[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves. HEA]
Ethan Thackeray is a 21-year-old who has his share of problems, like the fact that he gets attacked by a group of vicious gay-bashers coming out of a club. Enter Adam James, a werewolf alpha who just happened to be at the right place at the right time. After a night in the hospital, Ethan wakes to an introduction to his savior, and sparks fly.
Adam feels something strong, pulling him towards Ethan in a way he can’t describe. The catch, however, is that humanity doesn’t know about the existence of supernatural beings, and after an eventual romantic tryst, Adam becomes 100% sure Ethan is his true mate: the mate fate intertwined into his life.
With rogue shifters in his pack’s periphery and having to be honest to the person who completes him, Adam is distraught. Will Adam and Ethan find their happily ever after, or will Ethan have a rude awakening to the world of the supernatural?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Rude Awakening (MM)
10 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Ethan was not a people person, but he enjoy his friends and going dancing. One night they went dancing and his friends went home and he stay. On his way home from the club, he is attack by 3 people. Before he become to hurt he is saved by Adam and Thatcher. Ethan can't describe the feeling he has towards Adam, cause he usually doesn't like people. Once he gets to know and start dating Adam. He is invite to a party at Adam home with some of his friends. This is at the time that Ethan learn that there is more in the world then humans. He finds out that his boyfriend is a wolf shifter and he runs. Finally he realize that he is meant to be with Adam and returns to him. This awesome books and the characters draw you in.
OVERALL IMPRESSION OF THE BOOK: This is awesome book very hard to put down.I definitely recommend this book and cant wait for the next one.

MY RATING: 5 Hearts *****
virginia lee
Normally, I'm not really into M/M books. Also, not particularly into paranormal stuff either. When I read the excerpts for this book though, I found myself buying it despite my normal reading habits. Then I binge read this in one sitting. I loved the main characters. I loved the story line. The sex was ridiculously hot. I could NOT put it down!

I can't wait to read more from this author! <3
Michelle Roth




“Hey, I told you to go home with us when we left. Now, look. Bet you’re thinking we should always come home together, now, huh? Finding a random John to hook up with isn’t such a good idea after all,” Kai added gently, the nagging tone in his voice oddly reassuring to Ethan.

“Mm-hmm,” Ethan said gently, not even trying to fight Kai at the moment—because first of all, he wasn’t trying to find some random person to have sex with that night. He just wanted to dance…but he did acquiesce to Kai’s saying that there was safety in numbers. The attack was proof of it.

Ethan closed his eyes and attempted to shift into a more comfortable position. Wincing, he felt Kai’s grip against his body when the man helped him shift into an easier position, saying the words “Careful, careful” every so often. “What happened to the guys who…?”

Ethan didn’t need to fill in the blanks. Kai looked at him for a moment and sighed.

“Well, they were caught. Apparently the guys who attacked you got attacked themselves. They’re all pretty much in jail, now, though. Or at least, on trial and on their way to prison.” From hearing that, Ethan did breathe a sigh of relief. He didn’t need to know more. Not at this time, when he was still recovering and recuperating. That headache could be dealt with later. “Count your blessings. At least they’re not going to come for you anymore.”

Now who’s laughing, PTSD? Ethan thought grimly. Even in this condition, he could still crack a joke. But then again, he knew he’d suffered much worse than being beat up by a couple of hypocrites.

“So where’re the guys?” Ethan mumbled softly. Kai settled back into the chair.

“Well, Jayce is on his way to take over my duties of watching you. He just got caught up with school and work. Zack is well. He’s trying to find out what happened to the people who attacked you, mostly for his own sense of sick satisfaction that they got their just desserts. And Rain is talking to Adam, because he’s been here for some time, you know, with him not having a job and all.”


“Oh, Adam. Adam James is the guy who saved you.”

Ethan opened his eyes and attempted to raise an eyebrow at Kai. Kai, who tried to put on some television, turned to Ethan and spoke gently. Pursing his lips into a sort of smirk, he sighed dreamily. “You should meet him, you know. He’s been here since last night and hasn’t moved an inch from the waiting room. It seems like he’s waiting to hear news of you. He’s been in the waiting room because the doctors wouldn’t allow him in without your permission, and you haven’t been awake for a day.”

Looking outside the window, he could see a stream of sunlight coming in—so Kai could have been wrong, it could have been more than a day, or even a little less than one. He definitely knew it was night time when he was attacked, after all. There were certain things one just doesn’t forget.

Ethan only nodded once. Was he the man with the wolfish eyes? But that couldn’t be. Ethan thought hard. Wasn’t there a wolf there? Why didn’t he get eaten? Why was there even a wolf so close to where he was? That was just odd. Was he seeing things in a haze of pain? The thoughts were making Ethan’s head hurt, but then again, what happened was a pretty traumatic event. Ethan definitely knew he didn’t feel as safe as he did before. The streets were no place for a person, he thought dryly.

There was this sort of niggling feeling inside of him, though, something telling him that he needed to meet this Adam James person. He felt a twinge of something deep inside his heart for this man he never met, this man who saved him. Oh, how odd—and I thought I didn’t have any heart, Ethan thought dryly, trying very hard not to smirk at his self-deprecating little joke.

“Also, might I say, Adam does look good enough to eat.”

