[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Newly turned omega wolf Jeremy Tallis didn't mean to get caught by rogue alphas when he went out for a hunt, and their plans for him don't sound so great.
Without warning, a dire wolf comes and fights off the alphas, and in his shock of seeing something so terrifying, Jeremy loses consciousness.
When he wakes up, he's in the arms of the most gorgeous man he's ever seen, a man he hasn't seen in three years. Alexander, who wants to mate with him. Why exactly would Jeremy say no to that?
But when everything's done and over with, Alexander realizes that he wasn't in control, and the man beneath him isn't part of a dream. His wolf took control and now they are both mated for life.
Alexander feels like he forced himself on Jeremy, and until he learns to control the wolf inside of him, he won't touch his mate again. No matter how much he wants to.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Wild Wolf (MM)
8 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Jeremy has not adjust after his attach of rogue wolves. He is recue from the Rogue by Alexnader.

Alexander has been missing for 3 years, unknown to him at the length. He thinks that he is dreaming and he wolf stills has control. By mistake Alexnader mates with Jeremy. When he realize what he had done and with the younger brother of his friend, he thinks that he had taken advantage of 16 year old. He tells Jeremy that he will return him to he is pack and Derek. When they return to the pack Alexander try to take the blame that he force a mating on Jeremy. While they are trying to get to known one another. the pack is attack by the rogue again and Jeremy is hurt bad. This is a must read series and this is another get addition.
OVERALL IMPRESSION OF THE BOOK: This is awesome book. Another great read in the series

MY RATING: 5 Hearts *****
virginia lee




The next time Jeremy was pulled up and out of the haze of sleep, it was to the amazing feeling of something warm and wet licking and sucking on his cock.

Oh, holy shit, he was having a wet dream, an awesome wet dream, because he didn’t get very many of those, and the only person he ever wanted to suck on his dick was gone forever, so the dreams were usually pretty welcome.

He dreamt that Alexander was kissing and sucking on his thighs and testicles, that his warm tongue was licking up the length of his shaft, right before taking Jeremy’s whole cock into his mouth and going down on him. He dreamt that the man took him all the way to the root, and Jeremy moaned as he bucked his hips.

He tried to, at any rate. Something was holding him down. A pair of rough hands was holding him by the hips, keeping him from thrusting forward when that was all he wanted to do.

Jeremy wanted to see what was happening. He wanted to look into Alexander’s eyes, but he couldn’t see clearly at all. His eyes were shut, and everything was so blurred that when he yanked his eyes open and bright sunlight assaulted him he was surprised.

Surprised and very awake, and also not in his bedroom, resting in his bed.

He didn’t know where he was, but he couldn’t get into the specifics of even looking around to see for himself what was going on because he realized that the amazing feeling around his erection was real.

He looked down, and he moaned at the sight of a man, who had his lips around Jeremy’s cock, slowly bobbing his head up and down, up and down. His hand even gently massaged Jeremy’s testicles, and he moaned again at the shock of pleasure that jolted through him.

He didn’t know if he was making those little moaning noises because of how good it all felt or because of how much it disturbed him that someone, a complete stranger, actually had Jeremy’s dick in his mouth.

And when the stranger’s tongue licked at the head, playing with the slit and the underside of the crown, Jeremy was pretty sure he didn’t care anymore either.

 “Oh, fuck, “ he moaned, letting his head fall back against a pile of soft furs.

Sure, he had more questions, like who the hell this man was and why he had brought Jeremy to…wherever it was they were, but all of those things could wait.

This was the first time Jeremy’s erection had ever gotten any action other than from Jeremy’s own left hand, and damned if he wasn’t suddenly horny enough to just let this man do whatever the hell he wanted with him.

But then, just as Jeremy lifted his head to get a look at what was happening down below, the stranger turned his face up to look at him. Their eyes met, and even with the strands of long hair in the man’s face, Jeremy still recognized who it was getting him off in such a spectacular fashion.

 “Alexander! “ he said, nearly bolting right up, but Alexander’s hand shot out, palm pressing flat against Jeremy’s chest and pushing him back down.

Ten seconds ago, Jeremy wouldn’t have cared who it was doing this to him, but now that he could see Alexander’s face, he couldn’t help it. His lust was thrown on the back burner of his mind.

Chris, this was the thing that he’d been fantasizing about for years, and now that he finally had it, he had to put a stop to it. There was too much wrong with this.

But even when Jeremy tried to move Alexander’s hand, the man actually growled a little at him.

Because of where his mouth was, that growl sent all kinds of wonderful vibrations through his hard-on that travelled all the way down to his testicles before spreading out to the rest of his body. His toes curled, and Jeremy had to fight to keep from moaning again. He had to bite down on his lower lip, but he still kept on talking.

 “Where’ve you been? I haven’t seen you in years, “ Jeremy said. His eyes sank shut when Alexander went back to tonguing his shaft, and holy God, Jeremy was about to burst.

He had to keep on talking. “Y-your brother is worried about you. You need to come back to the pack. We all miss you. “

Alexander had vanished shortly after the death of his wife. Maggie had been killed in the very same attack that turned Jeremy into a werewolf, and now the man was here, after three years, and he was going down on Jeremy.

He had to put a stop to it. Oh God, he was going to have the worst case of blue balls in the history of time after this.

