Elemental Unions

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Water, Air, and Fire
Matias is a freak, or at least, that’s what his mother has told him all his life. He can wield two elements, which isn’t great when there’s a group of people claiming elements shouldn’t MORE...
Air and Earth
0 ratings
Purity is still a problem. Henry wishes he could get rid of the secret group trying to sabotage his business and the relationship between elements, but since they’re a secret, he doesn’t even know w MORE...
Earth and Water
0 ratings
Edward is grateful he’s not the family company’s CEO and that he doesn’t have to make the decisions his brother Henry has to make. He supports Henry, of course, but signing contracts with a fi MORE...
Fire and Earth
1 ratings
Benedict and everything he’s been working towards are in danger. He hates the thought of having a bodyguard, but his son Rhea doesn’t give him a choice in the matter. Benedict supposes he should be MORE...

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