Healing Hearts 7: Anything for Their Love (MFMM)

Healing Hearts 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,763
9 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Contemporary Menage a Quatre Romantic Suspense Romance, M/F/M/M, reverse harem, spanking, HEA]

Brook is a super cop capable of doing almost anything any other cop can do. Her focus is on the job and training after getting her heart broken by the one man she thought was her destiny. Bad guys better watch out!

When the job brings her together with her ex-lover Conan, she isn't sure this is going to go so well. Emotions are still raw two years later, and it doesn't help that she accidentally meets one of his brothers, Kernan, and they share a kiss in passion. She's heading for trouble, and the case they are working on brings danger to their doorsteps. Literally. It's one thing to feel lust, a connection and in the heat of danger, but another thing to actually make a commitment. She doesn't think these three men are capable of that, and being on her own she's not sure she really needs any man in her life and definitely not three like them. Then in the midst of danger and gunfire, the third brother, Kinchley, a member of SWAT, witnesses her capabilities and also assists in rescuing her and someone she saves. When the danger is over he kisses her with a desire and passion also shared like his brothers. What's a woman to do with three retired military hotties, seasoned, and experienced now in law enforcement, too, when they keep kissing her breathless and breaking down those walls around her heart? When push comes to shove and the bad guys seek revenge, Brook realizes she would do anything for their love, even die protecting them.


Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
Healing Hearts 7: Anything for Their Love (MFMM)
9 Ratings (4.7)

Healing Hearts 7: Anything for Their Love (MFMM)

Healing Hearts 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,763
9 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley

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Kernan walked into the house and saw Conan and Kinchley sitting in the living room. He didn’t know how to bring this up to his brother. Kernan thought about it all night at the bar. He watched Brook talking to different men but then moving away from them when they started flirting or trying to make a move. She hadn’t pulled away from him. The attraction was like nothing he ever felt before, and that was another reason why he was so pissed off. What if his brother hadn’t screwed things up with Brook? Was he planning on introducing him and Kinchley to her? What could have happened? Would they have shared her? At least him and Conan. Kinchley was set in his ways and would definitely think she was too young. She wasn’t even thirty.

“Hey, what’s going on? How was the event and the afterparty at Gordon’s?” Conan asked him. Kernan took a deep breath and exhaled.

“What’s wrong?” Kinchley asked, and Conan squinted his eyes at Kernan and sat up on the couch.

“How the fuck could you cheat on a woman like Brook?” Kernan asked his brother.

Conan was taken aback. It was obvious by his eyes widening and how he looked shocked.


“I met her, Conan. I met Brook,” Kernan told him and exhaled. He felt a mix of emotions. He was attracted to a woman who broke his brother’s heart. A woman his brother slept with, had a hidden relationship with and didn’t tell Kernan of Kinchley about.

“You met here? Where?”

“At the event today and then tonight at Gordon’s. It doesn’t matter. She said you told us about her, but you didn’t. Why the fuck didn’t you tell us more about her? Were you lying when you said Lisa was all over you and another woman you had strong feelings for caught you and thought the worst? Were you lying about it? Did you cheat on Brook?”

“Whoa, slow the fuck down. What the hell happened?”

“I’ll tell you what happened. I met her. We hit it off. The fucking attraction was super strong.”

“You made a move on her?” Conan asked, standing up.

“I kissed her, and it was incredible, but then she stopped me. Told me it was a mistake and that it couldn’t happen again. I pushed for answers, and she tells me she knows you. That she couldn’t believe you never mentioned her to me and Kinchley.”

“I did though. I told you about her. You know what I went through,” Conan said, raising his voice.

“No, we don’t. You blocked us out. You threw all your energy into work and that was it,” Kinchley said to him.

“I fucked up. I shouldn’t have met up with Lisa and believed her story about being in some trouble. I lied to Brook and told her something came up and I would meet her later in the evening or tomorrow. Then I’m at the bar and I’m talking to Lisa when she attacks me. Kissing me, putting her hand down my pants. I’m telling her to stop when I hear Brook’s voice. She called me a bastard and then turned around and left. I shoved Lisa from me and she laughed. She set me up on purpose, and there was no explaining things to Brook. She was so hurt and wouldn’t believe a word I said.”

“She said you told us about her.”

“I mentioned her the morning that happened. I said that there was a woman I wanted you guys to meet, and remember, we made plans to all meet up at a bar after work. I was going to introduce you to her. To Brook.”

“Why?” Kinchley asked in his deep, hard tone.

“To see if you both felt the same way I did about her.”

“Fuck,” Kernan said and ran his fingers along his beard.

“You’re telling me you met her tonight and kissed her, felt an attraction to her, Kernan?” Conan asked.

“Fuck yeah. She’s incredible, and today at the event every fucking guy was hitting on her. She set a new record for the shooting obstacle course by forty seconds. Forty!”

Kinchley whistled.

Conan rubbed his jaw. “This is going to turn into a fucking disaster. She’s assigned to a case I’m working along with a few other people we both know. This is the first time in two years we’ll be in communication and, of course, be working together.”