Ethan peered up from staring into space, toward Kai, and rolled his eyes. The man was splayed on top of a couch. He was always dressed so casually, too—with his black shirt over a pair of neon pink pants that just made him look a little more orange than he really was. The manner in which he was talking about a person was just something he’d never heard Kai do. The man on the couch turned to Ethan and tilted his head.


“Nothing. I’ve just never heard you talk like that.” With that reply, Kai did grin, pull up the remote, and flip to a different channel.

“If you’d actually met the guy, you’d understand. He’s kind of like walking porn. It’s a good thing Jayce likes more of the twinky type, otherwise that boy would be slobbering all over Adam, let me tell you.”

Oh, brother. Ethan rolled his eyes, but he grinned. It took him a moment, to speak once more, trying to extend his hand to grab the cup by his bedside and get a little drink. Kai was busy watching the television, and he certainly didn’t want to ask Kai to get up off his chair to just give him a drink. It was difficult, and his arm did ache, but since it wasn’t broken, it was just hard grasping at the cup for him to drink.




Gently sliding his fingers up and down the man before him, Adam felt a rush of tenderness permeate inside him like he’d never felt before. But then again, he also woke up with the worst erection—especially because of the man beside him. Slowly sliding down to take his place underneath the covers, Adam found a similar problem on Ethan.

Although he had a lack of experience in this regard, now he was curious as to how it would feel to have Ethan’s cock in his mouth. Surely, a lot of other people didn’t have the same thoughts as he did, but if he was pleasing the person he was positively, one hundred percent sure was his mate, then it wouldn’t matter. His lips parted and he gently lapped a tongue against the slit on top.

Ethan writhed. He wiggled, but remained asleep.

Clearly, Adam would have more time to do some more experimentation.

Curious fingers splayed over Ethan’s side, sliding up and down from his ribcage, down the slope of his stomach, and up once more to the curve of his hips. Adam’s breath hitched. He became excited, feeling the soft skin of the man underneath. Though the man was certainly feminine, the hard press of Ethan’s morning wood and the slight amount of stubble on Ethan’s face showed Adam that the person he was dealing with was most certainly a man. Granted, he was a man who groomed himself well and tried his hardest to look as androgynous as possible, but a man.

Besides, it was that delicate balance of femininity and masculinity that attracted Adam anyway. In the morning light, Ethan looked even more gorgeous than last night. Adam’s inner wolf wanted to howl out and mark the male in some way, and Adam attempted to appease it by placing his lips gently on Ethan’s neck, and sucked on the skin there, hard.

Ethan’s breath hitched and he moved gently into Adam’s touch, but it seemed the man was still very much asleep.

His lips remained there, cheeks hollowed and teeth gently clenched into the soft skin as his tongue swirled, tasting Ethan. When he’d popped free, a visible red mark appeared, bruising the man before him. Inner wolf sated for the meantime, he looked down at the hickey he’d just put on Ethan’s neck and he grinned.

Well, if there was ever a time to make more, this was it.

Adam traveled down to the young man’s chest, and, try as he might, something inside him didn’t want to mar the perfect peach-pink buds on Ethan’s chest. Instead, Adam gently licked the pair into arousal, making Ethan exhale in his sleep but move into the man’s touch. The younger male even moaned, which meant that Adam’s exploration of Ethan’s body was successful. He found a particularly sensitive spot.

Slowly descending, he’d gently pressed his tongue into Ethan’s navel. Exploring the man’s body was eye-opening, and even while the man was sound asleep, he seemed to be perfectly responsive. It made Adam’s breath hitch, and when he looked up, he saw a pair of baby blue eyes staring down at him.

Well, scratch “asleep and responsive.” It seems that the imp was actually awake, and he was grinning down at Adam, his eyes glimmering with mischief.

“Well, don’t stop now,” Ethan said with a little grin.

Adam had no intentions to now that he gently kissed the man’s navel, down his pelvis to his cock. Ethan softly moaned at feeling a kiss against the tip of his shaft.

“Just going to return the favor from last night,” Adam said gently, his eyes filled with that possessive fire. Parting his lips, he took the entirety of the tip of Ethan’s shaft into his mouth and softly slurped.

Ethan braced himself. A hand came down to slowly run through Adam’s mussed hair, while Adam’s own playful fingers glided up and down Ethan’s stomach, feeling the goose-bumps appear, the way his skin softly prickled because of its sensitivity. Adam slurped, and Ethan started moaning softly once more.

“A–Adam…please, I, ah…” he said, his eyes closed and his lips quivering gently. His hands splayed into the bedspread, fingers clutched into the fabric when Adam slowly pressed his mouth lower and lower. He slurped softly, tongue cheekily gliding up and down, trying to memorize the way Ethan’s veins ran up from the shaft all the way to the tip. The younger male’s cock twitched, and it didn’t take him long at all to begin gently thrusting forward and back.

This felt pleasurable. It surprised Adam that it felt good, considering he wasn’t on the receiving end, but it helped that Ethan’s cock wasn’t huge, so he didn’t have problems with it. But using his tongue to gently play with Ethan was its own reward. He wanted to please his lover, and this was one of the ways he knew how. Sucking the man into completion was not something a straight guy would have known to do, but knowing what he liked did help with knowing what Ethan liked, and he was rewarded heavily for it.

Ethan wasn’t speaking. The hollowing out of Adam’s cheeks, the soft, succulent suction, the way his own breathing was uneven and hitched, almost hyperventilating him from the pleasure, and the way his heartbeat rocketed—it all showed just how appreciated the older man’s efforts were.

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