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Like Truth
0 ratings
Bayard’s mission in life is simple: fight against the conclave and protect humanity and supernatural creatures alike. To do that, he and the other heroes who left the conclave need the help of everyone th MORE...
Like Freedom
0 ratings
Amyas just wants to be free—free to make his own decisions, not to be forced to marry a human or to have a soul. He’s an undine, though, and neither his parents nor his tribe leader listen to him. MORE...
Like Choices
0 ratings
Haven is a hero. He was born to hunt and kill supernatural creatures, which is exactly what he’s done for hundreds of years. Until he couldn’t anymore. The conclave is giving him one last chan MORE...
Like Storms
2 ratings
Thor needs to find someone who can grant Isaac, his best friend’s boyfriend and a human, immortality. It’s not something he’s had to worry about before, but he wants to do this for Tryg. Ce MORE...
Like Smoke
5 ratings
Trygve is used to being on his own. His wife rejected him when he became a draugr around the year 800, and he hasn’t trusted anyone but his best friend, Thorvald, since then. He lives and works alone, and he ha MORE...
Like Changes
0 ratings
Micah has been working against the conclave from the inside for decades, and the time has finally come to make a move. The problem is that the other conclave members are suspicious, and when Micah steps in to s MORE...

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