Rain's Three Leopards (MFMM)

Leopards of Leopold 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,711
6 Ratings (4.2)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Rain Daniels is a wolf cub raised in a den of leopard shifters. As the Leopold pard’s adopted sweetheart, Rain belongs to all of them. An accidental meeting at the strip club where she works unexpectedly triggers the protective cats inside enforcers Ed, Tom, and Jake Cantrell.
Ed, Tom, and Jake spent years looking for the one woman, their fated mate, to share and complete them. Rain’s no longer the little orphan wolf girl they saved years ago. She’s now a confident, wild, and a sexy woman grown. By wanting Rain, the Cantrell brothers risk the wrath of the other werecats, so they decide to tread carefully. But when an old ghost from Rain’s past resurface, Ed, Tom, and Jake can't keep away.  Will they get the opportunity to prove to Rain she rightfully belongs to them, or will they be too late to save her?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Rain's Three Leopards (MFMM)
6 Ratings (4.2)

Rain's Three Leopards (MFMM)

Leopards of Leopold 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,711
6 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Panic constricted Rain’s throat. The urge to flee and to not care about the bills waved at her direction rose in her. She nearly tottered on her tall heels, but a large hand closed over her ankle. Not yanking her down, but steadying her. One of the bouncers shouted for her savior to back off, nearing the stage.

Rain breathed a sigh of relief. Relief soon shattered when she looked down at the tall bulky man who had steadied her balance.

Ed Cantrell, one of the Leopold Pard’s fiercest enforcers.

She swallowed. Thoughts of her old tormentor faded away. Hard blue eyes the color of faded denim looked at her from a rough and handsome face lightly lined with stubble. Ed’s jaw tightened, but he didn’t let go of her leg, only ran his callused fingers up the ink on her ankle, as if he wondered how it got there without him knowing. Rain began to speak, but her lips wouldn’t move.

“Why, you’re all grown up now, aren’t you, princess?”

God. The sound of his deep voice, even though he practically snarled, combined with his touch, sent a tingle right down to her exposed tits and bikini clad groin. It didn’t escape Rain the way he used the special nickname he and his brothers called her, felt a lot different.

She saw herself at seventeen, doing her homework in Ed and his brothers, Tom and Jake’s kitchen. Saw him leaning by her shoulder, frowning at the math equation she waved back him. Math had been the least of her concerns. What she had really been wanted was the attention of the man who saw her as a kid he needed to take care of. Just a girl he had to baby-sit as a favor for his king and queen. 

Well, fuck. The dark possessive look that settled in Ed’s eyes hadn’t been the look an overprotective uncle gave his niece, but the look of jealous lover.

“I’ll give you a little extra if you suck my dick in the backroom—” someone in the front suggested, but he didn’t finish his sentence.

Beside Ed, Tom socked him, flooring him with one punch.

“Shut the fuck up,” Tom said.

Dark-haired, standing at five foot six, broad shouldered and rippling with muscle, Tom could’ve passed for Ed’s twin with the exception of his eyes. Unlike Ed, his eyes were forest green and Rain knew he retained the brilliant shade even in his second form. Jake didn’t look friendly either, glaring at the poor man.

If God, or whoever was out there, made the three men in the same mould, he’d achieved refinement in Jake. Not that Ed and Tom hadn’t been perfect in their own way. Jake didn’t have the bulky build both Ed and Tom possessed, but every inch of him was made of sinew and lean muscle. Ed and Tom liked to wear their hair short, almost military trim, but Rain always liked the fact Jake left his wavy chestnut hair curling at the ears. Not that Jake was soft. Like Ed and Tom, he did what needed to be doing without flinching for the sake of the pard.

Wanting one man was simple, but all three? Greed? Complication? Maybe.

Unlike werewolves, werecats didn’t mate in pairs and an entire pard of them raised Rain and her brother. Not too hard to figure out their notions of mating and love rubbed off on her. Some said werecats just couldn’t settle for one partner because it hadn’t been hard coded in their DNA. Other animals groups said they were flawed that way. Cas simply used to say it was because their hearts possessed the ability to love more, and Rain rather liked the analogy.

“Why don’t we get you off that stage and cover those tits of yours, Rain?” Ed practically growled out the words, gaze not leaving hers.

She took off her clothes for a living. The last thing Rain felt was self-conscious about showing a little skin, but she felt a little self-conscious at the single searing look Ed gave her. The crowd might devour the sight of bare skin night after night, but they didn’t possess the ability to strip her off the armor she constantly wore over her heart. Never before had anyone truly stripped her bare or coaxed her soul out, the way Ed and his brothers did with a single glance.


“You want us to get these assholes from you?” A bouncer nearby asked.

“No, it’s okay, Bruno. I know them.”

Rain jerked her ankle back, refusing to be cowed. Ed and his brothers had crashed her party, not the other way around. A quick look around the crowd told her the ghost of her past had vanished.

She fixed Ed a withering stage. “You can meet me backstage.”

Ed looked stunned by her reaction. Good. If the bastard thought she’d hang her head and look guilty at being caught like some sort of freaking child, he had another thing coming.




He nibbled, sucked, bit, pushed his tongue between her half-opened lips and she sucked hard, wishing she had her hands free so she could explore every hard line and muscle. Peel off the damn shirt that got in the way. Then again, Rain realized she liked being held captive by Jake. Helpless to whatever attention or delicious torment he’d like to inflict on her.

