Deep Salvage (MM)


Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,501
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[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, spanking, HEA]
Ehren Tovar has just escaped the war towers. To flee off planet, Ehren pretends to be a synthetic life. When he’s sold to Captain Talen Runak, he quickly falls for the warrior. Too bad he has no idea he’s really a human who is using him to get back to Earth.
Talen tries to ignore the intense attraction he has for the synthetic life but can’t. There is something different about him that turns him on. As a Dom, he’s always chosen his submissives wisely. He’s never thought about taking a Syn on before.
Despite covering his tracks, Ehren knows that Talen suspects that there is something different about him. Unable to fight the growing attraction, Ehren knows it won’t be long before the captain discovers he’s human. What will Talen do to him when he finds out he’s really not a Syn?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Deep Salvage (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Deep Salvage (MM)


Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,501
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Ehren clenched his small bag tighter as he stood ramrod and unmoving within the cargo area of the Cynthiana. Two of the crew blocked his path from boarding completely and the music was lowered. One of the guys was heavily tattooed and the other wore twisted scars as though they were medals of honor.

They eyed his navy Syn blues with a righteous contempt that Ehren would have admired had he been on the other side of this situation. Black market Jo was at Ehren’s side. Jo’s hands were on her defiantly curved hips, as she wore her attitude like the most expensive scent. She was a dangerous adversary to have if she wasn’t paid.

“I want Runak,” Jo said.

“Get him.” The tattooed muscle ordered, but glared at Ehren as though he were an abomination. “Show. Your. Hands.”

Very slowly, Ehren set his bag on the ground and flipped his hands palms up. To his relief, they were steady and warm just the way a Syn was supposed to be. He had spent weeks practicing and hiding within Jo’s workshop. Could they tell he wasn’t what he appeared to be? Could they tell he was fully human?

Despite the fake alloy skin over both his arms, they appeared normal, hiding all the hideous scars he’d gotten within the war towers. Ehren stared straight ahead as he thought about the alloys hidden in the lining of his bag. He had enough skins to get him to one side of the universe and to the other if needed—or hide for years if life screwed him that way. He hoped he didn’t need them that long, but he suspected  he probably would.

The tattooed muscle came forward with an arrow scanner he grabbed from a shelf. He moved it slowly over Ehren’s palms. Ehren held his breath as the heated blue light touched skin. The searing heat moved over the alloy binding it to the light. The combination of metals jumped to life within the thin skin he wore. It vibrated gold to the naked eye.

He passed the test.

“It’s authentic.”

It. A mind numbing panic rose up and gripped his throat. Ehren was a now Syn, Synthetic Life, owned by the Cynthiana. He was not human in their eyes and never would be. He was something they could use hard, destroy easily, and discard without retribution.

“Check its bio-neuron manufacturing icon.”

“Aye, captain.”

Temptation had Ehren looking over at the captain who had spoken from the platform above. His powerful voice sent a shiver racing down his back. Ehren let his gaze move slowly over his face. So, this was the infamous Captain Runak black market Jo had warned him about. She had failed to tell him that Runak was an Olympian. They were brutal warriors known for going past the outer rim and into deep space for long periods of time. They were also known to have blood that could heal all human diseases. When the first Olympian war vessel had crash landed on Earth with no survivors it had officially welcomed Earth into a galactic community that had once been so far out of reach. No one had come looking for that ship or the blood that had been taken from those Olympians.

Black market Jo stood aside with a satisfied grin that only came from being a righteous bitch who always got her way. Ehren admired her for getting the job done, but still he didn’t like her brutal methods. Ehren did not want to be on an Olympian vessel. He’d rather be on a mining vessel with a bunch of prisoners. At least there, he wouldn’t have to pretend to be something he wasn’t. He definitely would fit right in with his scars. Black market Jo had thrown him to the wolves by selling him to the Cynthiana.

Everything around him seemed to move in slow motion. The crew was bringing cargo and supplies up onto the ship, stowing them away. The captain was watching from the metal walkway above. Ehren could feel his heated stare as he tilted up his chin. A shudder quaked down his spine, but Ehren was quick to suppress it. Runak was full-blooded Olympian. A breed that was rumored to sense emotion on a higher level and use it to their deadly advantage. Jo made no mention of this being an Olympian vessel but now all her cryptic warnings made sense. Black market Jo had some explaining to do. Had it not meant life or death, Ehren would’ve punched Jo for the lie. The last thing he wanted was this Olympian to find out  he was really a human running from the war towers.

