Free Shifters

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The Perfect Three
2 ratings
Lance needs a vacation from DC and his job. He’s lost his passion to work there now that shifters and humans have equal rights, and he’s thinking about retiring, even though he’s only forty-seven. Of course, th MORE...
A Real Chance
3 ratings
Phineas has lived in his cage all his life. He doesn’t know anything different, and he doesn’t expect anything different. That changes when his handler dies in a car accident, and Galen is hired to replace him. MORE...
The Next Chapter
2 ratings
Riley didn’t expect to be chased by hunters and saved by a gorgeous man when he went for a run, but both happened. Now Vaughn is staying with the pack for the week and wants them to be together, but Riley knows MORE...
A New Chapter
2 ratings
Riley should have known going for a run in his wolf form was a stupid idea. Now he has three hunters after him, and no means to find help, at least until he stumbles on a tent and a nice human. The last thing MORE...
Learning Freedom
2 ratings
Keating is free. He has spent his entire life in a cage, but someone rescued him, and he almost can’t believe it. He doesn’t know how to deal with his new freedom, but Rodrick is there to help him through it, a MORE...
Out of the Cage
1 ratings
The only thing Emmett has known his entire life is the zoo. He was born in captivity, taken away from his mother when he was twelve, and has lived alone in his cage for the past twelve years. Levin is a free MORE...

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