[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, vampires, HEA]
Rorik Klaus has spent most of his life in isolation. He’s resigned himself to his solitary existence until one fateful evening when he decides to offer a mysterious shifter a ride into the city. Instantly, Rorik senses their connection and he can’t help but wonder about the fire he sees reflected in the phoenix shifter’s gaze.
Kade Demonte is an Omega with a secret. Forced to leave the only life he’s ever known, Kade sets out for the Blood Moon Kingdom in search of a new life. What he doesn’t expect to find is Rorik Klaus–the man who single handedly turns his world upside down.
When a night of pleasure ends in pregnancy, Kade and Rorik must learn to deal with the consequences of their actions, but that soon becomes the least of their problems as outside forces threaten to end not only their relationship but their lives. After playing with fire, will the two of them get burned?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jana Downs is a Siren-exclusive author.
Playing with Fire (MM)
9 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Sloan Winters
Kade a young shifter is sacrificing himself for his family. When he arrives at the city he is not ready for all the harsh ship which he was protect by his family back in his pack. Kade is a omega and wth that he has the powers to see the person history with a touch. Once Rorik founds out that is Kade special power he is offering him a job to help him and his brothers. Doing this time Rorik finds out that Kade is his thrall. He start slow with a courtship of his thrall. when Become pregnant Kade has vision of his and his baby death and has decide to give up.

OVERALL IMPRESSION OF THE BOOK: This is another awesome book in the series

MY RATING: 5 Hearts *****
virginia lee




The wind rushed through Kade’s outstretched wings as he hurtled toward the ground at lightning speed. The sun was setting on the horizon, and hues of red and gold danced in the skyline, blending with the ember trails from his phoenix feathers. It would take more than a good eye to track him now. The ground rose to meet him as he stretched his wings, slowing his rate until he touched down with perfect precision. A flawless landing.

He dropped the duffel bag he’d been carrying in his beak and willed himself into transition. His bones popped and cracked as they reshaped, taking on his more familiar form. The fire from his feathers singed his skin slightly as they melted away. When all was said and done, Kade emerged from the ash warm, human, naked, and alone.

He reached for the bag and grabbed his black T-shirt and ripped blue jeans. He shivered as he slipped on the clothing, yearning to turn back into his warmer self. But that was too dangerous now that he was so close to the border. He had to pass as a civilized human if he was going to get through the gates leading out of the Wilds and into the Blood Moon Kingdom.

Kade tossed the duffel bag over his shoulder and began navigating his way through the thick forest. The shadowed trees seemed daunting, but he had to push on. He needed to put as much distance between himself and his past as possible before he ran across another person.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take him long until he found the main road that led to his sanctuary. It was good because he was anxious to leave the shadows of the trees. Every horror story of kidnapping and fear from his childhood seemed to dance in the shadows beyond his sight.

He watched for a good ten minutes before he felt comfortable joining the throng. He stepped from the tree line like a ghost to join the rest of the travelers that were trudging onward in the same direction. He hoped he was blending because any anomaly would draw attention like a lighthouse to an incoming ship.

Even in the dimming light of the nighttime sky, he could see the guards positioned in the light of the lamps at the entrance of the wall that surrounded the city. He pursed his lips and forced himself on . This was it. This was his sanctuary.

“Halt,” one of the guards ordered as Kade approached. Kade dared a glance in the vampire’s direction. His massive frame stepped in front of Kade, blocking his path across the border.

“Identification card and civilian status.”

The vampire’s request sent Kade’s heart rate into overdrive, and he prayed that the fake credentials his brother Krys had made him would pass their inspection. He reached inside his bag and pulled out the plastic ID card along with his civilian booklet proclaiming him as human.

The vampire took the items, scrutinizing each one. “What’s a human doing out in the Wilds on foot? Isn’t that a little dangerous for your kind?”

Kade nodded, unsure of what to say. He’d never met any humans before, but Krys had told him stories about them from his travels. Apparently, they were a puny type that had journeyed from a place called Earth. Most of the ones who had decided to stay here lived near the vampire cities and acted as a food source in exchange for money and housing. The thought of being a vampire’s snack sent a wave of disgust straight to Kade’s stomach. There was something about the idea he found completely revolting.

Taking a deep breath, Kade met the vamp’s eyes. “I was invited to a gathering at the Stormhold Pack and my car broke down.”

The vampire raised an eyebrow at Kade’s explanation, and his heart skipped a beat. Did he know? Could he see through his lie?

“Stormhold, huh? That’s a pretty exclusive pack. Not many people are allowed in their borders. How’d you get so lucky?”

Kade shrugged. “Just knew the right person I guess. One of the Alpha’s sons.”

“Oh really, which one?”

Man, this guy was nosy. Kade wished he would just let him through. He shifted uncomfortably as he tried to think about which of his brothers had frequented the Blood Moon Kingdom the most. “Krys Demonte. He’s the second eldest.”

A smile spread across the vampire’s face. “Ah yeah, I know Krys. Next time you see him, tell him Eric said hi.” The vampire handed Kade his credentials and stepped aside, allowing him entrance.

Thank gods.