Runak’s dark hair came down to his shoulders. His brows were defined with a hard edge of bone beneath the hair. His jaw was wide with strength. They were one of the few within the vast who looked almost human. Olympian males were known for their strength, their fighting skills, and their strategy within the field. They were barbarians with nasty reputations for being cruel lovers.

Ehren had heard rumors that the males had the ability to control their sex organs the way no human male could. They tended to stay to themselves when they weren’t causing trouble around the galaxy. Ehren wondered if people were just too damn intimidated to go near the warriors. Right now, Ehren couldn’t imagine speeding across the universe with this warrior at the helm.




“Lie back on the table.”

Ehren did as ordered. Runak went to the console near the table and typed something in on the glass. He frowned as though he didn’t like working with technology and would rather flush it out the airlock. Ehren closed his eyes and calmed his breathing. He thought about the things he witnessed in the war towers and the men who were now after him because of what he knew. Pretending to be a Syn was the only way out of this galaxy and the only way to travel without being identified. He focused his mind. He was a Syn. He needed to act like one or he was dead.

“Model QA-327.”

“Am I not the model you requested?”

“You are. Jo didn’t mention that you were sexually mature.”

Black market Jo had sold him into indentured servitude. The papers, the lies, all of it were necessary to run. Jo had sold his manhood, too—that bitch. Ehren suddenly felt sick inside when he thought about the crew using his cock. What had she done to him? At least now, he could get it up with no problems of getting caught. What if this Olympian gave him to his crew to use and abuse?

“Yes. My model is anatomically compatible with humanoid.”

A caress moved over his cock as the Olympian started to stroke him. “Can you ejaculate?”

Ehren suppressed a groan of white-hot desire as his prick grew rock hard within seconds, punching upward past his navel. The Olympian tugged at him roughly as though he were a novelty toy he was playing with for the first time.


“You feel pleasure and pain?” Runak asked.

The stroking only lessened for a moment as the Olympian adjusted his big hand to caress his balls. Ehren resisted the urge to bite his lip as Runak continued to play a sensual game of tug his junk and rub his balls. He closed his eyes, loving the feel of the Olympian’s big hand on his cock. “I have sensors that tell me what I’m feeling.”

He could barely stifle the moan that wanted to escape his parted lips as pre-cum seeped from his tip. The Olympian squeezed his cockhead. Ehren was so close to coming that he nearly cried out. It felt so good to have someone he didn’t know handle him. For the first time in his life, he wanted to hand his body over to this stranger for something more. Pre-cum wept from his tip.

“You do ejaculate. Your pre-cum is everywhere.”

The Olympian swiped the tip of his finger over Ehren’s throbbing cockhead, catching the teardrops of pre-cum that slipped from his tip. He nearly came as the Olympian lifted his finger and tasted his juice. Their eyes locked as his tongue slid out and licked at his finger. The tip of his tongue split apart as though it were forked. Ehren’s heart stopped as Runak sucked the dewy drop of his pre-cum between those forks, closing them together. His eyes went heavy as though he had tasted a sweet worth dying and killing for.

“Have you not tasted a Syn before?” Ehren asked.

Runak smeared his thumb and forefinger together as though he were contemplating something he didn’t understand and was confused about. The tip of his tongue opened and went back together as though he were searching for more. “No. I haven’t, but I’ve tasted human before. Your spunk is sweeter than any human’s I’ve ever tasted.”

“I am Syn.”

Their eyes locked. Runak caressed his cock again. “Interesting.”

That big hand jerked his shaft, twisting it up toward his cockhead. Ehren worked hard to keep his spunk from spilling. He did not want to come this way. The pad of Runak’s thumb rubbed over his slit. Raw seductive emotion twisted through his body. Submitting to temptation, Ehren arched his head back, flexing his hips up into that strong palm. He grabbed the sides of the table , gripping it tight.

“Very interesting.”

“What is, Sir?” Ehren asked.

“How responsive you are. Your eyes have dilated from my touch.”

“I’m built to be responsive. I’m made to simulate an emotional and physical response.”

“Yes, you are.”

Without warning, Runak’s hand released his throbbing prick. Pre-cum leaked from his tip and slid down over his abdomen. Ehren’s heart was hammering as his mind worked to catch up to what was happening. Runak’s hands were hot as they moved over his arms, searching for flaws. The skins were locked into his muscle and blocked the deeper pressure of bones. They were seamless until scrubbed off with sea salt. Syns had certain abilities that were of value throughout the universe. The QA was known for being the most humanlike and the easiest to fabricate. It was probably the reason why Runak was giving him so much attention.

His hands smoothed down his muscled abdomen.

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