The Ravyn Warriors Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Ravyn Warriors 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 142,945
1 Ratings (5.0)

In Ravyn's Blood, Dageus is an in-the-closet demon with amnesia and a past—a past which includes Master Vampire and dancer Alexander. After fleeing from his homeland of Demontia with his fellow warriors and their prince, Dageus finds himself face-to-face with the man of his dreams, but assassins are hot on their trail, and duty calls them both in opposite directions. Can they find love in a world full of lust and power? 

In Ravyn's Heart, Allasandro is a demon warrior with a sense of humor. He never expected to take anyone seriously enough to fall in love. Not until he met his best friend’s father, Damian. Learning to commit has never been so easy, but the taboo nature of their relationship may be too much for this self-proclaimed commitment-phobe to handle.

In Ravyn's Destiny, Salvatore is a demon Prince with no kingdom and ragtag warriors to look after. Destin is a faery King playing a bartender at a local nightclub. When fate brings them together, will they be able to overcome their differences? Or will their shared destiny be too much to handle?  


A Siren Erotic Romance
Jana Downs is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Ravyn Warriors Collection, Volume 1 (MM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

The Ravyn Warriors Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Ravyn Warriors 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 142,945
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Oh God, he thought, every sane idea abandoning him. The only thing that existed was this beautiful boy with his dancer’s grace and beautiful smile. Wantonly innocent, Kal was unaware that, as he arched, he was grinding the hard length of his cock against Alex’s own. “Please, please, please,” he moaned over and over between kisses, oblivious that he was speaking aloud. His passion drowned Alex.

With a tug of his hands, Alex wrenched the annoying cloth from Kal’s body, tearing away the aggravating nylon cloth to reveal the expanse of sweet, naked skin beneath. Alex sucked in a breath of reverence as his companion lay beneath him like some fallen angel, gloriously naked and hard. He brushed a strand of deep-brunette hair from Kal’s face and kissed his lips delicately. Kal allowed him to place kisses along his jawline and down his body. He cried out as Alex nipped his lower abdomen, making the vampire smile. “Please, Alex. Master. Please!” he moaned.

“Are you a virgin, love?” Alex breathed, sucking on Kal’s exposed hip bones a mere three inches from the throbbing bit of desire that cried for his attention. Kal groaned and convulsed as Alex delivered a hard bite to his nipple on the way to his mouth.

“I asked you a question,” Alex reminded. His voice was sin itself. The human gave him a look that said he’d lost his mind for asking questions at a time like this. Kal looked near tears. Seconds ticked by as Kal struggled to formulate a reply. Alex decided to help him along and gave his skin a sharp nip of encouragement.

“Yes!” he cried out as Alex sucked on the tender part of his neck above the vein. Alex chuckled at his long-in-coming answer.

“Good,” he whispered, for some reason intensely satisfied that he was to be Kal’s first.

“Kiss me,” Kal demanded, dragging Alex’s head up for another drugging kiss.

Alex growled in his mouth, sending shivers of pleasure down to Kal’s toes. He felt his fangs extend, and Kal pricked his tongue on the tip. Alex sucked the injury back into his mouth, feeding off the cut and enjoying the hell out of it. God’s blood, he hadn’t fanged out like this since he was a fledgling.

“I’m going to bite you when I fuck you,” Alex decided aloud, eliciting another moan from his consort.

“Don’t stop,” Kal begged.

Alex knew the taking of a virgin was a moment to be held in the utmost care, however he was too far gone to remember why it was so important. His hand went to Kal’s cock, and he pistoned his fist up and down his length, testing Kal’s reaction. Kal arched into his touch, crying out in time with every rhythmic pump of Alex’s hand on his silken shaft.

“Mine!” Alex growled, nibbling on Kal’s hip bone as he worked. Sucking on one of his fingers, Alex let the wetness gather and then deftly ran his hand down the crack of Kal’s virgin ass. Kal bucked into his hand. Alex chuckled at his enthusiasm and began to leisurely stroke the tight ring of muscles that protected Kal’s insides from his passionate demand.

“More,” Kal panted, almost completely incoherent. Gently, still stroking Kal’s desire, he probed the first few inches of Kal’s flesh, searching for the spot that would bring him bliss. Kal’s face was screwed up in intense concentration at Alex’s invasion. His cheeks were flushed, and little gasps were coming out of his throat involuntarily.

Alex found what he was looking for, and the look on Kal’s face as he stroked the “G-spot” of the male genitalia was worth every moment of the ache in his loins.

“I’m…going to come!” Kal warned, his whole body tensing. Alex retreated, causing Kal to whimper in need.

“I want to be inside you the first time,” he whispered huskily.

Kal nodded in understanding.

“Please,” he begged. “I need you now.”

