[Siren Everlasting Polyromance: Erotic Cowboy Multiple Partner Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Cora Takoda’s life changed when Garrick Tasmin and Kohana Shanley got involved with her. She hardly knew Garrick, and Kohana had left eighteen years ago. Garrick met with her and explained why he needed to protect her. Some men had tortured Kohana, and they had the necklace Cora had given him years ago. It had her name on it. The thugs might kidnap her and use her to break Kohana. Reluctantly, she agreed, as long as her friends, Gavin, Beck, and Heather were involved in helping to keep her safe.
Garrick and Cora were attracted to each other. He was the first man she’d been really interested in since Kohana. What would happen to their relationship if Kohana returned? Garrick was Kohana’s best friend. Cora wasn’t certain what feelings she had for Kohana, and could she trust him to stay. What if she loved them both? She’d never wanted a threesome relationship, but Garrick made the suggestion.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Paige Cameron is a Siren-exclusive author.
Bold Bodyguards (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I love this book and this series.




Kohana Shanley shook his head and peered at the man who’d just blackened his other eye. There was no doubt they’d kill him, whether he told them the information they wanted or not. He chose not to.

“You’re not such a touch guy now.” The leader bent over him and sneered. “What’s this?” He picked up the necklace in his fist and yanked twice before the chain broke. It left a cut on Kohana’s neck. Blood dribbled down Kohana’s body from a number of cuts.

His heart pounded fast. They had his necklace, and it had Cora’s name engraved on one side. Kohana didn’t want these men to have even that much information. But he had to pretend he didn’t care or they’d know how important Cora still was to him after all these years.

His torturers walked off for a minute and Kohana slipped into semiconsciousness.

If Garrick had been with me, I wouldn’t be in this fix. They’d never have attacked us both, but with me alone, and not as alert as I usually am, they saw their chance. I miss Garrick. If I survive this, I’m going to call and visit him.

“No sleeping,” one of the gang said, and he punched Kohana hard in the middle of his abdomen. The pain sliced through him. Still, he refused to scream or beg.

He ain’t going to tell us nothin, boss,” one of the men said.

“We’ll take a break and eat. Then we’ll give him one more chance and afterward, he dies.”

The men strolled down the hallway talking and laughing. Suddenly, someone was at Kohana’s back. His hands were freed and three men silently and quickly carried him to an open window where others took hold of him and lifted Kohana out.

“We’ve got you,” one of his friends whispered. They carried Kohana and ran to a nearby van. Then they took off as his attackers ran out shooting at them.

“It took some time to find this place, and then we had to wait for the right moment. We feared they might kill you first if we attacked right away,” Jarvis said.

“Nothing matters, but that you found me and rescued me alive,” Kohana said in a low, weak voice.

“We’ve contacted the local police and called 911. An ambulance will be waiting for us at the main highway and the police will go after the gang. Although they’ve probably fled,” Jarvis said.

Kohana tried to grin, but it hurt too much. “Thanks guys. I owe you one.” Then he laid his head back, closed his eyes, and lost consciousness.


* * * *


Garrick Tasmin’s cell phone vibrated in his pocket as he watched some of the cowhands moving cattle from one area to another. He checked the name on his cell. What the hell was Jarvis calling about after all this time?

“Hi, what’s up?”

“Kohana’s been hurt. He wanted me to tell you to get hold of Cora Takoda and keep her with you. Her life may be in danger,” Jarvis said.

“You’d better tell me more about what’s happening.”

Jarvis groaned. “I don’t have much time, but Kohana got jumped a few nights ago. It took us a while to find him. They’d tortured him. They also got the necklace he wears when he’s not out in the field. It has Cora’s name on it. He’s worried they’ll fine her and take her. Then they’d use her to blackmail him to tell them where we took their leader.”

“The guy must be important.”

“He is to us and the people we turned him over to. Listen, I want to get back to the waiting room. Kohana’s in surgery. Will you help?”

“I’ll do my best. I’ve only met the woman once briefly. I’m not sure she’ll trust me.”

“You can handle it.” Jarvis clicked off his phone.

“And thank you very much,” Garrick snapped into the empty receiver. Cora Takoda wasn’t going to trust him. She’d think he was crazy trying to get her to stay with him until it was safe. And yet that was the only option. She’d be less likely to be abducted from the ranch than the hospital or wherever she lived.

