The Billionaire Maverick Bargains for a Wife (MF)

Wives for the Western Billionaires 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,012
22 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Everlasting Classic: Erotic Cowboy Romance, public exhibition]

Angie McElvaine was reclaiming her life. She had a four-step plan and had completed three.

Brent Terrell arrived in Saddle Creek to see his brother, Drake. Angie considered him for step four, to be her temporary husband. He was here for a visit, not to stay. But, there was danger in choosing him. Her body instantly responded to his nearness. Could she have his baby, see him go away, and come out unscathed? She doubted it, and he'd never agree anyway.

Angie's fears come to the forefront when people begin to question about her changed appearance. Maybe twenty-one years of hiding wasn't enough. Still, no one outside of Saddle Creek would be curious about her.

Hopefully, her stepfather had forgotten about her and her mother. But Angie hadn't forgotten the baby sister they'd left behind or that her stepfather had convinced Angie she never wanted a permanent husband.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Paige Cameron is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Billionaire Maverick Bargains for a Wife (MF)
22 Ratings (4.3)

The Billionaire Maverick Bargains for a Wife (MF)

Wives for the Western Billionaires 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,012
22 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
This was such a good story and one you didnt want to put down. I am so ready to hear Ty's story. This is really a great series.
Barefoot Okie
I have enjoyed each of these books in the series.
Professional Reviews

4 CUPS: "Angie McIlvaine is a schoolteacher in Saddle Creek, Texas. She mostly keeps to herself and has spent the last few years taking care of her ailing mother. Things are about to change. Brent Terrell is handsome and wealthy and in town to visit his brother and sister-in-law. He is a bit of a playboy and is not in the market for a commitment. Angie is finally ready to come out of hiding. She and her mother changed their identities when she was a small child and eventually made their way from New York to Texas. She has also hidden what she truly looks like. Now she is determined to be herself and she wants a child, but not a permanent man in her life. Brent is only visiting and definitely commitment-shy, so he is the perfect candidate for the job, but her secrets and his sudden wish for a permanent relationship might just ruin all of her plans. I really enjoyed this suspenseful romance. Angie’s secrets put her in great danger, and Brent turns out to be less of a playboy than anyone thought. The subplot of Angie’s sister’s search for her mother and sister, and discovery of what her father is really like, is a good story in itself, but the main plot had me totally engrossed. The story is full of romance and suspense and the characters are realistic and easily engage the reader’s emotions." -- Maura, Coffee Time Romance

4 STARS: "This is a sweet and exciting love story that has bits of humor and emotional strain, this is book 3 in this series and I would be remiss if I didn’t advise you to read the first 2. You will find our heroine Angie in this short story has a plan: find man, marry man, have his baby and after on year divorce him and raise his child alone. What she didn’t plan on was her encounter with her Western Billionaire Brent who is recovering from a recent injury and visiting his brother’s family. I was shocked that Paige was able to pack so much in this short story and still leave me wanting more. We are introduced to previous characters, new characters and you get to see the potential new stories unfolding. Our dame in this story has a past that she is running from yet she can’t go forward in her future without facing it, Brent our dashing hero takes one look at Angie and decides he wants her at any cost. Little did they know what that would entail, the sexual tension between the two is so thick you could cut it with garden shears and make no dent. Let me be clear this book is HAWT and it’s funny and it’s a good read and I can’t wait to read book 4 because I just know that one is going to be SMOKING HAWT!" -- Divine, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

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Story Excerpt


Angie put on the coffeepot, grabbed her pad, and studied her list. In the past few months, she’d gradually begun to change her wardrobe. Nothing drastic, but a casual change to clothes that fit rather than hung on her body. That was number one on the list in front of her.

Last night she’d thrown away the last of her brown contacts. From now on her eye color would be what nature gave her, a purplish blue. That took care of number two. Three on her list was to discard the black wig she’d worn the whole time she’d lived in Saddle Creek. Not being able to show her real hair had been the most difficult. Today, her beautician and friend, Doris, would take her in the back room, throw the wig away, and pretend to dye her hair. She’d reenter the world as a blonde, her true color.

Angie took a swallow of coffee and a bite of her toast. Her stomach felt unsettled when she looked at number four. She’d think about that later.

She showered and dressed for her hair appointment. Excitement coursed through her veins. She felt like a caterpillar getting rid of her old cocoon and becoming a butterfly. Silly, but her heart was lighter today than it had been in a long time.

