The Triplets Mate Zoe (MFMM)

The Cat Burglars 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,369
4 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, shape-shifters, caning, flogging, whipping, sex toys, HEA]
The Reed panther triplets, Vallen, Montague, and Diego, are determined to mate Zoe Crawford. However, she refuses to be just like her sisters, Leah and Maia, with triplet shape-shifter husbands. No matter how handsome and enticing they are, she’s not going to fall in love with them.
For a month now the men have spent three days a week helping at her father’s work, feeding the homeless people alongside Zoe. But nothing will make her pay attention to them. Now Leah and her mates are back from their honeymoon, the Reeds decide it's time to take Zoe out on a real date where she can’t ignore them. Somewhere they can show her how much they want her and teach her the joys of BDSM and ménages. 
There’s just one problem. Getting Zoe to agree is a lot harder than they expected.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Triplets Mate Zoe (MFMM)
4 Ratings (4.5)

The Triplets Mate Zoe (MFMM)

The Cat Burglars 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,369
4 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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Zoe muffled her sigh as she backed out of the parking space and turned her car toward the church. Well, it wasn’t her car exactly. It was the family’s sole vehicle, but lately she seemed to be the one driving it mostly. Leah, her older sister, had met and married panther shape-shifter triplets. She’d just gotten back from her honeymoon and was in the middle of moving into their apartment at the panther warehouse.

Meanwhile her younger sister, Maia, had fallen in love with another set of panther triplets and gotten herself pregnant. She was getting married in a family-only ceremony on Saturday evening. However she’d already moved in with the men. They’d turned up with a truck and told her parents what had happened and moved her in with them all on the same day. Fortunately her parents had taken the news better than Zoe had expected. She supposed she ought to have guessed what was going on when Maia was coming home late, night after night.

Zoe sighed again. She’d love to spend some time alone with Vallen, Montague, and Diego Reed, but it just seemed too much like following the crowd. She wasn’t a lemming to walk off a cliff because her sisters had. Although honesty forced her to admit that her sisters both looked more like cats who’d gotten the cream, than lemmings falling off a cliff.

But still. She wasn’t going to be rushed into anything, not even by intensely handsome, tall, muscular men, with military short black hair, and rich dark chocolate-brown eyes.

And now, on a women’s shower day, with forty women to be showered, and a hot midday meal to prepare for one hundred twenty people, they had an eclectic collection of other foods that needed to be cooked and preserved to be used either today or soon. Fortunately her mom was a genius at throwing random ingredients together and turning them into delicious meals.

Plus someone had to help the café owners. Likely Vallen would be with them to fill in any paperwork needed to claim the insurance. He’d sounded very definite about that. But Zoe felt sure there’d be dozens of other tasks to be done that she knew nothing about, and the owners were completely shattered. George was so pale, almost gray-looking in his face, that she’d been really worried about him, and Dorrie had cried herself into such a state she was almost hysterical.

I hope Maia and Leah are both at home this morning. We’re going to need all the extra help we can get.

The panthers ran a reclamation business which sounded dodgy to Zoe, but they were used by the police and government so they must be legal. She knew they rather jokingly called themselves The Cat Burglars, which was a play on their panther abilities as well as the fact that sometimes they sole things back from people who’d already stolen them. Like the man who’d taken her father’s stamp albums and never given her father the money for them. Fortunately Leah and her three men had managed to sort that out and the money had helped the family enormously.

Leah had insisted some of it be used to pay all their bills, so her father couldn’t just give it away, which was a tendency he had. He was so kindhearted, and felt so deeply for the poor and downtrodden. But sometimes paying the electricity account was just as important as helping another homeless person.

Zoe parked her car in the church parking lot, and Diego pulled up beside her. Two of Leah’s mates were waiting in the lot, so that meant Leah was here which was great news. Saxon and Hardy Stewart had been leaning against a tree. Now they came across to her car and Saxon asked, “Do you need us? There was some garbled message about extra food to collect.”

Zoe waved at the backseat of her car, which was piled high with boxes of food, and popped the trunk which was also filled with boxes.

Hardy grinned. “It’s nice to be needed,” he said piling three boxes into Saxon’s arms, before picking up two and stacking them so he could lift them both himself.

Diego walked past her carrying the bread. “Don’t try to carry that stuff yourself. We’ll be back in a minute to get it for you.”

Zoe nodded. Her mom would have to look at the items and decide the best way to save as much as possible of the food, so there was no immediate rush to get inside. Leah would be able to start work on the bread while that happened.

Zoe stretched her back. The ice cream wouldn’t be too nice right now, but the milk should be all right as long as they used it today. Maybe they could make some kind of bread pudding for the people. They seldom had a real dessert to eat and when they got one they were always so grateful.

Even when everything was taken into the large kitchen and her mom was oo-ing and ahh-ing over the supplies, Zoe found herself thinking about Vallen, Montague, and Diego. Three kind, handsome men. The time had come for her to decide whether or not to tell them to go away from her and stay away, or whether she should accept their company and go on a date with them as they so clearly wanted her to do.

They’d been really helpful today. Without a crowd of people this food wouldn’t be able to be saved. Maybe it wasn’t just coincidence. Maybe it was meant to be. Maybe she should think about letting them get closer to her.