Jake only pulled out for air. “Fuck. Ed’s right. I can’t have enough.”

Still holding her, he made his way down the side of her neck, sucking hard on the same spot Ed had been so obsessed with, as if the brothers had already agreed where to place their mating mark.

Speaking of Ed and Tom, Rain caught the glimpse of the two men watching from the doorway, expressions one of hunger, as if it took all of them to rein in their desire. Moisture flooded between her thighs at the thought all three men only had one thing on their minds. Her. The bad and the ugly, the decent and the good. Shit. She didn’t think the two men watching her and their brother made her so horny.

“I can smell you, baby. So pliant and so eager,” Jake said against her neck. “You like that don’t you? To see Ed and Tom watching us?”

Color flooded her cheeks. From the corner of her eye, she thought she saw Ed smirk.

“Well, we can’t all fit in the shower,” Ed drawled, stepping in and began peeling off his boxers. Seeing him hard and ready, Rain licked her lips. “Jake, I’ll hold her for you if you want to taste her.”

Over Ed’s shoulder, Rain spotted Tom beginning to pump his prick. Catching sight of her, Tom grinned. “I like to watch, don’t you worry about me.”

All Rain was capable of was a nod.

“Cat caught your tongue, princess?” Ed asked, joining them. Jake released her, so Ed could band his arm around her waist. Jake stepped out of the shower, quickly dispensing with his wet clothes.

“Well.” Rain sighed when he pulled her close, the hard and scarred muscles of his flesh rubbing against the curve of her back. Ed scented her the way Jake did, nibbling his way from shoulder to neck.

“Christ you taste fucking better than I imagined,” Ed murmured, tightening his grip.

Rain let out an eager sound when he pressed his erection against the curve of her buttocks, teasing her. Possessed with the desire to taste him after kissing his brother, Rain twined her fingers into his hair and pulled him to a kiss. Ed greedily slammed his lips against her, all bite and no finesse, but God, Rain didn’t mind.

“Spread your legs for me, princess,” Jake said. Completely nude, he knelt in front of her. Rain happily spread, liking the raw strength from his hands as he gripped her thighs apart. “It’s about time I make you fly.”

“Fuck, guys. I’m going to get off even before you start,” Tom complained.

Keeping his gaze on her, Jake lazily licked the inside of her thigh, reminding Rain of a playful cat. Even his eyes had turned a wild shade of feline green. Rain moaned into Ed’s mouth, knowing Jake was going to draw her torment out.

Ed released her captive lips and reached out to play with one of her nipples.

“Like how we play, baby?” Ed whispered against her ear.

Rain gasped at the sudden flood of sensation— Jake’s mouth weaving a strange dance of pain and pleasure as he bit and kissed his way up to her pussy, and Ed’s hands pinching her nipple until itpeaked.

Rain managed to utter an incomprehensible mumble when Jake finally flicked his tongue against her clit.

“What did I tell you, Tom? You said she’s better suited to be a hellcat, but Rain can be a good little puppy if she wants to.”

Rain sunk her fingers into Jake’s hair. Pleasure jolted straight to her tits and cunt, and she wasn’t certain she could have maintained her balance if Ed weren’t holding her. Rain managed a retort this time. “What? You want to slap a pink collar on me with the word “princess” stamped over it?”

“What a wonderful suggestion, Rain.” Ed’s smile curved even wider, and Rain bit her lip, realizing he was thinking about it too seriously.

Rain had a counter argument ready, but her concentration shattered when Jake sucked hard on the swollen nub of her clit. A moan, long and needy, tore out of her.

“Fuck.” Tom groaned, and Rain didn’t need to look to know he had orgasmed.

Jake dragged his tongue down her slit, making happy noises in his throat. He began tongue-fucking her, his movements ruthless and gaining momentum. Rain knew it wasn’t long before the pressure building inside her spilled over.

“We want to hear you come, Rain. We want you to realize what you’re missing on,” Ed murmured against her neck.

“You’ve made your point,” Rain managed weakly. Keeping her pressed against him with one arm, his other trailed downwards, to the curve of her ass. He teased her there, one finger disappearing into her puckered opening until his knuckle.

“Go on, baby. Come all over Jake’s mouth. We want to hear your sweet cries.”

As if on cue, Jake licked his way back to her clit. One gentle kiss over the swollen nub was all it needed for Rain’s entire body to shudder, her spine to arch. Her legs trembled, unable to keep her balance, but the two men held her, made sure she wouldn’t fall. Her cries poured out of her as waves of pleasure rendered her boneless, languid, and floating happily in a sea of bliss.

Smiling, Jake stood kissed her gently on the lips as she blearily looked at him.

“I hope you’ve learned your lesson, Rain,” Ed whispered against her ear, nosing his way up her neck again, as if he couldn’t stop touching her. Rain didn’t mind, because she was beginning to grow addicted to their touch. “You understand we’re not joking around? We don’t care about your past. We want you, all of you. Is that clear, or do we have to repeat this lesson again?”

“Repeat?” Rain asked, breathing hard, still unable to focus on his words. God, she never had an orgasm like that before. Her spiritual wolf agreed with her. The greedy beast lay content between Ed and Jake’s leopards, ready for more.

“Make you come over and over again,” Tom said wickedly. “My turn next.”

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