After dressing, she grabbed her purse and keys and headed to her car. Time for the biggest change of all.

Doris greeted her when she entered the shop. There were a few other ladies getting their hair done. Angie smiled to them on her way to the back room. The wig was discarded in the trash can outside.

“I’ve never understood why you wore that wig. Your own hair is so beautiful. But, everyone has their own peculiarities, I suppose.” She smiled. “At least you’ve finally come to your senses,” Doris said as she washed Angie’s hair.

They chatted during the time it would normally take to dye her hair blonde. Then Doris wrapped her hair in a towel and led her to the chair out front. The women stared at her new hair color and looked stunned, but complimented her on the change.    

“You’re sure about this?” Doris asked for about the tenth time since Angie had talked with her.

“Very sure. Cut it shoulder length.”

Doris brushed Angie’s hair out. It fell to her waist. “This is so beautiful.” Doris moved the brush slowly through the strands, obviously stalling for time.

“I’m not going to change my mind, Doris. I want a totally new look, a new me.”

“There’s not a thing wrong with the old you. But all right, if you say so.”


* * * *


“I’m surprised Mom let you out of her sight,” Drake Terrell said to his brother, Brent.

“She didn’t want to, but I insisted. I was going stir-crazy sitting around. She wouldn’t let me do a thing.”

“You believe you’re able to help around the ranch? If you have a relapse, Mom will have my hide.”

“Damn, it’s been four months. The doctor said the bullet missed everything vital. The only problem was the blood I lost, and I got the doctor’s approval to travel and do some work.” He glanced around as they drove through Saddle Creek on their way to Drake’s ranch.

“The town is growing.”

“Yep, it pleases Janice that we got a new library. Are you hungry? I told Janice not to worry about fixing anything until supper. The kids keep her busy.”

“Sure, I could eat.” He shook his head. “I still have trouble picturing you with a wife, a son, and daughter.”

Drake parked his truck several doors away from the restaurant. “Wait until you see them. Lacy is a little over three, and little Joe is six months old.”

Brent swung out of the truck. “Dad is tickled that he has a namesake.” He took a deep breath of the air. As much as he loved his mother, she’d coddled him a little too much since he got shot during his last job. It was good to be on his own. Strolling along beside Drake, he felt relaxed. The shop’s name caught his eye.

“The Cut and Curl,” he spoke out loud. He stopped and Drake stood beside him. They both glanced inside.

Brent caught his breath. A woman sat in a chair opposite the window. The beautician was combing her hair. It fell to the bottom of the chair where she sat. The light blonde color flashed with gold as the brush slid through the long strands. He’d never seen anything as beautiful.

His heart jumped when he saw the hairdresser pick up her scissors. Without thinking, Brent ran into the shop. “Stop.”

The woman looked around at him like he was crazy, and he must have been. “Don’t cut her hair. It would be a sacrilege.”

She put the scissors down and looked beyond his shoulder. “Is this crazy man your brother, Drake? He looks like you.”

Drake’s hand settled on Brent’s shoulder. “I’m afraid I have to claim him. You’ll have to forgive him. He’s been sick.”

Brent turned his head to frown at Drake. “I’m well now.”

He walked over to the woman sitting in the chair with her hair spread gloriously around her body. She hadn’t turned. He spun her chair around. He didn’t recognize her, but something about her seemed familiar.

“Mr. Terrell, do you go around accosting women in beauty shops?”

Her sultry voice flowed over him like heat from the sun. Her beautiful eyes stared at him, a twinkle barely discernable in their depths.

“You have me at a disadvantage, madam. Have we met?”

“I’m brokenhearted that you’d forget. But I’ll forgive you since it’s been three years or more, and we only met briefly.”

Brent frowned. He seldom forgot a face, and certainly not someone as lovely as this woman. Her eyes were laughing at him.


Adult Excerpt


Angie had slipped off her sandals and looked at him. The moonlight kissed bronze skin, etched taut muscles, and gave his eyes a mysterious gleam. He’d never looked so magnificent.

Her pussy throbbed for the relief only he could give her. Her breasts stood out, begging for his attention. Hot desire swirled inside her, sending sparks racing along all her nerves, making her skin super sensitive. Everything in her yearned toward him.