“You still have feelings for her?” Kinchley asked.


“You two got yourselves a fucking huge ass problem. Don’t let some woman, some piece of ass, cause a wedge between you. You’re brothers. We’re a team, and we come first always.”

“Kinchley, repeat that when you lay your eyes on her, when you talk to Brook, or when you see her in action,” Kernan said to him.

“I don’t want any part of this. You two should part ways with her. Keep it all business, Conan and Kernan, don’t pursue her. It will only cause more controversy and anger between the two of you. Women are trouble, and this one sounds like it big time.”




She had tears in her eyes. She was scared. Scared to trust them, to let down her guard, and to allow them to see her body and know they would want her. She stared at Conan as she faced him and his brothers.

Kernan took her hand. “Let it go so we can see the damage and help you.” He pressed closer and lowered his mouth to her chest, right on the mound, before the material of her bra. She closed her eyes, and then Conan cupped her cheeks and pressed his mouth to hers.

“Let it go,” Kinchley said, and Conan eased from her lips as Kernan slid the strap off her shoulder and her bra fell away from her breasts.

“Fuck,” Kinchley said softly and moved closer. She glanced down, and holy hell, her breast was bruised and ugly. She covered both of her breasts as best she could with her hands, and it stung to apply the hard pressure.

“No. Uncover it and let me get a closer look,” Kinchley said, and Kernan stepped aside. Kinchley softly stroked her skin and looked up at her as he lowered to his knees. She couldn’t resist. The attraction was so deep, so intense she reached for his head and then brushed her finger along his jaw.

His hands stroked her waist and her ribs, and she shivered with desire.

His eyes looked away from her breast a moment and locked onto her eyes. Just then, he leaned closer and licked her nipple, shocking her. He swirled his tongue over it and stroked her hips with the pads of his thumbs, then slid them up her ribs to her breasts and teased her, took away the pains and the aches somehow.


“You are so sexy and gorgeous. I don’t like bruises on you, woman. I know you’re supposedly all badass and shit, but no woman of mine is going to be sporting bruises like this.”

She gasped, and he suckled a little harder, making her lean forward only for Kernan to cup her cheeks and hold her gaze. “He’s right. As our woman, this shit has to stop.” He kissed her, tenderly then deeply, trying to draw her in so she would trust them. Conan stroked her back and then her hair. Kinchley suckled her breast as they reached for her pants and undid the button and zipper. They pushed her pants down, and then her panties. She tried pulling back but then thought better of it. This felt so good and so right. She would stop them from going too far. Maybe.

When fingers stroked into her pussy, she pulled back and gasped for air. “Oh God, Conan,” she exclaimed.

“Go with it. You’re fucking gorgeous. Holy shit, you’re so hot and sexy,” Kernan told her, and then cupped her cheeks and began to kiss her once again. She couldn’t take it. It was too much. The three of them touching her, kissing her, arousing her body. She gripped Conan’s wrist as he stroked her cunt and suckled against her neck, and she held onto Kinchley’s shoulder while he suckled her breast and Kernan kissed her, and she came. Just like that, she exploded.

“Fuck,” Conan cursed, and then lowered down as Kinchley lifted her up by her hips, and a second later she felt Conan’s mouth on her cunt. How the hell did they do this? How did they place her where they wanted as if she were light as a feather and—

“Oh!” She cried out her release as Conan suckled her pussy hard and stroked his tongue in deeply while sliding a finger into her asshole. Kernan started giving orders.

“To the bedroom. Spread her out on the bed so we can all taste every fucking inch of her,” he demanded. Conan slid his mouth and fingers from her body, and Kinchley lifted her up and carried her to the bedroom. She clung to him, felt the cool air collide against her asshole and pussy. She was incredibly turned on by his hard, stone-like muscles in his shoulders and biceps, and his cologne was enticing, as well. Her back hit her bed, and he was between her legs, then cupping her cheeks.

“You came out of nowhere. I want to get to know you, Brook. I want to protect you and make you happy,” he said to her and pressed his lips to hers. He then trailed his mouth along her breasts and then to her uninjured one and suckled the tip.

“Kinchley. Oh God, we shouldn’t be doing this. This is a bad idea,” she said, and then gasped from Kinchley’s ministrations.

“No, it isn’t. The timing is perfect. We’ve waited our whole lives for you, Brook,” Kernan said and pulled off his shirt, revealing hard muscles and some scars that looked like gunshot wounds. His expression was hard, seasoned, and she knew they were older. Much older than her, and she found them sexier because of it.

“Don’t hold back out of fears from our time together. I never stopped loving you, Brook. Never,” Conan said, and he shoved down his pants and gave Kinchley a tap to his shoulder. “I need another taste,” he said, and Kinchley moved to the side of her, raised her arm above her head, and sucked a little harder on her breast.


“God damn, baby, I missed you,” Conan said and lowered down, used his palms to spread her thighs wider and over his shoulders before he plunged his tongue deeply into her cunt. He curled his tongue and moaned into her pussy, making her thrust her hips upward and against his mouth. When he slid his tongue along her asshole, she shook and came.

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