Soldiers of Pearl 5: Give Love a Chance (MFMMM)

Soldiers of Pearl 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,235
42 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage Romantic Suspense, M/F/M/M/M, HEA]
Cynthia’s world is falling apart. She's lost her brother, Michael, and must now pay his debt and handle the bills he's left behind. She’s tired of being hurt by men she loves but still wants to protect Michael’s reputation even in death. 
A group of Michael's friends, Perkins, Dugen, Karl, and Merlin, have taken it upon themselves to watch out for Cynthia and act as her guardians until they can claim her as their own. They see her struggling and want to take care of her, but she resists the desire to entertain an attraction to them because she doesn't want to open her heart and get hurt. 
When drug dealers threaten her life to pay off Michael’s debt, she is forced to clean up the mess once again. It may just cost her everything she has, but if she would only give love a chance it might turn around for her.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
Soldiers of Pearl 5: Give Love a Chance (MFMMM)
42 Ratings (4.5)

Soldiers of Pearl 5: Give Love a Chance (MFMMM)

Soldiers of Pearl 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,235
42 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
This book broke my heart but at the same time it talked about a lot of real problems. This is a must read book.
A good book




“A job? Where and what for when she’s working at the clinic?” Karl asked as he took a few swings at the boxing bag they had in their home gym.

“I don’t fucking know. She mentioned a bar, a restaurant, but whatever it is, it sounded like she wanted something away from Pearl, wanted money fast and accessible?” Perkins replied.

Karl stopped hitting the bag and then looked at Perkins.

“That sounds weird.”

“You think so?” Perkins replied sarcastically, crossing his arms.

Karl shot him a look back. At first, when Perkins had walked in, Karl wondered if he was checking up on him. He’d had a few episodes this past month. Especially with Michael dying and some other shit going on in his head. It was one o’clock in the morning, and most people were sleeping, but not him or Perkins. Karl found it too difficult with the nightmares and the anxiety he felt most nights. Working out helped clear his head and also exhausted him.

“It could be nothing, you know?” Perkins said, letting his arms fall. His tone indicated that he was trying to convince himself of his statement.

“You don’t sound like you think it is. Could she be struggling financially and lied to you?” Karl asked, feeling his gut clench.

Perkins looked pissed off and shocked. His cheek caved in as if he were biting the inside of it and his expression serious as he glared straight ahead.

“If I find out she did, she’ll have one sore, pink ass from the spanking I’ll give her.”

“Fuck, Perkins. Do you need to say shit like that? Now I’ll be dreaming about her ass.”

“We dream about her whole body and hope one day she’ll be our woman. We’ve basically claimed her officially with Wyatt and with the others. She just doesn’t seem ready to accept us. If you heard her talking about wanting space from Pearl, from her friends with the organization, you would think she wasn’t interested in a relationship. I mean we haven’t come straight out and asked her how she felt about us being her guardians, but when Wyatt mentioned that we claimed the role, she should have understood what it meant. But even tonight, she was saying things that made me feel more like a friend. I think she believes we’ve claimed her out of responsibility to Michael and being his friends. We’ve fucked up somewhere.”

“It seems like she’s not focusing on us yet but still on Michael’s death and the changes she’s going through. They were pretty close. Even I scratch my head wondering why he had to speed that night and find it necessary to test fate?”

“You should know. The demons got to him. Just like they got to you that night we all decided to camp out between towns and funerals.”

Karl ran his fingers through his hair. “You had to fucking remind me about that.”

“Hey, all I’m saying is that we all have some baggage, some hang-ups that we can’t seem to shake. Could be she’s afraid to get romantically involved with us because of our professions and the type of men we are. Sometimes when I catch her watching me, she has this lost look in her eyes and seems scared.”

“Scared?” Karl asked.

“I held her tonight. Briefly and I stood next to her, real close like, and she was shaking.”

“Maybe she was aroused and trying to fight it?”