Alex chuckled. Darling little virgin didn’t understand yet.

“I need some lubrication to get inside you,” he murmured more than a little impatiently.

Kal looked at him, bewildered.

Alex got a wicked grin on his face. “Meaning, suck my cock, you little imp, and get it all wet so I can slide into that tight little body of yours.”

Obediently, Kal sat up and began to do as he was ordered.

Kal looked almost shy from his position between Alex’s legs. He’d pushed himself up to his knees to give Kal better access. God, the first tentative stroke of his tongue nearly undid him. Control, Alex thought, trying to gain control over his raging body. Control or it will be over much too quickly. Kal quickly got the gist of what was expected of him, and like a good boy, he sucked the tip of Alex’s aching erection into his mouth, licking the slit to taste the pre-cum that was decorating the mushroomed head.

Alex gripped his auburn hair and began to pump his hips into that talented little mouth. With each shallow thrust, he became one step closer to orgasm. When Kal reached up to stroke his sac, Alex nearly came undone.

“Enough,” he said sternly, pushing Kal back into their previous position, except this time he was between his legs.

He knew his cock was dripping wet from Kal’s ministrations, and as he positioned himself against the tight opening and began to push, Kal’s nails bit into the flesh of his shoulders.

“You’re taking me like you’d take a woman,” Kal observed idiotically.

Alex frowned. He didn’t want him to be thinking so bloody much.

“I want to see you,” he offered, going back to his task. He smiled as he fought his way into Kal’s previously unoccupied body.

“Relax,” he murmured unnecessarily.

Kal was already bucking beneath him, demanding more, begging for more.

“Oh Jesus,” Alex whispered, knowing he was in trouble. Unable to control himself a moment longer, Alex let his hips take on a jerky staccato rhythm that had them both writhing and moaning.

“I’m sorry, Kal. Wanted to make this last. Just can’t. Feels… too good.”

He panted in his lover’s ear. He doubted Kal heard him with the ruckus he was making. Alex felt his fangs elongate painfully and twisted Kal’s head to give him better access.

“Do it! Do it! Do it!” Kal screamed, his cock swelling impossibly large. Alex needed no further encouragement. He struck, and stars danced beneath his eyelids.





“Yes, Damian. Gods, whatever you say. Please.” He moaned, and his eyes slid shut. The sensation of fingers penetrating wasn’t an unfamiliar one. He’d had women try it before, and he’d always been able to take it or leave it. With Damian…the way he curled his fingers up to score a small, knotted pleasure spot inside him with each thrust made the experience damn near religious for Allasandro.

“Ready for more?” Damian asked. Ally nodded quickly, spreading his legs farther apart. Two fingers penetrated him then. Ally cried out at the stretching sensation and the slight burn, but when Damian curled his fingers once again, he forgot all about the discomfort of the two sensations.

“Please. Please. Please,” Ally babbled. He was a noisy lover. That was why he usually used a washcloth. Damian was eating it up.

“Please what?” he growled.

“Please fuck me. Please. I need you inside. Need it so bad…wanted it so bad. Please, Damian.”

“Want my cock, naughty boy?” Damian taunted, using his other hand to grab his own cock and slide it against the crease of Ally’s ass to tease him. Ally whimpered.


“Yes what?” Damian demanded sharply, pressing just the tip of his dick inside Ally’s unused passage as he withdrew his fingers.

“Yes, sir. I want your cock.” The softly spoken words made Damian shudder this time. The Ravyn felt a moment’s satisfaction over the fact until his mind blanked completely as Damian pushed inside him.

Damian forged a path into Ally’s body one excruciating inch at a time. He paused periodically, making sure that Allasandro was adjusted properly before continuing on. He needn’t have worried. The Ravyn was meeting him push for push, thrust for thrust. He was writhing like a fish on the end of a hook and was enjoying every second of it.

“Come inside, Damian. I won’t break. Promise.” Allasandro grunted, his hips rotating to take Damian deeper. The words were enough. Damian appeared to be at the end of his patience for the slow pace he’d set. The urge to fuck and fuck hard was written all over the vampire’s strained features. It was sexy as hell. Damian lunged forward, skewering Allasandro with his impressive mass before beginning a driving rhythm that was guaranteed to bring them both to screaming release in no time flat.

Ally reached out with his mind, needing to feel the closeness that came with sex. It wasn’t just a physical act with him. It was a mental one as well. His mind was the strongest of the Ravyns, and gallivanting around other people’s heads was second nature to him. He gasped as their minds merged together. His vision blurred as he saw through his own eyes and his lover’s at the same time. It made his head spin.

“Bloody hell, what are you doing?” Damian gasped, his hips jerking harder as their minds slid into one another. He groaned louder and angled his hips to the exact angle Ally needed.

