[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Lexi Angel finds his mate and discovers the eighteen-year-old Bailey is shy. Lexi is determined to date Bailey so they can get to know each other. They work through a few misunderstandings and begin to dream of their future. What they don’t know is that someone is stalking Bailey.
Micah and the wolves are out hunting for clues, when Bailey’s stalker strikes and kidnaps him.
They return to find their beloved pack house crumbled to the ground. A hunt begins to find Bailey and the man who took him—and to make him pay dearly for his crimes.
But during a celebration, Malachi’s new army of giants attacks. Now the pack, along with their mates, must stand united to defeat this new threat. When they lose one of their own in the battle, Lexi’s pain and anger push him over the edge. He comes out of the battle with burns covering his whole body. That's when a new fight begins...to save his life.
A Siren Erotic Romance
United (MM)
21 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“There are some papers over here, Micah,” Crew said as he sifted through some of Alison’s things that were left behind.

Micah walked over and picked up the papers and read through them. “These look like some kind of formula. Good job, Crew. We can take these back to Aaron,” Micah said and tucked the papers into the messenger bag he had slung over his shoulder.

“I don’t like some of the groaning sounds this place keeps making, Alpha,” Lexi said as he looked up at the cave’s ceiling. “I think we need to look faster.”

“I’m with the wolf,” one of the fae warriors agreed. “This place seems almost like it’s been waiting for us to arrive so it can drop on us.”

“Exactly,” Lexi said. “There’s a weird feeling coming from the dirt. Like it’s waiting for the right time and then splat, we’re all flattened.”

“Didn’t Raffy say something about the Nephilim?” Dante asked.

“Yes,” Micah answered as he walked to where Dante was. “He said they were the offspring of the fallen angels and humans. Why?”

Dante handed Micah some papers. “I found these under the chair as if they were dropped and forgotten. It says here something about the Nephilim masses to join together to defeat the enemy,” Dante explained.

“It just looks like a bunch of gibberish to me. How do you know what it says?” Micah asked.

“On the bottom of the second page, it’s written in Latin. I don’t know what all the other words say, or even if they are words,” Dante explained. A large cracking noise split through the air.

“I think that’s our cue to get the hell out of here,” the fae warrior announced.

Another, louder crack sounded and a thumping sound came from the tunnel. They all turned their attention to the tunnel entrance. A group of large men stood crouched in the entrance. They had to be about seven feet tall. They looked like the fae warriors but not as ethereal looking, they looked more demonic. But they were big and wide, with muscles on muscles.

“What the fuck are they?” Crew asked in horror.

“I don’t know,” Nicco said in awe. “But I’m with the fae warrior. I say we get the hell out of dodge.”

The cave began to grumble and Lexi looked up. The ceiling began to shift and bow. The noise of the rocks moving grew deafening. “Go now! Get Micah and Dante out of here!” Lexi shouted over the noise. He held his hands up and focused all his powers on the center of the ceiling. The cords of his neck straining against the pressure and the muscles in his arms and back were bulging and tightening. Lexi’s legs began to buckle, but he caught himself and stood strong.

Nicco grabbed onto Crew and disseminated. Phenex’s two Legion Warriors stood shoulder to shoulder and faced the threat at the cave tunnel. The two fae warriors joined them. “Prime, you must leave now!” one of the Legion called out.

“Lexi!” Micah yelled over the growing noise. “Let’s go! Grab onto Dante!”

“I can’t, Alpha! If I let go now, you and Dante won’t make it out! Just go!” Lexi yelled back.

“No, brother, I won’t leave you!” Micah yelled. He looked at Dante and he nodded. “Lexi, let go now and run toward us!” Micah ordered.

“No! You and Dante are needed. You’re important to the fight. I must protect my Alpha! Go, Micah! Dante, please get him the hell out of here! I can’t hold it much longer!” Lexi yelled and fought against the rocks.

The Legion and fae warriors held their ground as the giant creatures advanced on them. Micah looked to them. “Open a portal and get the hell out!”

“Go, Prime! Take the king and the brave wolf and go!” one of the fae called back.

Micah looked at Dante. “Now!” Without hesitation Dante grabbed Micah’s arm. Micah stared at Lexi and suddenly Lexi was lifted off the ground and flung in their direction. He slammed against Micah’s chest and Dante wrapped his arm around them and the three disseminated.


* * * *


“You know,” Taylor said with a frustrated sigh. “I’m really starting to hate this room.” He was lounging back on the cot in the safe room.

“Me too,” Noah agreed.

“Do you feel that?” Jesse asked and stood up. He looked at the monitor’s to see if there was anything there.

“What you feel, Jesse?” Noah asked and joined him by the monitor’s.

“I don’t know. It was like a pulse,” he answered absently as he studied the screen’s.

“Dale, use your powers and see if you can get anything,” Taylor said as he too stood and joined Jesse and Noah.

Dale closed his eyes and concentrated. He sat quietly for a few minutes before his eyes snapped open. “Get out, now!” The house shook and they all wobbled as they tried to keep their footing.

Raffy, Dale, Bastian, Adam, Noah, Taylor, and Jesse all linked hands and Jesse began to chant. Taylor and Noah joined him as the house started to fall apart around them. Adam looked up in horror as the ceiling caved in.




