[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, elves, HEA]
Zed and the leader of the elf territory have bickered back and forth for centuries. During one forced meeting, he meets the elf king’s son, Luka, a spoiled elf that doesn’t seem to care about anything. 
Luka lives a tortured life, forced to play a game he doesn’t know how to stop playing. He longs for his mate to love him. One day he meets Zed, but his mate is not the loving man that has invaded his dreams night after night.
After being burned over and over again, Zed demands that everyone in his life be honest. After years of abuse, Luka doesn’t trust anyone. While waiting for Zed to hurt him, Luka tells his mate things he thinks Zed wants to hear. Can Zed learn to forgive all the lies? Will Luka learn to trust Zed with his heart?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Zed's Dishonest Mate (MM)
13 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




The elf prince looked up to glare at Zed. His eyes shone with a fierce anger that took Zed’s breath away. Then the prince turned and Zed caught sight of the long, lean neck. He wanted to sink his teeth in and drink the elf’s blood and then lick the wound closed, but he didn’t want to stop at the prince’s neck. He wanted to move down the elf prince’s body, tasting every inch of his warm, tasty skin.

Zed refocused on the prince’s eyes. The anger blazed through them. Zed should’ve been annoyed by the hostile glare, but the fire turned him on. Even the thin-lipped glower had his shaft hard. He wanted to make the prince even angrier to see the anger radiate through the younger man’s body, not only his face. The strong connection left him confused. He’d lived for centuries, but never felt an instant connection like this. It went beyond sexual desire. He wouldn’t mind fucking the elf’s ass, but he wanted more.

The prince cleared his throat. “Sorry, Prince Zed. I can’t help it. Your constant whining annoys me. The way you pound your fist on the table and demand that everyone follow your orders is typical of an overbearing and frankly pompous leader.”

Zed couldn’t believe his ears. Was this brat disrespecting him? King Kane chuckled beside his son. “Watch yourself, boy. I’ve lived far longer than a fragile little prince pretending he can rule.”

“My name is Luka, not boy. If you’re going to threaten someone try using the person’s name. It sounds a little more menacing. Coming from you, Prince Zed, you need all the help you can get because you’re not the least bit scary.” The tips of Luka’s pointed ears turned red.

“Luka, dear boy,” Zed said, watching the red move from the elf’s ears to lightly cover his entire face with a soft, pink tint. He enjoyed making Luka angry. He couldn’t explain why, but the blushed face turned him rock hard. He imagined the elf’s white skin turning pink with wanton need as the desire took over. He wanted to play with the smaller man’s body for hours, preventing any climax until the elf was whimpering under his fingertips. He might talk tough, but when it came down to it, he would be begging for a man’s cock. “When I want to threaten you I will, but right now I’m merely concerned about your welfare,” Zed said in a tone full of sarcasm with a slight bit of desire mixed in.

“Concerned?” Luka questioned, with a mixture of confusion and suspicion.

“Yes, if you’re not careful, one morning you will wake up with your throat torn out or a fat cock shoved up your ass,” Zed warned. The light pink tone darkened as the prince flinched back at Zed’s crude language.

Zed watched as Luka’s body relaxed. His eyes reflected pure innocence, but Zed immediately recognized the spark of mischief that played within the deep, violet-blue orbs. He was good at changing facial expressions, but it was a little disconcerting as the elf prince changed expressions to suppress his emotions. Zed focused on the man’s perfectly formed face. He zoomed in with the projector, so it focused only on the elf prince.

Luka’s lips turned upwards. He looked directly into the camera, trying to focus on Zed, but with a teleconference he needed to look directly into the camera lens and not at a single person. It was an interesting bluff.

“Prince Zed, I’m very understanding. If you need to threaten someone to feel less inadequate, then reflect the pain from your incompetence and inability to protect your property upon me. Whatever it takes for you to feel like a man again.”

“You little bastard…” Zed said, standing from his chair. His eyes glowed red as they focused on the elf prince. Did this self-centered brat think he could insult the prince of the entire vampire race and get away with it?

“Hit a nerve,” Luka said, dusting pretend dirt from his shirt sleeve. “The vampire prince seems like a pussy these days. He can’t protect his territory. Probably can’t even get it up anymore,” Luka added, and paused for a moment before continuing. “Since you probably don’t have a fat cock let alone one that can perform, are you threatening to rip out my throat?”

“Meet me later, elf, and I will show you who can’t get it up anymore,” Zed sneered. He looked at the prince and made a promise to himself. He swore when he met the brat, and he would meet him, that he’d personally show Luka he could get it up. He planned on bending the elf over a flat surface and fucking him so hard he’d feel it days later. Someone had to show the elf some manners and that there were consequences for carelessly used words. Zed planned to enjoy teaching the elf prince that lesson.




Luka smirked. “I want to wrap my lips around your long, thick cock, sucking on the tip, before sliding the whole shaft into my mouth.”