He reached down and actually grabbed Alexander by the ears. It was the only way he could think to make the man stop.

He stopped all right. He let his mouth move away from Jeremy’s cock, leaving it slightly chilled in the fresh air, but Alexander just seemed to take that as an invitation to climb up the rest of Jeremy’s body, pressing their chests together and holding Jeremy down as his mouth descended on his lips.

A kiss. Jeremy’s first kiss, and it was with Alexander. Holy shit.

Not only was Alexander kissing him, but he was also thrusting his hips down, pressing his hard, heavy cock against Jeremy’s, and holy God, that made his entire body tingle with the pleasure that shivered through him.

Too good. It felt too damned good, and Jeremy could hardly think straight about anything. He opened his mouth and felt the touch of Alexander’s tongue. He didn’t taste like blood or anything. In fact, there was no blood on him at all. Had he cleaned up somewhere? Where were they?




Alexander only moved down when his finger started to feel a little on the dry side inside of Jeremy’s pucker. When he moved, it took away that curtain of hair, and Jeremy tried to look down, but he couldn’t see much.

He was aware of Alexander spitting, probably into his hand, because Jeremy didn’t feel anything right away, but then he felt another wet, cold finger moving around the other index finger, making him slick down there.

Jeremy always thought that having saliva slathered all over his asshole would be disgusting. It had certainly never been in any of the fantasies he’d had, but there was nothing disgusting about it right now. He was thrusting his ass forward, trying to encourage Alexander to push his finger inside of him, to fuck him, to claim him.

Jeremy keened when Alexander pulled his fingers away from him, however. He’d never keened before in his life, and he couldn’t believe the sound was leaving him now.

He looked up at Alexander, pretty sure that his eyes were a little on the crazed side since he was so desperate for the sex, but then all he saw was the older man spitting into his hand again, something that should have been pretty gross but wasn’t, and then stroking his cock.

Jeremy shivered. Holy shit, this was it. This was actually going to happen, and Jeremy was finally going to lose his virginity. It had never been a big deal to him before, but now all he wanted to do was get rid of it as fast as possible. He wanted to grab onto Alexander’s shoulders and yank the man down on top of him, forcing his huge cock inside of his hole whether Alexander wanted to give it or not.

In fact, when he felt more fingers touching his pucker, as if getting ready to stretch him again, he grabbed onto Alexander’s shoulders and did just that.

The act only served to make the alpha fall down on top of him so they were chest to chest. Not quite as smooth and easy as Jeremy had thought it would be. The man’s dick didn’t exactly slide right on into him as Jeremy had planned.

 “No more of that, “ he said, shaking his head. He let his hands slide up and down Alexander’s back and sides, feeling every muscle and every scar.  “Just fuck me right now before I wake up or something. “

Ugh, why did he have to say the dumbest things out loud? What was wrong with him?

Thankfully, Alexander didn’t seem to mind it at all. In fact, his mouth curled up at the corner in a smirk that made him look predatory. As if he was a cat that had caught a mouse by the tail and was playing with it, teasing it, before he planned to eat it.

Alexander didn’t say anything to him. He just leaned in and kissed Jeremy hard on the mouth one more time. Jeremy closed his eyes the moment their lips made contact, and he moaned when he felt Alexander’s tongue touching the crease of his lips. The heat in his body probably doubled. He was so fucking hot, but despite all of that, he was still very aware of Alexander’s hands on his hips, and he didn’t know what the man was doing until their kiss was abruptly broken off. Jeremy cried out as he was quickly, and roughly, flipped around onto his hands and knees.

 “Hey! Asshole, “ Jeremy said, but he was smiling when he looked over his shoulder.  “You could’ve just asked nicely, you know, “

Alexander’s hand was between his legs, and even though Jeremy couldn’t see exactly what was happening, he could see enough to know that the man was positioning his cock. Then he felt the fat head touching his asshole, and he tensed up.

Alexander looked at him, those dark-brown eyes so intense as they turned red, and he still didn’t say anything. Not a word. It was only just then that Jeremy realized how Alexander hadn’t said anything to him at all. He hadn’t spoken one word since Jeremy had woken up, and for the first time, it occurred to him that something might be wrong.

 “Alexander? Alex? Are you okay? “ he asked.

Alexander just released another rumbling growl as he pushed forward, and fast. He didn’t thrust his dick balls deep into Jeremy’s hole right away, but the head did pop through, and it was enough for Jeremy to tense up from the pain of it.

It seemed like forever had gone by before he was able to release a long, hard, and painful breath. Oh fuck, it hurt so damned much. Maybe he should’ve let Alexander prep him some more because he clearly wasn’t ready for this yet.

And the burn. Fucking hell, the burn was so intense.

But then the burn was over. It melted away so fast it was like it was never there, and the entire time, Alexander held perfectly still.

The man waited until Jeremy relaxed, until his tense muscles started to give in and melt. Alexander’s hands were even sliding over Jeremy’s back and shoulders, encouraging him to relax even more.

Jeremy released a breath, and he took in another big puff of air before letting that one out as well.

Yeah, Alex knew what was up. Just because he was suddenly shy and didn’t want to talk didn’t mean there was something wrong with him.

Jeremy angled his head and looked over his shoulder.  “Move, “ he said, just as Alexander’s lips came down on his, kissing him before that thick, heavy cock of his pushed in even more.

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