Bailey slid his lips down under Lexi’s cock and began to lick his sac. He drew the balls into his mouth and gently sucked as he rolled them around with his tongue.

Bailey’s hands caressed up and down Lexi’s thighs and then up over his hips and stomach. Lexi’s body was on fire and he needed to come. “I’m gonna come, pretty baby,” he growled.

Bailey released his sac and in one motion, engulfed Lexi’s whole shaft into the back of his throat and sucked. His cheeks hollowed out as he began to bob his head up and down faster on Lexi’s shaft. “Oh fuck!” Lexi yelled out and his hands grabbed Bailey’s head. He fought not the grab his mate too tight, but the pleasure his mate was giving him was so great he was losing control. Bailey sucked harder and swallowed Lexi into his throat. It sent Lexi careening over the edge and he shot his seed down Bailey’s throat. The muscles in Bailey’s throat pulled and rippled around his cock, drawing every drop from within him and making his orgasm last longer.

 Bailey slowly released his spent cock and pulled back. He raised his head to look at Lexi with glazed eyes, and licked his swollen lips. His mate looked so fucking sexy and wanton. With a growl, Lexi sat up quickly and wrapped his arms around Bailey, pushing him onto his back. Lexi lay over his mate and claimed his lips in a hard, passionate kiss. He thrust his tongue into Bailey’s mouth and growled at the taste of himself on Bailey’s tongue. The combination of his seed and Bailey’s own unique taste made Lexi’s wolf howl in joy. Lexi held Bailey’s face firmly between his hands as he devoured his mouth.

 His cock began to twitch and fill again just from the taste of his mate. He thrust his hips in time with his tongue and rubbed their swollen cocks together between them, but it wasn’t enough, he needed to be inside his mate. He needed to claim him again. To mark him inside and out and show the world that this amazing creature was all his. Lexi pulled back from the kiss and panted breathlessly as his chest heaved and his heart raced. “Don’t move,” he growled deeply.

Lexi turned to the head of the bed and grabbed the lube from under the pillow. He didn’t care how bad he needed to be inside his mate, he wouldn’t risk hurting him. He needed to calm down enough to get his mate ready for him. He squirted a generous amount of the slick lube on his fingers and tossed the bottle aside. He turned back to his mate and saw Bailey looking at him with adoration. He slowed his movements and crawled between Bailey’s legs. Lexi kissed him gently and pressed the tip of one finger into Bailey’s hot hole, causing Bailey to moan so erotically.

Lexi licked and sucked Bailey’s throat and lips as he continued to add fingers into him and stretch him. “I’m ready, Lexi,” Bailey said breathlessly as he moaned. “Please, mate. I need you inside me.”

Lexi withdrew his fingers and sat back on his heels. He wrapped his hand around his rock-hard shaft and slicked himself up with the excess lube. He shifted forward and lifted Bailey’s legs, placing his mate’s knees over his shoulders. Lexi watched as the tip of his cock kissed Bailey’s opening. He pushed forward and watched as Bailey opened for him and the tip slid inside. “Aah,” Bailey moaned in ecstasy.

Lexi slowly slid inside his mate and moaned deep in his throat at the feel of Bailey’s hot, pulsing flesh wrapped around him. Bailey writhed and whimpered beneath him. Lexi slowly pulled back and closed his eyes. He pumped forward, stretching Bailey’s sleeve again, to welcome him inside. Bailey gasped sharply and released a guttural moan. Lexi grabbed Bailey’s hips, fingers squeezing as he pushed inside Bailey as far as he could go.

“Oh fuck, Lexi! Uuh!” Bailey cried out. Lexi lowered Bailey’s legs and wrapped them around his waist. Laying his body over his mate’s, Lexi held his weight up on his arms as he took Bailey’s lips in another passionate kiss. He rocked his hips slowly, pulling and pushing his cock in and out of Bailey’s exquisite body. Bailey moaned into his mouth and arched his body, pressing harder against Lexi’s.

He pulled back from the kiss and licked a trail up Bailey’s throat. His pace quickened and his thrust grew harder. “I need to claim you, pretty baby. I need to feel all of you.” Lexi’s voice was husky and the hot pants of his breath against Bailey’s skin caused him to shiver. Lexi’s thrust quickened and Bailey gasped and grabbed onto Lexi’s back, digging his nails into flesh.

“Fuck, yes…oh gods…yes. You feel so good, Lexi…Uuh!” Bailey screamed out and began to shudder beneath him as he held Lexi tight and thrust his hips, meeting Lexi thrust for thrust. “Don’t stop, Lexi,” Bailey panted. “Claim me, mate.” Lexi licked across his mating mark and bit into Bailey’s flesh. He was immediately brought to the gates of heaven as his mate’s taste coated his tongue. “Lexi!” Bailey screamed and dug his nails in deeper as his body shook beneath Lexi.

Lexi thrust harder, increasing his rhythm, fucking his mate with desperation. He slid one arm under Bailey and held him tight as his orgasm rushed toward him. They held on to each other and fucked with a reckless abandon, their sweat-slicked bodies sliding and melding together, moving as one. Bailey screamed out in ecstasy as Lexi felt his mate’s hot seed shoot from him and slide between them. He released Bailey’s neck and licked his bite closed. Lexi threw his head back as his orgasm tore through him almost painfully and shot from him, filling Bailey with his release and love.

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