Ogorth Clan

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Prickly Orange
0 ratings
Ruy is the dragon in charge of the palace, and he takes his job seriously. When the queen announces she’ll welcome a human delegation to sign an alliance and assigns one of the new clan humans to help him MORE...
Turquoise Revelation
Caven is on the run. He was imprisoned for a good reason. But he has no intention of living behind bars for the rest of his life. So as soon as he had the chance, he left the Ogorth clan behind and headed for t MORE...
Red Passion
0 ratings
Dray is a new member of the Ogorth clan, and he doesn’t feel like he fits in just yet. Everyone’s nice, but with humans now aware that dragons have a human form, the clan is focused on dealing with MORE...
Purple Flame
0 ratings
After arresting the queen’s cousin, Slavin thinks the clan is finally safe. Unfortunately, that only lasts until the queen asks him to spy on the Eiloren clan and find out what their king is planning. Sla MORE...
Green Way Out
1 ratings
Sheldon didn’t expect to be kidnapped, but especially not by a dragon. Sheldon’s only sibling, Blake, has vanished. Sheldon is relieved when Blake finally calls, but Blake refuses to explain wh MORE...
Blue Fire
3 ratings
Blake acts on instinct when he steals a dragon egg from his boss. He’s never done anything that stupid, and now, he’s in trouble, both with humans and dragons. Especially with the dragon that cap MORE...

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