawing the skin up. Maverick groaned loudly, grabbing his mate’s head. He hadn’t seen Cecil like this before, and he loved it.

Cecil ran his tongue up the large, winding vein and then descended back to the base. His hands splayed on Maverick’s inner thighs, keeping them apart. Cecil’s tongue ran the length a few more times before he attacked the head, diving into the slit and rimming the perimeter around the helmet. Cecil consumed Maverick’s cock before releasing and continuing up to Maverick’s navel. His mate licked around his navel, and his small hands skated up Maverick’s sides, pulling himself up further with the action.  

Maverick thought he would lose his mind. Cecil was slowly torturing him. The urge to turn Cecil over and slam into him was strong, but this was his mate’s time, his show.

His mate sucked at his nipples, making them pebble. Cecil nipped at each, slightly biting into them then sucking them in, tonguing the hard tips. His mate kissed his way to the middle of Maverick’s chest and up his neck, licking the hollow in the center of his collar bone. His cock ground into Maverick’s stomach, leaving wet kisses of pre-cum behind. His mate cupped the back of Maverick’s head as he ground into Maverick’s stomach, biting his neck.

Maverick reached into the side drawer, grabbing the bottle of lube and dumping it onto his cock. He threw the bottle and grabbed Cecil’s waist, gently pulling him down until the tip of his dick kissed puckered hole.

“Baby, please."

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