Kade forced a smile. “I will.” The lie left a bad taste on his mouth as he crossed the threshold into his new home. He forced one foot in front of the other, unwilling to look back at his past. He would miss it. He would miss all of it. Stormhold had been the only home he’d ever known. Being the Omega of his pack, Kade hadn’t even been allowed to venture past his pack’s borders, and now he was in a whole new country pretending to be someone he wasn’t. His grip tightened on the duffel bag strap as he fought back the tears that threatened to fall. Now wasn’t the time for crying. He had to do this to protect his family. There was no other option and there was no going back.




“Kade, I—” Rorik started, but before he could finish his sentence Kade leaned up and pressed his lips to Rorik’s. The impulse sent a shiver of desire straight to Kade’s cock as his animal rose to the surface. The hairs on his neck stood on end as their kiss deepened. Kade climbed on top of Rorik, straddling him as he wrapped his arms around Rorik’s neck.

Rorik’s hands reached for the buttons on Kade’s shirt. He hastily undid them until he found the hard planes of Kade’s chest beneath. Rorik’s hands roamed across his naked flesh, sending wave after delectable wave of pleasure through his body.

Kade groaned as his hard cock pressed against the confines of his tight blue jeans. He threw his head back, gasping for air as he broke their kiss. When he looked down at Rorik, all he saw reflected in his glowing crimson gaze was pure lust.

“Are you sure?” Rorik said breathlessly. Kade nodded. It was all the affirmation Rorik needed to continue. He lifted Kade off his lap with ease and stood up to move to the bed. He motioned for Kade to follow.

Kade swallowed, feeling a bit nervous. This was his first time with anyone, but it felt right. Kade stood on shaky legs and made his way to Rorik. Rorik removed his shirt, exposing his flawless muscled chest. Kade licked his lips as he closed the distance between them.

He reached for Rorik with shaky hands.

“You nervous?” Rorik raised an eyebrow at Kade.

Kade shook his head. “No,” he said defiantly. It was a lie. The smirk on Rorik’s face let Kade know that he’d seen right through it.

“Relax. I’ll go slow.” His grin widened as he pulled Kade into his arms, kissing him gently on the lips. Kade closed his eyes, losing himself in the moment. All he could feel was Rorik’s hands on him as he pulled loose the belt buckle to his jeans. He slipped them off his waist, exposing Kade’s naked body.

Kade gasped as Rorik’s hand wrapped around his hard cock and began stroking his length.

“Fuck,” he breathed as he fell into Rorik, kissing him with more need this time. Rorik guided Kade down to the bed, his hand never moving from Kade’s dick. He trailed tender kisses down Kade’s neck and chest until he reached Kade’s exposed nipples. Rorik sucked on each one, enjoying every moment. The pleasurable sensation was too much for Kade to handle as he felt himself nearing the edge of release.

Rorik let out a low chuckle as though he could sense Kade’s impending orgasm. “Not yet, love.” Rorik withdrew his touch, and Kade whimpered.

Kade watched as the vampire king finished removing his own clothing and reached inside the drawer on the nightstand. He retrieved a bottle of lubrication and a condom.

“I want to be safe with you being my Thrall and all. I learned through my brother that when shifters and vampires are destined to be Thralls, there’s a chance of pregnancy.”

Kade blushed as he nodded in understanding. He was nowhere near ready for his vision to become reality.

Rorik smeared an ample amount of lubrication on his fingers, and he gently inserted one finger into Kade’s tight hole. The intrusion was oddly enjoyable as his muscles instinctively tightened around Rorik.

“Focus on relaxing your muscles, love.” Rorik’s voice was reassuring as he slid the finger in and out of Kade, stretching his muscles with each thrust. It didn’t take Kade long to adjust, and Rorik added a second and third finger. The initial pain subsided, and before long, Kade was enjoying himself and eager for more. The animal inside him delighted at the pleasurable things Rorik was doing to him. His body yearned for more, seeking the release that only Rorik could give him.

Rorik withdrew his fingers and reached for the condom. He slipped on the latex and smeared an ample amount of lubrication on his dick before he pressed the tip against Kade’s entrance. Kade’s heart beat fast as he anxiously waited for what he knew was coming next. Rorik leaned down, pressing their bodies together.

“Wrap your legs around me.”

Kade did as Rorik instructed.

“I’m going to bite you when I shove inside you. It’ll take away the pain as your body adjusts. Is that okay?” Rorik’s voice washed over Kade in a melodic and reassuring manner as his crimson gaze stared down at him. For such a rough and rugged guy, he was handling Kade with care, and Kade appreciated it. He was already nervous enough. He wrapped his arms around Rorik’s neck and pulled him to his neck.

Rorik’s fangs pierced Kade at the same time his cock slipped inside his tight hole. The pleasure that racked his body from the vampire feeding on him far outweighed the twinge of pain he felt as his body adjusted to Rorik’s large cock sliding into him.

Kade cried out as his nails dug into Rorik’s shoulder. He could feel his pulse pounding in his head as his blood flowed from him into Rorik. It was a sensation unlike anything he’d ever felt.

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