Green Hill Pride

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Thedric’s life is neat and tidy. He has his job, his parents, and his wife, and it’s been that way for the past twenty years. So what if he yearns for more? So what if he wants love and a real famil MORE...
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The last thing Robin wants is to rely on the man who left him at the altar, but when he has no one else to turn to, he runs to Green Hill—and Billy. They were friends before, and he hopes he can forgive B MORE...
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Nestor didn’t expect much when he left his parents behind because they couldn’t accept him for who he was, but when he found his brother, he also found a new home and a family. And now, a mate. MORE...
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Jude isn’t one for one-night stands, especially when he has a cold, but he can’t resist the cute guy he meets at his best friend’s mom’s wedding. The quickie in the bathroom leaves him s MORE...
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Niall doesn’t have a problem with shifters, but can anyone blame him for not trusting them entirely? It has nothing to do with who they are, but rather with the fact that the pride has been in hiding for MORE...
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The bad voices are always louder than the good ones. Simon has no idea what he’s doing. He just got a job as the new alpha’s personal assistant, but he’s lost, and finding out that one of MORE...
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Ellery should be free. Alpha Carter is gone, and now that the Green Hill pride has Gal, things are getting better. But Ellery is tainted by his father’s attempt at killing the alpha mate, and no one will MORE...
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The Green Hill pride is a mess. Their alpha and their beta were arrested for attempted kidnapping, and the pride is leaderless and waiting for the council to decide what their fate will be. When the council cal MORE...

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