Garrick pushed his cowboy hat back and stared at the mountains. He’d thought his past would leave him alone when he moved to Triple Dare County, but it had caught up with him. Then he remembered his best friend was in surgery. Kohana had to be hurt bad because no one would get information from him. He’d die first. Garrick had no choice but to protect the woman whose name Kohana wore close to his heart. Someone he seldom talked about and then only sparingly.




“How did the rest of your day go?” Garrick asked.

“Parts were good and some not so much. It’s difficult to give a definitive answer,” Cora said.

Garrick poured them another cup of coffee. “I gather there were problems between you and Kohana.”

“Part of the time, but not all day.” Her face flushed when she thought about their earlier lovemaking.

“Are you too embarrassed to tell me the two of you made love?”

Now her face really felt hot. “Of course. It isn’t something you talk about to another man you care for.”

“It is if we’re considering a threesome relationship.”

“You two may be considering such a relationship, but I’m still not convinced it’d work.”

“I guess we’ll have to show you.”

“Have you been in one before?” Cora leaned forward waiting for his answer.

“Once. We thought we’d found the woman for us, but we all eventually realized we cared for each other, but not enough to marry. We’re still friends with her. She married a guy we knew and liked.

“We hadn’t considered it again until I met you. We’ve connected, and I think there are feelings between us. Kohana and I are best friends. He told me about Triple Creeks Township and that many of the people here had this type of marriage. I suspect you still have feelings for Kohana. I can see it working for us.”

“See what working for us?” Kohana asked as he rejoined them.

“A threesome marriage,” Garrick said.

“I like the idea,” Kohana admitted.

Cora jerked her head back. “You do? Then you’re planning on staying here?”

“I can see Dad and Mom need me.” He regarded Cora.

“I don’t want to leave you. I’ve never gotten you out of my mind. However, if I’m needed, I may occasionally want to go out on an assignment. I’d know Garrick was here taking care of you.”

“You want to have it both ways.” Cora got up. She blinked her eyes to keep back the tears. “I’m not sure I want that type of commitment. In fact, I know I don’t. If we did this, I’d want a full commitment from both of you.” She walked out of the room.


* * * *


“I guess I didn’t handle that very well,” Kohana said.

“No. But I think the longer you’re here, the more you will realize you don’t want to go back. This is a good life.”

“Do you think she’ll want children?” Kohana asked.

“She loves other people’s children. Yeah, if she can have them, she’ll want them. I’m going to go talk with her. See you in the morning,” Garrick strode out of the kitchen and down the hallway to Cora’s bedroom. He knocked softly on the panel.

“Go away.”

“It’s Garrick. Let me in, please.”

She opened the door a slit and frowned at him. “We’ve talked.”

“I really want to make love to you, and then hold you tight.”

For a long moment she looked back at him. Then she stepped away from the door letting him inside.

Garrick pulled her into his arms. “You’ve been through a rough day. Let’s shower. Afterward, I’ll give you a massage and you can sleep.” Her eyes looked dreamy and hopeful.

She led the way into the bath. Since she’d already had on her nightgown, it didn’t take her long to get naked.

Cora got in the shower and adjusted the temperature while Garrick quickly undressed. He placed a condom package on the counter right outside the shower. Then he joined her.

He pulled her close and the warm water ran over their bodies. Garrick grabbed the soap and after making lather in his hands, he rubbed her shoulders, arms, and legs. When he rose from doing her feet, he took the soap and repeated the process. This time his fingers and hands caressed her breasts and nipples, and he kissed her neck.

He loved tasting her and touching her soft skin. His lusty passion for her rose quickly. His cock ached with the desire to be inside her hot pussy. When she rubbed her fingers across his nipples, he gasped. Then her sweet, soft, hand slid downward and took hold of his hard dick.

She stroked the length of his shaft and all around the girth. Cora raised her face, and he couldn’t resist her rosy lips. When he kissed her all he was aware of was her touch and her taste. He touched her clit and she sighed. His finger stroked along her lower lips to her pussy opening.

Her hand halted from caressing his cock, and she stiffened when he rubbed his finger across her G-spot. Garrick bit the edge of her earlobe and whispered, “I want to be inside of you. My cock loves the feeling of your hot pussy walls tightening against it.”

Her juices flowed around his fingers and he knew she was ready. He stepped out of the shower long enough to sheath his dick. Then he pulled her legs up around his waist, and placed her back against the cool tile wall. He positioned his hard cock at her pussy opening and thrust inside her hot, wet pussy. Her hand slipped below where they were joined and moved his sac carefully.

He hissed between his teeth. “I want it to last, baby. Any more of that and I’ll be a goner.” In response her pussy walls clamped tight around him, but she did move her hand.

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