He put out his hand. “Come here.”

Part of her hesitated. The remnants of her anger still lingered and recoiled at his command. He put out his hand, and she softened. When she placed her hand in his, he brought her tight against his body.

“See how well we fit. Your softness sinking into my hardness.”

As he lowered his head, she tried to remind herself this was only temporary. He didn’t want a permanent wife any more than she wanted a forever husband. His mouth was warm and demanding. A pulse beat deep inside her, and she moved her hips from side to side against his cock. His groan made her smile, made her feel the power of her womanhood.

“Open your legs.”

She did, and he slid down until his face was level with the juncture between her hips and thighs. He nuzzled his nose into the hair covering her mound. His fingers separated the folds. His tongue licked the moisture along her lower lips and rubbed across her nub. She swayed.

“Don’t move. Hold on to my hair.”

Her fingers sank into his thick brown hair as he gently sucked, licked, and nibbled with his tongue and teeth. She was so hot, and shivers ran up her spine.

“Take me,” she moaned.

“Not yet.” He flicked his tongue barely inside her opening, bringing more moisture out of her pussy.

“You taste like pure sugar and smell like lilacs. A man could get drunk on you.”

Her whole body began to tremble. “I’m going to fall.”

“I won’t ever let you fall, darlin’.” He put his arm around her buttocks and one further up her back and laid her on the blanket. Again he spread her legs wide. “Beautiful.” His teeth scraped across her engorged clit and he put two fingers in her pussy. He moved them in and out as he licked and nibbled at her most sensitive spot. She was going to explode.

He moved his cock to her opening and plunged in. Her pussy clamped tight around him and milked his cock as the tremors raced across her body. She bucked against him, pulling him in deeper, demanding more.


* * * *


Brent pounded into her, taking all she could give. His last plunge sent him rocketing into space. In the distance, he heard her yell his name. For what seemed minutes afterward, his cock pulsed and her pussy trembled against him, continuing his orgasm far longer than he’d ever experienced before. He could hardly breathe and felt lightheaded. Rolling to the side, his breath rasped out of his lungs. He glanced toward Angie. She lay, breathing heavy, her body totally relaxed and open, arms and legs flung wide. Her lush breasts rose with each breath, and moisture glistened on the pale hair between her legs.

Forcing himself to move, he rose, leaned down, and picked her up. He started toward the lake.

“What are you doing? Stop, that water is going to be cold.”

“Just what we need. My unruly cock is already hardening wanting you again, and if I made love to you right now it’d stop my heart. I haven’t recovered yet.” He plunged into the coldness and laughed when she hollered and hit his shoulder.

“You must like cold water. Every time we make love I end up freezing.”

“Hot and cold. You’ll survive.” He kissed her mouth and then threw her further into the lake.

She came up sputtering and heading in his direction. Her hand sent water splashing at him. She was a water goddess in the moonlight. Her hair was a silver cape around her head and shoulders, her skin glowed, and her luscious breasts had diamond drops of water glistening on her satin skin.

His mind and heart pounded, mine, mine.

When she got to him, he lifted her, and she wrapped her legs around his middle. He carried her back to the blanket, laid her down, and went to the truck. He had two towels in the back. He’d hoped they’d take a midnight swim. Going back to her, he took his time drying her skin and warming her. The air dried him.

He reached across to his jeans and grabbed another condom. She took it from him and rolled it over his stiff cock. Her hands ran along the top and sides as he lowered his head and gently kissed her.

This time he went slowly. His lips slid along her neck, kissing, touching. He licked the spot where her heart already pounded. His mouth caressed her full breasts, giving equal attention to both. Leisurely, he followed the lines of her curves to her hips, licking around her navel, nibbling at her sweet skin.

He passed her mound and gave attention to her inner thighs. Her legs trembled. His cock hurt with hunger to be in her again. He resisted the urge to hurry and didn’t move into position until he’d kissed every tender spot on her body.

She was moaning and pleading, and his cock pulsed with desire when he finally placed himself at her opening. He rubbed his thumb across her nub as he very slowly sank into her. Her tight pussy wrapped around him, warm and wet. She moved her hips to take him in deeper, but he held back, moving at a slower pace, coaxing every morsel of feeling out, heightening their passion until he felt her tremors begin inside her pussy. He pushed hard, sending them both sliding softly into a stunning, seductive completion.

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