“I hope you’re right because I really care about her. I want her to be ours. I want to take that fear she has away. I want to make her smile.”

Karl bit the inside of his cheek.

“She hasn’t smiled in over a month. I mean really smiled. She looks so serious, and she doesn’t talk so freely either. I think we need to talk about this job thing with Dugen and Merlin and get their perspectives. Could be it’s time to step up the quality time we need with her.”

“And that she needs with us,” Perkins agreed, and then he headed to bed.

Karl looked at the punching bag, his mind back on not feeling so tired but, instead, concerned for Cynthia and worried about falling asleep alone and getting lost in a nightmare.

He took a deep breath, placed one hand on the bag, and then focused on a spot.

He began to punch and jab the bag. This was the only way to ensure some sleep tonight, exhausting himself until he was so tired he was dead to the world and too physically spent to dream.




Dugen climbed up off the bed and started to undress. She went to close her legs, but Perkins and Karl stopped her. She gasped as she felt their large hands caress her skin. Perkins leaned over and licked along her groin and then over the tattoo to her pussy. When his tongue lashed out against her pussy lips, she shivered.

“Delicious,” Perkins whispered, holding her gaze.

Karl leaned over next and swiped a tongue at her pussy, too. Except when he did it, he licked her from anus to pussy back and forth, back and forth, applying pressure to both very sensitive spots.

She gasped and reached out, only for Merlin to take her hands and hold them above her head. She moaned again and felt her cream drip from her cunt.

They worked together, moving her to the side of the bed, and when she spotted Dugen, naked, stroking his long, thick cock, she shyly looked away.

“Eyes on me,” he scolded.

She gulped.

“I belong to you as much as you belong to me. Do you understand?” he asked, and she nodded and then licked her lips. He was exceptional from his long, thick thighs to every ridge of muscle.

He lowered down over her and kissed her deeply on the lips. She felt the tip of his cock slide back and forth against her clit. It made her thrust upward, wanting him inside of her, claiming her.

“Ready for me?”

She nodded.

Merlin held her wrists and lowered down to kiss the inside of them.

Perkins and Karl kept hands on her thighs until Dugen began to slowly stroke into her pussy.

He was grunting, and she felt his cock stretch her vaginal muscles. Karl pinched her nipple on one side, and Perkins pinched her other, making her cream more, lubricating her cunt for penetration.

“Relax and let me in. Let me in, baby.”

She released a breath she was holding and looked into his eyes. They were so green and bright right now at this moment. Normally when she looked at Dugen, his eyes were dull and dark. She couldn’t help but hope she was the reason why they were bright and beautiful right now. She gasped as she felt the pinch, and then he slid all the way inside of her, filling her to capacity. She felt tight, aroused as tiny vibrations erupted inside of her.

“Oh God, oh.” She moaned.

“Easy, baby. God, you’re so tight. You’re mine now, sugar. Always.”

He began to thrust in and out of her pussy. With every stroke she found herself easing up and giving him full control of her body. She had to admit that she loved being under him. His body pressed over hers, and his thick, ironclad thighs pressing against hers made the fire within her burn stronger. She started to counter his thrusts, especially when Dugen leaned down and suckled her neck by her collarbone.

In and out he stroked her pussy. His cock felt so big, so thick that she was having trouble breathing.

“Easy now. Let go and don’t hold back. I want all of you,” he told her then lifted up, pulled her thighs higher over his thighs, and began to ease his cock in and out of her pussy as he watched.

Her thighs were lifted as well as her backside, and she felt his balls against the crack of her ass, and something came over her. They would take her in that hole, too. Having four lovers meant no part of her was off-limits. In fact, she could make love to three of them together.

He cupped her breasts and then continued to thrust.

“Let me touch you. Please,” she begged, and Merlin kissed her wrists then released them. She ran her hands along Dugen’s thighs and felt his cock grow bigger and bigger.

As he stroked harder, faster, her whole core tightened, and she cried out as an exquisite orgasm rocked her body.

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