Zed laughed. “I like it when you tell me what you need.” He moved forward and sat on the edge of the bed.

Luka leaned over him and sucked on the twin sacs, ignoring Zed’s massive length. He smiled at the moan he received from his soon-to-be lover. His hands rubbed down Zed’s thighs as his tongue moved up Zed’s long length. He arrived at the tip, licking off the pre-cum. His tongue played with the sensitive tip before sucking on the cock. He moved his mouth up and down, tasting the delicious juices. Luka reached down to stroke his own cock, but Zed’s voice stopped him.

“Wait until I’m fucking you.” The voice demanded complete surrender, but promised an award for compliance.

“You keep promising to stick your cock up my ass, but as of right now, nothing’s happened.” Luka rubbed Zed’s erection. He looked as innocent as possible. “You can get it up. Maybe you don’t know what to do with it.”

Zed gazed at Luka. “You really like playing with fire.” The vampire prince pulled out lube from the side table. He squirted some on his fingers before thrusting one into Luka’s ass. “In a few minutes, you will see that I know what to do with a hard cock.” Zed pushed in a second finger. “No, you’ll feel it as I fuck you long and hard. Maybe, I’ll fuck you all night to prove my point.”

Luka groaned. “All night. Don’t get ahead of yourself. I have yet to feel that thick cock inside of me. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”

The fingers thrust in and out as Zed bit his neck. Luka wrapped his arms around his mate. Zed pushed in the third finger. The fingers explored his most intimate part, pushing in and pulling it. It spread him wide, opening him for what came next.

“I hope you had plenty of sleep because I am going to fuck you long and hard.” He pulled out the fingers and positioned his hard cock at Luka’s entrance. Luka tried to push his hips down, but Zed kept him steady as he slowly entered his body.

“Luka, let me lead. It’s your first time. We need to take it slow.”

“I don’t care. I want your entire cock in my ass now. Are you man enough for that?”

Zed looked directly into his eyes and with one hard push he slammed into Luka. He felt the burn and arched his back. Nothing compared to being completely and utterly filled. Zed froze, giving Luka time to adjust before slowly moving in and out. The pace was slow and steady, but Luka wanted more.

“Faster, harder,” Luka moaned.

Zed laughed. “Oh no. I’m in control here. I say how hard and how fast.” He slammed in hard and Luka thought he saw stars. The pace increased as Zed thrust in and out. Soon Zed was slamming into Luka’s body.

He pulled Zed down into a kiss as he rode out the passion. The bed creaked under them. His legs were grabbed under his thighs and then pushed up and out. Zed pushed deeper into his ass. He threw his head back and moaned. It felt so good. His hands needed something to grab. First his fingers wrapped around the blanket then moved up to the headboard before finally resting in his hair.

Zed reached between their bodies and started to stroke his cock. Up and down, and then he pulled the tip down and let go. The double sensation of the cock spreading him wide and the hand stroking him became too much. He felt the heat in his groin burn hotter. Zed leaned down and licked Luka’s neck, sucking the sensitive flesh.

“I will bite into you as I release my seed inside of your body, marking you as mine. There’s no going back,” Zed panted. His large mate strained to control his body.

Luka nodded. He couldn’t speak even if he wanted to. Zed leaned down and bit into Luka’s neck. He felt their lives connect as one. Zed pounded into him as their souls joined. He felt his blood chill and Zed’s skin warm. His mate burned inside of him. Soon, his cock exploded. The tears slid down his cheek as he felt connected to his mate. They were one. Zed picked up speed and Luka wrapped his legs around Zed’s waist, encouraging the vampire to move faster and harder. Zed obliged. Soon the vampire spilled hot cum inside. He was stuffed with both his mate’s softening cock and his cum. He had never felt so complete.

He looked up at his mate and smiled. Zed smirked back.

“Well, it looks like you were wrong. I am able to get it up just fine.”

Luka smiled at the pompous look on his mate’s face. “Really, that was one time. Who says you can do it again?”

Zed’s eyes widened. “I’m going to pound your ass until noon. For the next few hours you will know nothing but my cock, marking and stretching you.”

Luka bent his leg. Zed looked determined to fill him again and again. His ass felt a slight burn, but he wanted their bodies to connect over and over again.

“Don’t strain yourself. Remember you’re pretty old. Do you have what it takes to fuck me for hours?” Luka moaned, thinking about the possibilities. Zed’s cum leaked from his ass. He wanted to be covered in it.

Zed pushed Luka’s strawberry-blond hair out of his eyes. “My saliva and seed inside will help your body heal faster. I wouldn’t hurt you, but I’m going to fuck you long and hard. It looks like my mate has an insatiable desire for sex.”

“Please, the only thing I desire is my mate’s cock. I’m just not sure he can keep up.”

The look in Zed’s eyes promised a night he’d never forget.

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