Where else would I find handsome men who want to help? Handsome men who like me. It’s not going to happen ever again. I should jump at them before they get tired of waiting for me. Three men. Three men! If they ask me again I’ll say yes.




Ever since he’d stuck his fingers in Zoe’s cunt at the table during the floor show, all Monty had been able to think about was having his dick inside her instead of his fingers. He was pleased he’d been able to give her an orgasm. He wasn’t at all sure that he’d be able to it in those circumstances. But what was a lot more important was fucking her now until she came and came and came again. Their plan was to drive her wild with numerous orgasms and then ask her to mate them. They needed to demonstrate to her so clearly that she couldn’t possibly misunderstand, that she belonged with them and only them. Only three men would satisfy her carnal desires. Only the three of them could know her so intimately, so thoroughly they would always bring her to screaming release.

That’s why they were wearing cock rings. None of them wanted to come too fast, and Zoe aroused them all to such heights coming too fast was a very real possibility. But not tonight, Tonight was all about her.

Monty lay on his back on the bed and watched her.

Vallen said, “Come here, slave, and let me remove that dildo. It’s time to replace it with our dicks.”

Monty licked his lips and his cock stretched and jumped as Vallen fucked the dildo in and out of her cunt before pulling it partway out. Then Vallen fucked her ass with that section of the dildo before finally removing it completely. Diego handed Zoe a condom with raised bubbles on it, and said, “Go and glove Monty, and then climb on him.”

Zoe did so, sliding her feet out of her shoes before getting on the bed. Monty grinned. She’d done that deliberately, he knew. They would punish her for it later though. Her ass was still quite red, but there were other punishments they could give her for taking off her shoes. It might be time to discover just how sensitive her nipples are.

Zoe rolled the textured condom down his shaft and then settled herself over his hips. “Ride me cowgirl. You set the pace. Take me as fast and as deep as you want.”

She stared at him surprised, and then gradually took his cock into her body. The bubbled surface would hopefully drag her arousal ever higher, while his cock rings helped him hold back his urge to come as he fucked her long and hard.

Monty rested his hands on her hips, but didn’t attempt to push her down harder on him. There was a little farther he go could go, but he waited for her to choose to take him, She slid up and down, finding her balance, and began fucking him. She felt so good. Hot and slippery and tight, very tight. When she slammed down on him taking him the last inch he sighed with happiness. Oh yes, she was amazing. She began a hard, fast pace bouncing over his hips, taking him deep each time.

Vallen was kneeling behind her now, and he wrapped his hands over her breasts, pulling her head back on his shoulder and rolling and pinching her nipples. “Tell me when you’re ready to come. Don’t come until you’ve told me,” said Vallen.

Zoe just closed her eyes and bounced some more.

Monty wanted to lean up and watch her, but Diego climbed on the bed and kneeled over his shoulders. As soon as Zoe started to pant, Diego gripped her face and started kissing her and fucking her mouth with his tongue. Monty closed his eyes, held her hips firmly and reveled in her heat embracing his cock. Any minute now she was going to come and shower him with her juices. His hips worked hard, pumping up into her on her every stroke, matching his pace to hers, ensuring he was assisting her, but always letting her make the speed and depth herself.

“Going to come,” Zoe murmured.

“Come then,” ordered Vallen. Monty slammed her body down on his cock, driving himself as deep as he could, thrusting his hips and pelvis high against her body while holding her pussy pressed against his skin. Diego held her head and fucked her mouth while Vallen pinched and tugged her nipples.

Zoe’s cunt gripped his cock and held him tight as cream flooded him. Damn, that was amazing.

He continued holding her hips firmly as Vallen and Diego moved around.


* * * *


Diego grabbed another condom for himself and crawled behind Zoe, holding her ass wide open and pushing his cock inside her. He’d waited so long for this moment and was determined to fuck her so thoroughly she’d never consider any man but them.

Her body was still shaking and twitching from her release, as he ordered, her, “On your hands and knees now, precious. It’s time to take you panther style.”

He pulled out, making sure the ribbing of the condom dragged along her internal tissues, and then slammed in as deep as he could go. He held her hips with both hands, and Monty was holding her wrists, making sure her body was stable as he powered in and out of her luscious ass.

Once he got a good rhythm going, Vallen laid a small paddle beside him and he used it to paddle her thighs as he fucked her. Meanwhile Vallen was lying across the bed, his head on Monty’s belly sucking Zoe’s breasts.

Diego put everything he had into fucking her ass as best he could. He swiveled his hips so his cock would touch her everywhere inside. He slammed in as deep as he could while holding her body pressed against him, and he changed his stroke patterns hoping to arouse her with the rhythm.

He looked up and found that Vallen was kissing touching and massaging both her breasts, and Monty had pulled her head down to his mouth. Everything was going to plan. Now it was his job to bring Zoe her second orgasm.

Again and again he pumped into her, until she began moaning. “I’m going to come again.”

She seemed surprised, but then she didn’t know this was all part of their plan. If all went well there’d be a third, even better orgasm ahead of her.

“Come, then,” ordered Vallen.

Diego gripped her hips hard, pulled all the way out, and drove deep inside her with all the power his thigh muscles and hips could call on.

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