“Yes!” Ally cried out. His hands snaked up and left scratch marks down Damian’s muscular back. The pleasure flowed back and forth between, building as it flowed. It was a ricochet effect that Allasandro had never experienced with any other lover. Of course he’d never had a vampire lover before. Every individual sensation of pleasure rippled through the other person until they were both overly sensitized by touch. They gasped in unison as the orgasm began. Neither of them knew who’d started to fall first, but they were racing to completion together.

Damian’s hips lost their rhythm, and it became a hard pounding that sought only his own pleasure. Ally was right there with him. He cried out over and over, babbling incoherently and loving the expressions that were crossing Damian’s face as their minds’ joining took him higher. Damian grunted from the exertion and his cock nailed Allasandro’s prostate with every lunge. Ally had a feeling that experiencing the pleasure internally and externally tested the limits of what Damian knew of ultimate pleasure. Gods knew that this had just become the most intense sexual encounter of Ally’s considerably long life.





“Make love to me?” Destin asked almost shyly. He’d obviously never spoken those words before to anyone. He may have fucked. He may have had sex. He may have played. But he’d never made love. Salvatore would be a first in that regard. Salvatore gave him a kiss that was as sweet as sin in gratitude for the gift that Destin was unwittingly giving him.

“Yes, my Destiny. I will make love to you.” Salvatore kissed his lips again, just as sweetly. Their tongues tangled in a lazy, sensual movement that was designed to make Destin breathless. Salvatore cupped the back of one of Destin’s legs and put it over his shoulder, opening his body up to his pleasure. With the other hand he grabbed the lubrication and squeezed a generous amount on the thick head of his cock. Destin may have prepared himself and gone through a good, long orgasm, but Salvatore was still a descendant of dragons and as such was very well endowed if he did say so himself. He leaned forward and kissed his lips.

“Ready for me, baby?” Salvatore asked. Deep crimson eyes clashed with deep chocolate brown. Destin had to look away. The intensity of Salvatore’s emotions left him feeling raw.

“Yes, please. I’m yours, Salvatore. Finally yours.” It was the closest Destin had come to admitting his feelings. Salvatore’s heart expanded impossibly. He took himself in hand and slowly began the long press inside his lover.

The tight perineum tightened at first around the foreign invader, but the lubrication aided the transition. Destin took a breath to calm, allowing Salvatore to slide another inch of hard cock into his tight and recently unused passage.

“Tight,” Salvatore murmured, gritting his teeth. The way Destin’s body was hugging him was making it difficult to concentrate on going as slow as he needed to.

“It’s been a while,” Destin admitted, taking a deep breath in an effort to loosen up. “I switch. I like top and bottom but…” He paused as Salvatore slid in another half an inch. “It’s been a while since I’ve been on bottom. Terren did me once or twice but…he preferred bottom.” It was the first real mention Destin had ever made about Terren, and Salvatore was thankful that he would share it with him in this intimate moment.

“I’ll take care of you, Destin,” Salvatore promised, his hips jerking forward a little more. Destin panted as Salvatore struggled to get the last two inches of arousal stuffed into his tight hole.

“Want you inside me,” Destin said, starting to shake. “Need you deep. Want to feel you for days afterwards.” The words had Salvatore biting back a snarl of satisfaction. There was nothing more beautiful than Destin’s surrender.

“Like that,” Destin encouraged, scoring Salvatore’s back with his claws. Where the claws had come from, Salvatore had no idea, but they felt right digging into his back as their bodies joined. “Come on, baby. All the way. I want all of you.”

“Don’t know if I’ll fit,” Salvatore grunted. As aroused as he was, his base was thicker than normal, and he was terrified of hurting his lover. He was sweating profusely, the liquid making a trail down his spine and down his face. The restraint was admirable but unneeded.

“I won’t break, Salvatore,” Destin said gently, reading his mind. “Forward and back. Shallow thrusts. It’ll help you get there.” He smiled as if he found something amusing despite the depth and breadth of their mutual arousal.

“What?” Salvatore asked.

Destin shook his head. “Nothing. You’re just cute.” Salvatore frowned.

“I’m not cute.”

Destin nodded. “Yes, you are. Beautiful, too, especially when you’re showing me how much you want to please me.” Salvatore rumbled but didn’t reply. There was entirely too much talking going on for lovemaking. He knew his inexperience was showing. Yes, he’d gotten more since coming to Underhill, but he still wasn’t entirely used to it.

“I’m sorry,” Salvatore panted, twisting his hips. The swelling on his base had never happened to him before. It was throwing him off. He started moving, obeying the suggestion that his lover had given him.

The plunge and withdrawal had him adjusting in no time until Destin was shuddering with each forward movement and whimpering with each withdrawal.

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