[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Menage Paranormal Romantic Suspense, shape-shifter, M/M/M/M/M, HEA]
Craig Mason is a rookie when it comes to loving, and the task of being mated to four sexy warriors is daunting...but he's certainly up for the challenge. He finds himself embroiled in the delights of the claiming game--and then all hell breaks loose.
The Ruin Pack want supremacy and are prepared to go to any lengths to get it. Craig's mates, Alpha Amos, Zane Finch, Brady Garnet, and Alfie Blaze are all Special Forces soldiers, and their duty is to protect their beloved heart, Craig, a special wolf shifter who possesses gifts that will unite the packs...only the ruling clans are against it, wanting power for themselves.
Craig is determined that he and his pack live in peace, not war. Alpha Amos Hartland must take a stand against Arnie Ruin, before his enemy exposes the shifter community and brings catastrophic consequences to their world. Can Craig’s healing powers stop the feud? Will love conquer all?
Note: This book contains double penetration and elements of FMF involve only secondary characters.
A Siren Erotic Romance


Rookie in the Midst (MMMMM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in Jools' new series. We need a dictionary of "English" terms though for us Americans.




“Hey, rookie, how’s things?”

Craig looked up from the book he was reading and smiled shyly as he watched Finch walk smoothly toward him, prowling closer as though stalking prey. The look on Finch’s face gave credibility to the description, predatory and filled with an intensity that had Craig’s heart pounding and his cock rising to the occasion.

“Hi,” Craig greeted warmly, trying to sit up a little. He winced, his ribs protesting at the movement. After two days at the camp clinic, he’d been transferred to a hospital in Birmingham, England, the Queen Elizabeth, which was the primary care provider for injured British military personnel. He’d been there for three weeks now and was recovering well.

“Sorry I didn’t get here earlier,” Finch said, reaching out to help Craig, lifting him under the arms and then fluffing the pillow. Without releasing Craig, Finch leaned in closer to plant a soft kiss on Craig’s lips, smiling when Craig moaned helplessly. “That’s it, little one,” he murmured, deepening the caress until they were both panting. “Such a responsive rookie, aren’t you?” Craig curled his fingers into fists, clenching at the sheets as Finch ate at his lips hungrily. “Around my neck, sweetie,” Finch commanded. “Put your arms around my neck.”

Craig obeyed, pulling Finch closer, cupping Finch’s scalp and tugging unwittingly on the man’s sleek ponytail. Changing angles, Finch sucked on Craig’s tongue, reaching down under the covers and finding Craig’s excited cock. Craig whimpered, moving restlessly, his legs falling open involuntarily. He groaned, this time in pain, as his hip protested the movement.

Instantly Finch pulled back, stroking Craig’s cheek gently. “Sorry, I forgot where we were, darlin’,” he said with a slight grin, his eyes dark with passion. “Are you okay?”

“My ribs are healing, but my pelvis was fractured…and it hurts when I move in certain ways.” Craig saw the gleam in Finch’s beautiful green gaze and smiled. “I’m not complaining. You kiss like a master, and I’m a willing apprentice.”

Finch grinned back and hauled himself onto the bed beside Craig, then dragged the younger man closer, taking care not to cause more pain. Craig couldn’t believe how comfortable he felt around this man, who oozed badass out of every pore. Come to think of it, all four of Hartland’s pack had the same tough aura. Except with him. When they were with Craig, they were tender, thoughtful, sexy, and careful of his every need. He was already half in love them. He’d never felt so cherished. The other surprise was that he responded with equal ardor to them all. And they responded in kind, with no aggression toward each other. He felt as though he’d found something special. He fit them like a missing piece to a complex piece of machinery, which was finally beginning to work right.

“Blaze told me you’re being discharged soon,” Finch said. “That’s good news.”

Craig wrinkled his nose, not meeting Finch’s intuitive gaze. “Yes, it’s great news,” he said, frowning down at his book.

“You don’t sound thrilled,” Finch said dryly.

“I am glad to be leaving hospital, just not so glad to be going home to my flat in London,” Craig told him honestly.

“You’re going to your flat?” Finch said, scowling ferociously, as though annoyed by Craig’s response.

Craig looked at him warily, seeing the fierce warrior that lurked beneath Finch’s charming exterior. “Of course I’ll be going to my flat,” he said. “Where else would I go?”

“With us. Home with us,” Finch said flatly.

“With you?” Craig was astonished at the suggestion, despite the bond he’d felt growing between his gorgeous suitors.

He knew next to nothing about being a wolf shifter, having grown up among humans for most of his life. He’d had to hide who he was, channeling his inner aggression and keeping his true self hidden from the world. His instincts had been screaming at him whenever Blaze, Finch, Hartland, or Garnet were near, but he had no clue what the message was. All he had to go on was the rightness of being with them. His cock was always rock hard in their presence, his heart pounded with nervous excitement. And his wolf had been prancing in circles, giddy like a young pup.

“You really are a rookie, aren’t you?” Finch said, almost tenderly, the light in his eyes softening. “Sweetheart, you’re made for us. Don’t you sense the mating bond? That urge to be with us, stronger than anything else? We’re leaving the military. Our task now is to take care of you. We don’t want to risk losing you after we’ve just found you, my heart.”

