Lost in Translation

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False Friends
1 ratings
Dorran is done with investigating murders. He always ends up wounded, and it’s not good for his health. But when Eli’s brother approaches him and asks him to look into the stalker who’s harass MORE...
1 ratings
Dorran’s father is supposed to be dead. But he’s not. Dorran is finally settling in—things with Eli’s parents are going well, even though Eli’s mom is still uncomfortable wit MORE...
1 ratings
Dorran’s life could be better. He likes his job as a freelance translator, and he loves his boyfriend, but he and Eli have been fighting, and he’s not sure how to solve their problems. There&rsqu MORE...
3 ratings
Dorran is finally getting over finding a dead body, getting shot, and having to share his apartment with a ghost. So of course, things start going wonky. Dorran and Eli’s relationship hits a rough patch when El MORE...
1 ratings
The last thing Dorran expected when he moved out of his old apartment was to find a dead body in the new one. John Mitchell was a despicable man, from what Dorran learns, but no one deserves to have their head MORE...

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