Craig’s heart clenched with a yearning that startled him with its intensity. The need to belong to someone, to be a part of a family again, was what had made him enlist into the army. He needed time to recover, but then he would be going back out again, as soon as he was declared medically fit and passed his Combat Fitness Test. That would be weeks away, possibly months. The fact that Finch seemed to be suggesting that he and the others wanted Craig with them made Craig hopeful…and wary at the same time. Did they really want him that much that were giving up their career for him?

“I didn’t know that you felt it, too,” he admitted shyly. “I feel…things. I don’t understand it. I barely know you, yet I feel this urge to be near you.” He blushed slightly, seeing Finch’s smile. “I ache when I’m not with you. It’s almost painful.”





“Claim me,” Craig pleaded to Amos, sincere as could be, his eyes begging Amos to do the deed. “Please, claim me. I need this as much as you do.”

Hartland bared his fangs, his eyes changing to a golden hue, almost glowing. “Thank you,” he said in a harsh, feral growl. He fingered Craig’s hole, resting the man’s cast-clad leg on Finch’s thigh, and then probing carefully at the tight ring of muscles guarding Craig’s anus.

“Here, baby, suck on this.” Garnet fed his cock back into Craig’s mouth, moaning as their mate began sucking eagerly, his head bobbing steadily.

“Hold this, baby,” Finch commanded, dragging Craig’s good hand to his cock, and curled his lover’s fingers around his arousal. Craig stroked the prime piece of dick firmly, twisting lightly at the end, his thumbnail dipping into the slit, drawing out more precum.

“Damn, this show is sexy as fuck,” Blaze said, his fangs distended as he watched his mates pleasure Craig. He turned Hartland’s head, kissing their alpha passionately, moaning as Finch fisted his cock.

“Let me know if I hurt you, darling,” Amos said, stretching his lover carefully, tenderly, crooking two fingers inside Craig’s moist chute and nailing his prostate, driving Craig wild. A third finger found Craig’s hole, preparing him for Amos’s ten-inch python. Smearing more lube on his cock, Amos parked his dick at Craig’s loosened entrance and then slid forward inch by inch, gritting his teeth against the indescribable bliss of being within the sleek, tight tube. This was heaven, warm and silky smooth, gripping him as though it never wanted to let go. Milking him with tiny shudders, quivering muscles contracting as they adjusted to the thick length wedging its way down Craig’s willing hole.

“Fuck, you’re huge,” Craig panted, moaning with pleasure as Amos continued to slide deeper.

“Ten inches, baby,” Finch said, grinning wickedly. “Wait until we double-fuck you. Or fist you. That ass is made for fucking.”

Craig whimpered at the dirty talk, shuddering violently as he tried to relax around the hard rod tracking up his ass. “I’ve never been double-fucked before,” he panted. “Will it hurt?”

“Not the way we do it,” Blaze told him, tweaking his nipples sharply. “We’ll get you used to us individually, first. Then we’ll move on to advanced classes.”

Craig half-giggled, half-moaned at the teasing. “You’re going to kill me through fucking.”

“No, darling,” Hartland said, bottoming out finally, breathing hard as his balls gently slapped Craig’s juicy bubble butt. “We’ll love you like you’ve never been loved before.”

He allowed Craig a few moments to get used to his cock and then moved with shallow strokes, sliding in and out of the beauty’s hole, then lengthening his thrusts. He closed his eyes, lost in pleasure, listening to Craig’s moans and whimpers, the slurp as the blond cutie sucked Garnet’s cock, the sounds of his mates kissing and cuddling. He wouldn’t last long inside the vise of Craig’s gorgeous ass, not with all the added stimuli.

Powering up, Hartland felt energy well up inside him, felt the spirit of his ancestors strengthen, surrounding his pack with love. He felt a swirling mist engulf him, spreading from the inside outward, warming him as he plowed his lover’s chute over and over. He felt his balls draw up, felt his fangs distend even more.

“I’m ready to come,” he shouted, gripping Craig’s hips with strong fingers as he slammed into his mate. Arching his back, he watched his pack fisting their cocks, saw Craig’s mouth wide open, waiting for the rain of cum that was about to fall, and lost himself in the sleek heat of Craig’s body, lashing his lover’s hole with hot seed. Blaze, Finch, and Garnet came, as well, spraying their release over Craig’s heaving body, just as Hartland lunged forward, striking hard and embedding his fangs into the sweaty curve of Craig’s slender neck.

Craig screamed out, bucking beneath Amos as the mating barb engaged, locking them together as it thickened and attached to Craig’s inner walls. Amos felt the splash of cum painting his abs as the younger man came hard, writhing in ecstasy.

“Amos!” Craig cried, arching his back, wrapping his good leg around Amos’s waist, clinging on as he ground against his alpha’s pelvis.

The mist spread out even more, before a dart of pure energy lashed out, driving into Craig, right from Amos’s and then Craig’s heart, binding them together with a rope of unbreakable strength. Roaring in surprise, Amos felt the barb slowly slacken and felt Craig slump on the mattress, utterly sated. Withdrawing carefully, reluctantly, Amos stared down into Craig’s stunning features, admiring the mating mark, and the sticky cum covering his torso.

“Mine!” he snarled possessively, seeing Craig’s dreamy smile.

“Yours,” Craig said, and dropped into exhausted slumber.

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